This story is a crossover between the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Spectrum Force, and the Sailor Scouts. If you are unfamiliar with the Sailor Scouts, visit Rachel's WebSite and read introduction page, which includes pictures and descriptions of the cast (as well as my disclaimer). This fic takes place sometime after the first Power Rangers movie.

by: Rachel D Dawson

There are many parallel universes in existence. In fact, there are infinite parallel universes. For the most part, though, they are completely separate from one another. Each universe thinks it is the only universe in existence. The vast majority of beings do not know of the other universes, and frankly do not care. That is the way it should be, for parallel universes represent all the possibilities, and they should remain separate. Roma is the Guardian of the Multiverse, and it is her responsibility to make sure that the infinite universes never clash, for it could mean the utter destruction of reality. Roma lives on Otherworld, a pocket dimension floating between universes, where the laws of space and time carry no weight. Little does she know that there exists another being on the other side of Otherworld, secretly living inside a remarkable onyx castle floating in space. The only resident in this majestic and mysterious palace is Solar, a mighty creature with access to any world in the Multiverse, and an agenda that directly opposes Roma's. Solar sits alone on his throne, resting his chin on his hands. To anyone who looks at him, he appears to be surprisingly human, with bright aqua colored eyes, sandy blonde hair, tan skin, and a medium build. The only thing that gives him away is his form-fitting armor--a white chestplate with a golden badge over his heart and concentric blue circles emanating from the round badge. His sleeves and pants were deep red, and he wore a blue belt with a golden buckle. But no matter how human he appeared, he indeed was not human. In fact, he is nothing like any of the evil beings that populate the Multiverse. Solar doesn't seek selfish gain, such as riches or power. Rather, he is pure, cold, and calculating evil, and his only desire is to destroy the Multiverse, simply because it is populated by lesser beings. Solar appeared to be in a trance, not moving even slightly for a great deal of time. His eyes then thrust open, and a chill grin formed on his handsome face.

"I have it!" he declared, his deep, rumbling voice nearly shaking the whole room, "I have figured out how I shall destroy the Multiverse. It is so simple!"

Solar rose from his throne and strode over to a large crystal ball, reflecting the colored streaks of light that decorated the black sky of Otherworld. He stroked the ball gently, and three images appeared in sequence, one of the six spandex clad Power Rangers, one of the colorful Spectrum Force, and one of the high-heeled Sailor Scouts and their ally, Tuxedo Mask. Solar's eyes twinkled gold as he studied the images of the teenagers.

"They are so young," he mused, "and yet so powerful. They may very well be the most powerful teams of super heroes in the Multiverse. Each team protects Earth from unbeatable odds, and yet always manages to succeed. If I plan to destroy the Multiverse, I must start by ridding myself of its greatest defenders."

Solar walked up the stairs and emerged on the roof of his mighty palace. He stood outside, the chill winds of Otherworld rustling his sandy hair. He gazed towards a shimmer of pearly white light in the distance.

"I must be cautious," he mused aloud, his face curling into a frown as he gazed at the light, "If I simply attack the children myself, I shall no doubt alert Roma of my plans, and I am not yet powerful enough to challenge her on my own. I must be subtle, and eliminate my enemies with as little interference as possible. I shall start with the most powerful fighters on each team, and once they are gone, the remaining ones shall be so distraught that they will fall to their typical enemies. A brilliant plan, and hopefully, Roma will not notice that I have shanghaied some of her little heroes."

* * *

Its four o'clock in sunny Angel Grove, California, and as usual, after a hard day at school, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers--Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Billy Mitchell, Aisha Campbell, Rocky DeSantos, and Adam Park--relax at Ernie's Gym and Juice Bar. Its the week before spring break, and the kids discuss any plans for the vacation.

"Rocky, Adam, and I have a karate tournament next Wednesday," said Tommy, stirring his vanilla milkshake with his straw, "so we won't be doing much other than practicing. This is the biggest tournament of the year, and it includes all of southern California."

"I believe I shall use this opportunity to work on a highly advanced communications system," said Billy, "I have the design nearly completed, and once the communicator has been assembled, we shall be able to contact the Command Center or each other's communicators through the telephone. It will indeed be most convenient, especially for Jason, Zack, Trini, and Alexis to stay in contact with us. There will be no long distance charge either. All I need is to complete my satellite and put it in orbit."

"You built your own satellite?!" said Rocky, his mouth filled with black cherry ice cream.

"Indeed. Considering the kind of technology I deal with daily in the Command Center, a satellite isn't that difficult to design. The hardest part will be teleporting it into orbit around the planet. I have to make sure it will not be in the path of any other satellites. Since no one will know about this satellite besides us, it must be placed at exactly the right distance from Earth."

"That's a great idea, Billy," said Adam, "That communicator can really come in handy."

"What're you girls doing next week?" asked Rocky with a grin, "Shopping morning, noon, and night?"

"Well, for your information, Kim and I are flying to Philadelphia to spend a couple days with Alexis," said Aisha, scooping a spoonful of lemon sherbert from her bowl, "We haven't seen her since she moved last year, and we kinda miss her."

"Yeah," said Kim, "Actually, I'm surprised Zordon didn't tell us to bring Lex with us when we went to Phaedos to get Ninjetti powers. I know her coin is kinda independent of the grid, but now, if we ever need to call on her, her Eaglezord won't be able to morph with our Ninja Zords."

"I'm certain Zordon had good reason for not including Alexis in our mission," said Billy as their communicators beeped in that familiar six tone signal. Tommy glanced at his wrist while the others looked around anxiously. The group huddled closer around the table, and Tommy brought his wrist communicator to his lips.

"We read you, Zordon," he whispered into the receiver.


"You got it," whispered Tommy, and the six teenagers stood up and casually left the Juice Bar. They hid among the bushes outside the building.

"Okay guys," said Tommy, "we need Ninja Ranger Power. NOW!"

The six teens summoned their Ninjetti Powers, and bright lights wrapped their bodies in the light cloth costumes of Ninjas, with enlarged images of their Power Coins embedded on their chests. In six flashes of colored light, the Ninja Rangers appeared along a highway, where a lone school bus was parked on the grass surrounded by threatening Tenga warriors. The rangers shuddered at the horrible screams heard from the bus.

"Zedd's reached a new low with this one," said Tommy angrily, "I'll get the Tengas away from the bus, you guys be ready!"

The other five rangers nodded and Tommy ran towards the bus. He stopped a few yards behind the bus, and measured his angle exactly. He stood on one of the sides of the bus, and five Tengas were rocking the bus, all along the side in a straight line. Tommy's face mask hid his smile, since the Tengas didn't even realize he was there.

"Ninja Corkscrew Kick!" he cried, leaping into the air. His body flew parallel to the ground, with his legs rotating and plowing through the five Tengas all in a line. The Tengas were knocked back harshly, and as soon as they reached the ground, the Pink, Red, Blue, and Yellow Ninja Rangers began their attack. On the other side of the bus, four other Tengas were rocking the bus. Since the Tengas on the other side weren't pushing in the opposite direction, the four Tengas were about to push the bus over. Kimberly heard the children screaming even louder, and turned to see the bus nearly on its side.

"Oh my Gosh!" she shrieked, "The kids!"

"I'm on it!" said Aisha, leaping into the air and leaving the Tenga she was fighting dumfounded. She landed beside the bus and leaned against it, pushing it back onto four wheels.

"I...I can't hold it against those Tengas!" she cried.

"I've got them," said the Black Ninja, hopping over the bus and landing beside the other four Tengas. They all smiled and approached him menacingly. Aisha put the bus firmly on the ground, and jumped in delight.

"Woo-hoo!" she cried, "I AM the bear!"

The Black Ninja was soon accompanied by the White Ninja, and they stood side by side against the four Tengas.

"You might as well give up," shrieked a Tenga, "You're outnumbered!"

"Actually," said Tommy, "I think the odds are on our side!"

Tommy faced off against two Tengas while Adam battled the other two. Both teens used expert martial arts moves, enhanced by their heightened strength, speed, and agility while morphed. Soon, all four Tengas were unconscious on the ground.

"What's the matter?" asked Adam, "Got a frog in your throat, Tenga?"

The final Tenga groaned and soon all four vanished, leaving nothing but a shower of black feathers. Tommy gave Adam a high-five.

"Nice one, Adam," he said.

'Piece of cake!" said Adam. They turned to the bus, where the children were shrieking and cheering for the rangers. Tommy noticed the sky above the other side of the bus also filled with black feathers.

"I guess Kim and the others managed fine against the rest of the Tengas."

They jogged around to rejoin the group, and both laughed when they saw the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Ninja Rangers surrounded by dozens of middle school students, begging for autographs and drowning the heroes with questions.

"I guess this is the fruit of victory!" laughed Adam. Suddenly, the sky grew dark, as large gray clouds formed from nowhere. The children gasped audibly, and the six rangers looked up in surprise and worry.

"Get back into the bus, kids," ordered the Pink Ranger, "And hurry! It looks like Zedd and Rita aren't done playing for today."

The students obeyed the Pink Ranger without dispute, and soon everyone was in the bus. The Blue Ranger boarded the bus after all the kids were in and had sat down.

"Is the vehicle functional?" he asked the driver. The driver blinked nervously.

"Can the bus drive, or has it been damaged?" the Blue Ranger repeated in Laymen's terms.

"Uh, I think so," answered the driver, turning the ignition. The engine purred to life, and the Blue Ranger leapt out the door and closed it behind him, signaling the driver to peel out. The driver obeyed the Blue Ranger's silent command and returned to the road, leaving the rangers to deal with this new threat.

"At least the kids are safe," said Kimberly quietly, gazing up at the sky. The clouds began to flash with bright lightning and roar with rumbling thunder.

"That's one heck of a storm brewing," said Rocky.

"I can tell you one thing," said Aisha, "This isn't a natural storm!"

The lightning began to flash more often, and soon dozens of individual bolts coalesced into one disk of blinding white light. That disk began to spin, and soon it was a vacuum.

"Everyone, get back!" yelled Tommy over the force of the winds. The rangers obeyed, and Tommy brought up the rear. The winds picked up, and seemed to focus on Tommy only. Tommy was soon airborne, being blown up towards the vortex. The five remaining rangers turned around and followed Tommy along the ground.

"Tommy!" cried Kim frantically, "NO!!"

After Tommy passed through the portal, the winds once again picked up, plucking Adam off the ground. Adam yelled and Rocky grabbed onto his hand, trying to anchor his best friend. The other rangers formed a chain, with Aisha holding onto Rocky, Kimberly holding Aisha, and Billy holding Kim by the waist. Still, the wind continued to pull Adam, and dragged the other rangers along the ground. Then, the wind wrapped around Adam's body in a cyclone, breaking Rocky's grip and causing the other rangers to fall. Once Adam passed through the vortex, the sky immediately cleared, and everything returned to normal. The rangers stood up and brushed themselves off. Kim couldn't take her eyes off the spot in the sky where Tommy and Adam vanished. Billy placed his hand consolingly on her shoulder.

"Don't worry," said Billy, "Tommy and Adam can both take care of themselves, and Tommy's been kidnapped so many times, I've lost count. We'll get them back."

"Yeah," said Kim, "but this makes no sense. If Zedd wanted to send us to some Dark Dimension, why didn't he send us all? If the vortex didn't close, we all would've been sucked in."

"Maybe Zordon can help us," said Aisha.

"Yeah," said Rocky, "let's get outta here."

With that, the four remaining Ninja Rangers teleported to base.

* * *

In Langstrum Alps, California, four members of the Spectrum Force--Jocelyn Armand, Keith Maloy, Craig Gillis, and Matthew O'Conner--hone their physical skills at Wimbel Gym on the UCLA campus. Keith and Craig practice karate on the mat while Matthew tries to teach Jocelyn gymnastics. While sparring, Craig lunges at Keith with a mighty punch. Keith dodged the punch easily, and swept Craig to the ground. Keith smiled and offered Craig a hand up. Craig accepted and stood up, tightening the knot on his orange belt.

"Craig, you're really improving on your karate, but you always seem to rely on your fists. Some of the most powerful attacks are kicks, ya know."

"I know," said Craig with a smile, "but I've always fought with my fists. My upper body strength is my weapon."

"Then its time to broaden your horizons, my man," said Keith, taking his position and bowing, "So, ready for round four?

"Now your talking my language!" said Craig, taking his position. On the other side of the large practice mat, Matthew is planted in a perfect hand-stand, and he has been for three minutes and counting. Jocelyn stands next to him, rolling her eyes impatiently as Matt begins walking around the mat on his hands.

"Remember, Joce, balance is everything. If you can maintain your balance, you can stay on a hand-stand for hours."

"You really don't need to demonstrate," sighed Jocelyn, "I get the idea. I just can't pull off a decent hand-stand."

"Just find your center of balance. You're the physics whiz, so you should know all about gravity!"

Jocelyn shrugged and prepared to try another hand-stand. When she planted her hands, her ring suddenly began to glow yellow. Jocelyn stood up, and Matt lost his balance and fell to the mat, startled. They were soon joined by Keith and Craig.

"You guys got the message too?" whispered Craig.

"Let's get out of here," said Jocelyn, "We have to reach Tamara now!"

The LA Botanical Garden is a magnificent array of lush greenery from all around the globe. Different sections of the tourist attraction are devoted to different types of plants. In the section of the gardens devoted to temperate trees, a slender creature with a hideous lizard-like countenance and extremely flexible limbs continued to dodge a barrage of yellow darts of light. Tamara Fox, the Yellow Enforcer, begins to get frustrated, stopping her flight of energy beams. The monster stopped dodging and landed atop a Douglas Fir tree. He grabbed his sides and began laughing uncontrollably, his squeaky voice filling the green house.

"Give up so soon?" it laughed, "Yellow Girl weak! Ha, ha!"

"Oh, shut up!" groaned Tamara, "That voice is driving me nuts! WOOD BOOMERANG!"

Tamara threw her gloved hand in the air, and a flash of brown light heralded the appearance of a large wooden boomerang with yellow bands on the tips. Tamara pulled back her elemental weapon, aiming carefully.

"Me too fast for stick!" screeched the creature, leaping off the Douglas Fir.

"Maybe," said Tamara, throwing the boomerang at Rythe, "Maybe not!"

