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Reason for Everything
by : Kari Jones

There's a reason for everything. There's a reason for everything. I chanted the phrase over and over trying to make it true to me.

It wasn't our fault. It was a wrong time wrong place thing. Today's battle ran through my head. It was a tough battle. We were winning. Then the little girl ran out into the road to get her doll.

Crushed. She was crushed beneath my Zord's feet! I just killed an innocent 5-year-old. How can I live with myself? I was devastated.

A tear rolled silently down my cheek. I sat alone in the park refusing to talk to any one. Every one had tried to knock some sense into me. I told them that they didn't know what I was feeling. I had thrown my communicator, morpher, and power coin onto the flour on the Bridge and ran to my jump tube coming down here.

Without my communicator I couldn't teleport back, and without my power coin they couldn't teleport me against my will.

Now I sat deep in the woods at the edge of the park letting my emotions take over. Everybody just kept dying on me.

First my grandparents and all living relatives die leaving me with just my parents. Than Lindsey dies when I'm only ten. Then of course of all people, my parents have to die. It's all my fault too! I didn't have to go to the stupid mall. I could have waited! And now because of me they're gone forever!

I choked on my tears and buried my head deep within my arms.

I'd give anything to have them back. I'd give up being a ranger just to be with my parents. I'd give up anything. Even Justin. I just want you guys back! I love you so much! Oh gosh! I just want to be with my parents!

A strong hand landed on my shoulder and I quickly brought my head up. There stood my parents.

I jumped flinging myself into their arms.

"Your back! Don't ever leave me again." I demanded burying myself into my dad's shoulder.

He squeezed me long and hard. When he let go he set me down onto the ground.

Their bodies glowed and were almost transparent.

I wiped my tear away. "Why are you guys glowing?"

"These are just our spirits Nicole. We can only stay with you for a short time." My mom explained bringing me close to wrap her arms around me. She ran her hands through my hair.

"No you can't leave! Please don't go."

"Nikki we love you. You know that. And we do not blame you for the accident. It was our time to go. We came back to see you and tell you that there is a reason for everything. Just like we told you after Lindsey died. You are going through rough times right now we know. Being a Power Ranger is not easy business."

I looked up at my mom. "You know?"

"We know everything about you. We can see you all the time and we're watching over you."

A tear came to my eye once more. "Why did you have to die? I feel so alone."

"You are not alone Nicole. You have T.J., and Carlos and Ashley and Andros and Cassie. And then Zhane and especially Justin."

I blushed. I guess Justin and I weren't the only ones who knew about our first kiss.

"You are a very strong teen. You are doing a great job taking care of the world." Dad added.

"No I'm not. I killed a little girl today. She ran out into the road to get her doll and I squashed her under my Zord. How could I kill her. All's she wanted was her doll!"

I started crying again.

"Nikki you know that was an accident. It's not your fault. You in no way knew she was going to come out into the road. You can beat yourself up about it. You take chances when you become a ranger. And that's exactly what you were doing."

I nodded thoughtfully. My parents were starting to put everything in perspective for me. I noticed that my parent's bodies were beginning to fade.

They saw it too. "It's almost time for us to go, Nikki." My mom realized.

"No please don't leave me. Not yet."

"Nikki we are always watching and listening. You can talk to us anytime. We of course won't be able to come to see you in spirit form but we'll be listening. You'll learn that just talking about things makes it better." My Dad promised kissing me on the forehead.

They stepped back a few feet from me.

"And remember Nicole. There is always a reason for everything. Just look for it." My mom told me as their bodies disappeared.

I ran forward to where they disappeared. No! Please don't leave me yet. Not yet.

Although had helped me I still felt oddly empty inside.

You have to go see that little girl's family. Tell them you did. You're a Power Ranger. I tried to fight the urge do so. My head won and I walked out of the woods and to the Police Station.

I walked up to the desk.

"Excuse me. I was wondering if you know anything about that little girls death." I said politely.

The cop looked around. "Where are you?"

Stupid high counter.

"Down here." I said putting my hand up.

The cop leaned over the counter.

"Are you lost little girl? Would you like me to take you home?" He asked.

I sighed and dragged a chair over to the counter. I climbed onto it and looked at the cop.

"I'm 13. I know where I live. I would like to know about that little girl that the White Ranger killed today."

"Oh. Well I can't tell you much. Her funeral is actually today at four. They wanted to have the funeral as soon as possible."

"Thank you Sir"

I hopped off the chair and brought it back to the other wall. As I was walking out the officer called, "Sorry about saying you were a little girl."

"No problem."

I didn't have my communicator which also acted as a watch and I didn't know what time it was. I figured it was about 3:30. I went down to the cemetery and found a bunch of cars there.

Good. They were having it in the cemetery. I walked in quietly. I had white overalls on. I hope they didn't find it disrespectful. I undid my jacket around my waist luckily a dark blue and slipped it on. There were her parents standing at the front of the aisle of chairs. I sighed. Don't give up now.

I made my way over to them.

They looked down at me oddly.

"Ummm . . . Could I talk to you for just one sec? It's about your daughter." I asked trying to stop myself from running off.

They looked at me for another second and then led me off to one side.

"What is it dear? I don't believe we know you." The lady commented.

"Well. uh I'm the um;" Spit it out! "I'm the White Ranger." It came out suddenly and I suddenly felt a lot better.

"That's not even funny. How could you joke about that? I should call the police." The man said reaching for his cell phone.

I jumped back. "No I really am."

At that moment my communicator appeared on my wrist along with my morpher.

I was suddenly morphed standing at 5'4" almost as tall as the lady.

They gasped as they stood staring at me.

"Power Down!" I cried.

Bringing me back to my overalls.

The woman stepped forward first and gathered me into her arms.

"You are such a brave girl. It takes a lot of courage to admit your mistakes. I know it was accident. I was there when it happened I tried to stop her. But she was too quick."

The man came over and hugged me next. "We thought we would never know who did it. And we don't blame you."

I smiled relieved. "But you can't tell any one."

They nodded. "We never will. If you could though. I would love for you to become a babysitter for my little boy. He's three months old. I want to get to know you some more." The lady asked.

"I'd love too."

My communicator went off then.

"I have to go. But I will contact you later." I explained looking around for a secluded place.

"Thank you again for coming forward." The man said as I walked off.

I teleported out.

That's not exactly what I expected. I thought they'd be mad and never want to see me again. But they want me to baby-sit their little boy. This is too weird. The phrase came back into my head as if spoken by my parents themselves. There's a reason for everything. Just look for it. We love you Nikki. Remember that everything also happens for a reason.

My spirit calmed down and I went to go talk to the others.

Author's note: I really don't think that they would really accept Nikki like that, but it's my story and that what I wanted to happen. This is another story of mine that's mean theme is ‘These things happen'.

Thanks for reading!