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Author's Note: This is not a part of the Rangers in Romance timeline. This starts after 'Quasar Quest Part 2', then jumps to after 'Orion Returns', in the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy timeline.

by: Niobe Craft

Leo threw himself down on the bunk and closed his eyes. His emotions were still in torment from recent events. Had it really only been three hours ago that he was sneaking onto Terra Venture, hoping just to find himself a nice place to hide in and somehow survive without being noticed for a while, until they were too far from Earth to send him back? And avoiding Mike, of course. Mike would've moved the entire colony to send me back.

A shudder ran all through him at the very thought that such a thing couldn't happen now. Not only was his 'cover' blown, since they'd had to explain to Commander Stanton just why Mike wasn't there, and why he and Maya were, but Mike. . .just wasn't there anymore. He couldn't move the entire colony. He couldn't move anything.

With a harsh shudder, he curled up and burst into tears. It didn't matter that he was seventeen years old, a Power Ranger, and the leader of them all. The only thing that mattered was that his brother, his beloved older brother, was gone.

"Leo?" a soft, female voice interrupted him, and he whirled around to see Kendrix standing in the doorway. The others were busy learning their way around Terra Venture, being shown by Kai, after they had been introduced to this room. "Are you all right?"

The Red Ranger quickly dried his eyes on his sleeve, trying not to show that he'd just been bawling his eyes out. "Yeah, sure. Just had something in my eye."

Kendrix didn't look convinced as she walked over to him. "You were crying," her voice was gentle and caring. "I heard you. It. . .it's about Mike, isn't it?" he could hear a shake in her voice, and remembered that she and Mike had been on Terra Venture for a while. If they were together. . .

"I miss him," he said softly. "He did a lot for me over the years. . .he was only trying to protect me, that's why he didn't want me on Terra Venture. . .but. . .it . . .," he couldn't finish the words, but he sensed that she knew what he was trying to say anyway. It wasn't Leo who had needed the protection. It was Mike, and he hadn't had it.

Kendrix slowly sat down next to her new friend, and touched his hand. Leo grasped at hers almost blindly, and did something he would have sworn he never would have: he cried himself to sleep in the arms of a woman.

Once he was asleep, Kendrix slowly pulled a blanket over him and settled into the chair to watch over him. The other guys would be coming back soon, but until then, she wanted to keep an eye on him, to be certain that he was all right. She watched him for a few moments, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. He is cute. She knew that Kai was jealous already. The two of them had never dated, and she really only thought of the new Blue Ranger as a friend.

She did not think of Leo as just a friend, though. Kendrix wasn't really certain what she thought of Leo as. He was cute as all get out, that was for certain, and there had been something in the way their eyes met. . .she sighed. He probably will have all the girls all over him once he starts going around Terra Venture. I don't have a chance.

Slowly she pulled the blanket up closer to his chin, and leaned back to watch. Quietly, she drifted off to sleep, worn out by the events of the day.

Leo's eyes slowly opened, and he looked at her. Softly he whispered, "Thanks, Kendrix. For everything."

* * *
After 'Orion Returns'

It had been the most amazing thing any of them had ever felt. The Power of the Lights of Orion had completely dwarfed the Power of the Quasar Sabres, dwarfed and enhanced it. The Rangers were now trying to recover from the amazing events.

Is this what all the other Rangers went through when they got stronger? Leo wondered as he leaned back on his bed. Ever since that first crying jag, he had remained unbroken by events. No matter what happened, from the mystery of Maya's psychic senses to the Transdaggers to the Magna Defender, he just let it all roll over his heart. Since Furio had been destroyed, or had destroyed himself, the Red Ranger wasn't certain just which it was, he had felt a great inner peace. Even the Magna Defender's attitude hadn't ruffled it for more than a few moments.

His thoughts changed to something else that had happened when the Rangers had united in a huge ball of fiery Orion-power to destroy Destruxo. For a moment, he had known each of his teammates, had known them down to their core, their essence. Maya's loneliness for her home of Miranoi, Kai's firm dedication to their cause, Damon's unswerving loyalty to the team and to the upkeep of the MegaShip. . .and Kendrix's shining love for him.

That was what had shaken him the most. The others had taken to looking at him since that moment, except for Kendrix. She had avoided him almost as if she were scared. . .

"Maya?" he heard Kendrix's voice just outside the room, and jumped up quickly.

"She's not here," he said, looking out the door to where the Pink Ranger was. "Kendrix, can we talk?" he asked the question gently. She looked over at him, her eyes wide. "Please?"

Biting her lip, she walked over to him. "What is it?"

Leo looked at her for a moment, then did the only thing that really seemed to make any sense right then, the one thing she wouldn't be able to say no to, if she would just open herself to the knowledge he knew she'd also gained from their temporary link.

He kissed her.

Kendrix was stiff for a moment, then slowly melted into his arms and his lips, returning the embrace with all her heart and soul. She knew how he felt, and how she felt. . .and there was no more doubt for either of them.

"I love you," he murmured, gazing down at her. She smiled back up at him.

"I love you."