Alexis' Song

I was once just a little girl
Who had friends that I would never give up
A brother who made me laugh
I was happy with a life like that
Then it all changed

They came to tell us our parents were dead
I looked at my brother for hope
I saw nothing but despair in those deep brown eyes
For what I saw were tears glistening there.

My brother left for college
Promising everything would be all right
He said he'd be back again
Just sit tight and everything would be all right

But he was wrong
Everything changed
I became a Ranger
Then it changed forever

I don't remember what happened that day
All I know is I will never be the same
How can you face your friends
When everything's not right

I never saw my brother again
Till just a few days ago
He laughed and hugged me
Never asking where I went

Roland is the one I love
He always knew how to cheer me up
Never asked questions
For he said he trusted me

Should I tell?
Only time will tell