The Wood Boomerang soared through the air at blinding speed, aimed right for Rythe's head. But Rythe easily dodged the projectile, and landed on a branch of a tree. The boomerang suddenly changed directions, and began circling the tree at tremendous speed, forming a ring of yellow light around the tree. The branch that Rythe was standing on miraculously came to life, throwing the monster off balance by shaking violently. Then, the surrounding branches enclosed Rythe in a wooden cage. Tamara smiled and raised her hand to the air once again, calling the boomerang to return to its master. The remainder of the Spectrum Force arrived just in time to witness Rythe's capture by the branches.

"Nice going, Tammy," said Jocelyn, "That's a creative strategy."

"Well, considering that my Elemental Armory weapon controls wood, what else could I have done? What took you guys so long anyway?"

"We were at Wimbel Gym," said Keith, "That's on the other side of LA!"

"I had a meeting with my Economics professor," explained Rachel, "It was hard coming up with an excuse to suddenly leave."

"How long do you think that wooden cage will hold it?" asked Craig, glancing up at the tree. He muttered under his breath when he noticed that the tree branches hung from the tree lifeless, and Rythe was nowhere in sight.

"He...he sucked the life right out from these branches!" said Matt, flying up to the branches and touching them carefully, "He must've come here to absorb the life energy from the plants!"

Suddenly, Rythe leapt from his hiding place, on a branch concealed by leaves, and landed on Matthew's shoulders, squeezing his neck tightly with his limber legs. Matthew choked in shock and tried in vain to break Rythe's vice-like grip.

"We've gotta help!" cried Jocelyn.

"We have to be careful," whispered Rachel, "We can't hit Matthew! We summon the Elemental Armory!"

The Orange, Blue, Purple, and Red Enforcers lifted their hands to the sky. Their hands began to glow in their signature colors.

"Earth Lance!" cried the Blue Enforcer, slamming his glowing fist into the dirt below. The hand passed through the dirt effortlessly, and he pulled out a long silver lance with a blue handle.

"Ice Bow!" cried the Orange Enforcer, holding out her left hand. A block of jagged ice formed in her hand, and suddenly shattered, revealing a golden archer's bow, with orange string.

"Flame Daggers!" yelled Keith, holding his arms in an "X" . A flame appeared in each hand, and each expanded to about a foot long, and formed into two silver daggers, with a red stripe going down the center and a red hilt.

"Lightning Sabre!" cried Rachel, holding her fist to the sky. A cloud formed inside the high ceiling of the greenhouse, and a flash of lighting struck her hand, forming a long, sharp sabre with silver blade and purple hilt.

The four heroes joined the Yellow Enforcer, who was still holding her Wood Boomerang, and glared menacingly at Rythe. Matthew continued to struggle against Rythe's powerful legs, barely managing to breath. Jocelyn stepped forward, poised to launch an ice arrow at Rythe.

"Think you not hit Greenie?" squealed Rythe, grinning from pointed ear to pointed ear. Jocelyn just smiled at it.

"I'm an excellent shot, Imp," she said, firing an arrow in Rythe's direction. The arrow sailed a good foot to the left of its mark, and Rythe immediately doubled over in laughter, but not loosening his grip in the least.

"Missed!" he gasped, "Missed!!"

Rythe still laughed uncontrollably, and failed to notice the tall figure behind him. He did, however, feel the searing pain of being stabbed in the back by a red-hot, razor sharp blade. Rythe screamed in pain, and fell off Matthew. Keith pulled his dagger out of Rythe's back, and helped the Green Enforcer to his feet.

"You okay, Buddy?" he asked. Matthew nodded his response, still coughing and clutching his throat. Keith and Matt joined the remaining four, who still stood in a line.

"Let's finish this joker off," said Rachel, holding up her sabre, "The Spectrum Storm!"

Matthew nodded and silently summoned his Wind Nunchucks. A cyclone appeared in his hands, and formed two green and silver nunchucks, with silver chain. The entire team held their weapons to the sky, and encased them in bubbles of colored light. The bubbles became opaque, and they threw the bubbles into the air simultaneously. The six bubbles joined in sky, forming a white sphere crackling with the power of the elements. The sphere sailed into Rythe, and Rythe suffered the might of a crashing wave, an earthquake, a sizzling fire, a bolt of lightning, a hurricane wind, and the force of a tree all at once. In a bright cascade of white light, Rythe exploded into cinders. The white sphere separated into the six smaller spheres, and vanished, leaving the six heroes in the greenhouse.

"Well, the damage isn't all that bad," said Jocelyn, looking around, "It could've been a lot worse."

"You're right," said Rachel, "Rythe would've killed every plant in the gardens, but the fight only killed a handful of trees and bushes. Altogether a good job, team."

As the Spectrum Force rose to the air to depart, the winds inside the greenhouse suddenly increased in strength, forming a small cyclone in the center. Everyone looked to Matthew.

"Hey!" he said defensively, "Its not me! I don't even have my nunchucks on me!"

"Then what's going on?" said Keith, watching curiously as the cyclone increased in size and strength, causing the trees to bend, and pulling Keith's body towards it.

"Hey!" he cried, "What gives?"

Craig grabbed Keith's gloved hand, and tried to stop him from flying into the cyclone. Strangely enough, the wind only seemed to pull Keith. The five others all managed to withstand the force of the wind. Suddenly, though, Rachel lost her footing, and was catapulted into the cyclone.

"AAAH!" she cried as she tumbled through the cyclone to the very top. A bright light flashed, and she was no longer there.

"Ray?!" yelled Matt in shock, "What's going on here?"

"Guys!" yelled Craig between clenched teeth, "I...I can't hold him!"

Tamara, Jocelyn, and Matt all lent a hand, but Keith's hand slipped out of his glove, and he flew into the cyclone as well. Once he disappeared from view, the winds died down, leaving the four remaining enforcers alone.

"What... what do we do now?" asked Tamara, sitting on the grass with her head down.

"We go to Cloud Castle," said Craig, "and we pray that Spectra knows what Phaedra's plan is."

The Orange and Green Enforcers nodded, and the four heroes leapt into the sky, headed for the mysterious Cloud Castle at light speed. In milliseconds they reached the main gate of the golden castle situated on a cloud hovering in the stratosphere over Langstrum Alps. They passed through the gate and stood on the golden tile before Spectra, who was sitting on her throne. She looked curiously at the four Spectrum Enforcers.

"Where are Keith and Rachel?" she asked them. Craig's eyes widened.

"We were hoping you could tell us what happened to them," he stammered, "Phaedra must've kidnapped them! They were sucked in by a tornado after we destroyed Rythe."

"No," said Spectra, "Had Phaedra cast a black magic spell, I would've sensed it. There was no more Denebian magic after Rythe was destroyed."

"What're you saying?" asked Tamara.

"I'm saying that Phaedra did not sequester Rachel and Keith."

"But if Phaedra didn't do it," said Matt, scratching his chin, "then who did?"

Part Two

The four remaining Spectrum Enforcers--Matthew, Jocelyn, Craig, and Tamara--stand with their advisor Spectra in the throne room of the golden palace called Cloud Castle, which floats upon a fluffy white cloud miles above Langstrum Alps California. They had just battled one of Phaedra's monsters, but after the battle, Rachel and Keith, the two leaders of the Spectrum Force, mysteriously disappeared in a vortex of wind.

"Spectra," said Tamara, approaching the throne, "what do we do? Keith and Rachel have disappeared without a trace!"

"Do you have any enemies other than Phaedra that would want to capture them?" asked Matthew.

Jocelyn walked around the throne room with her head bowed in thought. As she wandered, her eyes fell upon a pearly cylinder about three feet high. Atop the cylinder was a mechanical device, the only machine in Cloud Castle. This machine was built by a brilliant young man from an alternate dimension, who visited Langstrum Alps half a year ago. Jocelyn's eyes widened as she examined the machine, an idea forming in her head.

"Guys," she said quietly, turning around to face her friends, "Who is the only villain other than Phaedra that the Spectrum Force has encountered?"

Craig looked at her questioningly, and then noticed the machine standing behind Jocelyn. "Of course!" he shrieked, "Lord Zedd must've done it! That would explain why we can't telepathically contact them!"

"But, why would Lord Zedd want to kidnap Rachel and Keith?" asked Matthew, "I mean, doesn't he have enough problems to deal with, like the Power Rangers?"

"Maybe he's still mad at us for trashing his throne room?" suggested Tamara with a shrug.

"Although we cannot figure out why Lord Zedd would choose to attack us, it is the only possibility we can come up with," said Spectra, standing up. She descended the stairs and walked to Billy's multiversal scanner. "With this, I can once again pinpoint the Command Center, and we can make contact with the rangers. Perhaps they know of some suspicious goings on."

The four Spectrum Enforcers nodded as Spectra activated the communicator.

* * *

Meanwhile, accross the Multiverse, Rocky, Kimberly, Billy, and Aisha wander around the Command Center, while Alpha 5 desperately tries to find a trace of the missing rangers--Tommy and Adam.

"Alpha," said Kim worriedly, staring over the small robot's shoulders, "did you find them?"

"Aye yi yi!" shrieked Alpha, "There is no bio signature of either Tommy or Adam anywhere! They're gone!"

"What could Lord Zedd be up to?" asked Aisha "I mean, that portal he created could've grabbed all six of us! Why did he stop with Adam and Tommy?"


"What makes you say that?" asked Rocky, "Who else could've done it? Its gotta be Zedd and Rita."


"But, that would mean..."

"No, Kim," said Billy, cleaning his glasses with a tissue, "I don't think they're dead. That just wouldn't make any sense. There's another way to erase all readings of a person from our sensors. Interdimensional transit."

"Whoa," said Aisha, making at "T" with her hands, "Time out! Are you saying they were sucked into another dimension? You mean other than Zedd's Dark Dimension?"

"That is my theory," said Billy.

"But, how is that possible?" asked Rocky, scratching his head.

"Before you guys and Adam joined the rangers, me and Billy were sucked through an interdimensional vortex into an alternate reality," explained Kimberly, "It was a total accident, and we teamed up with the Spectrum Force to fight the Denebian Empire and Zedd's new monster. That's how Alexis drained all her power, right before she moved back to Philly."

"Oh yeah," said Aisha, "Now I remember hearing that story! So, could the same thing have happened this time? Could Tommy and Adam have been sent to the Spectrum Force reality by accident?"

"I doubt it," observed Billy, "If the same incident occurred, then two Spectrum Enforcers would've appeared on the spot where our friends vanished."

Suddenly, the Viewing Globe activated by itself, and a young woman's face appeared. She looked like a mirror reflection of the Pink Ranger.

^Hey Billy, Kimberly,^ she said cheerily, ^How've ya been?^

"Jocelyn?" said Billy in surprise, "What's going on?"

^Well, we've got a problem here in Langstrum Alps. We were fighting Rythe, Phaedra's servant, in the botanical gardens. As soon as we destroyed the monster, a vortex appeared, and the Purple and Red Enforcers were like sucked into the hole. Rachel and Keith have vanished into thin air, and we have no idea where they could've gone.^

"That's what happened to Tommy and Adam!" shrieked Kim, "But what made you contact us?"

^Spectra is certain Phaedra's magic isn't responsible for their abduction,^ said a tall young black man, appearing over Jocelyn's shoulder, ^so we thought maybe Lord Zedd was up to something.^

"I don't think that's the answer, Craig," said Billy, "We're pretty sure that vortex was beyond Zedd and Rita's capabilities."

^Rita?^ asked Matthew, peeking in from the side, ^Who's that? And who are those three behind ya, Billy?^

"Perhaps you and the remaining Spectrum Force should come here to the Command Center," Billy recommended, "We can trace your communication signal and teleport you here. We should discuss this matter together face to face. Together we have a better chance of discerning the cause of today's rather unpleasant common occurances."

^What?^ asked Matthew.

^He said he's gonna bring us to the Command Center,^ sighed Jocelyn, ^Okay, whenever you're ready.^

Billy smiled and started to work on the teleportation computer. In a few minutes, he activated the machine, and four beams of light pierced the relative darkness of the Command Center. Tamara Fox, Jocelyn Armand, Matthew O'Conner, and Craig Gillis materialized in the center of the room, and looked around them.

"Man, I could never get used to that," groaned Craig, rubbing his temples, "I don't know how you Power Rangers can stand teleporting everywhere you go!"

"Interdimensional transport is by far less comfortable than uni-dimensional travel," said Billy, shaking their hands in a row, "Welcome back to Angel Grove. Its been awhile."

"Too long," said Jocelyn with a smile. She then turned to Kim and smiled, "Well, if it isn't my doppleganger."

"Not quite," said Kim with an equally bright smile, "But its good to see you guys again. Oh, by the way, the Power Rangers had a little change in roster since last November. Jason, Zack and Trini went to a Peace Conference, and so Rocky, Adam, and Aisha took their places. May I introduce Rocky and Aisha."

Rocky and Aisha smiled and were introduced to the Spectrum Force. Once all the introductions were out of the way, all eight teens turned to Zordon.

"What do we do?" asked Kim.


"If they're in the Multiverse, couldn't we just scan for them there?" asked Rocky.

"Impossible," said Jocelyn, "The Multiverse is an infinite expanse. It'll take eons to search each universe in existence one at a time!"

"Do you think we should contact Alexis?" asked Aisha, "Maybe we'll need back-up."


"So, I guess all we can do is wait, eh?" asked Craig.

"Jocelyn, Alpha, and I can try to discern the origin of the vortex," said Billy, "I can't make any guarantees, but at least its a start. If we can determine whether magic, machine, or some other force created the portal, we may be able to discern what we're up against. We can also monitor the communications relay, just in case Tommy or Adam manages to contact us."

"Make yourselves comfortable, gang," said Tamara, sitting down, "This may take awhile."

* * *

The magnificent city of Tokyo glitters with life. Tokyo is a perfect balance of past and present, covered with ancient temples, lush parks, and modern skyscrapers reaching fearlessly into the clouds above. But, this isn't the Tokyo of either the Spectrum Force's home dimension or that of the Power Rangers. This is in fact a completely different dimension, with a different type of super hero team protecting it from chaos and evil. Tokyo, the captial of Japan, is home to the team of teenaged heroines called the Sailor Scouts. No one knows that five young high school students are actually endowed with supernatural powers originating from four planets of the solar system, and the very moon that circles Earth. Now its early morning in Tokyo, and five young women rush furiously to their school.

"Oh!" moaned Serena, her long blonde pigtails flying behind her, "I can't believe we're so LATE!"

