Bridging the Gap
Chapter Two: Say it With a Song
By: Rachel D Dawson

It's Saturday evening in Angel Grove, and nearly every high school senior was excitedly preparing for the most special evening in their young lives--the senior prom. The party was to start at seven o'clock, with appetizers, dancing, and chatting. Many groups of friends decided to go to the prom together, in large limousines. One such group is the Power Rangers: Jason Lee and his girlfriend Emily, Tanya Sloan and Adam Park, Katherine Hillard and her date Eric, and Rocky DeSantos and his date Jennifer. However, one member of this group of friends is missing--Tommy Oliver. He absolutely refused to go to the prom, and so this evening, while his friends put the finishing touches on their outfits, Tommy is sitting alone in his bedroom, listening to the radio, and flipping through the television channels.

"There's nothing to watch," he muttered, turning off the television and lying down on the bed, "Maybe I'll just... go to sleep or something."

He stretches out on his back, and stares up at the ceiling blankly, while the song "Love Is" comes on the radio. Tommy absently listens to the song, as images of him and Kimberly float through his mind.

They say its a river, that circles the Earth.
A beam of light shining to the edge of the universe.
It conquers all,
It changes everything.

The first image that Tommy saw was when he first met Kimberly. It was his first day in Angel Grove high, and after a few minutes of watching her from a distance, Tommy approached her. He introduced himself, and he distinctly remembered Kimberly's pearly white smile, after he'd agreed to meet her and her friends in the Juice Bar. He knew, the moment his eyes met hers, that his life was going to change dramatically, and he could never go back.

They say its a blessing... they say its a gift.
They say its a miracle and I believe that it is.
It conquers all,
But its a mystery...

Then, Tommy remembered the day before his first dance at Angel Grove. He had been practicing with Zack at the Youth Center, when the subject seemed to turn to the dance. Tommy admitted he couldn't bring himself to ask Kimberly to the dance, and he clearly remembered Zack's attempt to demonstrate the ease of asking a girl out by trying to impress Angela with some skilled dance moves. Of course, Zack failed to win over Angela, but Tommy did build the nerve to ask Kim. And to his utter shock and blissful delight, she agreed, and they shared their first kiss.

Love breaks your heart.
Love takes no less than everything.
Love makes it hard,
And it fades away... so easily.

After the dance, Tommy really began to feel the loss of his Green Ranger powers. So, he distanced himself from his friends, and spent a great deal of time thinking in his uncle's cabin, or at the cliffs near Angel Grove. Tommy always regretted not spending more time with Kimberly, in an effort to develop their budding relationship. But, he allowed himself to drown in self-hatred and pity, and distanced himself from his loved ones. To this day, Tommy is grateful that Kimberly was so patient with him. She let him have his space, without feeling rejected, and eagerly welcomed him back to the fold when he was ready.

In this world we've created, in this place that we live,
In the bleak of the night and the darkness of sin,
Love lights the world.
Unites the lovers for eternity...

Not long after Tommy's restoration to the Power Rangers, his Green Ranger powers once again began to weaken. Because of this, he was constantly being targeted by first Rita Repulsa, and then Lord Zedd. Many times, Tommy feared that he was endangering Kim and the others by spending time with them. In the terrible few weeks after Lord Zedd arrived, when Tommy's powers slowly disintegrated, Tommy could've easily fallen into depression. His friends gained new Thunderzords and new powers, but Tommy wasn't strong enough to join them. Tommy felt he was a liability to the team, and a constant magnet for trouble. Losing the Green Ranger powers the second time was almost a relief, because he was released from the burden of always being the target. Once again, he left the Power Rangers. But this time, he didn't regress into self-loathing. He knew he made a sacrifice for his friends, and he took some comfort in that. He left Angel Grove to once again sort out his life, but he knew his friends were waiting for him back home. He knew Kimberly was waiting for him.

Love breaks the chains,
Love aches for every one of us.
Love takes the tears and the pain
And it turns it into the beauty that remains...

As Tommy drifted to sleep, another image came to mind, and brought a smile to his face. It was early evening on a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, where he and Kimberly spoke for the first time since they broke up. At first, both of them stood in an awkward silence, gazing out at the ocean. Kimberly stood by the ocean, letting the gentle waves touch her sandaled feet. Tommy remembers just standing behind her, watching her silently as the sea breezes weaved through her caramel hair. He knew he couldn't utter a single word at that moment, since he had absolutely no idea what he would say. Fortunately for him, Kimberly took the initiative, and started the conversation that led to both of them baring their pained souls. In the end, they both realized how much in love they still were, and reconciled. But no matter how much in love they are, there is one undeniable fact--they are separated by duty. One is the Queen of an entire nation, the other is the leader of the most powerful force on Earth.

