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Author's note: There's a reason why this series is called Fathers and Sons, as you'll see when you read this fanfic. Sometimes the worst nightmare is the one best kept hidden.

Second Author's note: Well now the wait is over. You will know who Jason's father is, and who set up the Astro Rangers. Hope you enjoy!

Suggested reading: You've got to read All In the Family and Secret's Revealed first or you'd be too confused.

Time frame: Starts where Secrets Revealed ends.

Worst Nightmares
By Dana

"No it can't be you!" Jason yelled.

"But I am Jason." Lord Zedd answered. "I had no idea that one of my greatest enemies was the child that was taken from me. Seems fitting that the child of light was put under a spell and the child of dark hasn't. That's what makes the prophecy make sense. You were meant to be on this side." 'The best thing is I won't have to put him under a spell. He can bring Zordon's son here without anyone expecting anything.' Zedd had been standing in a corner watching Darkonda talk to Jason. He used a weapon that helped bring Jason's dark side out without the boy seeing him. "Zordon always knew." Zedd lied. Lord Zedd shifted to his true look. He looked like an older Jason Scott.

Jason stood there stunned. He couldn't believe it. The man who had been so intent on killing him, his friends, and everyone on Earth was his father. "I'm seventeen and Tommy's fifteen the age difference isn't possible if we were born at the same time." Jason reminded him.

"That's because you were sent two years into the past." Zedd answered. "I've looked this all over carefully. There's no denying it. I'm your father."

"I could never do what Zordon said to Tommy though. He's my best friend. Like a brother to me." Jason shook his head. Why was he starting to feel like what he just said didn't matter? "What are you doing to me?" Jason asked.

"I'm not doing anything. Your true destiny is awakening." Zedd turned and realized Darkonda was still there. "Leave us. Tell Astronema she will get what she asked for." Darkonda nodded and left the room. Zedd turned and noticed Jason looking at him skeptically. "Don't worry this doesn't pertain to you. I made a deal with Astronema."

Jason wasn't sure what to think of that. "Who's my mother?" He finally asked.

"Your mother was the sweetest woman you would ever meet. Her name was Lara. She was killed in an accidental shooting. The last words she said to me was, "Find our son Kaiser." Lord Zedd said; with more emotion then Jason had ever heard. "Which I have."

Jason stood there confused. However, that look quickly dropped. "What do you want me to do?" He asked.

* * *
Tommy sat there grumpily in one of the back rooms of the Power Chamber. He couldn't believe Alpha was babysitting him. It was bad enough he was injected with something but now he was being watched to make sure he didn't go somewhere. He came to in this room and found the doors barred. His own father didn't trust him. Even his communicator was missing. He closed his eyes for a second and realized something else was in the room. He saw a shadow come closer. Tommy jumped out of his chair and was about to turn to Alpha and have him get the others; when the shadow tackled Tommy causing him to fall to the floor with a loud yelp of surprise.

Tommy yanked the hood off the person and gasped in shock. He didn't have time to say anything as the person sat on him and was about to slash him with the knife.

Alpha did something that no one would have ever expected. It pulled the figure off Tommy. The figure, one who the robot knew very well, turned the robot around and started cutting the wires with his knife and pull out what he believed was a memory circuit. He never let go of Tommy.

He teleported them both out leaving the robot on the ground.

* * *
The Zeo Rangers and Zhane were talking to Zordon in the main Chamber. They heard a very loud yelp and ran to the other room. It took time to unlock the doors but when they got the door open, they saw Alpha on the floor with pieces missing. They then saw Tommy was also missing.

Billy inspected Alpha and noticed right away whoever did it really didn't know what he or she was doing.

"I can't believe Tommy took out Alpha just to get out of here." Rocky remarked.

"That's because he didn't. Tommy has got a very high IQ he would have known how to take Alpha out if he wanted to. This person looks like he or she was in a rush." Billy paused. "Alpha's memory card was taken. So it was obviously done by someone that didn't want to be known he or she was here."

"But if it was someone that wasn't supposed to be here wouldn't the alarms have gone off?" Kat asked.