"Well, it was your idea to go to the arcade before school, Serena!" yelled the raven haired Shinto priestess named Raye, "This is all YOUR fault!"

"No its not!" cried Serena, "I had to go to the arcade, because I left my Algebra textbook there yesterday!"

"Why didn't you go get it yesterday?" panted Lita, the tall brunette.

"I didn't realize I didn't have it until this morning!"

"I guess that means you didn't do your Algebra homework last night," said Amy, pushing her short blue bangs out of her eyes.


"You're so irresponsible, Meatball Head!" yelled Raye furiously, "If you had thought to do your homework last night, like any normal person would, you would've realized you left your book at the arcade, and then you could've picked it up last night!"

"Calm down Raye," said the other blonde, "Serena just wasn't thinking."

"That's my point, Mina! Serena NEVER thinks! One of these days, her absent-mindedness is really gonna get us in trouble!"

Raye and Serena continued to yell at each other until they rounded the corner of Crossroads High School. As they headed for the front door, a small, black cat leapt out of the surrounding bushes and into their path. The girls immediately stopped and looked down at the cat.

"Girls," said the cat, "I've been waiting for you for nearly half an hour! What took you so long to walk to school?"

Raye and Serena traded angry glares while the three other girls shook their heads in frustration. Then, Amy stepped forward and kneeled to speak to the cat.

"It doesn't matter. What's going on, Luna? Is it the Negaverse?"

"Isn't it always?" said the cat with a small sigh, "I saw on the news this morning that an armored truck was stolen en route to the depository."

"That's not a Sailor Scout job, Luna," said Lita.

"But it is. The truck was grabbed by a group of four strange women."

"Let me guess," said Mina, "Avery, Prisma, Catsey, and Birdie. The four sisters of the Negamoon."

"But, why would the Negaverse want a truck full of gold?" asked Raye, "I mean, what value could it have?"

"There's only one way to find out," said Luna, "Artemis insisted to go check out the situation while I got you girls. You have to get there now!"

"Artemis went all by himself?" asked Serena, "He may be in trouble! What could a cat do against four Negaverse monsters? No offense, Luna."

Luna sighed as the five girls ducked into the bushes and dropped their bags on the grass. Lita, Mina, Raye, and Amy pulled small wands out of their pockets, each with a star on the top. Serena took her locket off the bow on her school uniform. The four girls held their wands into the air, while Serena held out her locket.

"Mercury Star Power!" cried Amy. Shimmering strands of soft blue light stretched from the wand, wrapping around Amy's body. The strands converted into a white and blue sailor uniform, with a light blue bow, white gloves, blue knee-high boots, and a golden tiara appeared on her brow.

"Mars Star Power!" yelled Raye. Streams of blazing fire poured from the star wand, and encased the raven- haired girl in a flaming circle. The fire closed in on her body, transforming her school uniform into the white shirt and short red skirt of Sailor Mars, with violet bow, white gloves, red pumps, and a small gold tiara.

"Jupiter Star Power!" cried Lita. A web of lightning coarsed from the star wand at maddening speed, spinning around Lita's tall form and turning her into Sailor Jupiter, with a green and white uniform, pink bow, white gloves, ankle high green boots, and a gold tiara.

"Venus Star Power!" cried Mina. At her command, a wide continuous beam of yellow light sprang from the star, and whipped through the air around the blonde defender of Venus. Then, the beam of light twirled around her body, bathing her in yellow light. The light converted her clothes into the uniform of Sailor Venus, complete with white and orange sailor suit, white gloves, a blue bow, orange pumps, and a gold tiara upon her brow.

"Moon Crystal Power!" cried Serena, holding her locket into the air. The locket opened, revealing a clear gem about the size of a golf ball call the Silver Imperium Crystal. She placed the locket on the center of her chest, and ribbons of pink light stretched from the crystal. At the same time, a pair of white wings appeared on her back. The wings then vanished in a shower of white feathers, and the feathers mixed with the light, donning the Moon Princess in a blue and white sailor uniform, with a red bow, white gloves, gold tiara, and red knee-high boots. Once the five girls were transformed into the Sailor Scouts, they ran towards downtown Tokyo, where they saw a twelve car pile-up, and there was a streak of blue fire stretching along the road.

"Wow," said Lita, "What a mess!"

"Yeah," said Raye, "That ice fire is Catsey's signature."

"Those sisters really wanted that gold," said Mina, "Look at all the damage they caused!"

"Well, let's follow the fire trail!" suggested Serena, "It'll lead us right to them!"

"Of course it will," sighed Raye, "Its a trap, Meatball Head."

"Don't call me that, Raye!" shrieked Serena, "I think I deserve some respect from you, Mars! After all, I'm the champion of justice!"

"I'll respect you when you earn it," said Raye, rolling her eyes. Then, a small white cat ran towards the girls from the street.

"Girls," he said, "hurry up! Birdie, Avery, Prisma, and Catsey are just down this street, peeling the armored truck like an apple!"

"We're on it!" said Amy, "Lead the way, Artemis!"

The five girls followed the little white cat down the street, where they found the armored truck lying on its side with a huge, gaping hole in the reinforced steel.

"Looks like the four sisters got what they wanted," said Lita, leaping onto the armored car and peering into the hole, "But I can't understand why they'd want a ton of gold!"

"Well," said a voice from above, "maybe we need that gold to cast a powerful spell. Or something like that."

The Sailor Scouts looked up and saw a tall young woman in a pale blue leotard with spike heeled boots and a long white braid flung over her shoulder. The woman giggled and descended to the ground.

"Hello, Sailors," she said, "I was wondering how long it'd take you to find us. If it were up to me, we'd have left ages ago! But no, Catsey's the oldest, so she gets to make the decisions."

"So, what're you doing here alone, Birdie?" asked Sailor Jupiter, "Did you older sisters abandon you?"

"No," said Birdie, snapping her fingers, "they're right here."

Three other women appeared in flashes of black light--one was dressed in green shirt and leather skirt, with her dark green hair was pulled into a French twist; another wore her purple hair curly and long, with the exception of two cones of hair on the top of her head. Her outfit was lavender spandex, with a feathery purple tutu. The third wore a yellow and orange short dress, and her brown hair was styled in a bun. The four sisters formed a square around the Sailor Scouts.

"I'm impressed," said Prisma, adjusting the pins holding her green hair, "It only took you half an hour to find us."

"If you knew what was good for ya, you would've gone back to the Negaverse!" yelled Sailor Venus, "Now you face the Sailor Scouts!"

"We're the champions of justice!" cried Sailor Moon, "We will right wrongs, and triumph over evil! And that means YOU!!"

The four sisters laughed hysterically at Sailor Moon, much to her consternation.

"You've got to be kidding!" gasped Catsey, composing herself and tossing her purple locks over her shoulder, "Maybe some of my Ice Fire will humble you a bit, Moon Twit!"

Catsey thrust her hand towards Sailor Moon, and a wide stream of blue flames flew from her palm. Sailor Moon shrieked as Sailor Mars pushed the Moon Princess out of harm's way.

"Mars Fire IGNITE!!" she cried, clasping her hands together. She pointed her index fingers out at the stream of Ice Fire, and her own red flames poured from her fingertips, holding back the blue fire.

"I'll take her, Sis!" cried Prisma, "Let's see how she likes my Dark Lightning!"

Prisma leapt into the air, landing only feet behind Sailor Mars. Before any of the other scouts could respond, she sent a bolt of murky black lightning in Mars' direction. Raye could sense the oncoming attack, and just barely managed to dodge the bolt, letting it fly into the eldest evil sister.

"ARRGH!!" shrieked Catsey, crumpling to the ground. Avery and Birdie gasped.

"Nice move, Prisma!" yelled Avery, "You missed Mars horribly."

"Now!" cried Sailor Jupiter, "While they're distracted! AMY!!"

"I'm on it!" said the blue Sailor Scout, "Mercury Bubbles BLAST!"

A blue sphere appeared between Sailor Mercury's hands, and she threw it at the four sisters. The sphere exploded into a massive, dense misty cloud of bubbles, blocking the sisters' sight.

"This isn't going well!" said Birdie, "Let's scram!"

"Oh, no you don't!" yelled Sailor Venus, "Venus Love Chain ENCIRCLE!!"

A chain of heart shaped links flew from Sailor Venus' index finger, grabbing Birdie's waist.

"I'll take care of this, Sister," said Avery, snapping her own whip, "Venus is mine!"

Avery leapt into the air, and landed near Sailor Venus, who was struggling to keep a hold of Birdie. She then swung the whip, striking the Love Scout in the knee. Venus released her Love Chain, and Birdie and Avery joined Catsey and Prisma.

"Let's go," said Prisma, helping Catsey walk into a portal. Birdie and Avery leapt in just as the portal closed.

"Rats!" yelled Lita angrily, "They're gone!"

"Yeah," said Sailor Moon, "and they got away with the gold."

"Guys," said Raye quietly, rubbing her temples and closing her eyes, "I sense danger."

"But the bad guys made a break for it," said Mina, hobbling over to her friends, "Shouldn't we be getting back to school?"

"No," said Raye seriously, "I sense danger. I know it."

"Raye's sixth sense has never been wrong before," said Amy, "Can you pinpoint its location?"

Raye opened her eyes and pointed upwards. Suddenly, the wind picked up, and a portal appeared in the sky where Raye had just pointed.

"Are they coming back?" asked Sailor Moon, looking at the fire scout. Sailor Mars stared at the mysterious hole in the sky.

"I sense far greater danger than I did when those weird sisters were around," she said quietly, her long, ebony hair blowing violently in the strong wind, "Its a different kind of evil than the Negamoon, guys."

"If that's true, then we're dealing with an entirely different enemy," said Sailor Mercury, "I'd better scan it with my data computer."

A small blue computer about the size of a calculator appeared in her hand, and Amy began scanning the hole in the sky. As she did so, the hole increased in size, and the winds became increasingly fierce. Suddenly, Sailor Jupiter was picked up off the ground.

"Hey!" she shrieked, "What's going on?! Guys, HELP!!"

"Lita!" cried Sailor Venus, "Hang on! Venus Love Chain ENCIRCLE!!"

The chain of hearts once again appeared at the love scout's command, and one end grasped the ankle of Sailor Jupiter. The other end held onto a tree, and the other scouts all clung to the chain, trying to pull their teammate down.

"This is so strange," said Amy, "Why is Lita the only one being affected by this strange wind? Why aren't we all being pulled into the vortex?"

"We've got to pull harder!" yelled Sailor Mars, "I think the Love Chain is weakening!"

Then, Raye lost her footing, and she too sailed into the overcast sky, headed toward the vortex.

"Oh, no!" cried Sailor Moon, "RAYE!!"

"I'll get her!" called Sailor Jupiter from above, reaching out her hand. She managed to grasp Sailor Mars by the wrist, and the two girls dangled from the Love Chain helplessly.

"I...I can't hold the Love Chain together for much longer!" shrieked Sailor Venus, "The strain..."

"Maybe we can close the portal!" said Sailor Moon, pulling a long, ruby scepter from thin air, "Moon Scepter ELIMINATION!!"

Numerous ribbons of red light poured from the tip of the scepter, entering the vortex. However, instead of collapsing the vortex, they bounced off the surface, sending the energy beams flying back down to Earth.

"Duck!" shrieked Sailor Moon, as she, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus all hit the ground to avoid the energy beams. Venus lost her concentration, and the Love Chain shattered, allowing Lita and Raye to fly helplessly into the vortex. Once Sailor Jupiter passed through the portal, the winds died down, the vortex vanished, and everything was as it should be. Amy and Mina rose to their feet, brushing the dirt from their uniforms. Sailor Moon, however, rose to her knees, and covered her face with her gloved hands, dropping her scepter.

"This is all my fault!" she sobbed, "If I didn't try the Moon Scepter--"

"Serena," said Mina softly, kneeling beside the Moon Princess, "this is by no means your fault. There was no way you could've known the energy from your scepter would have no effect."

"This is extremely strange, guys," said Amy, punching buttons on her small computer, "There is absolutely no trace of Raye or Lita. Its as if they... ceased to exist."

"Oh no..." whispered Sailor Moon, "You don't mean..."

"I don't really know what that means, Serena. But nothing's showing up on my computer. Let me run a full sweep with my computer."

"Wait," said Mina, standing up, "did you figure out the nature of that portal?"

"Well, not exactly, but there is a residual energy from that portal. It doesn't lead to our friends, and there's no way I can open it for transit."

"Do you think you can send a signal through? Maybe they'll be able to contact us with their communicators!"

"That's not very likely," said Amy, "but I'll send a beacon through the portal. But like I said, that portal doesn't lead to anyplace in particular. Its as if there were two portals, one opening up a hole in space-time, and the other one creating a passage through space-time. Its a very strange concept..."

"Just give it a try," said Serena.

* * *

At the same time, in the Command Center in Angel Grove, Alpha 5 monitors the communications grid while Billy and Jocelyn busily try to determine the origin of the mysterious votex that kidnapped the White and Black Power Rangers over an hour ago. While the two genuises and the robot concentrate on their tasks, the remaining members of the Power Rangers-- Kimberly, Rocky, and Adam, talk with the remaining members of the Spectrum Force-- Matthew, Tamara, and Craig.

"...but they finally decided that the work they'd do at a Peace Conference would be just as vital to Earth's future as being Power Rangers," said Kimberly, "So, with a few tears and some more encouragement, Zack, Trini, and Jason boarded that plane to Switzerland."

"And you guys haven't seen them since?" asked Matthew.

"Well," said Rocky, "They've been really busy, and we can't leave Angel Grove all at once. Not with Zedd and Rita to contend with. But, we send them letters, and they send us letters. Billy's working on some kind of gadget that allows them to reach us without using the phone lines, since they're not really safe, and the long distance charges are murder. The communicators we use now weren't meant for long conversations, just for short communique. Eventually, we'll be able to talk to them as long as we want, and about whatever we want."

"Wow," said Tamara, "that Billy is really an amazing scientist. I bet Jocelyn's met her match."

"Is Jocelyn an inventor too?" asked Aisha.

"Not really," said Craig, "She's an expert in physics, chemistry, and computer science, but she doesn't build things. I guess she lacks Billy's imagination. She can fix any machine under the sun, and she can figure out any machine, but she can't design them."

