Power Rangers Nitro
by: William Duff

"Turbo's end"
Part 1

(Power Chamber)

It all start on a summer day in the year 1998. The Sirens go off in the Power Chamber, " Yo-Yo-Yo what's going on?" Says Alpha 6.

" Alpha Clam down and call the Rangers." Dimitria tells him

" Right away." Alpha says

(Angel Grove Park)

At the Park Tommy, Adam, and Justin play some Basketball while Kat , Tanya, and some other girls play volleyball. As all of the Rangers go to rest on the hill there secret communicators beep, " Come in Alpha." Tommy says.

" Yo-Yo-Yo we have a problem teleport to the Power Chamber right away!" Alpha yells.

" On are way." Tommy says as they reach down and press the teleport button on there communicators and teleport away in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink colored light. What the Rangers didn't know was when they teleported they were Zipped by a beam from Divatox to remove there powers.

(Power Chamber)

The Rangers Appear in the Power Chamber. " What is it Alpha?" Kat asks.

" There is a Monster in Downtown Angel Grove." Alpha says.

" Ok......Shift Into Turbo!" Tommy yells as the put there Turbo shifters in front of them. Nothing happens, " Hey what's going on?" Justin asks.

" I thought something like this may happen, So Alpha and I have been working on a new power." Dimitria tells them. Alpha wheels out a cart with 7 objects that looked like there turbo shifters combined with there Zeonizers.

" There are 7 and only 5 rangers so we will find rangers to get the other two powers." Dimitria says. The rangers grab the new Nitro Accelerators.

" Tommy you are the Red Nitro Ranger, Red Strike." Dimitria says.

" Tanya you are the Yellow Nitro Ranger, Dune Storm." Alpha says.

" Adam you are the Green Nitro Ranger, Desert Wind." Dimitria says.

" Kat you are the Pink Nitro Ranger, Wind Maker." Alpha says.

" Justin you are the Blue Nitro Ranger, Mountain Crusher." Dimitria says.

" This rules, Lets do it!" Tommy yells. all together they yell, " Nitro powers Accelerate!" They rise there hands in front of them but nothing happens.

" What happened?" Adam asks.

" Just as I had feared the beam that took your powers made it so you can't get new ones." Dimitria tells them. They all look at each other then look at Dimitria and alpha, " So you mean no More Power Rangers?" Justin asks.

" I'm afraid so.........." afraid says.

Part 2

Now that the Rangers had lost there powers Dimitria and Alpha searched for new rangers but it wouldn't be until the year 2042 when 7 teens found there way into what was left of the Power Chamber after what Divatox, Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Machine Emperor had done since they joined sides.

(Power Chamber)

A dime glow in the Power Chamber showed the 7 teens where to go. The one Scott Carter pressed a button on a control panel. An alarm goes off and I robot with a head like two pie pans came running out yelling, " Yo-Yo-Yo thanks for waking me from that nightmare."

" Your welcome and what are you may I ask?" William Duff asks the small robot.

" May name is Alpha 6 cyberborg here to help Dimitria and the Power Rangers." Alpha tells them.

" Power Rangers?" Kathy McGee asks.

" I heard of them my Uncle Bulk told me about them." Terry Johnson says.

" They are a Super Hero Fighting Team." Alpha tells them.

As then sit there listening to Alpha tell them everything William said something, " Hey Scott can help Alpha get Cherbourg back?" William asks him.

" I'll try, Will." Scott says as him and Alpha walk over to the control panel.

As Scott and Alpha press buttons a faded image appeared in the tube that was badly cracked. The image started to turn in to the form of a women in faded white cloths as she started to speak, " Alpha is that you?"

" Yes, Cherbourg I think we have found are new Rangers." Alpha says.

" Really?" Cherbourg asks.

" Wait a minute that's Dimitria?" Brad Stevens asks.

" Yes it is, well Dimitria there are 7 of them and they are very skill full." Alpha says.

" Wait your talking about us." Mark Bell says.

" Yes I am." Alpha says.

" No way I'm outta here!" Kelly shootz yells.

" Get back here, Now." William orders.

" Yes, commander" She says as she walks back to sit down.