Look at this place.
It was paradise, but now its dying.
Afraid of love...
I'll take my chances that its not too late...

"Tommy?" said a quiet voice, "Honey, are you asleep?"

Tommy opened his eyes, and turned around to see his mother peeking in from behind a partially closed door.

"I was," he said, sitting up and stretching his arms.

"But its six! Shouldn't you be getting ready for the prom? You should be dressed by now!"

"Mom," sighed Tommy, "I told you the other day that I'm not going."

Tommy turned to his mother, and saw a confused look on her face.

"But, there's a young lady here to see you. She said she was your date, so I assumed you'd changed your mind."

Love breaks your heart.
Love takes no less than everything.
Love makes it hard,
And it fades away... so easily.

"Who is she?" asked Tommy, standing up.

"I don't know her, but she said her name was Kerri. She's waiting in the living room, but if you'd like me to, I'll tell her you're not going--"

"That's okay, Mom. I'll handle this," said Tommy, walking past his mother and walking down the stairs.

Love breaks the chains,
Love aches for every one of us.
Love takes the tears and the pain
And it turns it into the beauty that remains...

I don't believe this! he thought bitterly, I told the guys that I wasn't going to the prom! Only Jason would fix me up with someone I've never met, even though I told him I wasn't interested. Now I've got to go down there, and tell this girl I'm not interested in going--

Tommy stopped on the bottom step, and stared in shock at the girl sitting on the couch, chatting with his father. Her long, caramel hair was tied in a French twist, with two curly tendrils on either side of her face. She was dressed in a black silk gown with three strands of pearls serving as straps. The gown hugged her slender body down to the hips, where it cascaded down to the floor in layers of soft silk. Adorning her neck was string of freshwater pearls, with an exceptionally large pearl with reddish hue in the center. She noticed his arrival, and stood up and smiled at him cheerily.

"Hey, Tommy," she said, clasping her hands behind her back.


"Uh, Kerri," she said, winking, "Uh, Mister Oliver, could you excuse us for a minute?"

"I'll go find the camera," said Tommy's father, standing up. As he passed his son, he whispered "Why aren't you dressed yet? Kerri is a very nice girl, and I hope you don't plan on hurting her feelings."

Tommy didn't answer, and as soon as his father left, he ran over to "Kerri" and lifted her by the waist, just as he had by the lake after his first kiss with Kimberly.

"Kim," he said, putting her down, "what's going on here?"

"Well," she said with a bright smile, "I didn't think either of us should miss the senior prom, so I basically took the night off."

"But, the whole world knows that you disappeared! Don't you think it'd look... suspicious for me to walk into the ball room with you?"

"Well, you're right. Kimberly Anne Hart disappeared. But, I'm not Kimberly. Tonight, I'm Kerri."

Kimberly reached behind her neck, and unsnapped her string of pearls. She held it up, and the reddish pearl began to glow slightly.

"Renee cast a spell on this pearl," Kim explained, "So long as I wear it, I look different. Only those who really care about me will be able to recognize me. Now, since all my friends are either present or former Power Rangers, this shouldn't be a problem. Hurry up and get ready! The guys are outside in the limo, waiting for us!"

"Kim," stuttered Tommy, "I... didn't rent a tux. I didn't know you were coming..."

"Don't worry," said Kim, stepping back and opening the front door, "Jason has it covered."

Jason stepped through the door, wearing his own black tux, and carrying another tuxedo in a plastic cover. He stepped into the room, and held out the covered tuxedo.

"I hope I got the right size," said Jason with a smile, "I told you to come rent a tux with us, but no--!"

"Thanks, Jay," said Tommy, taking the tuxedo, "Give me a few minutes."

Tommy hurried up the stairs with his suit, and Kim and Jason sat down at the couch patiently.

"Well," said Kim, "so far, so good."

"Yeah," said Jason, "I'll admit though, I didn't think the pearl would work. I was just waiting for Emily to freak out when she saw you."