"Aye yi yi!" shrieked Alpha in surprise, "I'm getting a transmission!"

"Really?" asked Kim as all eight teenaged heroes crowd around the small robot, "Is it Tommy? Or the others?"

"No," said Alpha, "The transmission is weak, but its on an unfamiliar frequency. Adjusting frequency modulator now. There should be an image appearing on the Viewing Globe."

The eight young heroes circled the Viewing Globe, silently praying to see a familiar face. However, they receive a real surprise when the face of a young woman with blue hair and a golden tiara appears.

^Aaah!^ shrieked the girl on the globe, ^What's going on? Who are all of you?!^

"Funny," said Craig, "we were about to ask you the same question."

"Zordon," said Kimberly, "do you know this girl?"


^Uh... I'm trying to contact two of my allies, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter. They vanished a few minutes ago, and I traced the vortex they passed through. I don't understand why I called you.^

"Wait," said Billy, "are you a team of superheroes, by any chance?"

^Why, yes we are. We're the Sailor Scouts. I'm Sailor Mercury.^

"If you're friends were kidnapped by the same being that kidnapped our friends, then that portal cut a hole through the Multiverse. If you piggybacked a signal on the residual energy of the vortex, the signal passed through the Multiverse. Since we had our communications array programmed to scan the Multiverse for a beacon, the two signals made contact, and you were patched into the Command Center."

^What did he say?^ asked another young girl from the background.

^Just a minute Serena,^ said Sailor Mercury. She then turned back to the communicator. ^I supposed that's possible. I wasn't aware there was such thing as a Multiverse. So, you are all from a reality entirely separate from our own?^

"Yeah," said Jocelyn, "and it seems like we've all got similar problems. As a matter of fact, there are two teams of heroes here, from two different realities. We decided to team up and figure out what happened to four of our teammates."

^Maybe we should all team up,^ said a young woman with two long blonde pigtails, ^Hi, I'm Sailor Moon, leader of the Sailor Scouts. If we all work together, we may be able to figure out what's going on here.^


"Okay," said Alpha 5, fumbling with the teleporter controls. In a few minutes, he locked in on the Sailor Scouts. "Are there three of you?"

^Yes,^ said Sailor Mercury.

"Prepare to teleport."

In a flash of blue, pink, and yellow light, the three remaining Sailor Scouts appeared in the Command Center. They scanned the room and the people in awe. Sailor Mercury first laid eyes on Alpha 5.

"Amazing," she said, "You're robot, correct?"


"Fully sentient? You can think, make decisions based on reason? Do you have emotional capacities?"

"Yes, yes, and yes," answered Alpha.

"Wow," said Sailor Venus, "check out the head!"

Sailor Moon gasped as she saw Zordon. "Are you alive?"


"So, which ones of you guys are Power Rangers?" asked Mina.

"That would be me," said Billy, "Kim, Rocky, and Aisha. My name's Billy."

Billy pointed out his teammates to the three scouts, and they all shook hands.

"And who are the rest of you?" asked Sailor Moon.

"We're the Spectrum Force. I'm Matt, and this is Jocelyn, Tamara, and Craig."

After all the introductions were finally done, the eleven young heroes got back to work. Amy helped Billy, Jocelyn, and Alpha 5 try to pinpoint their allies, and the other two scouts sat and waited with the other heroes.

"I can't stand this waiting!" cried Sailor Moon, "Isn't there anything we can do?"

"The best thing we can do is wait and be ready in case something happens," said Rocky, "Whoever kidnapped our friends most likely has something in store. And if not, you can bet our enemies will try to take advantage of us being short handed."

"Wait!" said Tamara, "What if Phaedra strikes again? There's no one in Langstrum Alps to stop it!"

"Spectra will contact us," said Craig, "and we'll be on the scene at a moment's notice."

"And I guess Luna and Artemis can contact us," said Mina, "Can they?"

"We'll keep the communication lines open through the Multiverse," said Billy, "They should be able to reach you if they try."

"Good," said Amy in relief, "at least we don't have to worry about our home dimension."

"True," said Kimberly, "After all, with six of our closest friends missing without a trace, we have more than enough to worry about."

* * *

A cold, cruel laugh pierces the vaccuum of space that is the Multiverse. In the opal palace floating in the vast nothingness, the villainous Solar looks out into the black sky, streaked with color.

"Now I have six of the most powerful heroes in existence," he said to himself, looking at a crystal ball about the size of a soccer ball, "and I have them suspended in this crystal. Now, I can do whatever I want to them. But, what do I want? I can easily make them serve me. But, a mind control spell of that caliber is very difficult to use on so many pure hearted individuals all at once for a long period of time. No doubt the strain would weaken me. However, I can easily hold control over one of them for as long as I may desire, without straining my mental powers. But, which one do I choose?

Solar walked over to the crystal, and gently touched the surface with his hand. If one looks closely, one can see six small figures, frozen in space.

"I have here the mighty White Ranger, the daring Black Ranger, the resourceful Purple Enforcer, the fearless Red Enforcer, the powerful Sailor Jupiter, and finally the bold Sailor Mars. Each of them have special talents that will no doubt prove useful to me as I conquer the Multiverse. How do I choose? Of course!

Solar picked up the crystal, and carried it to the balcony. He then shattered it, releasing six miniature heroes, still frozen by a powerful force. In his palm, he carried all six, and with his other hand, he picked out Sailor Mars and the Purple Enforcer.

"I shall force them to do battle against each other. Of course, it will be difficult to make them fight each other, since 'heroes' always prefer to avoid a confrontation. However, I think I can hold a telepathic suggestion on them long enough for one to destroy the other. The one who comes out the winner shall be my ally, and the others shall have been taken care of. And then, the first assignment of my new ally is to destroy the other Power Rangers, Spectrum Enforcers, and Sailor Scouts!"

With that, Solar threw Sailor Mars and the Purple Enforcer into a portal in the Multiverse. He then threw the Red Enforcer and the Black Ranger in another portal, and the White Ranger and Sailor Jupiter into another portal. He then took a seat on his throne, and created a screen to watch the battles on.

"Let the games begin."

Part Three

Rachel Castaneda opens her eyes, and finds herself in a thick, gray fog. She weakly rises to her feet, and tries to wave the smoke away with her hands. She then notices that she was wearing a pair of white gloves, part of her Purple Spectrum Enforcer uniform.

What's going on here? she thought, trying to regain her balance, Where am I? Why am I in my Spectrum Force suit?

She falls to her knees, shaking her head in a desperate effort to clear the cobwebs.

I... I was in the Botanical Gardens with the guys, she reflected, and we defeated Rythe. Then, there was this powerful wind, and me and Keith fell in. After that... nothing but blackness...

While Rachel pondered her situation, she didn't realize that only a few yards away, enshrouded in the thick smoke, lay another unconscious youth. Raye Hino also stirred into consciousness, and then rose to her knees, pushing her long, raven hair out of her face. She peered into the thick darkness, but couldn't see anything. She then decided to rely on her sixth sense in order to figure out her present situation.

Wherever I am, I sense a great evil, Sailor Mars thought to herself, running some of the dry dirt of the ground through her gloved fingers, This entire land feels cursed. And... I am not alone here.

Sailor Mars rose to her feet, and then closed her eyes, allowing her sixth sense to guide her safely through the mist. She suddenly opened her eyes, and her gaze fell upon a dark silhouette, hidden in the smoke.

"Who's there?" called the silhouette, approaching the wary young sailor scout, "Hello?"

Mars remained silent, watching as the figure came closer. Suddenly, the figure became immersed in a bright purple light, lighting up her features, and cutting through the darkness. Sailor Mars stood up, and peered at her companion in the dark mist. To her surprise, the being appeared human, but for a strange black, white, and purple costume that covered most of her features, except her mouth area and dark brown hair.

"Who are you?" asked the purple figure, still moving closer, "Can you hear me?"

Sailor Mars stepped back, not taking her eyes off the purple being.

She could very easily be a spawn of the Negaverse, thought Sailor Mars, The only way for me to make sure is use my anti-evil Mars Fireball. It will only hurt someone who poses a danger to me.

Sailor Mars closed her eyes, and a small sheet of paper appeared between her middle and index fingers. She brought the scroll to her forehead, channeling magical power through the charm.

"Mars Fireball... CHARGE!!" she cried, throwing the now glowing scroll at the other girl. The paper sliced through the mists like a hot knife through butter, but it didn't hit its intended target. Rather, the purple woman leapt into the air, and vanished inside the dark cloud. To Sailor Mars' shock, the woman re-appeared behind her in less than a second. The usually alert Mars was taken by surprise by the unnatural speed of her opponent, and one quickly delivered side kick to the face sent the young scout face first into the dry ground.

"You separated me from the rest of the Spectrum Force," she said, standing menacingly above Sailor Mars, "But you'll never beat the Purple Enforcer without one heck of a fight!"

Sailor Mars looked up at her opponent, a flash of red hot anger in her eyes. She quickly leapt to her feet, and brought her hands together.

"Mars Fire... IGNITE!!" she cried, pointing her index fingers at the Purple Enforcer. A stream of blazing fire poured from her fingertips, striking Rachel in the stomach. Although the mighty flames didn't penetrate her uniform, Rachel was thrown back by the sheer force of the elemental barrage.

Gotta recover fast! Rachel thought to herself, opening her eyes. She was shocked to see the young raven-haired firechild flipping through the air in her direction. Rachel rose to her feet just in time to receive a debilitating jump kick from Mars' heeled foot on the cheek. Rachel fell back again, touching her cheek with her hand. She shuddered when she saw a streak of red staining her glove.

Blood?! thought Sailor Mars in horror, staring down at Rachel, Nega-creatures don't bleed red! Could she be... human?

Suddenly, Sailor Mars was lifted off the ground by a purple force. Rachel rose to her feet, and glared at Sailor Mars, who was trapped inside a glowing purple energy field.

"My Spectrum Shield can withstand the pressure of a black hole, and the heat of the heart of the Sun," said Rachel, brushing the dust off her uniform, "Let's see if it can hold you. Now, tell me where we are, and what you've done with Keith!"

Sailor Mars looked curiously at Rachel, and then closed her eyes. Another scroll, very similar to the one that she threw at Rachel earlier, appeared between her fingers. She then opened her eyes, and looked down at Rachel, who was trying to keep the barrier up mentally.

"This is a Mars Fireball," she explained. holding up the scroll, "and it causes an energy feedback on anyone who poses a threat to me."

She then placed the scroll on the bubble's inner surface, and flashes of red energy traveled along the bubble right to its creator. The Purple Enforcer screamed in pain as her own power lashed back at her, knocking her unconscious. Sailor Mars fell to the ground once the bubble's energy dissipated, and slowly approached her downed enemy.

That really took alot out of me, she thought, gazing down at her enemy. To her surprise, the Purple Enforcer was no longer in her strange form-fitting costume. Rather, she was wearing blue jeans and a purple tank top. Mars looked down at her, horrified.

"She is human!" she shrieked, "But not like any human I've ever seen. She's dangerous."

Sailor Mars clenched her fist, creating a build-up of flaming energy. She held out her fist, but before she allowed her fire to course through her body, she stopped herself, and covered her face with her hands.

"What was I thinking?! What am I doing?!" she cried, holding her head in her hands, "I almost... killed her! The evil energy I felt wasn't coming from her. It was coming from... me?!"

Mars closed her eyes and meditated, searching for the evil within. She was surprised when she found it, a telepathic suggestion in her head, commanding her to kill.

"Some kind of evil... is trying to control me!" she shrieked, "I must... overcome it."

While she concentrated, a man appeared in the dark clouds behind her. He reached out and touched her head, and she instantly froze still. He then walked over to Rachel's unconscious form, and touched her as well. Then, both young women vanished from the dark, enshrouded plain, leaving the villainous armored man alone with his thoughts.

Sailor Mars managed to overcome my mental manipulation, he thought angrily, And the Purple Enforcer also showed signs of her true personality. She only tried to capture Mars, not kill her. In order for me to determine who is the mightiest, they must all fight with a bloodlust. The next battle will prove to be far more satisfying, and it shall be more deciding. Rachel Castaneda and Raye Hino are both very controlled young women, but my next two puppets have violent tempers. I shall take away their inhibitions, and make them fight to the death! Its time for round two.

* * *

A young, tall brunette with a very short green skirt and pink bow was shocked to open her eyes and find herself inside a sweltering jungle. The humid air was as thick as solid mass, and the vines and trees managed to block out most sunlight. She rose to her feet and began to immediately swat away the innumerable small insects in the air around her.

Now, how did I end up in the Amazon? she thought, walking in no direction in particular. She stopped suddenly when she saw a flock of tropical birds flying in her direction. She watched curiously as they flew, and then she heard a suspicious slashing sound in the direction the birds came from.

Well, something's here, she thought as she approached the sound cautiously, And I intend to find out what it is!

Meanwhile, only a few yards away from the girl, a young man clad in white body armor and a black and gold shield continued to slash at a web of vines with his sabre Saba.

This jungle is so thick, I can't even find a path! he thought, walking slowly through the path he was creating, I don't think anyone's been here in years!

He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, and he heard the sound of twigs breaking in the direction he was walking.

Something's coming. And since I don't know who or what it is, I'd better find a vantage point.

The White Ranger leapt into the air, and perched on a tall tree branch, waiting for someone to pass under him. Much to his surprise, before he saw anything, a stream of lightning crashed into the branch he was perched on, knocking him to the damp mud below. He sat up and tried to wipe off the mud from his uniform, searching for the origin of the lightning bolt. He found it--a young brunette woman.

"Who are you supposed to be?" he asked.

"I'm Sailor Jupiter," she said angrily, her hands on her hips, "And who are you? An armored George of the Jungle?"

"The White Ranger," said Tommy, sweeping Sailor Jupiter to the ground, "And I don't take sneak attacks well."

Sailor Jupiter fell face first into the mud, and looked up at Tommy angrily. He was standing and holding Saba up defensively.

"You were the one hiding in the tree, White Ranger!" she barked, leaping to her feet, "Jupiter Thunder... CRASH!!"

A thin antenna rose from the center of her golden tiara, and it collected electricity from the overcast sky. Then, she released the electrical energy in a web of lightning bolts, streaking in all directions, and slicing through the flora surrounding the two fighters. The White Ranger managed to dodge most of the lightning, and blocked one rather large bolt with his sword, deflecting it back to Sailor Jupiter. The bolt struck her in the stomach, and threw her back into a tree.