With that Alpha Walks out of a Darkened area of the Power Chamber with a cart witch still held the Nitro Accelerators, " These are the Nitro Accelerators use them to become the Power Rangers." Dimitria tells them. They Grab the Accelerators.

" Terry you are the Red Nitro Ranger, Red Strike." Dimitria says.

" Kelly you are the Yellow Nitro Ranger, Dune Storm." Alpha says.

" Mark you are the Green Nitro Ranger, Desert Wind." Dimitria says.

" Kathy you are the Pink Nitro Ranger, Wind Maker." Alpha Says.

" Scott you are the Blue Nitro Ranger, Mountain Crusher." Dimitria says.

" William you are the Gold Nitro Ranger and leader, Golden Streak." Alpha says.

" Brad you are the Silver Nitro Ranger and Second in Command, Silver Bolt." Dimitria says.

They stand there morphed looking at each other and there selves, " This Rules." Scott says.

" Yeah" they all say together.

" Together you form the Power Rangers Nitro the next in a long line of super human fighting teams." moped tells them.

They form a circle and join hands. William and Brad nod there heads together as if they are one. They all jump up and yell, " Power Rangers!!!!"

Part 3


" Goldar get in here!" Zedd yells. The Gold armored monkey walks into the room, " Yes, My masters." Goldar says as he bows to Zedd, Rita, Divatox, and Mondo.

" Go down to earth and kill the Nitro Rangers before they do any harm." Mondo says.

" Yes, my master." Goldar says as he teleports away.

(Power Chamber)

At the power chamber the Rangers work to clean up and fix everything The new U.A.E did. The Alarm goes off filling the Chamber in a red glow. Alpha walks over to a control panel, " Goldar has come to earth you must stop him."

" You got it, Nitro Powers Accelerate!" William Yells.

" Mountain Crusher Nitro Power!" Scott yells.

" Desert Wind Nitro Power!" Mark yells.

" Dune Storm Nitro Power!" Kelly yells.

" Wind Maker Nitro Power!" Kathy yells.

" Red Strike Nitro Power!" Terry yells.

" Silver Bolt Nitro Power!" Brad yells.

" Golden Streak Nitro Power!" William yells.

(What's left of downtown Angel Grove)

As Goldar sits and waits for the Rangers just a little ways away from him the Rangers land, " Now where is that Gold Monkey" William says.

" Right here Gold Ranger!" Goldar yells. The Rangers look at him and see that he looks like he is in his late 100s, " Your going down old man." Brad says and runs for Goldar with his Pitch Fork in hand. Goldar has his sword in hand and cuts the Pitch Fork in half and kicks brad away, " Hey no fair." Brad says as he runs and kicks Goldar.

" My turn, Nitro Hand Blasters!" Scott yells. He shots Goldar destroying his sword. Terry runs and cuts Goldar's face with his sword but Goldar punches him throwing him back. They all call on there weapons and join them together, " Nitro blaster fire!" They all say together as a beam of power flies toward Goldar.

"Owww!!!!" Goldar cries out in pain.

" Your not dead yet?" William asks as he grabs his Daggers and runs toward him.

" You can't kill me." Goldar says as William stabs him in the chest making him bleed to death. The Rangers teleport back to the command center and finish there work.


On the Moon everyone one but Scorpina and Goldar's only son don't care about what happened, " Mother." Goldar's son says.

" Yes dear?" Scorpina asks her son.

" I will kill the Power Rangers for father." Goldar's son tells her.

" Good my son, very good." She says as they walk out of the room.

Part 4

" Ok, Scott I'm ready!" William Yells as he puts his hand on a Lever.

" Ok, Now!" Scott Yells. William pulls the Lever down to the word ON. All the Lights in the Power Chamber turn on and the Computers Reboot, " Yes were finished" Terry says.

" Great now we can see even out side Angel Grove so we will always be ready" Gold's says. They sit and put files in the Computers for almost an hour when Alpha walks away, " Alpha where you going?" Kathy asks.

" Oh now that the Computers are back on-line I have a few things I need to do, I'll be back soon," Alpha says as he disappears into the Zord Holding Bay, " I wonder what he is up to" Kelly asks.

