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Once upon a Time
by : Kari Jones

"It's a boy!"

The loud cry filled the air and every one in the room sighed with relief. After 46 hours of labor, Mrs. Scott had finally gave birth to a beautiful little boy.

Stacy Scott looked down lovingly at the little bundle they had laid in her arms.

"You were a heap of trouble you know that?" She whispered still fascinated at what had been created by her and her husband Matthew.

Matthew came around the side of his wife's bed and slowly leaned over to look at the baby.

"He's so perfect, Stacy. What are we going to name him?" Matt asked carefully rubbing the baby's cheek as if afraid he would break him.

"Jason Lee. That sounds so perfect." Stacy replied.

Matthew nodded and watched as the doctor came over and gently lifted Jason out of her arms.

"He'll be back, Mom and Dad." The doctor promised walking away.

Matt took his wife's hand and held it tightly as they watched their little boy leave.

"Welcome home Jason." Stacy greeted as Matt opened the door into their small Californian house.

She carried him upstairs to the nursery and laid him into the crib. They stood and watched over their little boy as he squirmed around looking up into his parent's eyes. Matt and Stacy looked at each other for a moment and then embraced.

* * *

Half way across the world in New Jersey things weren't going so well with another birth.

"We're losing her!" The doctors cried suddenly as Emily Cranston flat lined.

The doctors worked quickly trying to revive her and at the same time deliver the little boy.

The little bundle of pink skin appeared and began screaming. The nurse quickly wrapped him in a blanket.

The doctors tried for several minutes trying to bring the young mother back to life. They had to give up though. There was nothing they could do.

They silently carried the little boy out into the waiting room where Jacob Cranston paced across the room.

He saw them entering and ran over.

"How's Emily?" Jacob asked not paying attention to the baby just yet.

"She was to weak. She didn't make it Jacob. I'm sorry. But this little ball of joy did." The doctor said sadly and handed the baby to young man.

Jacob looked down at the little boy uncertainly for a moment and then brought the boy closer to his chest and began to cry. He may have just lost his wife and best friend but she left him something no one else could.

He stopped crying and looked down at the baby who had finally stopped crying and was know sleeping.

"What am I going to name you?" He asked quietly.

He then remembered Emily's favorite name, William.

He smiled down at the boy. "William. That will fit you."

A few days later after his wife's funeral he brought Billy, (as he called him for short), home and laid him in his little basket. He stared down lovingly at his son for a moment and then left the room to go pack. He had chose to move back to his hometown, Angel Grove, where Billy could grow up just he did.

After a week of packing and looking for a house in California over the Internet he found one that suited him and packed up their car. The moving truck would meet them there. Little Billy sat in the back seat for the whole ride cooing and gurgling to himself.

Jacob found, at just two weeks old, Billy was a very intelligent baby. He was going to be just like his mom.

* * *

In Washington, a few weeks later a baby girl was born that tore a family apart.

"A baby! I don't want a baby. You're on your own Lizzie."

The man walked out of the room muttering to himself.

The woman looked down at the precious little girl in her arms. One tear slid down her cheek followed by another. She clutched the baby close. How could it be her fault she had a baby.

Shane walked back into that room a few days later with divorce papers.

"Shane! You can't leave me. It's not my fault that I got pregnant." Lizzie Hart yelled.

"I don't need a baby. Either you give that baby up for adoption or we get a divorce and you're on your own." Shane said calmly.

Lizzie looked over at the sleeping girl.

"No I love Kimberly and I'm not giving her up just because you can't handle it." Lizzie retorted.

"Kimberly? You named her Kimberly? The least you could have done is name her something more normal!" Shane complained.

"Kimberly was my mothers name! And since you don't plan on sticking around I'll name her whatever I want!"

Shane threw up his hands. "Fine! See what I care."

He dropped the divorce papers on the nightstand and stormed out of the room.

The racket made Kim wake up and Lizzie got out of the bed and padded over in her bare feet to look at her creation.

"You're daddy's a horrible man, Kim. Don't ever be like him." Lizzie told her daughter picking her up, "We'll move back to where I grew up California. I never liked it here anyway."

They too left for Angel Grove a few months later after the divorce was settled. Shane had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the baby and not to expect any money from him.

She didn't care. She could take care of her baby on her own.

They moved into a two-bedroom apartment in the middle of Angel Grove. She got a job as a waitress at a fancy restaurant.

* * *

Three months after Jason was born Zachary Taylor came into the world in the same hospital where Jason was born.

Marcus and Mollie Taylor happily welcomed their first child into their family and showed him love and affection. Soon after he was born he was placed into the hands of 'Angel Grove Day Care' three times a week along with Jason Scott. They met the first day there by being placed in the same stroller to go outside to the playground. The two grew up together.

In Iowa the same week Billy was born little Trini Kwan was born into the hands of Kyla and James Kwan.

They loved her as much as her two older brothers. When little Trini was almost four they moved to Angel Grove after James got transferred. She was enrolled in 'Little Angel's Preschool.' Just as Billy, Jason, Zack, and Kim were.

These five kids would meet unexpectedly and become best friends and stay best friends through their entire lives. Their future showed danger and adventure, Bullies and getting new siblings, family problems and just being there for each other when they needed one another.

This was only the first chapter in their life.

Authors note: Well like I said this is only the first chapter in their life. I will through this series show the five growing up all the way until they accept the responsibilities of being a Power Ranger. And please tell me what you think about this story.