"Give it up!" said Tommy, "I don't really like hitting women."

"Don't worry," said Jupiter quietly, "You won't get a chance. Jupiter Thunder DRAGON!!"

Thousands of blinding lightning bolts combined, forming a huge electrical dragon. The dragon then streaked forward, sending huge amounts of electricity through the White Ranger, as well as razing the jungle. Tommy painfully rose to his elbows, and reached out for his sword. He held Saba by the hilt, and a fireball flew from Saba's open mouth. Jupiter leapt out of the way, but the fireball sliced through a tree, which fell on Sailor Jupiter's leg, pinning her to the ground.

"She's trapped!" said Saba, flying from the White Ranger's grip. Tommy rose to his feet, and stretched his back.

"Nice work, partner," he said, approaching Sailor Jupiter. She struggled to get her leg free, and then looked up at Tommy angrily.

"Jupiter Thunderclap--" she started to cry. But a sharp blade held to her neck promptly silenced her.

"That's enough of that, Sailor Jupiter," said Tommy, "You've caused enough trouble as it is, razing this entire forest!"

"Oh, pu-lease! And you're like totally guiltless, eh? You did knock this tree on me!"

"Yeah, and that was probably the only tree left standing in a mile radius! Now, what's going on here?"

"Like I would know that!" she sighed frustratedly, trying to pry her leg free. She then looked up at Tommy. Even though she couldn't see his facial expression through his helmet, she could feel his anger building, and his patience thinning.

"You're unlike any monster I've ever encountered," he said quietly, holding his blade steady, "You're really dangerous. And very devious taking on a human form to throw me off. What's Lord Zedd's plan, and where is the Black Ranger?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Lita yelled angrily. She could feel her own temper heating, and as a natural reaction, she began to absorb electrons in the atmosphere. Tommy remained silent, holding Saba just over Lita's exposed neck.

"Tommy," said the sword, "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked calmly, bringing Saba up higher. Lita stared at him in shock.

"He's gonna kill me!" she said, "And he claims he's one of the good guys! Dirty, rotten, lying Nega-creep!"

Tommy growled angrily, and tried to bring Saba down in a final stroke. However, much to the White Ranger's surprise, the blade stopped in mid air.

"Hey!" Tommy yelled, fighting against his own sword, "What are you doing?!"

"I'm stopping you from making the mistake of your life, White Ranger," scolded Saba, flying from the White Ranger's grip, and facing him, "I don't know whats gotten into you, but you were never so ruthless in your fights before! You are the White Ranger, symbol of blamelessness and purity. You can't kill this young woman in cold blood!"

"Stop telling me what to do!" cried Tommy, "I hate being told what to do! I can make decisions, you know! I am the leader of the Power Rangers!"

While Tommy argued with his sabre, he didn't notice Sailor Jupiter's antenna once again rise from her tiara. She turned her head to face the large tree trunk pinning her to the ground, and released a single, concentrated lightning bolt straight through the wood. The tree was instantly reduced to splinters, and the shower of wood pieces rained on everyone present.

"Jupiter Thunder... CRASH!!" she roared, standing up to face her enemies. The web of lightning coursed through the air, and slammed right into the hovering sabre. But, the electricity had an interesting affect on Saba. Suddenly, Saba pointed at the White Ranger, and began to approach his waist.

"Saba," said Tommy, stepping back, "what are you doing?!"

"I... I can't control myself!" cried Saba in panic, "I've been... magnetized!!"

"You got it," said Lita, "It's a little trick I picked up in chemistry. Electric currents create magnetic fields. Its temporary, but it will sure provide me a good laugh. The mighty White Ranger, done in by his little partner!"

Tommy broke into a run, and Saba continued to follow him, edge first. Tommy then circled around, and began to run straight at Sailor Jupiter.

Saba must be attracted to the metal in my belt, he thought as he ran, Clever move, Sailor Jupiter, but let's see if I can do better!

While he ran, Tommy unbuckled his golden belt. He then leapt over the head of Sailor Jupiter, and dropped it in her hand. She shrieked and dropped it to the ground, and then also leapt out of Saba's path. She watched as Saba plowed into the dirt, clinging to the metallic belt. While Jupiter's back was turned, a powerful round house kick from Tommy slammed into her left cheek, throwing her painfully to the ground. She lay unconscious on the mud, a purple bruise forming on her soft cheek, and a trickle of red blood falling from her nose. Tommy studied her face for a brief moment, taking off his white and gold helmet. His face was nothing but calm and cold, and he stepped over Lita's body towards Saba. Now, the electric current running through the sword had died down, and Saba was no longer a magnet. Tommy lifted first his golden belt, and attached it to his waist. He then picked up Saba, point down.

"You okay, Saba?"

"I'm fine, Tommy," said the sabre, "albeit a little winded. What of Sailor Jupiter?"

"She's alive," he said coldly, "Her chest is moving. She's breathing. But not for long."

Saba's eyes widened as Tommy walked towards the unconscious girl, holding the sword in a vice-like grip. He stopped beside Lita, and held Saba with both hands.

"Tommy," said Saba harshly, "What's wrong with you?! Why on Earth would you kill this young girl? What has she done?"

"She sent us to the middle of the jungle!" yelled Tommy, "Who knows what she's done to Adam! And she tried to kill me!"

"She was only acting in self-defense, Tommy. Just as you were. And now, you're going to kill her? You don't even know a thing about her! You've never acted so callously before! At least, not since you were Rita's evil Green Ranger."

Tommy sat on the ground, and released Saba. Saba floated to eye-level with the White Ranger, and he could see confusion in the young man's eyes.

"What... what do you know about the Green Ranger?" Tommy asked quietly.

"I know that he was misguided. His morals were corrupted by evil, and his good nature was drowned out by magic. But as the White Ranger, you've been purified from all of Rita's dark magic. You are forever free from the darkness of the Green Ranger. Why do you choose his dark path today?"

"I... I don't know," Tommy admitted, "I just... want to finish her off. I want to prove myself the stronger."

"That's not like you, Tommy. If it were, Zordon would never had chosen you to lead the Power Rangers."

"You're right, Saba. Something is wrong with me! I... I almost..."

"Killed her. Killed a helpless, unarmed, unconscious young girl."

Suddenly, a chill wind blew over the dry heat of the razed battle ground. Tommy turned around, and saw a shadowy figure. Although he couldn't make out a face, Tommy could see the figure looked human.

"Tommy," said the man, "why did you stop? You could finish off this witch, and free Adam and return home. Home to your friends and family. You'd be a hero, my boy. You would've saved the day again."

"I never fought for glory," said Tommy. "You're right. You always fought for redemption. To ease your bothersome conscience, to make up for all the destruction you caused as the Green Ranger. You know, you were stronger as the Green Ranger! You were indominable! You could've destroyed all five of the rangers by yourself, and you could've taken whatever you wanted. Instead, you choose to fight for Zordon, instead of for yourself. You are weak, boy. You are supposedly the most powerful Power Ranger, but you are weak. Your purity makes you weak."

"Who are you?" asked Tommy, approaching the dark being, "You're the one responsible for all this... this..."

"Manipulation?" he asked, "You're right. I guess I was wrong about you, Thomas Oliver. I thought you would be the winner of this little game. I thought I would have the privilege of calling you 'partner'. I was mistaken, though. You refuse to give in to your dark side."

"I don't have a dark side anymore!"

"You know that's not true. We all have a dark side."

With that, Tommy suddenly froze in place. The dark being stepped out of the shadows and studied Tommy's frozen features.

"He may think he's pure and good, but I know he has a dark side. Its hidden deep, but its there. I couldn't free it completely, though. Not with that infernal sword acting as Tommy's conscience. But, he's a valiant warrior, and he can really be pitiless knight, when properly convinced. Maybe next time, I'll be able to find out what makes him tick. But all isn't lost yet. There is still one fight to go. Two young men, who like to think they're cool-headed. However, they may very well be the most dangerous 'heroes' of all!"

* * *

A tall young man with a rather long blonde mushroom cut awoke to find himself in the most powerful blizzard he's ever seen. Of course, Keith Maloy hasn't seen much snow in his life, since he was born and raised in Texas. Despite the powerful winds and stinging cold, Keith didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable. That's because he's dressed in a form-fitting, insulated red uniform, with black legs, white boots and gloves, black sleeves, a white V on his chest, and a blue visor. Even though he didn't feel the wind's cruel bite, he instinctively rubbed his arms as he forced his way through the blinding storm.

What the #&@% happened to me?! he thought as he made way through the storm, I was in LA with the guys, like always, and suddenly, I'm in Alaska! I guess that portal we fell in was teleportational in nature. But, where's Rachel? *Rachel?*

His telepathic call went unheard, and Keith tripped and fell into a bank of snow.

"This really sucks!" he cried, wiping the snow off his face. His mouth area was uncovered, and therefore unprotected from the bitter cold.

"Forget this. I don't care about keeping a low profile anymore! My lips are so chapped, I think they're gonna fall off, and I can't make any headway on foot."

A translucent red sphere appeared around Keith's body, both protecting him from the harsh weather, as well as levitating him off the snow-covered ground. He flew over the countryside, searching for something. He finally saw something--a black object mostly covered with snow.

What could that be? It almost looks like... a person? But, it could be a trap. I'd better check this out.

Keith floated to the ground, and unsheathed his twin Flame Daggers. He held them over the body, and they immediately melted the ice obscuring his features. Keith did a double take when he realized he recognized the uniform.

"The Black Ranger?!" he said, kneeling over and turning the unconscious Power Ranger onto his back. Oh, what was his name?! Uh... Zack! That's it! "Zack, wake up!"

The Black Ranger moaned, and looked up at Keith. He panicked when he saw the unfamiliar figure.

"Who are you?" he asked, sitting up and pushing back, "What's going on here?"

Keith stared at the Black Ranger skeptically, and then rose to his feet, holding his daggers defensively.

"The question is... who are you?" he said coldly, "And how did you get Zack's body armor?"

"I'm not Zack," said Adam, also standing up, "I'm his replacement. And if you were a friend of the Power Rangers, you'd know that."

"I get it," said Keith, "You stole Zack's Power Coin! What did you do with Rachel? Did you take her power source too?"

"Stop trying to confuse me, pal," said Adam, creating his trusty Power Axe, "It won't work. Now, bring me back to Angel Grove!"

"Not on your life!" yelled Keith, diving at the Black Ranger. Adam held up his axe, and blocked all of Keith's strokes effectively. However, each of the Red Enforcer's swings was increasingly fast, and Adam was unable to keep up with his opponent's speed. Adam suddenly leapt back, and pulled back on the head of the axe.

"Cosmic Cannon!" he yelled, pointing the handle at Keith. A stream of colorful energy flew from the cannon, plowing into Keith's hastily constructed Spectrum Shield. Adam continued to fire, moving closer to Keith.

Now's my chance! thought Keith, pushing harder against the energy beam. The shield continued to move closer to Adam, forcing Adam to step away. Keith then converted into a streak of light, and flew behind Adam at light speed. Before the Black Ranger could turn around, Keith had disarmed him, and swung at his face. But Adam managed to block the first swing, and caught Keith's hand when he tried again. Keith winced as Adam's vice-like grip squeezed his wrist painfully.

"Morphin increases our physical strength," said Adam, squeezing harder, "But if you really knew the Power Rangers, you'd know that."

"I know Zack could never pull a move like that," said Keith between clenched teeth, "morphed or otherwise. You're good, Black Ranger, but I'm better."

With that, Keith head-butted Adam. Even though Adam's helmet protected his head from injury, he was forced to loosen his grip, allowing Keith to pull free. Keith held his wrist gingerly with his other hand, and then glared at Adam. Even though his visor blocked the rage in his ocean blue eyes, Adam saw his lips curl into a furious frown. But rather than feel intimidated by his opponent's angry countenance, Adam matched it, although his helmet hid it. Adam actually felt a raging hot anger burning inside himself-- a feeling he wasn't used to, to say the least. But even though he was surprised by this sudden rage, he didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable by it.

Keith suddenly pounced on Adam like a cat. Then the two seasoned martial artists began a no-holes-barred unarmed duel. The powerful snow didn't slow down these two warriors in the least. Rather, both young men were equal in terms of skill, although Keith's attacks were faster, and Adam's were stronger. The two young men fought in silence, each one feeding off the overpowering anger in his heart. Soon, all inhibition was gone, and Adam Park and Keith Maloy were out for blood. The duel ended with Keith being thrown face first into a bank of pure white snow. When he lifted himself to his feet, the white snow was stained with his red blood.

"I've had enough of this," he declared, once again forming his two Flame Daggers, "This time, its for keeps. I'm gonna fillet you, Poser Ranger!"

"I'm shaking in my snowboots," quipped Adam, gripping his dagger/blaster. He scanned the snow-covered ground, and sighed. He'd dropped his Power Axe ten minutes ago, and now the torrent of snow had buried it completely, leaving him without his primary weapon.

Adam and Keith circled each other, and this time, Adam made the first offensive move, swinging his dagger towards Keith's neck. But Keith blocked the attack with his own dagger, and managed to nick Adam's armor with his other dagger, just above his belt. Adam then swept Keith off his feet, causing the latter to drop one of his daggers. Adam then stood on Keith's other hand, forcing him to drop his dagger.

"Nice try," said Adam darkly, "but not good enough. Now, you're gonna d--"

Suddenly, Adam began to gasp for air, and he clutched his neck with his hands desperately. Keith watched contentedly as Adam struggled to breathe, falling to his knees. Adam ripped off his helmet, revealing his terrified expression, as well as bluish facial hue. Keith began to laugh, standing up over Adam.

"In case you're wondering, I've cut off your oxygen," said Keith cruelly, "There's a small force field in your body, completely clogging your sinuses. You won't be able to catch your breath. Let's see how long you can hold it, eh? I guess... oh, about a minute. Then, you'll pass out. A couple more minutes, and there'll be permanent brain damage. Let's see it you can handle... fifteen minutes. I think you deserve to suffer a little bit."

Not too far away, hidden in the powerful gusts of snowy wind, Solar watches proudly as Adam's life ebbs.

Now, this is what I was looking for! Not only is Keith ready and willing to murder Adam, he's also enjoying torturing him! Fantastic! Keith's dark side is hidden well, but its there. And its mighty indeed. Its too bad about Adam, though. It took him a while, but he was getting fired up. His helmet may have hidden his face, but his thoughts were an open book to me, and there was only one thought... Kill.

