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Light in the Dark
by: Darkchilde

Jade screamed. Long and loud, she screamed. Sitting up in bed, the sweat dripping off of her body, her eyes slightly unfocused, she struggled to regain her composure. The dream had been frightening and oh so real.

"Mommy!" The six-year-old shouted. "Mommy!"

"What! What is it honey?" Caitlin Oliver asked as she came running through the door.

"Mommy…where's Tommy?" The tiny girl-child asked her mother.

"He's asleep honey, it's the middle of the night." Caitlin told her distraught daughter. The tiny child was already up and running out the door. Skidding to a halt in front of her big brothers door she ran in her long black hair flying. Leaping up on her brother's bed she succeed in waking him up from a deep sleep.

"What!" Tommy Oliver growled at his little sister. He was never his best when he was woken up in the middle of the night.

"Tommy, I had a dream." Jade told her adored older brother.

"A dream? One of your, you know, special ones?" Tommy asked, his grouchiness disappearing. Although he would never admit it to anyone, Tommy doted on his sister and worried about her.

Jade had always had strange dreams. She saw things that were to happen in the future in these dreams and what had happened in the past. Not in her past, but the past of the world. Her dreams were vivid and she could always remember them in detail.

She nodded. Her big green eyes were wide with fright and she was clutching Tiger tightly. Tommy had won the stuffed purple tigress at a fair and given it to Jade as a birthday gift. It was one of her most treasured objects.

"What happened in this one?" Tommy asked her, brushing a lock of brown hair off his forehead. At the age of eight, Tommy had grown his brown hair out to his shoulders. His big brown eyes and crooked smile made him the dream of all the girls in his second grade class, and it was generally agreed that he would be a major hunk when he grew up.

"Well, its when we're grown up. It was you, about eight other people, and me. You were lying on a bed and a pretty black girl was holding your hand and crying. You weren't moving at all and your skin was all pale. Then this blonde guy runs this funky looking machine over your body and shakes his head. A big cute guy slams his fist in to the wall and the pretty girl holding your hand starts screaming your name over and over again. The guy that ran the machine over you starts to cry and a blonde runs up to him and hugs him. A Hispanic guy and another black girl cling to each other and cry. A pretty brunette that looks like the guy who slammed his fist into the wall put her head on this Korean guy's shoulder and she starts to cry to. Then the guy that slammed his hand in the wall hugs me and I start to cry. It was really sad." Jade explained her entire dream to her older brother.

"Whoa." Tommy whispered. "Did you recognize any of the people?"

Jade shook her head no. "I only recognized you and me. No body else."

"Weird. Wonder who they were?" Tommy said running his hand over his head.

"I don't know. Can I stay in here to night?" Jade asked her older brother.

"Oh course." Tommy said sliding over to make room for her.

She kissed her big brother on the cheek and promptly fell asleep. How could either one of them know that they were being watched? Caitlin Oliver looked out the window.

"Please, Zordon. Take care of my children when they grow up." She said quietly, brushing back her long hair.