Author's note: This is not meant to be taken seriously. It's just a short parody. Actually while my dad was teasing me for still liking PR, he gave me this idea! * grin *

Power Rangers Wash and Dry
by: Kari Jones

"Whose turn is it to take the suits to the Dry Cleaners?" Ashley asked wandering through the corridor's of the Mega Ship in a pair of bright yellow wool long underwear.

"Not me!" Cassie piped up from the Simu Deck, she was surfing through the Caribbean, in what else, pink long underwear.

"It's T.J. 's turn!" Andros insisted from the bridge. He too was wearing long underwear only red.

"UN-uh! Make Zhane do it!" T.J. ordered. He and Carlos were sparring right on the Bridge, both in long underwear. Black and Blue. It was quite a site.

Zhane came running on the Bridge then in silver long underwear Alpha following him yelling.

"How dare you! Give me back that picture!" Alpha demanded jumping up and down at Zhane's raised arm.

Zhane howled with laughter. "No way! This is too funny to not show the others." Zhane tossed it to Andros who glanced down at it for a second before bursting out laughing.

"Wha? What's on it?" Ashley asked.

Andros threw it to her just as Alpha grabbed for it. Ashley looked at it for a moment and then made a face. "Ewww! Who is this bucket of bolts, Alpha?" She teased.

Alpha blushed up a storm. Who knew robot's could blush?

"Tha- that's my old girlfriend." He muttered staring at his feet.

"Woof! What a dog!" T.J. barked and got a burst of laughter from the group.

Cassie came in then her surfboard on her shoulder. She now wore a two piece bikini over the long underwear.

"What's all the commotion out here?" She asked scratching at the wool.

"Alpha's got a girl friend! Alpha's got a girlfriend!" Zhane exclaimed in a sing song voice.

The group broke out into an off key version of the kissing song, "Alpha and the Dog, sittin in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Shut up! She's not my girlfriend!" Alpha whined.

A Brittany Spears song came on over the Intercom system.

"What the heck?" Carlos mumbled.

" I decided that every time a monster attacks earth a Brittany Spears will play." Ashley answered proudly.

"Why?" Zhane asked blankly.

"Because I like Brittany Spears! Now every time we hear it will soothe the feeling that we have to go kill some giant dude."

"The only thing I think it'll do is, scare us and get us off the ship quicker then ever before." T.J. mumbled. The boys laughed.

"I heard that!" Ashley claimed a hurt look on her face. "Brittany is cool!"

"Yeah!" Cassie insisted throwing her surfboard down for emphasis and accidentally hitting Alpha.

Alpha fell unconscious to the floor.

"Whoops." Cassie said giggling.

"I don't want Brittany Spears informing us we have a monster on earth! It's bad enough, you programmed every toilet aboard the ship to sing 'Don't Want You Back' by the stupid BackStreet Boys every time we flush the toilet!" Carlos yelled crossing his arms across the black wool.

' A monster is destroying Angel Grove.' D.E..C.A informed the Rangers.

"Now look what you made us do! There's a monster destroying our home and all you can talk about is Brittany Spears!" Andros yelled at the girls.

Ashley shrugged. "We can't go anyway. Our suits are still in the washer."

"Wha? You were supposed to take those down to earth hours ago to be dry cleaned!" Zhane said exasperatedly.

"I did it last week! I'm sick of going down there! All the people at the Laundry Mat look at me like I'm a physco!" Ashley whimpered.

"One look at you and every one already knows that!" Andros insulted lamely.

Ashley stuck her bottom lip out and it began to quiver.

"You guys are jus-just big meanies!" She stuttered.

"I'm scared now." Zhane mocked.

'Half of the city of Angel Grove is now destroyed. 200,000 people are dead.'

They all stared at the viewing screen. There, a hundred-foot bird thingie was stomping through the City throwing egg looking things at buildings and making them explode.

"Let's Rocket!" Andros called.

"Wait! We can't! Our suits are still wet!" Ashley explained.

"Well, what are we going to do? Just watch Angel Grove be destroyed while our suits dry?" Andros gasped.

"Sure? Why not? I'll go make some popcorn!" Cassie volunteered.

"Me too! I wanna watch it pop." Ashley squealed running after Cassie.

Alpha still under the surfboard mumbled something.

Zhane skipped over and pulled the surfboard up off of him. "What'd you say, Alphy?"

"I said..That Zordon is going to regret ever hiring me! I'm gonna rip him out of that tube-"

He was cut off again when Zhane smushed the surfboard back on him.

Zhane shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe he needs to be reprogrammed or somethin."

The others nodded. "Let's go see how the popcorn is popping!"


The End.or maybe just the beginning?

Author's note: Please, do not take this seriously. It's my first parody. I love all of the Astro Rangers. They're my favorite team. And I also love the BackStreet Boys. I just thought that the song went perfectly right there. Please don't send me hate mail concerning this.