Meanwhile, Adam slipped into unconsciousness, while Keith was nonchalantly searching the snow for his Flame Daggers. He finally found them both, and glanced coolly at Adam, a chill grin on his face.

"He's just about finished," said Keith, approaching his victim, "Wow, that was really a clever, and ruthless move. The gang would be proud..."

Then, Keith began to picture his friends. His best friend, Craig Gillis. Matt O'Conner, a little brother to him. Jocelyn Armand, whose wit and intelligence never ceased to amaze him. Rachel Castaneda, a close and respected friend. And finally, Tamara Fox, his warm, loving girlfriend.

"Tammy would be... terrified of me. Terrified of what I've done... of what I've become. What's going on? I may be many things, but I'm no murderer! My God..."

Keith released Adam from his invisible grip, and hurriedly touched the unconscious young man's neck.

"His hearts still going," he said, "But... he's not breathing! No, what have I done?!"

Keith began to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, intermixed with CPR. When Adam began to breathe, Keith sighed in relief, and constructed a red shield around the Black Ranger, protecting him from the harsh storm.

"Why did you do it?" asked a voice from behind.

"What?" asked Keith, turning around to see the person. He saw a tall, blonde man with red, blue, and white armor.

"Why did you save his life? He is your enemy. Enemies must be crushed."

"But he's not..."

"Yes he is! You destroy monsters daily, with the rest of the Spectrum Force. What's different now?"

"Now, I was the monster. Not him. He didn't do anything to me. I don't believe I attacked him! He's a Power Ranger, for goodness sake!"

"Are you sure? This could be a trap."

"True, but I'm not sure that he's not a Power Ranger, and therefore, I won't kill him. I won't do any damage that can't be undone. Who are you, anyway?"

"I am Solar," said the blonde man, stepping closer, "and I'm afraid to say that you were a disappointment, Keith Maloy. I had such high hopes for you, as well as the others."

"Others? What do you--"

Before Keith could finish his sentence, Solar reached out and touched his forehead, instantly freezing him in place. Then, Solar walked over to Adam, who was still coughing madly. Adam blinked, and then was also frozen by Solar's power.

"I couldn't bend any of them to my will," Solar sighed, transporting back to his palace. He sat on his throne, and stared at the six frozen bodies of his puppets--Rachel Castaneda, Raye Hino, Tommy Oliver, Lita Kino, Adam Park, and finally Keith Maloy. Each of them was controlled by evil, but each of them managed to fight off the mental manipulation, and refrain from murder. Solar failed to make any of the young heroes pass that line. They were still pure, and they were useless to the diabolical creature.

"Now what do I do with them?" he asked himself, staring out at the colorful expanse of the Multiverse, "I guess I'll just have to dispose of them myself. Its such a shame, though. So much power and skill, wasted on the pure of heart. But still, all isn't lost. I'll try to recruit the other members of the Spectrum Force, Sailor Scouts, and Power Rangers. By choosing the strongest fighters, I fear I also chose the strongest of will. First, I dispose of these six, and then, I conquer their universes. One by one.

* * *

On the Moon circling the Earth protected by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the wicked Lord Zedd watches the Youth Center, hoping to locate the Power Rangers.

"The rangers managed to defeat my Tenga Warriors," he said to his wife, "But, I can't find them anywhere! Can they still be in the Command Center?"

"Did you even watch the battle, Zeddie?" asked Rita, watching the same spot on the Earth through her Repulsascope, "The White and Black Ninja Rangers disappeared in a strange black hole. It was an interdimensional hole, but it sure wasn't mine!"

"It wasn't mine," said Rita's dimwitted brother Rito Revolto, "What're we talking about?"

"We aren't talking about anything!" said Zedd angrily, "I am trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of the Power Rangers' weakness. I suppose I could create a monster..."

"Gee, Ed, if I were in charge, I'd make a monster out of a person, like one of the rangers' friends or something."

"I... I don't believe it," said Lord Zedd, "That actually was a good idea!"

"Great!" said Rito excitedly, "Then, can I be in charge?"

"No. Now, listen to me, Rito. I want you to go down to Earth, and get me an upstanding citizen from Angel Grove. A teenager, like the Power Rangers. The rangers would never hurt an innocent person, and if they did... they'll never be able to get over the guilt."

Rito nodded, and teleported to Angel Grove Park, where he always can find a teenager. He ducked behind a bush, and watched as a group of teenagers enjoyed a picnic by the lake.

"Cool," he said, "those kids look ideal! Now, which one do I choose?"

Just before Rito stepped out of the bushes, two other young men rushed to the group, one rather lanky, and one rather large. The two young men were wearing police officer uniforms.

"Alright, you four are under arrest!" cried the large one, pointing at the teens.

"For what, Bulk?" asked one tall young man.

"For littering, Richie!" declared the skinny one, pointing his nightstick at Richie, "Don't be a litterbug! Keep our parks clean!"

"Relax, guys!" said an African American boy on the blanket, "We didn't even finish eating yet! We'll clean up everything, once we're done. Okay?"

Bulk and Skull traded confused looks.

"Okay, Curtis," said Skull, "but next time, you get fined."

Bulk and Skull marched away proudly, passing the bushes which concealed Rito Revolto.

"Fantastic!" he cried, "Two upstanding teenagers, just like Ed wanted! And, they're cops, so you know they're two tough teens! I'll just grab one, and be on my way."

As the pair passed the bushes, Skull suddenly was grabbed, and pulled into the shrubbery. But Bulk didn't notice until he turned around, but failed to see his sidekick. Bulk looked around in surprise, and then huffed angrily.

"That Skull," he muttered, continuing his patrol of the park, "He's just so irresponsible. But I don't need him! Nothing gets passed Farcus Bulkmeyer!"

Part Four

Dozens of alarms scream to life in the Command Center, grasping the attention of all those present--the Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue Spectrum Enforcers, the Blue, Pink, Red, and Yellow Power Rangers, and the Sailor Scouts of the Moon, Mercury, and Venus.

"What's that?" asked Sailor Moon, looking around at all the blinking lights, "What's going on?"

"Aye yi yi!" shrieked Alpha 5, hurrying to a computer consul, "Lord Zedd has sent down a new monster!"

"Great," moaned Kimberly, "We so don't need this right now! Not with Tommy and Adam still missing! Where's the monster?"


"Obviously not one for originality," muttered Billy, "This monster may only be here to distract us, and keep us from locating our companions."

"Or, Zedd wants to take advantage of us being short-handed," said Rocky, "We've never defeated a monster without the Black and White Rangers."

"Well," said Craig Gillis, standing up, "you may be missing Tommy and Adam, but you certainly aren't short handed! You know the Spectrum Force will back you up."

"And the same goes for the Sailor Scouts!" said Sailor Moon with a smile, "We'll turn this Zedd character into Moondust!"

"Actually, that may be a good idea," said Billy, "If all of you engage the monster, that may give me, Amy, and Jocelyn more time to search for our friends. I think we may be onto something."

"Do tell," said Tamara.

"I'm now attempting to home in on Tommy and Adam's Power Coins. Ever since we received new powers from Dulcea and Ninjor, the Power Coins are by far more powerful, and therefore easier to track down throughout the Multiverse. Also, the Power is actually bonded to them, thereby making the actual power reading distinguishable from any other power sources."

"But what about Raye and Lita?" asked Mina, "Or the missing Spectrum Enforcers?"

"We've decided to try to use telepathic communications with them," said Jocelyn, "The Spectrum Force is linked telepathically, and even though Rachel and Keith are out of our range, I think it may be possible to enhance my telepathic skills, magnifying the beacon. Now, Amy said Sailor Mars has some kind of sixth sense, so she may also be able to pick up the telepathic calls."

"Our hope is that at least one of these mediums will work," said Amy, "and we'll find them all together."

"Sounds like you guys figured everything out," said Aisha, "So the rest of us can tackle this new monster!"

"Its Morphin Time!" yelled Kimberly, pulling out her morpher from behind her back, "PINK RANGER POWER!!"

"YELLOW RANGER POWER!!" cried Aisha.

"RED RANGER POWER!!" yelled Rocky.

"Spectrum Sync... YELLOW!!" cried Tamara, holding up her ring.

"Spectrum Sync... GREEN!!" yelled Matthew.

"Spectrum Sync... BLUE!!" roared Craig.

In a blinding mix of bright colors, the six young heroes were transformed into the Power Rangers and the Spectrum Force. Sailor Moon and Venus, who were already transformed, stood beside the other heroes. In eight flashes of light, the heroes vanished from the Command Center, leaving behind Billy Mitchell, Jocelyn Armand, and Amy Anderson, still dressed in the garb of Sailor Mercury.

"Okay," said Jocelyn, "Let's see if your machine can magnify my telepathic powers."


"You're a telepath?" asked Jocelyn.


"Can your telepathic power reach out into the Multiverse?" asked Billy, intrigued.


"Will do, Zordon," said Jocelyn, "and good luck."

Zordon nodded, and closed his ancient eyes. Immediately, his image faded from the crystal column, leaving Amy, Billy, Jocelyn and Alpha 5 to begin working.

"I hope this Multiversal Scanner will find them in time," said Billy with a sigh, "I recall how difficult it was for me to create a device to link up to the Command Center when I was in Langstrum Alps. It took ages before a signal could be found. And now, there really isn't any way Tommy and Adam can magnify their power signatures, making them easier for us to locate."

"Hopefully, though, your mentor will be able to track down the telepathic team members," said Amy.

"Provided he can find their psi-patterns," said Jocelyn.

"What exactly are psi-patterns?" asked Billy, looking up, "Forgive me, but I'm not very familiar with telepathic abilities. I didn't even know Zordon was a telepath until today."

"The psi-print is an electrical pulse emitted by the neurons of a brain capable of telepathic communication," said Joceyn, "The psi-print varies greatly between individuals, so in a sense, they're telepathic fingerprints. If Zordon knows the psi-print of the Purple and Red Enforcers, then he can track them down through the transversal Astral Plane. The only problem is, he may not be too familiar with their psi-patterns. I mean, he's only met them once, and that was months ago, for a very short time."

"Well, I have faith in Zordon's abilities," said Billy, "If he says he can find our missing friends, then he can. He isn't one to put our hopes up falsely."

* * *

A tall man in a shimmering silver robe stands alone in a vast, rocky wasteland. He looks up into the barren sky, and raises a single hand into the air. A crooked wooden staff appears in his hand, and a flash of green light spread from the head of the staff, filling the area with an eerie green light. The wizard watches silently as his staff transforms his surroundings into a small asteriod floating in the blackness of space. But the space doesn't have thousands of soft, white dots of light. Rather, the sky is illuminated with small, rainbow colored streaks of light. Each streak of light represents a different dimension of existence. Some of these dimensions differ in year, and still others differ in universe. But they all differ, and their number approaches infinity. This is the Astral Plane, a realm that only can be accessed by those whose minds are so evolved, they can communicate through telepathic means. The landscape can be molded by the inhabitants of the plane to suit their particular needs. Now, the mighty telepathic wizard Zordon of Eltar stands upon the solitary asteroid, reaching out into infinity, searching for two semi-familiar psi-patterns. The strain of such an endeavor is fierce, as the sweat that forms on his ashen face attests to, but Zordon refuses to quit, or allow the strain to get to him.

I must reach Rachel and Keith, he thought mutely, I must muster the strength to send a telepathic summons throughout the Multiverse, aimed at their psi-patterns, and hopefully, they'll know who I am.

* * *

Rachel Castaneda opens her eyes, and once again finds herself in unfamiliar territory. She raises her head, and in shock, she stares out into the dry desert that surrounds her. But she quickly realizes she's not alone. Right before her eyes lay her former opponent, Sailor Mars, who remained unconscious. Rachel gasped as she rose to her feet, and saw her friend Keith also on the sand, donned in the Red Spectrum Enforcer uniform. She also saw two other familiar people, and a young brunette girl dressed similarly to Sailor Mars.

"What happened!" she shrieked, kneeling beside Keith and shaking him, "The White and Black Rangers?! What's going on here, and who's really behind this mess?"

Keith finally responded to Rachel's actions, and opened his eyes to see the face of the Purple Enforcer.

"Ray!" he said, sitting up, "You're alive!"

"Yes," she said, helping her friend stand up, "and I think the others are also. Do you know what happened?"

"Well, after we fell through that vortex, I woke up in this raging blizzard. I met up with the Black Ranger, and we... we started fighting. Although I can't exactly remember what prompted the fight..."

"That's a familiar story," said Rachel gesturing towards the unconscious Raye Hino, "I was trapped in some fog, and I ended up going toe to toe with Sailor Mars."

Both Rachel and Keith turned when they heard a muffled moan coming from the White Ranger. They both jumped when the saber attached to his belt floated off the ground, and stared at them.

"Well, what are you looking at?" the saber barked.

"You know, I never realized Tommy's sword is alive," said Rachel to Keith. She then turned to Saba. "Is the White Ranger okay?"

"Just great," moaned Tommy, sitting up and touching his helmeted head. He then pulled off the helmet, and shook his head to rid himself of the cobwebs. "What happened?"

He rose to his feet, and looked at Rachel and Keith for a moment.

"The Spectrum Force is here?"

"Only the two of us," said Rachel, "We were kidnapped from LA."

"Something similar happened to me and Adam," said Tommy, walking over to them.

"Adam?" asked Rachel curiously.

"The new Black Ranger," said Keith, rubbing the back of his neck, "He replaced Zack."

"How did you know?" asked Tommy.

"Because," said Adam quietly, lifting his head, "he cleaned my clock earlier."

Keith looked down at the ground guiltily, and then offered his hand to Adam. Adam accepted the Red Enforcer's help, and stood up.

"I... I'm really sorry about that," said Keith, "I don't know what came over me..."

"I do," said Sailor Mars, as she helped Sailor Jupiter to her feet, "When I was battling the Purple Enforcer, I felt a powerful evil energy. It urged me to use full force, to finish my opponent. For good. I tried to fight the force by searching within me, and figuring out where it came from. It was in my head, but it was a foreign presence."

"And, what does that mean?" asked Jupiter.

"It means, we're being manipulated," said Tommy, crossing his arms, "I remember a voice, telling me that my dark side can never be conquered. I... I couldn't perform the final strike, and kill Sailor Jupiter."