" I don't know, Wish I did" Brad says. The sirens in the power chamber go off filling it in a red glow, " I think we have Trouble" Scott says as he walks over to the computer. Scott press a few buttons, " One of the U.A.E's monsters is attacking downtown Angel Grove" Scott tells them.

" There's still People in that part of Angel Grove" Terry says.

" Lets do it, Nitro Powers Accelerate!" William Yells. They Rise there Accelerators in front of them.

" Mountain Crusher, Nitro Power!" Scott Yells.

" Desert Wind, Nitro Power!" Mark Yells.

" Dune Storm, Nitro Power!" Lauren Yells.

" Wind Maker, Nitro Power!" Kathy Yells.

" Red Strike, Nitro Power!" Terry Yells.

" Silver Bolt, Nitro Power!" Brad Yells.

" Golden Streak, Nitro Power!" William Yells. The now morphed Rangers Teleport to Angel Grove.

(Angel Grove)

As the Monster attacks people the Rangers teleport in, " Hey Ugly over here!" Mark yells. The Monster looks over at the Rangers and Attacks.

(Power Chamber)

While the Rangers fight the Monster a Dark figure appears from inside the Zord Holding Bay. The figure was a Ranger dress in Black Armor, " Welcome Black Ranger, Your Arrival is a big Surprise" moped says.

" I'm glad to be here" The Ranger says.

" Great now you must get to where the others are and stop that monster." Alpha Says.

" You got it, Teleporting now." The Ranger says. He teleports out in Black light.

(Angle Grove)

The Rangers fight the Monster and were not really winning, " Man this thing is hard" Brad Says.

" I know just hang in there we can't let him win" William says. A Black light appears behind the monster, The light forms into a figure. The Figure runs toward the Monster kicking it giving the Rangers time to call on there Weapons.

The Rangers fight the monster with there Weapons giving the Black Ranger time to get his Weapon, " Phantom Blade!" The Ranger yells as a Black ax with a Silver and Gold tint forms in his hands. The Ranger runs toward the monster Fighting it while the other Rangers form the Nitro blaster but it wouldn't work at first. The Black Ranger ran over and place the Black ax's handle in a small slot on the back of the blaster, " Power Rangers Lock on and Fire!" They all Yell at the same time.

The Blaster destroys the monster. The Rangers look at the new Ranger, " Who are you?" William asks.

" Come back to the Power Chamber and you will find out" The Ranger says as they all teleport out.

(Power Chamber)

Back at the Power Chamber the Rangers Gather Around the Black Ranger, " Now who are you?" William asks again.

" I will show you." The Black Ranger says. He removes his Helmet to show the face of Anthony Leong, " Ant, I thought you were dead?" William looks at him in Surprise.

" not dead knocked out" Anthony says smiling. they all walk up to him smiling.

Part 5

As we enter this part of the story we find that two of the Rangers have been killed. Mark and Lauren were Killed by Rito and Goldar's son Kalomar.

((Power Chamber))

" Rito is mine" William says as he slams his fist into his hand. Scott sits in front of a computer screen looking for replacements, " I think I found what were looking for" He says.

" Well?" Kathy asks.

" A new Yellow Ranger, Her name is Mindy Folio" Scott tells them.

" Teleport her here." William says.

" You got it Commander." Scott says as he turns around and presses a few buttons. A beam of Yellow light appears, " Hey what happened last thing I know I'm at the gym and then here where ever here is" She says. She looks around and hears a voice.

" Welcome Mindy." William walks out smiling with his hand ready to shake hers.

" Who are you and where is this?" Mindy asks him as four more people walk out. Mindy looks at all of them, " Where the hell am I and who the hell are all you people?" She asks.

" We are the Power Rangers." Brad says.

" Really?" Mindy asks as she looks up at Dimitria's tube. Dimitria's appears, " Yes they are the Power Rangers." She says. Mindy's eyes widen and she passes out. About an hour later they finally get Mindy awake, " Mindy we need your help" William tells her.

" With....with what your the P..Pow...Power....Power Ran...Power Rang...Power Rangers." She says.

" Yes but were not a full team we have lost two Rangers Yellow and Green we need you to take the Yellow Powers" Brad tells her.

" You want me to be the yellow ranger?" She says as Scott helps her up off the Floor.

" Yes" William says.