"All my closest friends are Power Rangers, so they'd know I'm alive anyway. Still, it'll be weird being with all my old schoolmates, as a completely different person."

"Must be tough."

"I guess," she said with a slight sigh, "But Tommy's worth it."

Just then, Tommy hurried down the stairs, trying to tie his black bow tie. Once he reached the bottom. He looked up and smiled, and raised his arms.

"Well?" he asked, turning full circle, "What do you think?"

Kimberly examined Tommy's midnight black tuxedo, with white dress shirt and silken red vest. His long hair was tied in a curly ponytail.

"Fabulous!" said Kim, giving him a thumbs up, "Perfect!"

"Can I pick a suit, or what?" said Jason with a smile, "Okay, guys, lets get going! The others have been waiting for fifteen minutes!"

As the trio approached the front door, Tommy's mother, father, and younger brother Timothy entered the room, with Mister Oliver holding a camera.

"You weren't planning on leaving without taking a photograph," said Mr. Oliver with a smile.

"Tommy," gasped his mother, "you look amazing! So mature! Oh, my baby's growing up so fast--"

"Mom," said Tommy, blushing slightly, "We're late."

"Just say cheese," said Mr. Oliver, holding up the photo. Jason promptly stepped out of the picture, and Mr. Oliver got a shot of "Kerri" and Tommy standing side by side by the door.

"Jason," said Mrs. Oliver, "why don't you step into the picture with Tommy?"

"No," said Jason, "I don't think--"

"Come on, Jason!" said Mr. Oliver, "You and Tommy have been best friends for years! Just one..."

Jason and Tommy stood side by side, smiling for the camera. Once the shot was taken, the three friends hurried out of the house, and sat down in the black limousine waiting outside.

"Hurry up!" called Emily, "We're late!"

Jason sat beside Emily, who wore her sandy blonde hair curly, and was wearing a scarlet off the shoulder velvet gown, which reached her knees. Next to Emily was Katherine, who wore a cotton candy pink floor-length sleeveless gown, with white lace at the hem and white opera gloves. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a French braid, and her date Eric sat beside her, wearing a simple black tuxedo with black tie and gray vest. Next to them sat Tanya and Adam. Tanya was wearing an earthen yellow short-sleeved silk gown, with a sheet of sheer satin blanketing the short skirt. Adam wore a deep green blazer, black dress pants and a black tie. Rocky wore a navy blue tuxedo, with a lighter blue vest and bow tie, and his date Jennifer wore a sky blue sequined floorlength, long-sleeved gown with a plunging back. Everyone happily greeted the late arrivals, and Tommy made hasty introductions to both Emily and Jennifer. After a short trip, the group exited the limousine, and made their way to the elegant ballroom in the hotel. They were all seated at a table together, and ate an excellent dinner of fillet mignon, green beans, and potatoes.

"So," said Emily, trying to make conversation, "do you go to Angel Grove High, Kerri?"

"I used to," said Kimberly, "but my family moved away. I drop by for visits every now and then, though."

"It's funny," said Tanya, "I mean, I have the feeling I've seen you before, Kerri, but I just can't place it."

Kimberly glanced at Tanya, and frowned slightly to herself. She doesn't know me well enough to recognize me! I'll have to tell her who I am later.

"Guys," said Rocky, looking towards the door, "Do I see who I think I see?"

Everyone turned towards the front door, and they saw a tall, well built young man with light brown hair, wearing a black tuxedo with navy blue vest. His date was rather short, and she wore a simple aqua floor-length gown. Everyone gaped in surprise.

"Billy!" called Kimberly excitedly, "Over here!"

Billy located his friends, and led his date to the table where they all sat. Everyone stood up, and the rangers welcomed back their old friend.

"What're you doing here?" asked Tommy after hugging Billy, "I thought you graduated."

"Mister Caplan sent a letter to my house, inviting me to the senior prom, since I never got to attend one. My father forwarded the message to me, so I decided to surprise you all and attend."

"Its great having you here, Billy," said Kim, "I haven't seen you in ages! Who's your date?"

"This is Cestria," said Billy.

"Cestria?" asked Emily, "That's an unusual name. Where are you from?"

"Sicily," said Cestria with a smile

As, Emily and Jennifer introduced themselves. Billy glanced at Kimberly.

"We'll talk later," he whispered.