"Someone was talking to me also," said Keith, "and I saw him! He, he was a man. A tall blonde man, with a weird costume. I forget what he called himself--"

"Solar," said a deep, powerful voice from behind. All six heroes turned about in surprise, and saw a sphere of golden energy touch ground, and mold into the form of a tall, rather muscular human man, with blonde hair and aqua colored eyes. He grinned, and approached the heroes. Keith immediately struck a defensive stance, and snarled at Solar.

"He's the one behind all this," said Keith, "He's the one who brought us here, who pit us against each other!"

"But... why?" asked Rachel.

"To determine who is weak, and who is strong," said Solar, "I planned on choosing an ally, to assist me in my destruction of the Multiverse. Of course, anyone who works with me must be totally devoid of a conscience. So, I put the six of you to the test, because you are the strongest of your superhero teams. You all failed."

"What do you mean 'failed'?" asked Adam.

"You failed to destroy your opponents. You failed to cross the final line. To kill. You are too weak to destroy those weaker than yourself. You cannot be my allies, and therefore, I must dispatch of you."

"So you say!" yelled Keith, "So far, all you've done is talk! You haven't lifted a single finger!"

"I didn't have to," said Solar, his eyes glowing bright gold. He pointed his index finger at the Red Enforcer, and the latter was thrown clear across the desert by some invisible force.

"He's a telekinetic," said Rachel, "He can move things with his mind."

"I can do much more than 'move things' children!" he roared, creating a vortex wind similar to the one that teleported the six heroes to Otherworld. The wind whipped through the barren sands, blinding the heroes.

"That's enough of that!" said Sailor Jupiter, "Jupiter Thunder... CRASH!!"

A stream of lightning bolts leapt from the antenna in the center of Sailor Jupiter's tiara, flying into he sandstorm towards its creator. The winds died down, but Solar didn't seem hurt.

"That guy is toast!" cried Keith, who flew back to the battle scene. He whipped out his two Flame Daggers, and pointed them both to Solar. Twin streams of flames flew at the villain, who just leapt out of the way.

The White Ranger summoned his saber Saba, and nodded at the Black Ranger. Adam nodded back, and silently summoned his Power Ax. The two Power Rangers rushed Solar, slicing and swinging with their mighty weapons. But Solar deflected the ranger's blows with an invisible force field, protecting his body. The force field expanded, and trapped both Power Rangers within. The force field immediately began to shrink.

"They don't have much time!" said Rachel, closing her eyes in concentration. A purple force field appeared inside Solar's, and pushed out while the latter pushed in. The strain of holding up a force field against such a powerful opponent caused Rachel to fall to her knees with exertion. Keith immediately ran over and helped his friend by adding his red force field to her purple one. Together, they kept Solar from crushing the Power Rangers.

"I'll try something," said Sailor Mars, bringing her fists together, "Mars Firebird... STRIKE!!"

A small flaming image of a bird shaped from Mars' flames, and shrieked as it flew at Solar. Solar turned to face the small bird, and then waved his hand. Suddenly, in a show of golden light, the Firebird grew twelve times its original size, and turned around. It shrieked deeply as it flew towards the two Sailor Scouts, who were caught by surprise.

* * *

In Angel Grove, the Pink, Yellow, and Red Power Rangers, accompanied by the Yellow, Green, and Blue Spectrum Enforcers and Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, arrived at the park. As soon as they appeared in streaks of light, they were welcomed by screams of terror. They all looked around the park, searching for the newest menace they were to face.

"I don't see anything," said the Yellow Ranger.

"Yeah," said the Blue Enforcer, "but I can hear it!"

Then, they all turned when they heard a powerful roar. A tall but slender monster appeared from behind the bushes. It had two horns, and a ring in its nose. It ran on all fours, but stood up on its back legs to face the heroes.

"Its... a skinny bull?" asked Tamara. Suddenly, a swarm of over a dozen Tenga Warriors appeared in flashes of black light.

"What are those?" asked Tamara, "Are they anything like the Putties we fought before?"

"These don't have a weak spot," said Kimberly, "You just have to keep hitting them until they vanish."

"We'll take the Tengas," said Rocky, "Craig, you can give us a hand. The rest of you, fight that bull!"

The heroes all nodded, and Rocky, Kim, Aisha, and Craig split up, each taking on about three Tengas. Sailor Moon stepped forward, and raised her arm to the sky.

"I am Sailor Moon!" she declared, "the Champion of Justice! I will right wrongs, and triumph over evil!"

"And that means you!" added Sailor Venus, standing beside her friend, "You're going down hard."

Taurus just roared and charged at the two scouts, meaning to run them through with its horns. Sailor Moon shrieked and leapt out of the way just in time. Sailor Venus recovered immediately, and touched her finger to her tiara.

"Venus Crescent Beam... SMASH!!" she cried, pointing her index finger at the bull. A streak of powerful white light smacked the beast in the face, causing it to fall backwards. The beast shook its head and roared furiously, and ran at Venus at a blinding speed.

"Um, help?" she said quietly, running away from the monster. Then, a tree branch suddenly lowered from one of the surrounding trees, and blocked the bull's path. Taurus crashed right through the tree, sending splinters flying in all directions. It continued following Sailor Venus unhindered.

"This isn't good," said Tamara, looking down at her Wood Boomerang in disappointment, "He charged right through the tree."

"Nothing can stop a raging bull," said Matthew, "except maybe a sturdy wall!"

The Green Enforcer rose to the air, and flew after the bull nearly at the speed of light. Matthew quickly passed the bull, and gently lifted Sailor Venus into his arms, and out of the bull's path. Then, Matthew hovered above, and mentally created a neon green force field, surrounding the bull on all sides. The bull roared angrily, and smashed into the wall with all its strength. Matthew immediately set Sailor Venus on the ground, and fell to his knees in pain.

"He's... too strong," Matthew gasped, holding his head painfully, "I can't... hold him!"

* * *

In a tall apartment building in Tokyo, Japan, the two feline guardians of the Sailor Scouts, Luna and Artemis, sit upon a couch, speaking to the owner of the apartment-- Serena's boyfriend, Darien.

"Let me get this straight," said Darien, who was pacing around the living room, "The scouts went to fight the Negamoon's four sisters, and then, they just vanished?"

"Exactly," said Artemis, the white cat, "I told them where the sisters had gone, and they ran ahead of me. When I finally caught up, they were gone. Without a trace."

"Did you try to contact them?"

"No," said Luna, "At least, not yet. We don't have scout communicators with us, you know. Besides, I was hoping you'd know whether or not Sailor Moon is in danger. You can feel it when she's in danger, right?"

"Yeah," said Darien, running his hands through his black hair nervously, "A few hours ago, I felt a little tug on Tuxedo Mask. But before I had a chance to transform, the tug had dissipated. I figured the scouts took care of whatever monster they were dealing with. Now, I don't feel anything."

"What do you mean?" asked Luna.

"I mean, I don't sense anything! I can't tell if she's in danger, or if she's even alive! There's nothing there!"

"Then, where are the scouts?" asked Artemis worriedly.

"We have to contact them somehow," said Darien, "Amy never gave me a communicator, for whatever reason. And neither of you have any way to contact them?"

"Nope," said Artemis, shaking his head.

"Wait," said Luna, "When the scouts got the new star wands, they also got new wrist communicators. So, they don't use the pocket communicators anymore."

"Do the pocket communicators still work?" asked Darien, his blue eyes lighting up with hope.

"They certainly should," said Artemis, "Let's go!"

"If I know Serena, she lost her communicator," said Luna with a small sigh, "I only wish she'd be a bit more responsible."

"Well, let's go get Mina's communicator," said Artemis, "She keeps all her scout equipment in one place-- her top drawer."

"Lead the way," said Darien, grabbing his jacket and opening to door.

* * *

The flames knocked both Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter clean off their feet, and created a powerful explosion. The White and Black Rangers were freed from the infamous bubble, and fell limp to the ground. The Red and Purple Enforcers remained on their knees, trying to catch their breath. Solar merely stood there, grinning cruelly at the suffering of the young heroes.

"Is that the best you can do?" asked the villain, "Maybe you weren't the best choices to be my allies after all."

Tommy and Adam ran to where the Sailor Scouts had landed. Tommy gently lifted Lita's head, and checked for a pulse. "There isn't a scratch on her!" said Adam in disbelief. Mars' eyes then fluttered open, and she looked around anxiously.

"I'm the mistress of the fire," she said, glancing towards Sailor Jupiter, "No flames can harm me. Unfortunately, Lita is another story. Thunder and lightning will have no effect, but fire can prove fatal."

Lita didn't even stir as Tommy laid her head back on the sand.

"We'd better leave her back here," he said quietly, "Out of harm's way. Let's get Solar."

The three heroes ran back up the hill, where they saw the two Spectrum Enforcers flying through the air, dodging all of Solar's energy blasts, while at the same time firing a few of their own. No one actually made contact, but Solar began to get impatient.

"Enough of this!" he declared, "This game is over!!"

Suddenly, Rachel and Keith fell limp to the ground. Tommy, Adam, and Raye stared in mute horror.

"He's done something to their minds," said Raye.

"I simply turned them off," Solar said nonchalantly, "Not too difficult, for a telepath of my caliber."

Solar cackled as his eyes glowed an even brighter shade of gold, and twin beams of gold light flew at the heroes. While Solar turned his full attention to the three remaining heroes, he paid no heed to Rachel Castaneda, whose eyes shot open.

What happened to me? she thought as she painfully rose to her feet.

*I revived you,* said a deep but concerned voice in her head. Rachel blinked in surprise.

Who's there?

*I am Zordon, the mentor of the Power Rangers. I have been looking for you via the Astral Plane. Since you are a telepath, I can track down your psi-print.*

Can you bring us home?

*Once Solar has been defeated, the telepathic shield protecting the area will dissolve.*

But, how do we beat him? Nothing we can throw at him can overcome his power!

*Then perhaps you are going about this the wrong way. If you're power cannot stop Solar, then--*

Then use his power against him! That's it! Thanks, Zordon!

Rachel leapt to her feet, and instantly converted her body into a streak of purple light. She soared across the sand, and flew right up to Sailor Mars, who at this time was summoning her flaming powers.

"Mars Firestorm--"

"Raye, WAIT!" Rachel cried, "Use your Fireball!"


"You used a magical scroll against me when we fought, and it lashed my powers back at me! Do the same to Solar!!"

Raye nodded, and glared at Solar menacingly. She then closed her eyes, and a small rectangular scroll appeared between her middle and index fingers.

"Mars Fireball... CHARGE!!"

The piece of paper sparked with orange light, and Raye threw it threw the air. The scroll hit its intended target, smacking Solar in the forehead, and attaching itself to him. Solar began to laugh, but suddenly he was thrown into convulsions. He fell to his knees, shaking violently.

"What... what have you done?" he whispered, "The power..."

Then, a blinding golden light engulfed Solar, and spread out like a nuclear blast. The five heroes immediately ran back, fleeing from the intense psionic energy flying from Solar. While running, Keith lifted off the ground, and flew ahead of the group. He gently scooped Lita off the ground, and continued flying. Rachel created a purple force bubble, encasing Tommy, Adam, and Raye, as well as herself. Keith constructed his own bubble, and the two bubbled joined together.

"Will this bubble protect us from the energy?" asked Tommy.

"Only one way to find out!" said Keith, "Hold on!"

The mighty ocean of golden energy plowed into the force field, and Rachel and Keith focused every ounce of power they could into maintaining the force field.

"I don't think we can keep this thing up for long!" huffed Keith.

* * *

In the Command Center, Jocelyn, Billy, and Amy continue to search the Multiverse for the special energy patterns emitted by the Falcon and Frog Power Coins. Suddenly, a flash of green light signaled Zordon's arrival.

"Zordon!" said Jocelyn turning around, "Did you find anything?"


Billy nodded, and immediately began working. Jocelyn watched Billy work.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked.

"I'm done, actually," he said, "Teleporting now."

He activated the teleporter, and six beams of colored light heralded the arrival of the missing heroes.

"What... what happened?" asked Tommy curiously, "Billy! Zordon!"

"We're back!" said Adam, taking off his helmet.

"Where exactly are we?" asked Raye, looking around in confusion. She stared at the floating head in the cylinder.

"This is our headquarters," said Billy, stepping forward, "I'm Billy, the Blue Ranger."

"I'm Raye," she said, still bewildered, "Sailor Mars."

"Aye yi yi!" shrieked Alpha 5, "What happened to her?"

Raye looked down at her fallen friend, and shook her head.

"Solar took control of my Firebird, and used it against us. It burned Lita severely."

"Zordon," said Amy, "Do you have any medical technology to treat Lita's wounds?"


Alpha nodded, and teleported a cot to the corner of the Command Center. He teleported Lita onto the cot, and began scanning her from head to toe.


"We're on it," said Adam, snapping his helmet back on. All five heroes stood in a line.

"Billy?" asked Tommy.

"I'm going to stay here a while longer," said Billy, fixated on the computer screen, "The others are having an extremely hard time fighting this monster, and he is emitting some strange magical waves. Now that you six have returned, we can focus our attention to battling this monster."

"Okay," said Tommy, and the heroes vanished in five streaks of light.

* * *

With one carefully fired arrow, the Pink Ranger dispatched of the final Tenga Warrior. She smiled under her helmet, and joined the Yellow and Red Rangers, as well as Craig Gillis, the Blue Spectrum Enforcer.

"Well, now that those turkeys have been taken care of, we can join the others," she said.

"Yeah," said Rocky, "I hope that bull thing isn't giving them too much trouble."

The four heroes ran through the park, following the trail of crushed vegetation leading to the fight scene. When they arrived, the saw the Taurus standing on its hind legs, firing bolts of brown energy at the Yellow Enforcer and Sailor Moon. The Yellow Enforcer used a Spectrum Shield to block the energy, while Sailor Moon used her Moon Scepter to deflect the energy rays. The Green Enforcer and Sailor Venus were on the ground, apparently recovering from heavy exertion.

"Hey, Toro!" called Rocky, waving his hands frantically, "Toro, Toro!!"

The bull turned around, and his nostrils flared when he saw the Red Ranger. He immediately fell to all fours, and began kicking up dirt with his hind leg.

"Uh," said Rocky, "I thought bulls were colorblind!"