" Sure, But didn't you say there's another ranger Ummm.......Green" She says.

" Yes, but we haven't found some one to replace him yet" Brad says.

" I know the perfect person, His name is Ronald Christian" She tells them.

" Ok" Scott says as he walks over to the computer presses a few buttons. A beam of green light appears and forms into Ronald, " Ron!" Mindy says as she runs over to him.

" Mindy are you ok?" Ron asks.

" Yes I'm just fine, Ron I want you to meet the Power Rangers they want us to be new rangers" Mindy Tells him.

" Really?" Ron asks.

" Yes Really" William says as he goes to shake Ron's hand. They shake hands and Ron & Mindy pick up the Green and Yellow accelerators, " Ron you are the Green Nitro Ranger, Mindy you are the Yellow Nitro Ranger" William says.

" This rules" Ron says.

" Yeah" Mindy agrees. The Rangers greet there new team meets and Anthony walks out of the Zord Holding Bay.

" Mindy, Ron this is Anthony he is the Black Nitro Ranger he is a very dear friend and he is your Teammate so get to know him well it will help with the team" William says.

" Hey Mindy, Hey Ron" Anthony says.

" Hey" They both say together. Now that the team was back together every one but The New U.A.E was happy.


" I'm going to kill the Power Rangers one day" Zedd says.

" Zeddy Shut up you say that all the time and you haven't yet so SHUT UP!" Rita yells.

" I did once I can do it again..." Zedd says while he laughed mockingly.

Part 6

(Power Chamber)

A girl walks in to the Power Chamber. She walks around for a while and yells, " Hello, anyone here?!"

" Yes, I am" Anthony says Walking out from the dark.

" Who.....Who....Who are you?" The Girl asks.

" My name is Anthony, what's yours?" He asks her.

" My name is Serena Smith" Serena says.

" Why are you here?" Anthony asks.

" I'm trying to get out of the meteor blasts" Serena says. They hear a loud BOOM, and Mindy walks out, " Hey what's going on?" she asks.

" Meteor shower, go back to bed" Anthony says.

" Ok" Mindy says walking back to her room. There is another blast closer this time making Serena run over to Anthony. She trips falling in to his armies, " Wow that was fast" Anthony says jokingly. She looks up at him, " haha, very funny" she says.

" I thought it was" He says looking down at her smiling, " You know your very Pretty" Anthony says.

" Thank you, I think" Serena says jokingly. They look in to each others eyes, " Ummmm.........how what" Anthony asks.

" How about this....." she says getting up and kissing him on the lips. William and Kathy walk out to see them kissing. William puts his arm around Kathy and Kathy puts her head on his shoulder.

Part 7


A Dark Figure walked in to the Chamber of Evil, The Figure had one face in front of his head and one on each side of his head, "Daddy?" Rita asks to the Figure.

" Yes, Master Vile has returned" Vile Says.

" Oh Goody" Zedd says sarcastically.

" Daddy!" Rita and Rito say together. As Master Vile walked about he heard a voice that he had not heard in a long time. He looks over to see his old friend Divatox, " D?" He asks in his Deep Evil Voice.

" Vile!" Divatox yells, "How long has it been two, three centuries?" she asks.

" Four if I'm right" Vile says. They go over old times and then send down a powerful monster.

(power chamber)

The Rangers and there new friend Serena work on a project to help them in there next battle. Sadly Serena must wait before she can fight along side the rangers for her, Dimitria, and Alpha work on a top secret project, " I think there finished" Terry tells them.

" Cool, lets see them" William says. From the Zord holding bay 8 cars roll out, " They look awesome" Anthony says.

" Yeah but we only use them if needed" Brad says.

" Brad's right" William says.

" I know they just rule" Anthony says. As the rangers look at there cars a White Figure appeared at the opening of the Holding bay. The Figure wore a White helmet with a car grill working on it, the figure wore full White Armor and like all the other rangers there was a shield over the chest with a ghost like looking thing, " Who are you?" Anthony asks. The Figure removed her helmet to show the face of Serena, " Hi guys I'm the White Ranger" She tells them.

" Wow, two great things in one day" William says.

" You look great Serena" Anthony says as his jaw drops.