"That would mean Andros was here." Zhane said wide-eyed.

Billy sighed as he got Alpha running. "I don't know how much memory was taken I guess we'll find out. Alpha?" Billy asked.

Alpha looked at him and said, "I don't know how I got on the floor Billy but...ahhh!" It exclaimed. "Who are they?" It asked pointing at the other Zeo Rangers and Zhane.

"Alpha what Ranger is Tommy?" Billy asked. He had to get to the bottom of this.

"What kind of question is that? He just came back as the Green Ranger two months ago Billy."

"That's a lot of lost memory Billy." Adam remarked.

"The person didn't know what they were doing." Billy said shaking his head while helping Alpha back up.

"Come on we should tell Zordon." Zhane said sadly. Zhane knew he had failed. His three cousins were all gone. Two were turned evil and he had no way of knowing if the other was. "Dang it." He said under his breath.

They hurried back into the main chamber and Alpha looked around startled. "Where are we?" It asked Billy.

"It's the Power Chamber." Billy informed it. "Zordon someone was in the room Tommy was in. This person took a memory chip from Alpha and Tommy with it. Alpha remembers only back when Lord Zedd first arrived."

"THIS IS SERIOUS RANGERS. ALPHA SEE IF YOU CAN SCAN FOR TOMMY. BILLY PLEASE GIVE HIM A HAND." Zordon looked at the others with fear. 'Who did it? Was it Andros? Or was it...No it couldn't have been him. But then again...'

"Nothing yet Zordon!" Alpha informed him.


"All three of who?" Alpha asked in confusion.

"It's a long story Alpha. You look for Tommy and I'll search for the other two." Billy sighed and tried not to laugh. This was going to be weird.

* * *
Tommy landed on the ground, got to his feet, and stared at his captor "Bro what are you doing?" He asked.

"You'll find out soon enough." Jason said walking closer to him.

"Jase what's the matter?" Tommy asked worried.

"Didn't they tell you Tommy? I'm the other child, the child of the dark. My father is Lord Zedd." Jason said walking closer.

Tommy backed up and walked into something. Or rather someone as he found out when he turned around. It was a man with dark brown hair. He wasn't sure who he was but Tommy thought the person resembled Lord Zedd somehow. Tommy knew he was in trouble now.

"What are we going to do with him father?" Jason asked in such a casual tone that alarmed Tommy.

"Well Astronema does want him but she really didn't say in what kind of shape." Lord Zedd said with an evil glint in his dark brown eyes before changing back to his usual look. "So Tommy it seems that this is your end."

"I don't think so Zedd." Tommy said and was about to get into a fighting position but stopped. 'I can't fight Jason. He is my best friend!' Jason didn't show any sign of regrets. 'What did Zedd do to him?' "What did you do to him?" Tommy asked aloud.

"Not a thing Red...I guess I can't call you Red Ranger. You're the Green Ranger now. Green seems to haunt you." Zedd taunted. "You don't like Jason's natural side?"

Tommy stared in shock as Jason started to morph.

* * *
There was a flash of gold light in the Power Chamber bringing Trey in. "Zordon you have to cut off Jason from the Morphing Grid!" He exclaimed without saying hello to the others.

"What?" The Rangers exclaimed.

"We've discovered he's the other child! You have to block him before he hurts someone!" Trey almost yelled.

"ALPHA PLEASE DO SO RIGHT AWAY." Zordon instructed his robotic assistant.

Alpha and Billy started the process.

It was starting to dawn on Zordon. "JASON WAS PROBABLY THE ONE WHO TOOK TOMMY."

"He's been cut off Zordon!" Alpha informed him.

"Hopefully it's not too late." Trey murmured to himself.

* * *
Jason's suit appeared once then disappeared. He looked at his father.

"They cut you off. I knew they would. Zordon doesn't want anything to happen to his youngest child."

Jason glared at Tommy. "This is your fault." He said his voice laced with anger. He started moving closer.

"Bro calm down." Tommy said moving back. "I don't want to fight you. Let's talk about this."