"Right," she said, and the group sat down again. Once the meal was eaten, Jennifer and Rocky, Jason and Emily, Kat and Eric, and Adam and Tanya rose to dance. Now that the coast was relatively clear, Billy could talk to the others unhindered.

"I'm glad you came," said Kim, "So, how's life on Aquitar?"

"Wet," said Billy with a smile, "but one gets used to it. Actually, I really enjoy life there. Aquitian technology is the most advanced in the galaxy, and I keep myself busy in Triton, the capital city, helping the Aquitian Rangers improve their Battle Borgs. Now that the Hydro Hog has been dealt with, Aquitar is unusually peaceful. However, we must be prepared for any occasion."

"And you, Cestria," said Tommy, "you look so... human."

"My natural appearance would no doubt cause a scene," she explained, touching one of her earrings, "so Billy and my cousin Cestro designed miniature holographic projectors, which make me look human. The projectors are inside my earrings."

"What about you, Kim?" asked Billy, "How've you been? Did you win at the Pan-Global Games?"

"Well," said Kim, "the games didn't go quite the way I expected..."

Kimberly related the entire story about her Venusian ancestry, Ninjetti powers, and rulership of Venus Island. Needless to say, both Billy and Cestria were shocked.

"Amazing," said Cestria, bowing her head, "I'm indeed honored to meet the Queen of Venus. Venus and Aquitar were allied planets for ages, until Venus was destroyed by Divatox. There was nothing we could do to stop the dehydration spell. I wasn't aware that the Venusians continued to live on Earth."

"So, you live on Venus Island?" said Billy, "I take it you've retired from your gymnastics career. How did you deal with your disappearance? I mean, it was easy enough for me to move to Aquitar, but you are a world-famous athlete."

"Kimberly Anne Hart disappeared without a trace," said Kim, "so now, I have this enchanted pearl, which alters the way people see me. But the people that really know and care about me can see me clearly."

"And this device is magical?" asked Cestria, "Or scientific?"

"Magical," said Kim.

Just then, Brian Adams' "Everything I Do", began playing, and Billy smiled and rose to his feet.

"I always liked this song," he said, offering Cestria his hand, "Shall we?"

"Shall we what?" asked Cestria in confusion.


"I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Earth dances, Billy," said Cestria with slight embarrassment.

"Relax," he said, pulling her to her feet, "If a klutz like me can dance, I'm sure a graceful lady such as yourself is capable of learning a few steps."

"But you're not a klutz!" protested Cestria.

"Trust me," said Billy, leading her onto the dance floor. Tommy and Kim watched as the happy couple swayed to the music.

Look into my eyes. You'll see
What you mean to me.
Search your heart. Search your soul...
And when you find me there you'll search no more.
Don't tell me its not worth trying for.
Don't tell me its not worth dying for.
You know its true.

Everything I do,
I do it for you.

"I don't think I've ever seen Billy so happy," said Kimberly, "I mean, look at him! He's actually laughing! He hasn't laughed for real since--"

"Since Trini moved to Switzerland," finished Tommy, "You're right. I didn't think he'd ever get over Trini, and I know he'd never build the courage to ask her out. They'd been friends for years. He probably was worried about ruining their friendship by taking the next step."

"You know, I always thought they'd end up together," Kim admitted, "Who would've guessed our shy, quiet Billy would wind up living on some distant planet, immersed in water, engaged to a woman who's part fish! He's been afraid of fish since grade school!"

"Love's a funny thing," said Tommy, "It can change your whole outlook."

Look into your heart, you'll find
There's nothing there to hide.
Take me as I am... take my life.
I would give it all, I would sacrifice.
Don't tell me its not worth fighting for,
I can't help it--there's nothing I want more.

You know its true.
Everything I do,
I do it for you.

"C'mon," said Kim, taking Tommy's hand, "We're the only ones not dancing! Let's hit the floor!"

Tommy and Kim walked to the dance floor. Kimberly rested her head on Tommy's shoulder, and they slowly danced their way towards the center of the dance floor. They both closed their eyes, and floated on the floor, letting the music guide their feet.

There's no love like your love,
And no other could give more love.
There's nowhere... unless you're there.
All the time, all the way...

As the happy couple danced, they were oblivious to the dozens of people who stared at them. Many Angel Grove students knew how close Kimberly and Tommy were, and they were surprised to see Tommy dancing so closely to someone they've never seen before. Although, many of the onlookers had a strange feeling of deja vu when they watched Tommy and his date glide on the dance floor, in their own world.

