Disclaimer : Not mine, Sabans. Please don't sue I don't even have enough money to by presents. Ok timeline time! This occurs after Kim has left but before Zeo. Also I have made some major adjustments to the timeframe. Kim has already broken up with Tommy and the Zeo quest never happens. Instead Tommy meets Tanya in LA. Read on to find out more…

Bus Ride
by: Darkchilde

Secrets. We all have them. Some are worse than others are. Even though I have many secrets my friends know most of them. But there are just somethings that you just can't tell anybody. We all have secrets like that. Personally I think mine is worse then most.

I have a child. Her name is Luna and she will be 3 years old tomorrow. I think about her a lot. I miss my baby girl.

I was only 15 when she was born and I had a lot of problems. I didn't live with my parents and was battling a drug addiction. Luna's mom was always there for me to help me when I thought I wouldn't be able to get away from the coke. Luna's mom was a beautiful girl named Nina. She was 14 and was a "rich girl". She had long black hair and clear blue eyes. What she was doing with street trash like me was beyond me. All I knew was that I loved her more than anything and wanted to be with her, always. It wasn't meant to be though. My sweet Nina…why couldn't I help you when you needed me the most?

Nina was killed on November 13, 1994. Our little girl had been born less then a week early. No one knows how Nina died. The autopsy said it was a drug overdose, but I know better. My Nina would never have taken drugs. She saw what a mess they made of me, and she hated them. I don't know what caused Nina to die.

Tommy Oliver closed the journal and turned to stare out at the scenery as it rushed by the window of the bus he was on. He was traveling from Angel Grove to LA, going back to his past. He had tried to run away from it for so long now…

He sighed. So much had changed since he had moved to the little town of Angel Grove. Hell, he had even fallen in love again. Something he almost regretted doing. It had ended in heartbreak again. But this time, she hadn't died. No, Kimberly Hart was still alive. She had just found someone new.

Tommy put the journal back in his bag and drew out a photo. It was a little girl with long black-brown hair and caramel eyes.

"Luna…" he whispered quietly.

"Excuse me?" A young woman next to him asked.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking out loud." Tommy said looking back at the picture.

"Who is that?" The young woman asked him. "She's adorable!"

"Thank you. She's my daughter." Tommy said with a note of pride.

"She looks like you." The woman said after studying the photo. "Got your eyes."

"Really?" Tommy asked looking at the photo again and smiling. "Yeah she does. I'm Tommy Oliver by the way."

"Tanya Sloan." The black girl said, flipping her shoulder length hair back.

"Nice to meet you. How come you're going to LA?" Tommy asked, mildly curious.

"Oh, I want see if I can break into the music industry. I love to sing." Tanya said giggling just a bit. "And you? Why are you going to LA?"

"I'm going to get my daughter and take her back to Angel Grove with me." Tommy told her.

"Who does she live with?" Tanya asked confused.

"She lives with my foster mother, Caitlin Ling. I wasn't old enough to get custody of her when her mother died." Tommy voice started to break.

"I'm sorry." Tanya said softly. "I shouldn't have asked, it isn't any of my business."

"No…it's okay. I guess I need to talk about it." Tommy said gently.

"We-ell, I know you just met me and all but I-I'm a pretty good listener and all." Tanya said softly, fidgeting.

"Really?" Tommy said, turning his head to look at Tanya for the first time. He looked at her than looked again. As strange as it sounded he felt like he had knew her…in another life. From the look on her face it seemed, she had felt it, too.

"I-I'm sorry? Do I know you from somewhere?" Tanya asked her eyes wide and shocked.

"I-I feel like that, too." Tommy stuttered.

"Weird." They said in unison. Tommy smiled at her and she smiled back.

Tanya looked at the young man sitting next to her. She felt like she had known him forever but knew nothing about him. She looked at him and saw that he was hurting, and that it had nothing to do with his young daughter. She almost asked him when the bruise on her back started to throb. She winced and tried to take some of the weight on her back off. She sucked in her breath and bit her bottom lip. Tommy noticed this and looked at her oddly.

"Tanya? Are you alright?" Tommy asked, putting his hand on her forearm. He jumped as he felt an electric shock pass between them. From the look on her face she had felt it, too.

"I-I…no, No, I'm not alright at all." Tanya sobbed to him.

"What happened?" Tommy asked gently brushing a lock of her hair back.

"M-my dad…hit me. On my back." Tanya whispered.

"What?" Tommy asked trying to keep the anger out of his voice. He suddenly had a strange thought. He had just met Tanya and already he felt more protective of her than he had ever been of Kim. He pondered that for awhile.

Tanya seemed to sense he was deep in thought and took the moment to really look at the young man she had been spilling her guts to for the last half hour. He had long brown that she felt like she had run her fingers through before but had never touched. A sensual mouth that she knew she had kissed before but never had. It was like the strangest de je veiu.

"Your dad hits you?" Tommy asked quietly.

Tanya nodded, mutely. She couldn't bring herself to speak of that horrible man. Nothing she could say could tell how much she hated him.

"Is that the reason you are going to LA? To get away from your father?" Tommy continued in a mute tone.

"Y-yes." She could barely stutter out. Tommy, almost unthinkingly reached out a hand to brush the tear away. With the tenderness of a lover, Tommy gently brushed the solitaire teardrop away with his finger. Catching her breath, Tanya reached to cover the hand on her check with her own. They exchanged a long look.

"So…what else?" Tanya asked Tommy after the moment had passed.

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked looking slightly confused.

"There is something else bothering you. I can see it in your eyes." Tanya smiled, shyly.

"My long time girlfriend just broke up with me." Was all Tommy could say as he looked in to those concerned, huge brown eyes.

"Oh…I'm sorry." Tanya whispered.

"Don't be. If it were meant to be this would never have happened." Tommy said, surprised by his own words. Hadn't he just been crying to his best friend (who was overseas!) the night before? Then looking at Tanya he saw the reason he said that shining in her brown eyes. Why had Kim never looked at him that way before? A little voice in his head asked him. This is stupid! He chastised himself. He had only know Tanya for what, an hour? Jeez! Suddenly something his friend Rocky had said came back to him: "Who's to say how fast someone falls in love? I believe that love happens quickly if it's right. When you look into her eyes its like looking in a mirror and finding that the part of your soul that's been missing is suddenly back."

"What?" Tanya asked him touching his arm gently.

"Just thinking about something my friend Rocky told me once." Tommy said a slight smile on his face.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Tanya asked her curiosity piqued.

"He said: You know its love when you look into somebody's eyes and see the missing half of your soul reflected there." Tommy smiled.

He saw Tanya's breath catch in her throat and was worried that he had scared her off. Then to his amazement she turned to him and said, "I believe that, too. Do you?" She said her voice dropping several octaves with ever word she said until he could barely hear her.

Reaching to cup her face, he whispered "I do now."

Their first kiss was gently, loving and strong. They had found everything they had been looking for in each other. The wait was over. They had finally found the one they had been looking for.

Pulling back Tommy whispered softly on her lips "I love you, Tanya Sloan."

She grinned. "I love you too, Tommy Oliver."

The End

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