"Don't call me Bro! Andros is your brother." Jason reminded him.

Lord Zedd stood there and watched almost with a smile. This seemed so ironic to him. To see two people that were best friends fighting each other without either being under a spell. He would have never guessed it would happen.

"Jason I'm not going to fight you!" Tommy vowed staring at his best friend.

"You don't have much of a choice." Jason said circling him. "This is what was supposed to happen." He reminded him.

There was a flash of green light and Tommy was gone.

"Dang that Zordon!" Zedd yelled and teleported himself and Jason out of the room.

* * *
Billy looked up at Zordon and smiled. "We've got a lock on Tommy."


"He should be here any second." Alpha informed him.

Tommy landed in the Power Chamber surprised. Kat ran over to him and hugged him. "I'm not sure I want to know how I got back here. Jason's the other kid. He said Lord Zedd's his father."

Trey sighed before walking forward. "We just found that out about Jason. Because he has my powers, I was able to learn it. Well everything except him being the son of Lord Zedd."

Zordon looked down at his son with a look of relief. "I AM VERY GLAD WE WERE ABLE TO GET YOU BACK HERE BEFORE SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU."

"Me too Zordon." Tommy said before looking at Alpha who was eyeing him strangely. "What's the matter with Alpha?" He asked in confusion. "Did Jason damage him that badly?"

"He's missing a lot of memory. You and I are the only ones in here that Alpha remembers besides Zordon." Billy answered stepping away from the consoles.

"Man this has all been so weird. When Jason grabbed me and took me out of the room I was scared. I didn't know what was wrong with Jason but he looked like he was going to stab me. Now I know why." Tommy said sadly.

Zhane stepped closer to his cousin. "I understand Tommy. It was so hard to learn that my cousin is Astronema. I still barely believe it."

There was a flash of light bringing in Tershyn. Zordon sighed before looking at his brother-in-law. "WHAT DO YOU WANT TERSHYN?" He asked.

"Just this." Tershyn said and before any of them could react he pulled out a laser gun and fired at Tommy. Tershyn disappeared just as Tommy crumpled to the ground.

"NO!" Zhane yelled watching his father teleport out of the room. He could faintly hear Kat trying to get a response out of Tommy.

"Tommy are you okay?" She asked. She got no response. "Come on Tommy do something!" She was now hysterical.

"Excuse me." Alpha said trying to get close enough with a scanner. He started scanning Tommy. "He'll be all right after some rest. It seems to have only been a glancing blow."

Zhane looked up at his uncle with tears in his eyes. "Why did my father do that?" No sooner had he said that, he was gone in a flash of silver light.


"Why would he shoot his own nephew?" Adam asked.

"And where did Zhane go?" Rocky asked.


* * *
Zhane landed and looked around in confusion. His father stood in front of him with a self-satisfied smile. "Good to see you again son."

"Stop with the pleasantries Dad. Why did you shoot Tommy?" Zhane demanded to know.

"You've got quite a mouth. Maybe growing up with Andros wasn't good for you. Why did I shoot him you ask? Because..." Tershyn paused before turning to his true form.

"NO!" Zhane cried looking up at Dark Spectre. "No!" He screamed again falling to the ground crying.

* * *
In the Power Chamber Tommy sat up and grabbed his chest. Kat ran over to him and held him. "Tommy it's okay you'll be okay. You need to lay down okay?"

"Where's...where's Zhane?" He asked looking around for his cousin.

"He disappeared." Tanya said.

"But we're looking for him." Rocky quickly put in.

"Tommy you've got to rest." Adam said.

"But we've got to get Zhane back!" Tommy said struggling to his feet just before Adam and Rocky carefully pushed him back down.

Tommy couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with his uncle. Something that would cost everyone's lives. But what was it?

To be continued

It was a short fanfic I know but I have been working on it for a long time. I hope you liked it! I hope you don't mind that Zhane's father is Dark Spectre and Jason's father is Lord Zedd. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com and let me know what you thought of this fanfic.