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"Rangers in Romance"

Three Words
Tommy and Kim want some time to themselves,
but Zedd wants Kim still.

Welcome Home
Trini returns from the Peace Conference with
a special greeting for Billy.

The Question
Adam is nervous about asking Tanya out for the first time.

The Power of Love
Zedd and Rita's latest spell has Tommy captive
in his own mind, can Kat free him in time?

Before It All
Carlos and Ashley find out they could be just
more than friends.

Until the Stars Burn Out
Ashley and Andros discover a passion for more
than stargazing.

After the Countdown
Once it's over, it's time for some talking between two would-be lovers.

Who Knew?
Cassie and T.J. find some special time to talk.

"Stand Alones"

Touch of Gold
Will their love survive???

Ghost of a Chance
Has Cassie met the true Phantom Ranger??

Waters of Love
Has Billy met his mate for life??

They could ignite into love for two new Rangers.

Arrow of Love
Carlos is under a Divatox spell.

Crimson Gold
Leo and Maya wake up one morning: together.


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"Higher Power"
Why Kim broke up with Tommy.

Dawn of the Huntress
Kim will do anything to protect Tommy. ..even give him up.

"Love Is. . ."

When I Saw You
Love at first sight . . . !

One Moment in Time
In one moment, Kim and Tommy go from friends to so much more!

Truly, Madly, Deeply
A first date creates the foundations of a lasting relationship.

Letting go is sometimes the only way!

I Will Always Love You
Kim's willing to give Tommy up . . . !

I'll Be There
When Tommy receives the letter, Katherine finds herself torn.

Against All Odds
But he's not ready to do the same!

Un-Break My Heart
A different ending to the Tommy/Kim break-up.

All At Once
What about Katherine?

"The Purple Ranger Series"
Another Purple Ranger, with her own unique style!

There She Goes
Kim's got a devoted secret admirer.

Grace of an Eagle
There's a new girl in town with inherited gifts.

Fond Farewells
Things change when tragedy strikes Alexis' family.

Spiderman and the Purple Ranger team up to save a life!

The three teams of heroes are pitted against each other by a new villain.

"The Terran Power Rangers Series"

A New Era
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are gone. But all's not lost yet...

The Worst Nightmare
Katherine has to face her feelings of inadequacy if
she's going to survive the night...

Flash Forward
Things haven't changed much in ten years.

Kim and Zack end up in a hellish alternate reality,
and Adam is critically injured.

The Sandman
Light is shed upon Tanya's past as an alien creature haunts her...

Storm Front
There's a storm brewing when deep feelings surface.

Time After Time
A familiar villain returns, and so do an ally from
the Rangers' past, and one from their future.

A deadly new virus threatens a ranger's life...

Children of the Stars
When the Terran Rangers of 2025 are down,
all hope lies in the next generation.

"Venusian Encounters Series"
Home Again
Why was Jason in Angel Grove . . .

A Venusian Encounter
Kimberly's family tree has a surprise lurking behind it!

Bridging the Gap
At prom time, Kimberly is out of Tommy's reach . . . or is she?

Water Runs Dry
Destiny holds great things for Billy, but Divatox stands in the way!

You Can't Go Back
Its a rangers reunion, but thing's changed more than anticipated!

World Enough and Time
Immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Hope for All
The future of Venus relies on the Child.

"The Spectrum Force Series"

Every story has a beginning.

The Spectrum Force is chosen.

"New Beginnings"

I Want to Know What Love Is
Zhane and Karone speak with one another.

"Stand Alones"

See No Evil
A Power Ranger goes blind!

A Midsummer's Nightmare
Emotions running wild, threaten to tear the team apart!

Hart of Darkness
What if Kimberly didn't write The Letter?

Key to the Past
Is Andros one step closer to finding his sister?

Music Box
Cupid finally hits his mark!

Journey to the Past
The fate of the world rests in the hands of one person!

Met By Moonlight
What will become of these two youths, that are obviously
head-over-heels for each other? Well, we'll see...

Lost In Your Eyes
T.J. and Cassie spend some time together cleaning.

Have You Ever?
Carlos regrets not saying anything to Ashley sooner.

Nobody Knows
Adam misses Tanya. ..

I Don't Want to Lose You Now
T.J. wonders if he's lost Cassie when the Phantom finally reveals his secret.

I Still Believe
After years apart, Trini and Richie meet again.

Oil and Water
They say oil and water don't mix...

In His Arms
Kat is tired of living in Kim's shadow.