" Thanks" She says Smiling. From in the back of the holding bay a White car rolls out, " Serena, What is it's name?" Anthony asks.

" It's name Anthony, Is Soul Rider" Serena says, " It can combine with yours and make a second MegaZord" she says.

" Sweeettt!" Brad says. The alarm in the Chamber goes off, "Rangers we have a new problem, Master Vile has sent down a monster to destroy you and he is challenging the black and white rangers" Dimitria says.

" Whose Master Vile? and How did he find out about the White Ranger when we didn't?" Kathy says

" The field blocking the Power Chamber is still weak so he can see in," Sweet says," And Master Vile is the father of Rita and Rito."

" Great now we have to face there father" Brad says.

" Nope just the Black and White have to" Alpha Says.

" Ok, Serena you ready?" Anthony asks.

" As I'll ever be" Serena says looking at him.

" Ok, Nitro Powers Accelerate!" Anthony yells. They pull out there Nitro Accelerators put them in front of there face press the button there crystal pops out and glows bright in there color. " Phantom Racer, Nitro Power!" Anthony Yells.

" Soul Rider, Nitro Power!" Serena Yells. As the two armored figures teleported out Kathy says," I hope they'll be all right."

(What's left of Angel Grove)

The Rangers teleport in just a little away from the monster. The Monster turns and faces them, " I will take you Rangers down!" The Monster yells.

" Yeah right" Serena makes a funny face. The Monster ran toward them but they still had time to call on there weapons, " Phantom Ax!" Anthony yells and a Black beam shot from the sky through his hands and formed a Black Ax.

" Soul Blaster!" Serena yells and aims her hands at the Monster as a White beam shot from the Background through her hands and into the monster forming a Large Single White Gun. As Serena and Anthony fight the monster they realize there not winning, " Serena, U..... I think it's time to bring out the big gun!" Anthony yells over the Booms and Pops of the fires.

" I think your right" Serena Answers. Anthony lifted up the ax run toward Serena, at the same time Serena points the Blaster at the Monster. Anthony stops next to Serena and slams the ax down on the blaster the blade pointing up and to the back of the gun. As the ax hits the gun little hooks pop out of the gun and through the ax lock them together.

Anthony and Serena aims the newly formed Ghost Cannon at the monster Anthony yells, " Ghost Cannon, lock on and Fire!" With that a beam fires from the cannon hitting the monster right in the Chest. The monster falls to the ground down but not out.


" No!" Zedd yells, " Mondo, Rita, Divatox, Vile get in here this monster needs to grow!"

They all run into the Chamber, Mondo, Rita, and Zedd left there staffs join them together and fires a beam at the monster. Divatox and Vile join hands and fire energy out of the hands that are free and hit the monster.

(what's left of Angel Grove)

The Beams hit the Monster and it starts to grow larger and larger as it finally reaches nine stories tall, " Uh Oh, I think we need the Zords" Serena says.

" I have this funny feeling your right" Anthony comments. Anthony and Serena pull out the Crystal like Key out of there Accelerators. They Throw the Crystal into the air, the Crystals glow there Ranger colors and shot little orbs of power at the ground. The Zords look as if the form right from the ground A Black NASCAR mixed with A Black Indy car appears, next to it appears A White Car that looks like Red Lighting.

They Roll up in front of Anthony and Serena, They get in and make the cars grow and with that large cannons and guns appear on the Cars. The Rangers drive there cars toward the Monster firing all Guns and Cannons. The Monster falls to the ground and Blows Up.

(Power Chamber)

The Rangers honor there friends, " Way to go you two" William Says.

" Yeah" The others say.

" Hey all in a days work, Now I need some sleep" Anthony says as he walks to his room Serena flows him. They Stand in front of Anthony's room, Anthony reaches down and kisses her on the lips and they hold on to each other for about one minute and they let go. " Good Night, Anthony" Serena says walks towards her room.

" Good Night, Serena" Anthony says as he walks into his room. Lays down and turns off the lights.

( Moon)

Zedd holds his head down in shame, " Next time we'll get those Rangers" Vile says slamming his fist on a pole braking it in half.

Part 8 - Test of Love


Divatox screams, The others run in, " What is it D?" Vile asks.

" The Rangers they beat another monster!!" Divatox yells.

