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Time frame: Somewhere in the middle of An Evil Game.

By Dana

Leo glared at his captors as they chained his arms to the wall. He had sacrificed himself to save his friend, as any good leader should. Now he waited for what was in store for him. He could hear his captors arguing about what to do with him.

A female voice yelled "Silence!" Both of the monsters turned to face her. "I will deal with him personally." She said and the two monsters left. "Seems to me Red Ranger your brother will now know what it's like to have someone he loves be killed and he couldn't do a thing about it." She said and picked up one of the whips that lay on a near by table. "There's nothing that says I can't have a little bit of fun before I do that now is there?" Leo just glared at her. "You not saying anything does make this easier for me. I don't have to listen to you beg for mercy. Not that you would get any. I find it so redundant. Enough of this chit chat. I'm going to make you pay for what you did to my father." She struck him in the face with an open hand slap before unleashing her whip. She hit him a few times with the whip before looking to see if he was in pain.

Even though Leo hadn't cried out once the pain was evident in his eyes. If he could have he would have kicked Trakeena but he wasn't positioned correctly to do it. He saw Deviot standing in the corner watching almost gleefully. He was just glad his friends were left behind. He would have hated for them to go through this. He felt tears go down his face as he was whipped over and over by Trakeena. He wished there was something he could do.

Deviot watched the torture with satisfaction. He knew the Red Ranger deserved this. He had become a thorn in the Monster's side he would love to see both Leo and Trakeena finished off. Even then he was planning on how to do it. If Trakeena didn't finish Leo off then his plan would go into affect. There was no way those two would be able to make it.

Villamax stood on the other side of the room watching. He didn't mind that Trakeena was doing this to the Red Ranger. He may not be getting as much joy out of this as Deviot was, but it was still something he didn't mind seeing. Rangers did deserve this kind of punishment but there were other ways of doing this. There were quicker ways too. Maybe he would bring that to Trakeena's attention when she was done.

Kegler stood near Villamax and watched along with him. He wished that Villamax knew that joining Trakeena was wrong. There was something about Deviot that irked the friend of Villamax. He wasn't sure what it was yet but he was sure it wasn't good.

Trakeena signaled for Villamax and Deviot to come over to her. "I have to think of a way to get rid of the other Rangers. Continue punishing the Red Ranger I will be back soon. Don't kill him! I want the honor for myself." She left the dungeon.

Deviot stood there and pointed the gun that was on his arm at Leo and hit him with volts of electricity. He was hit again right in the leg. Leo hung there gasping for air as once again Deviot and Villamax argued. He got hit with more electricity as he heard Trakeena come back.

The end

That was probably not my best fanfic but basically I wanted to give all the monsters opinions during Leo's torture session. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com and let me know what you think.