"I guess this one isn't!" said Aisha, "And it looks like he has a thing for red!"

Rocky yelped and ran through the park, with the bull hot on his heels.

"What do we do against this guy?" asked Tamara, letting down her shield, "Its as hard as a rock! I'm used to the villains being very susceptible to light. They're dark beings."

"Well, light isn't gonna help against this thing," said Sailor Moon, "I have no idea what to do!"

"How do you Sailor Scouts finish off a bad guy?" asked Kimberly.

"With my scepter," said Sailor Moon, holding out her scepter, "We have to hurry up and catch that thing."

The heroes ran into the park, searching for the bull and the Red Ranger. However, they began to hear the sound of energy blasts.

"Guys," said Aisha excitedly, "Look!"

Everyone looked at the new battle scene, and saw the formerly missing heroes. The White Ranger was fighting off the bull's deadly horns with his saber, while Adam used his Cosmic Cannon on the creatures hind. Rocky had recovered, and used his sword as well, while Sailor Mars apparently was conjuring a powerful enchantment, and the Purple and Red Enforcers tried to bind the bull's feet, preventing it from escaping.

"Tommy! Adam!" shrieked Kimberly happily, "You're okay!"

"Well, yeah," said Tommy, "Unless this bull has his way!"

"Mars Fireball... CHARGE!! I expel the evil from within you!!"

The fireball struck the bull on his forehead, but nothing happened.

"Huh?" asked Serena, running over to her dark-haired friend, "What does that mean?"

"It means... the evil magic within him isn't his own," said Raye, "so the power cannot backlash."

"So what does that mean, Raye?"

"I... I'm not sure," Raye admitted.

* * *

In the Command Center, Billy slams his fist into the consul. Jocelyn touches his shoulder gently.

"Calm down, Billy," she said quietly, "Losing your cool won't help."

"I just don't understand this energy signature!" he complained, turning around in his swivel chair, "I can't figure out what it means!"

"You can't know everything! You're only human."

"But, the guys are depending on me!"

"Actually," said Amy softly, "They're depending on all of us. After all, we are the collective 'brain', are we not? Let me take a look at those energy readings. They may be familiar to me."

Billy moved, and allowed the blue-haired scout of Water to read the computer readouts. Her jaw dropped.

"Oh no," she whispered, "It can't be."

Billy and Jocelyn stared at Amy curiously, while the latter pulled her small, hand-held data computer from a pocket in her uniform. She began pressing buttons, and compared the data on the screen to what's on the Command Center's computer."

"It is," she thought aloud, "I don't believe it."

"WHAT?!" cried Jocelyn in exasperation, "What is it?"

"The monster outside... its energy readings are identical to a group of beings the Sailor Scouts fought about a year ago. They were the Rainbow Crystal carriers."

"What does that mean?" asked Billy.

"The Rainbow Crystal carriers were humans who were altered by dark forces, and forced to fight us."

"So, are you saying Taurus is a human?" asked Jocelyn.

"I believe so," said Amy, "but there's only one way to be sure. I'm going to download a program I devised to calculate the physical appearance of the being underneath the swelling of dark energy. If that really is a human being, the program will show us his identity."

Billy and Jocelyn waited impatiently while Amy worked. In a few minutes, the >

Transfer interrupted!

ge of a young man. It took awhile for the image to clear up, but when it did, Billy jumped in shock.

"SKULL!!" he yelled, "Rita and Zedd have turned Skull into a monster!"

"Who's Skull?" asked Jocelyn.

"He goes to school with us," said Billy, shaking his head in disbelief, "Now, we have to figure out how to defeat Skull without hurting him, as well as how to return him to his normal form."

"I think I know how to handle that one," said Amy, standing up, "We need to join the fight."

Billy pulled his morpher from behind his back. "Blue Ranger Power!!"

Jocelyn raised her Spectrum Stone to the sky and called "Spectrum Sync... ORANGE!!"

The two heroes transformed into the Blue Ranger and Orange Enforcer, and all three vanished from the Command Center in streaks of navy blue, sky blue, and orange light.

* * *

In the park, the Power Rangers, Spectrum Force, and Sailor Scouts are having a great deal of trouble keeping the raging Taurus under control.

"He's really strong," said Tommy, "And there's something different about him."

"I know what you mean," said Rocky, "Usually, Zedd's monsters are really retarded. But this one is like some super-mutated bull, no questions asked."

Then the Blue Ranger, Orange Enforcer, and Sailor Mercury appeared. Sailor Mercury brought her palms together, creating a sphere of blue light between them.

"Mercury Bubbles... BLAST!!" she cried, releasing the small ball. The light shattered into a infinite number of small opaque bubbles, creating a sort of smokescreen. The bull was blinded, allowing all the heroes to regroup.

"Have you figured out how to trash this thing?" asked Aisha.

"Yes," said Billy, "Lord Zedd has turned Skull into the monster you see before you."

"You're kidding," said Kim, glancing at the rampaging beast. She then turned back to Billy. "Aren't you?"

"No. I'm afraid I'm completely serious. However, this monster has been pumped up with such a vast amount of evil energy, there's no way we can heal him, until we weaken him."

"How do we weaken him without hurting him?" asked Rachel.

"We'll use the Power Blaster, and the Spectrum Force will use their Spectrum Storm."

"That's alot of energy," said Jocelyn, "Do you think Skull can survive it all?"

"His energy readings are off the scale," said Billy, "I don't think anything less than the full power of the Ninja Megazord could really hurt him."

"Then let's do it," said Tommy, "Before he gets loose."

"Okay gang," said Rocky, "Let's bring 'em together!"

"Power Ax!" yelled Adam, throwing his ax into the air. It remained suspended.

"Power Bow!" cried Kim, tossing her bow. It attached to the front of the ax.

"Power Daggers!" cried Aisha, launching her daggers. They each attached to one end of the bow.

"Power Lance!" yelled Billy, separating the lance in the center. Each half attached to one side of the daggers.

"Power Sword!" yelled Rocky, leaping into the air and placing his sword on top of the weapon. He held it in both hands, and the other rangers joined him.

"FIRE!!" they all cried in unison, launching a beam of rainbow light into Taurus gut. The monster screamed in pain, and fell to his knees.

"Now, guys," said Rachel, "the Spectrum Storm!"

The Spectrum Force held their weapons to the sky, and encased them in bubbles of colored light. The bubbles became opaque, and they threw the bubbles into the air simultaneously. The six bubbles joined in sky, forming a white sphere crackling with the power of the elements. The sphere sailed into the monster, and he suffered the might of all the elements at once.

"He's finally weak enough," said Sailor Mercury, scanning the monster with he VR Visor and data computer, "Go for it, Serena!"

"What?" asked Serena in panic, "What do I do?"

"Heal him!" cried Mercury, "Use the crystal!"

Sailor Moon nodded, and lifted the golden brooch from her bow. The brooch opened revealing a shimmering gemstone about the size of a golf ball. She held the crystal high, and light beams reflected off it.

"Moon Crystal Healing... ACTIVATION!!" she cried, allowing the energy of the crystal to weave through her own body, and into the monster. The monster roared as it was encased in a bright, purifying white light, and when the light faded, Skull lay on the green grass, unconscious.

"Is he okay?" asked Venus while Adam checked his pulse.

"He'll be fine," Adam announced, "Just give him a few minutes to rest."

"We'd better get going," said Tommy, "Our job is done."

"Tommy, you have no idea how worried we were about you!" Kim said, hugging her boyfriend warmly. Tommy gladly returned the hug. Also, Tamara happily wrapped her arms around Keith, and the other Spectrum Enforcers circled Rachel, hugging her and bombarding her with questions. The Sailor Scouts embraced in a warm group hug, welcoming back the scout of Fire.

"What happened to you guys?" asked Mina, "And where's Lita?"

"She's in the Command Center," said Raye quietly, "She's been hurt."

"How badly?" gasped Serena.

"Very," said Amy honestly, "But Zordon and Alpha 5 are working on her right now. Zordon assures me she'll be fine."

"Then, let's go!" said Serena, walking over to the Power Rangers. She tapped Tommy on the shoulder and cleared her throat.

"Uh, excuse me," she said, "I hate to break up the celebration, but could we get back to the Command Center, and check up on Sailor Jupiter?"

"Right," said Tommy, letting go of Kimberly and activating his communicator, "Alpha, can you teleport all of us back?"

* * *

The Spectrum Force, Power Rangers, and Sailor Scouts appeared in the Command Center, where Sailor Jupiter stood beside Alpha 5. All the scouts gasped as Lita smiled and waved at them.

"Lita!" shrieked Serena, wrapping her tall friend in a warm hug, "You're alive!!"

"Of course I am," said Lita with a laugh, "Nothing can keep Sailor Jupiter down!"

"Amazing," said Amy, turning to Zordon and Alpha, "You really have remarkable technology."

"Aw, thanks," said Alpha modestly, "Oh, and by the way, the Sailor Scouts received a message."

"Really?" asked Serena, "From who? Is something wrong in our dimension?"


"We should probably get back," said Sailor Moon, "Now that our job's done here."

"Right," said Amy, "We have to get back to school! Its only about lunch time. We can make it for the second half."

All four other scouts groaned at Amy's statement. Serena huffed.

"Anyway, we should be going. Zordon, can you teleport us back to Tokyo?"


"Can do," said the small robot, immediately getting to work. Zordon smiled down at the Sailor Scouts.


"You got it," said Serena with a smile. A single tear shined in her eyes. "I'm gonna miss you guys."

"The teleporter's ready," announced Alpha, "Whenever you're ready, Sailor Moon."

"Let's go," said Serena, and the Sailor Scouts vanished in five streaks of pink, red, orange, blue, and green light.

"We should be going also," said Rachel, stretching her arms, "Boy, its been a long day!"

"You said it," yawned Keith, "That Solar really was a pain."

"The teleporter's been recalibrated to return you to Langstrum Alps," said Alpha, "Aye yi yi! Take care, Spectrum Force!"


The team all smiled and shook hands with the rangers.

"Until the next Multiversal catastrophe," joked Craig.

"You said it," laughed Rocky, "Its been great meeting you!"

With that, the Spectrum Force vanished in six beams of light, leaving the six Power Rangers, Alpha, and Zordon.

"Well, that was an adventure," said Adam.

"To say the least," said Tommy.

"You guys still didn't tell us what happened to you!" said Aisha. Tommy smiled.

"We will. Over a round of Ernie's milkshakes. My treat."

* * *

In a flash of light, the Sailor Scouts appeared in the exact spot they had left-- by the demolished armored truck in downtown Tokyo. They hid behind the truck and transformed back into heir street clothes.

"There's no place like home!" announced Serena with a smile, "Come on, gang, let's go to the arcade!"

"But Serena," said Amy, "Its only twelve-thirty! We can still make the last three hours of school!"

"Well, we do deserve a break, Amy," said Mina, "After all, we did just fight off Negaverse baddies, as well as Lord Zedd's monster."

"Yeah," said Jupiter, rubbing her ankle, "And I went up against the White Ranger! Not a pretty sight--"

"How did that happen?" asked Mina, as the girls walked back towards the arcade.

"Solar, this telepathic villain, tried to get us to kill each other by manipulating our minds," explained Raye, "Fortunately he failed in making us kill each other."

"Yeah," said Lita, staring off into the sky, "Still, I kinda wish I had more time to spend with him. You know, come to think of it, he reminds me of--"

"You're old boyfriend!" said the four other scouts in unison. They immediately began laughing, much to Lita's consternation.

"You have to admit, he's cute!" yelled Lita.

"All the guys were cute!" said Mina, "But they live in an alternate reality! Talk about your long distance relationship!"

"Speaking of relationships," said Amy, pointing in front of them, "Serena, look who's coming!"

Serena looked up to where Amy pointed, and jumped for joy.

"Darien!" she cried running towards him. The two were locked in a warm embrace, and Darien lifted his short girlfriend off the ground. The other scouts followed, and joined the two lovebirds, along with Luna and Artemis.

"Where have you been!" asked Darien, "We looked everywhere!"

"We were in this town called Angel Grove," started Serena, "and we met these two teams of heroes called the Spectrum Force and the Power Rangers--"

Serena continued to recount the story, while the entire group walked to the arcade for some relaxation.

* * *

In Langstrum Alps, the six Spectrum Enforcers appeared inside Cloud Castle, which hovered high over LA The only inhabitant of the castle, Spectra, greeted the team with a warm smile.

"I see you've found everyone," she said.

"Yeah," said Craig, "and we met another team of young heroes called the Sailor Scouts."

"I wonder how many super teams there are," said Jocelyn.

"Well, wherever there is a powerful evil, there is a mighty good to combat it. It is the balance of power."

"Speaking of power, that Solar guy was amazing," said Keith, "He actually had the power to corrupt our minds!"

"Well, if he had, then you would all still be with him, serving him blindly," she said, standing up from her chair, "You have proven that nothing can conquer the human spirit. Not even infinite power."

"I just hope we never have to deal with anyone like him again!" said Rachel, "Goodbye, Spectra."

The others said their goodbyes, and returned to the Earth. Spectra smiled and gazed out the window, watching the six beams of light return to Langstrum Alps.

"There is so much evil out there, children," said Spectra to herself, "So much you don't know. So many creatures, more diabolical than Phaedra or her daughter. I only pray you never have to deal with them."

* * *

In Angel Grove California, the six Power Rangers enjoy shakes at Ernie's.

"So, what exactly happened to you guys?" asked Kimberly, sipping on a strawberry shake, "I mean, where did that portal take you?"

"To our worst nightmare," said Tommy quietly, "To our greatest test. We were forced to battle other superheroes, like ourselves. I fought Lita, and Adam faced Keith."

"Wow," said Rocky, "Heavy. How did you escape?"

"By not giving into the dark side," said Adam, "And from only using necessary force. We may use fighting in our quest to save Earth, but we never become the attacker. When we do, we cross the line, We become the aggressor, and then, we become the bad guy."

"Facing Solar's manipulation really made me think," said Tommy, "Before, I always worried about my dark side. About the evil that controlled me when I was Rita's Green Ranger. I thought I had conquered my dark side, but that's not true. We all have dark sides, and they're always with us. We can't destroy them-- they're what make us human. Capable of good as well as evil. And sometimes, there's a fine line between the two. The only way to go is to listen to your conscience. Your conscience can never steer ya wrong."

"Amen to that," said Aisha, "Amen to that."