Disclaimer: This has absolutely nothing to do with Power Rangers. *Ok. Just a little* Thanks to Ellen B. for the idea to write a muse fic when you have writers block. 'Be a Man' is from Disney's Mulan. On with the story. And also thanks to Jeremy for everything. For putting my stories in, for letting me use him in this story, just everything.

In the 'Nick of Time'
by : Kari Jones

Be a man, you must be swift as the coursing river, be a man. I hummed along with it desperately trying to come up with something for my next story. I stared at the screen trying to will the story onto the blank piece of paper.

"It's all so easy in your head but try to get on paper. Forget it." I mumbled typing my name over and over again. "Ok you want them to get married. Marry, marry, marry. Oh gosh it's going to take me forever to write this."

I tipped back in my chair and placed my hands behind my head. As I reached to turn off my CD player a flying dinosaur landed on my computer.

"Aahhhhhhhhh! What the heck!" I screamed as I fell back in my chair so conveniently smacking my head on the tile under me.

I slowly pulled myself up rubbing the growing bump on my head.

"Tsk tsk. You need more help then the agency told me." The little devil observed shaking his head.

"Agency? What agency? I'm only 14 I'm not signed up with any agency."

"Don't they teach you anything at school?"

"Sure. Just not about flying dinosaurs."

"I'm a muse I help people write their fics. That's why I'm here you poor excuse for a writer."

"Poor excuse? Who you calling a poor excuse? You don't even have hands!"

"Why didn't they put me with Julia H.? Or Jeremy Ray? Why did they have to put me with a little rebellious snot? But no. All the good writers were taken. Oh what I'd give to be with Ellen Brand." The little dragon muttered rubbing his head as if he had a migraine.

"Well if you hate teenagers why the heck are you here?"

"You asked for a muse right?"

"Well yeah. But I didn't ask for a flying dinosaur."

"I'm a dragon. Drrraaagggooonnn. Dinosaurs are extinct. I think you would know that. And beside I don't have a choice. You wanted a muse. I have an obligation to fulfill my duties as a muse. So here I am. Stop complaining!"

My eyes widened. This dude was mean.

"I'm not complaining. It's just I didn't expect a flying dinosaur.." He glared at me. "Sorry. Dragon. Flying dragon to come flying into my house and land on my computer. It doesn't happen every day you know."

"Well duh. We don't have enough muses at the agency for that to happen every day."

While the little beast rambled on I reached for my thesaurus. When I glanced back up the little guy was dancing around like an idiot and singing some country song. OOOohhh. I hate country music.

I lifted the thesaurus and brought it down quickly. "A thesaurus. Good for synonyms and also great for squashing demons!"

I missed. Naturally.

Behind me some one pulled on my ponytail.

"Ow! Watch it!" I demanded turning around to find another flying demon. "Oh….my…..word. there's two of them. I'm cursed. Totally cursed."

"Woah. Kari. Don't spaz out." The little monster suggested fluttering around my head.

"How do you know my name you horrible little devil!" I yelled swinging my thesaurus at him.

" Jeremy sent me. He wanted me to explain what a muse is." The little blue dragon explained flying out of my hitting range.

"Jeremy who? And besides I know what a muse is. I want a cute one. Not a horrible little creature."

"For one thing. Adli and I are not horrible little creatures. We are dragons. And you better stop insulting us or I'm going to tell the agency to give Adli to some one else who appreciates him. And you know who Jeremy is. He's the one who's been accepting your stories for the past three weeks."

"I have to admit there pretty good even without a muse." Adli muttered.

I put the thesaurus down. He likes my fics. Maybe I better be nice to him.

"Oh that one. I have a brother named Jeremy. I was confused for a minute there."

"I can see why." Adli mumbled under his breath.

I raised my thesaurus ready to strike.

He flew up toward the ceiling. "Kidding. Just kidding."

I put it down and sat back down in my chair.

"Ok I'm ready to listen."

"Well…." Mason said scratching his paws(or claws or something like that) on his head. "Adli will help you with your writer block and give you great ideas for your stories. He is a very good muse. The only reason he's up for grabs is because his writer retired from Power Rangers stories. And when he got back to the agency you were next in line so you got him. Muses are great helps. I should know. I help Jeremy out a lot. He would be nothing without me. Either would Julia without Asbestos. Muses are everything."

"Don't you think you're being just a tad self absorbed?"

"Me? Of course not. Jeremy needs me. And so do the Spice girls." He added a dreamy look in his eyes.

"Spice Girls! I don't think so! If you're going to talk about Spice girls then get out of here!" I demanded harshly picking up my thesaurus once more.

"Calm down. I'll keep my mouth shut if you promise to put that down. You won't need a thesaurus with Adli around."

I lowered it slowly. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. I guess I could keep Adli.

"Ok Adli you've got a job. The first thing I want you to do is help me with this wedding. Tommy and Kat are getting married and I'm supposed to ruin it some how. Ideas please."

"Tommy and Kat. Jeremy will be very pleased. Now I find that listening to Spice girls while I'm writing helps me out." Mason said reaching for my CD player.

I slapped him away. "I don't have any Spice Girls CDs. You wanna listen to Spice girls go back to Jeremy."

"Alright. Alright. I'm going. I'll be back to check on you every once in awhile to see that Adli isn't dead."

"I won't kill him I promise. Tell Jeremy I said hi and thanks."

"I will." Mason replied fluttering out the window.

Adli lowered himself onto the computer top and made himself comfortable.

"Well Kari shall we begin?" Adli asked looking much nicer than before.

"Umm. Sure. As you heard I'm working on a wedding."

"Good weddings are my specialty."

I smiled as he began giving me a list of ideas.

Authors note: Woah. Thanks Ellen. This really did help me out. I think having this little guy will help me through all my times of despair. Oh and to all you wonderful readers. What do you think? It's my first muse fic and I wonder how good of a job I did. And Adli's name means 'Just and wise'. Perfect meaning don't you think?