" Of course, they always do" Zedd Says. Rito walks in and sees them all standing around," What's going on?"

" The Rangers defeated another Monster that's all" Rita tells him.

" Oh.....Oh, Oh I have an idea!!" Rito yells.

" Oh Shut up you idiot!" Zedd Yells.

" Don't talk to my brother that way" Rita says.

" Speak up Rito what is your idea?" Vile Says. Rito says something but then walks over to talk to Finster and Finster Nods as he understands. Finster walks back into his lab to make a Love potion.

(Power Chamber)

At the Power Chamber William and Kathy try to have a Romantic evening together, " William this night has been great" Kathy says.

" I most agree, Alpha is a Great cook too" William says laughing at the comment. Kathy joins him in the Humor. The alarm goes off in the Power Chamber and 6 P.J. wearing Rangers walk out of the living area witch holds there rooms. Scott walks over to the main Computer, " Great Rito is on Earth, Trying to get......Will's, Kathy's, Serena's, and Anthony's attention."

" Well then lets give him what he wants" William says.

" I'm going to hurt him for crashing our evening" Kathy says.

" I'm going to rip his heart out, For what he did to Mark and Kelly" Anthony says.

" Oh...I'm going to kick his butt so bad for waking me up so early" Serena says. They twist there wrists and there Nitro Accelerators appear, They lock them together and call, " Golden Streak, Nitro Power!" William Yells.

" Wind Maker, Nitro Power!" Kathy Yells.

" Phantom Racer, Nitro Power!" Anthony Yells.

" Soul Rider, Nitro Power!" Serena Yells. They teleport out in there Respective Colors.

(Mid-Town Angel Grove)

They Rangers teleport in and Rito stand there, Then Attacks, " I'll rip you apart Ranger" He says.

" Try it, Bone Bag'' William says mocking him. Rito runs and pulls out a small bottle the Rangers don't see, He throws it on William and Serena.

" Yes, Bye-Bye Rangers" Rito says as he teleports out.

" Chicken!" Anthony Yells.

" Lay off him" Serena says as they teleport back.

(Power Chamber)

The Rangers teleport in, " Your taking Rito side?" Anthony asks.

" No I just think you should lay off" Serena says as she walks back to her room. The others go back to there rooms as well.

Late that night two figures walk through the Hallways, " I'll take care of Alpha, You take care of runs" The male figure says.

" Ok" The Female figure says. The Male figure walks over and rips Alpha's Double Pie Pan head right off. The Female figure walks over and presses a few buttons and Dimitria's tube lights up and then goes black. The two Figures teleport out.

The New day the Rangers walk out to the Main chamber and are not greeted by Alpha like normal yet Scott kicks his head while walking, " AHH!!" Kathy screams at the Evil scene witch lies in front of them. AH tube was as Black as Night, As the Rangers walk the alarm goes off. The Rangers see the Gold and White Rangers standing calling the others, The Rangers Teleport Morphed to the Old Angel Grove Park.

(Old Angel Grove Park)

The two Rangers Stand Morphed behind Mutions witch are mixes of Putties, Tengus, Cogs, and Prionatrons. The Two Rangers are chained up on poles, " Come on you Freaks!" Terry yells at the Mutions. As the Rangers fight the Mutions off in the far Background a little dog like looking figure hides behind a rock, His name is Finster. Finster teleports to the Rangers Power Chamber and fixes Alpha and Dimitria he is sick of Rita and Zedd so he is going to help the Rangers.

The Rangers Finnish off the Mutions they go to help there Friends, The two chained Rangers break the Chains and Attack the other Rangers, "You will Die Red Ranger!" William Yells in an Evil voice. As the Rangers fight Anthony and Kathy stable away from the Group and meet up with Finster, '' Rangers I'm a Friend I know how to save them you have to show your love for them only you two can do it" Finster tells them.

" Ok" they both Nod. Finster teleports back to the Chamber. The Rangers fight there long time friends, " Die red ranger Die!!!" William yells as he slams his two daggers together to form a Gold Long Sword. As he fights with the Red Ranger he stabs the Sword through him, His blood dripping from the Sword the last words he will ever hear are, " Good Night my friend" William says as he removes the Sword from him. He falls to his knees covering the newly made wound as his blood spills on to his hands. The Gold Ranger returns the Sword to it's Holder as the Red Ranger teleports away, He turns around and Kathy slams her arrow shooter into his head knocking him out. She removes his helmet.