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"Unexpected Help"

Part 1


Bullet Eileen - The Tangerine Ranger Bullet

Zordon's Silly Idea
Zordon decides the current Ranger team needs a new leader -
but he doesn't exactly make the decision you'd thing!

Revenge of the Red Herrings
Each Ranger is calling it quits. Why?

Zordon's Big Mistake
Zordon regrets the decision he made.


Bullet GoldNitro Bullet

"The Day the World Fell Dark!"

Chapters 1 & 2

"Power Rangers Nitro!"

Power Rangers Nitro - Turbo's End!
It's the future, and new Rangers are being called in to defend.


Bullet Robert Gutheim Bullet

Background Information
Who are Plastica and Headset?


"The Adventures of Plastica and Headset"

The Origin
Interesting Things Happen in Lab Explosions.

The Lost Adventures: Kimberly
Kimberly has disappeared!

Plastica and the Power Rangers vs. The Mountain
Plastica comes to the Rangers Aid during a trip to the Mountains.

The Lost Adventures: Return of Some Old Comrades
Fun time when the Switzerland bunch returns.

The Lost Adventures: Happy Birthday Trini
Zedd makes Trini's birthday a day to remember.

The Lost Adventures: New York Rangers
The Rangers visit Plastica and Headset.

The Lost Adventures: Triple Trouble
Zedd even makes Christmas a challenge.

Turbo Crisis
Plastica has to Armor Up to help the Rangers Again.

Who are your Friends
Can't a person even go fishing without Divatox interfering.

Terra Venture
Plastica gets posted to a Space Colony.

Psych Problems
Plastica misses his old team.

Power Restored
Is it Possible that Plastica's powers aren't gone forever.

Flitter Power Up
Who is the fast moving hero?

"Life on Terra Venture"

Basketball Superstar
When the Wheelchair Warrior Visits Trouble isn't too far away.

Return of the Steel Brigade
Could Plastica's Friends be back?

Mud in Your Eye
It just isn't Pipewrench's day!

Rest in Peace
An ally dies during a battle.

Power Rangers Christmas Special
The Demona Rangers Meet Plastica.

"Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force"

A New Beginning
Robert is offered a new position as more trouble occurs.

Dawn of the Zenith Part One
Even the Steel Brigade can't translate the Galaxy Book.

Dawn of the Zenith Part Two
Robert Recruits Skull into the ADF.

Return to Mirinoi
Maya finds a small surprise when she returns home.

A Spooktacular Time
Special Guests The Astro Rangers.

The Rangers remember the Pink Ranger.

Kerovan Pink
Karone explores her new home.

Land of the Lost
Robert finds himself almost powerless in the LOST GALAXY.

Is that a ghost or Jessica's sister?

Demona Rangers in the Lost Galaxy
The Demona Rangers assist the Galaxy Rangers.

The Final Chapter
The ADF gets used to its new home.

"Power Rangers Demona"

Power Rangers Demona
In the future, Terra Venture gets new Rangers.

Tanks Planes and Hummers
The Zords are introduced.

Help From the White
What Color is that Ranger?

Base Changes
The Rangers decide to get a new base.

Ninja Spirit
The Rangers go on a quest into their own minds.

Visit From An Old Friend
A familiar face comes to visit!

Aerial Assault
Mechinack sends a plane monster after the Rangers.

The Search
As the search for T.J.'s mother continues Sue's cousin is injured.

The Power Explained
The origin of the Demona Powers.

Big Trouble
A new villain wants to join Forces with Mechinack.

Power Rangers Christmas Special
The Demona Rangers Meet Plastica.

Even Bigger Trouble
Haradomous is back.

Return of the Purple
Hey Hey Hey the Gangs all here.

Call of the Guardian
The Rangers travel to Brakenous IV.

Special Visitor
The Demona Rangers receive a special visitor.

Power Eclipsed
The Rangers Discover a Third Morph that their powers give them.

Rescue Plans
A Familair Semian while trying to Rescye The Flitter.

A Gray Day
Not even Haradomous can keep a ranger evil.

A Day in the Life of a Ranger
Jim's first full day as a Ranger.

The Triforian Academy
Brianca visits her Ranger Alma Mater.

The New Zords
The Rookies receive their zords.

Demona Rangers in the Lost Galaxy
The Demona Rangers assist the Galaxy Rangers.

Ranger Wedding
Andrew and Janet get married.

A Period for Change
Changes abound for the Colored Warriors.

School Days are Here Again
Kenya and Jake start school in Settlement 14.

Return of Mechinack
Watch out because he's back.