Oh, you can't tell me its not worth trying for.
I can't help it--there's nothing I want more.
Yeah I'd fight for you; I'd lie for you;
Walk the world for you;
Yeah, I'd die for you...

Nearly everyone was looking at the couple, but one young man saw them in a different light. He was standing by the punch bowl, serving a glass of punch, when the song started. He turned around, looking out into the crowd, and then he saw something so shocking, he nearly dropped his cup. He continued to stare in mute shock, even though his best friend tried to gain his attention.

You know its true.
Everything I do...
Oh, oooh,
I do it for you.

"Hey! Skull! Wake up!!"

Bulk tapped his best friend on the shoulder, and then stepped in front of the slender man, and waved his hands before his eyes. Skull blinked, and looked at Bulk in surprise.

"What?" asked Skull, absently sipping his punch.

"What's wrong with you? What're you looking at?"

"That girl," he said quietly, "Its Ki-- oh forget it. You... you wouldn't believe me."

Skull continued to watch as the song ended, and a few couples moved away from the dance floor.

"Tommy," said Kimberly, letting go of his hand, "I'm a little thirsty--"

"I'll get you some punch," offered Tommy.

"No, I'll get it," she insisted, "Go sit down, I'll be right back."

Kim gave Tommy a kiss on the cheek, and then walked over to the refreshment table. Skull saw his chance, and approached her.

"Now what're you doing?" asked Bulk.

"I'll tell ya later," snapped Skull, walking away. He stopped behind Kimberly, and tapped her lightly on the shoulder. Kimberly turned around, and smiled at Skull.

"Hello," she said, "Oh, excuse me, am I in your way?"

Skull didn't say anything-- he just continued to stare at Kimberly. Kim put down her glass, and held out her hand.

"I don't believe we met," she said, "Hello, I'm Kerri."

"Kerri," Skull repeated, shaking her hand, "Not Kimberly?"

Kimberly's eyes widened in surprise. Oh, God, he recognized me! Is the spell fading?

"No," she said, "Not Kimberly. Kerri."

Skull considered this, and then gazed deeply into her eyes. Kimberly looked away uncomfortably, and began twirling her caramel tendril of hair with her index finger. Skull shrugged, and then smiled.

"I guess you're right," he said with a small sigh, "I'm sorry to bother you--I just thought you were... someone else. Someone I'll never see again. I'm Eugene Skullovich, but my friends call me Skull."

"Its a pleasure," said Kimberly, smiling with relief.

"Nice to meet you, Kerri," said Skull, turning and walking back to Bulk, "I'll see you around."

"What was that all about?!" shrieked Bulk, "That's Tommy's date! Why do you always pursue girls with boyfriends?"

"I don't know," Skull admitted, running his hand through his short jet-black hair, "I just thought... nevermind."

Bulk watched as Skull walked away from the ballroom, and stood outside the hotel, staring up at the night sky. I knew it was too good to be true, he thought silently, studying the Moon, I should've realized my eyes were playing tricks on me! Kim's gone, for goodness sake! I was shocked when I saw the news report of Kimberly vanishing from her Florida apartment. I also felt a loss... one that's tough to explain. I didn't understand the emptiness... the numbness... until now. I think... I think I loved Kim. Not just a little crush, or anything like that. I think I really, really loved her. And now, she's gone. She may even be... dead. And I never told her how I felt. Of course, she would never go for me. Not with dozens of handsome, charming guys like Tommy out there. Still, I wish I had told her how I felt. But its too late now...

"Uh, Skull," said a quiet, awkward voice, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Bulky," said Skull, not turning around.

"Do ya wanna talk about it?" said the larger young man, standing beside his best friend. Skull still didn't turn his head.

"Nah, but thanks."

"Okay," said Bulk, walking away, "Whatever you say, Gene."

"Bulk," said Skull, looking down at his feet, "have you ever... been in love before?"

"Not for real," admitted Bulk, "But I'll tell ya one thing: I wish I had. Love's a wonderful thing, even if it doesn't work out. You know how they say 'tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all', or something like that?"

"Yeah," said Skull with a weak smile, "I've heard it before."

"Well, its true. Love makes you see things clearly--what's important, what's not... you know. It can give your life meaning."

"But, it can also make your life seem meaningless. I mean, who wants to live with a broken heart?"