On the other side of the fight Anthony does the same with his ax to Serena removing her helmet. Now that there Helmets are removed Kathy kisses William, Anthony kisses Serena. William glows Gold and Serena glows White, " What....What happened?" They ask at the sometime, Kathy and Anthony just smile.

All the Rangers teleport back to the Chamber

(Power Chamber)

At the Power Chamber the Rangers teleport in to a scene like they would never had thought of as Terry lies on a table Demorphed Chest covered in blood. William walks over and knells down garbing his hand, " Forgive me my Friend, Please Forgive me."

Part 9 - ((Blood Red))

(Power Chamber)

As William tries to get forgiveness from what ever God is left, a Young Man not older the 16 runs into the Power Chamber's Main Chamber looking for a place to get away from the Blood shed he just saw, " Hello, May I help you?" Brad asked.

" Hi, and I don't think there is anything you can help me with.." The Young Man said.

" May I ask your name?" Mindy asked as she looked at him in her Yellow armor.

" Um.... My name is, Derek Johnson..." The Young Man told them.

" Well, Welcome Derek, You have come at a good time..." Scott told him.

" Oh Really? and what would that be?" Derek asked as he looked at the bloody body.

" We need a new Red Ranger" William told him as he stands up from the floor.

" Cool, Sure I'll take it" Derek said.

" Great.." Finster said as he enters from the Zord holding bay. As the Rangers greet there new found friend Dimitria speaks up, " Rangers, Does not our Friend bring us a gift?"

" Shut up with the Questions!!" They all said not counting Derek.

" As a matter of fact I do have something for you Rangers" Derek said as he took out nine letter Xs in each Rangers color, "These are Xtreme chips, I found them" He said as he hands one to each Ranger, " They should help in battle."

" Cool!" Brad said.

" Yes!" Ron yelled.

" Sweet!" Kathy called.

" To the Xtreme!" William said making everyone laugh. As the Rangers test there new Powers the Alpha called them to the Main Chamber.

" What's up, six?" William asked.

" Rangers you must go on a quest for a new Friend, Finster will join you he once new him." Alpha told them.

" Ok, Lets go" William said.

" William you can not, only Finster and the other Rangers" Alpha told him.

" OK" William nodded in agreement. As Alpha starts to teleport the other Rangers away, Kathy runs over and kisses William, " For luck" she said, and that was the last time he would ever see her again and the last time any of them would see William again, Alive......

Chapter Ten

(Golden Blood)

(Power Chamber)

As William sits on the steps of the Main Chamber area he goes through what has happened in the month, becoming a Ranger, his old friend Anthony becomes a Ranger, his friends Kelly and Mark died, Anthony finding Serena and them falling in love, and the saddest of all him killing one of his best friends Terry.

Alpha worked busily at the computer while Dimitria thought of new questions. William just sat demorphed on the stairs watching the others grow closer to a desert like planet could Battlea, The home of a warrior like none on earth. He was smart too, he had taken the Zeo sub-crystals and put them back together and forming the Zeo Crystal. He later made the Crystal so small he could wear it around his neck as a necklace, he doesn't use one of the ranger colors and he has no helmet. He wears white armor and can call on every weapon.

William longed to be part of there group, but wondered why Alpha and Dimitria kept him on Earth.


As Zedd watched the colored lights fly out of sight, Master Vile appears in the Chamber. Vile walks over to Zedd and puts his hand on his shoulder as if Zedd was having a problem, "I have an idea but only you can help me this time" Vile said.

" I don't want to do this but OK, What is your Idea?" Zedd asked.

" I'm going to bring my Father out of the depths of Hell" Vile said.

" What?!?" Zedd asked.

" You'll see" Vile said as he raised staff and pointed to earth. A beam of dark energy fired at earth, Where the beam hit a fiery uproar appears as three dark souls leave the fire and head to the moon. Back on the Moon the three souls land one forms a being known as Rock a stone creature one of many offsprings of Vile's father. The second soul lands and forms into Black Widow a sexy female who was once Vile's lover. The last Soul a large soul the darkest of them all lands and forms a creature so evil he has taken over Hell and made it his own, His name Dark Specter. Dark Specter speaks, " Son, you have brought me back and I have a gift for you."