Saying Goodbye Isn't Easy
Time for Christine to leave and Brianca gets an Offer from Eltare.

The Clumsy Ranger
Teri finds being a ranger isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Computer Problems
A Computer Virus Plagues Capsilon IX

Journey to the Past and Future
The Demona Rangers Battle in two time periods

To Save a Child
The Rangers help rescue some Missing Kids and a little R&R.

A Capsilon Christmas
Christmas brings a few surprises.

Dawn of a New Year
Some more interesting developments.

Amelia gets used to a new school while the Rangers fight in the Arctic.

Trouble in the Grove
Angel Grove is is bad shape and Andrew is investigating why.

Power of Zordoniam
A Special team from Rangertech studies the Zordoniam under Settlement 14.

A Changed Soul Emerges
Teri witnesses a bizarre happening.

Senturions Unite
Hankoid is Busted.

Forces of Good Unite
Evil is threatening Capsilon once again so Amelia helps summon a new team.

The Fall of Mechinack
The series finale.

"Life on Mirinoi"

A Changed Planet
Maya looks back on how Mirinoi has change.

Journey to the Past and Future
The Demona Rangers Battle in two time periods

The Power of Ultima
Sue receives a new power.

The Arsenal of Ultima
Sue learns more about her powers.

Pride of Ultima
Karone's experience as Astronema helps Sue.

"Zordonian Rangers"

Call to Battle
Evil is threatening Capsilon Once again so Amelia helps
summon a new team.

Blast from Yellow’s Past
Marsha learns she wasn’t as alone as she thought.

Distracted Green
Greg’s mind is on someone instead of the battle.

Red Insecurity
Michelle questions her qualifications to being the leader....

Power of Seven
Are the New girls really what they seem.

Behold the Ninja
Lord Xenon increases his forces. What the Rangers be
able to stand against his improved army?

Bitter Rivalry
It seems that the Twin's past comes back to haunt them!

Questing Blue
Bobby is on a mission for Professor Damon. What is it and
how will help team's struggle against the evil forces?

Birthday Wishes
It's a special day for one of the Rangers, their birthday.

New Recruit
Nightshade has retrieved a weapon which makes
trouble for the Rangers.

Teal Recognition
A girl with a familiar last name joins the rangers.

Guardian Down
A mysterious person visits Capsilon IX.

"Stand Alones"

Inside the Mind of the Magna Defender
A look at the Magna Defender's past.

When Peace and Love Collapse
The Steelbrigade and The Rangers help celebrate Peace and Love.

Rangers Princess of Eltare
Teri is given a special offer by Prince Goldarean.

To Contact or Not to Contact
What did prompt the letter Marsha received?

Rangers Regroup
The Rangers get together after two friends disappear.

When Two Rangers Meet
How did Bobby and Sarah grow close?


Bullet Jessica Hardy Bullet

"The Deepest Light"

Chapter 1


Bullet Rachel and Stephanie Herndon Bullet

"Rangers on the Rocks:"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

When Lord Zedd Stole Christmas


Bullet Kamen Ranger Bullet

"Origins of the Power"

"The Super Sentai Crossover"

Little Lost Ranger
A vortex suddenly appears in the sky and leaves a
bird-like ranger in the Power Ranger's home dimension,
but while trying to bring her home Billy is left on his
own to discover the worlds of Sentai.

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth
Billy meets a goddess who sends him on a quest to
discover his own past life in the world of the Zyu


Bullet Kevin McPhail Bullet

"Cry of the Wolf"

Volume 1
As King Mondo's new pawn, Billy could destroy everything.

Volume 2
Can Billy redeem himself, and save his friend's powers?


Bullet Kelly Pierce Bullet

After confessing her feelings about Tommy to another member
of the team, disaster strikes.


Bullet Silver Tiger Bullet

Happy New Year
Ringing in the New Year brings new changes for everyone, and
it means different things to each of the rangers!

"The Lunar Emblem Series"

Murder of Innocence
Zedd uses love in his latest scheme to defeat the Rangers.

Silent Moon
Liz thought she'd escaped Zedd but things aren't quite that easy.

Water Thicker than Blood
Liz attempts to regain her memories, most of which are confusing.

A Thousand Tears
Adam and Liz go through terrible trials, with a terrible ending.


Bullet Tiffiny C. Bullet

The Black Ranger
King Mondo sets his sights on Adam's new friend, Rusty!


Bullet Tigran Bullet

A Love Like This (Chapters 1-4)

Ranger Wars


Bullet A.B. Velasco Bullet

"The Shallow Grave"

Part 1
Part 2


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