"Broken hearts mend, pal," said Bulk, "Just give it a little time. So, ya wanna go back in?"

"No," said Skull, "I don't think so."

"Okay, then... how about a double banana split, with marshmallow sauce, chopped nuts, and Reeses' Pieces?"

"Now you're talking!" said Skull with a smile, "My treat."


After the prom ended, the group of friends went to a club, for some more late night dancing. Then, at about four-thirty, they all went for a quiet stroll on the beach, and watched silently as the Sun rose. The larger group separated into the couples, and they sat within a few yards of each other on beach blankets. Billy had taken his shoes off, and dug his bare feet into the white sand of Angel Grove's shoreline.

"You know, I really missed this," he said to Cestria, "The feeling of sand between my toes, the sound of the ocean from above, the smell of fresh air..."

"If you miss Earth so much, Billy, you really should visit more often," said Cestria, "I would hate you to start resenting me, because I took you away from your home."

"I could never resent you, Cestria," said Billy honestly, taking her hand, "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't have left my home to be with you. You're worth the sacrifice."

"And you never regret leaving your friends, your family, your home?"

"I never regret my decision to move to Aquitar, but I admit I miss them. But, it was a decision I had to make, and once we find an easier way for travel between our two planets, I will definitely visit more often. However, we really ought to get going. I want to pay my father and sister a visit, and start the journey back to Aquitar. The teleport will take several hours."

Billy and Cestria rose to their feet, and moved to say goodbye to their friends. Everyone joined in a circle, and bid goodbye to the couple.

"You're leaving so soon?" asked Katherine, "But you just got here!"

"True," said Billy, "But we have much to do, to prepare for the trip."

"Trip?" asked Emily, "Where are you going?"

"Back home," said Cestria, "Billy moved to Sicily to be with me, and we came for a quick visit. Now, we must get going. Its truly been a pleasure."

Cestria and Billy exchanged hugs with their friends, and then walked up to the street. Eric watched them go, and then turned to his date.

"Don't you think they'll need a ride somewhere, Kat?"

"Billy doesn't live far," said Kat, "Besides, they like to walk."

After watching the sun rise gently over the horizon, the group of teens, other than Billy and Cestria, returned to the limousine, and went to their respective houses. After a chorus of goodbyes, both Tommy and Kimberly where dropped off outside the Oliver household.

"This was the most amazing night of my life," said Kimberly, holding Tommy's hands tightly, "Its a shame it has to end."

"Yeah," he agreed, "but I'm sure you have lots to do back on Venus Island. Thanks for coming, though, Kim. It means alot to me."

Tommy bent down, and kissed Kim gently on the lips. Kim returned the kiss, and they were locked together for a minute. Finally, they released each other, and Kimberly stepped back.

"Tommy," she started, digging inside her purse, "I know this whole 'long distance' relationship has been hard on you. Lord knows its been murder on me. But, its the only way. So, here's something for you, to help you deal with any loneliness you may feel. It works for me on Venus Island all the time, and it kinda reminds you that you're not alone. Here."

Kimberly handed Tommy a small, rectangular box, wrapped in red paper, with a white bow. Tommy accepted the gift, and held Kim's hand, not wanting to let go.

"Take care, Beautiful," he said, kissing her hand, "Keep in touch."

"You know I will," she said, her eyes shining with unshed tears. They kissed again, and then Kim stepped away from the house. She took a quick glance around, to make sure the coast was clear, and then closed her eyes. She vanished in a wash of pink light, laced with silver glitter. Tommy smiled to himself, and then let himself into the house. He remained silent, so as not to awaken his family, and snuck into his room. Once he was inside, he locked the door, and opened the package. Inside was an audio tape, with a pink label. Tommy looked at it curiously, and then played it on low volume. The sweet sound of a ballad filled the room, and Tommy sat on his bed, and just listened to the words.

Somewhere out there
Beneath the pale moonlight.
Someone's thinking of me,
And loving me tonight.

Somewhere out there,
Someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another
In that big somewhere out there.

And even though I know how very far apart we are,
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star.
And when the night wind starts to sing its lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky.

Somewhere out there,
If love can see us through--
Then we'll be together
Somewhere out there,
Out where dreams come true...

And even though I know how very far apart we are,
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star.
And when the night wind starts to sing its lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky.

Somewhere out there,
If love can see us through--
Then we'll be together
Somewhere out there,
Out where dreams...