" Oh really, What is it?" Vile asked.

" Her" He said as he pointed to Black Widow. Zedd stands there his visor glowing bright Red as he looks at the sexy Black Widow, who is wearing a blood red two piece swimsuit the bottom was a Brazilian cut.

(Power Chamber)

As William sits the alarms go off in the Power Chamber, " What the hell, what's going on?" William asked in shock.

" It is a hole in the Earth's crust" Alpha said.

" Should you not go check it out William?" Dimitria asked.

" Oh Shut Up!!" William and Alpha yelled at the same time.

" Ok" Dimitria said eyes wide.

" Yes I'll go see what it is" William says as he morphs.

"Golden Streak, Nitro Powers" He called as the Key like Crystal entered what looked like where you would put the key for your car which was on his right wrist. He teleports to where the fire is.


William lands and sees the Fire, He pulls out a small box that really is a scanner and does scans on the fire, " Alpha come in" William said into his communicator inside his helmet.

" Yo, This is Alpha what's going on down there, Over" Alpha said.

" Well I'm getting tons of Radiation on my scanner and well my armor is melting, Over" William said as he does more scans.

" Mind saying that again normally, Over" Alpha said.

" I said, It's hotter then Hell down here, Over" William said.

" Oh ok keep scanning, I'm trying to find out where it came from, Over" Alpha said.

" Ok, Over and out" William said.


Back on the Moon Dark Specter and Vile go through old times. Dark specter jumps up and runs over to the window and looks at William scanning the fire up-roar, " What is that?" Dark Specter said as he pointed down at the Gold armored William.

" That Father is a Power Ranger one of many they are the reason I gave you another chance, if you can't beat them hope is lost for evil" Vile said to him.

" Oh, That means I will need a warrior" Dark Specter said.

" Pick me Dad, Pick me!" Rock said jumping up and down. Dark specter looks around the room, " No Son."

Rock goes over and sits in Zedd's Chair. As Dark Specter looks more harder, Zedd runs over toward Rock, "You!" Dark Specter said while pointing at Zedd, "You will be my Warrior" He said to Zedd as he rised his hands. The now rised hands of Dark Specter point at Zedd, " From all that is Evil give this weak body power beyond his own make him Super Zedd!" He says. Bolts of Black power shoot at Zedd, Zedd's arms and legs start to grow more powerful breaking the Iron Exo-Skeleton off him. The tubes in his arms and legs fly out of him like plugs being unplugged, Zedd's now metalless body stands infront of them as a Gold and Silver metal covers his body like his Exo-Skelaton once did.

" Meet Super Lord Zedd, Better known as Super Zedd" Dark Specter said as he laughed at the Ranger down on Earth, " Now go and Rip that Gold Ranger in two!" Dark Specter said as him, Rock, and Vile all laughed.


As William continues to scan the flames a beam of dark power lands infront of him, " What the Hell?!?" William yelled his question. From the Dark energy a figure that looked like Zedd appeared, "Zedd? is that you?" William asked as he looked out through his visor at the Huge Monster that stand before him.

" Not Zedd, But Super Zedd.......Now it is your turn to die" Super Zedd bellowed as his fingers turn to little spinning saw blades. William pulls out one of his Daggers and falls into a fighting stance. As William looks at Zedd's new black visor he feels as though it is ripping the soul right out of his body, Zedd charges William with the saw like fingers out. William rises his dagger and cuts one of the many tubes on Super Zedd's body, The tube shots a black chemical which fixes the tube like magic. William looks shocked, "No why."

" Now Gold Ranger it's time to die!" Super Zedd yelled as his visor glows bright.

" Yeah right" William said as he pulled out his other dagger. He slams both daggers together to form his long sword. Zedd runs forward cutting William's armor, "Hey this stuff ain't cheap!" William yelled.

" So?" Super Zedd asked as he grabs William's Sword and breaks it in half, "Thats what I'm going to do to you" Super Zedd said as he picks William up.

" Put me down metal head!" William yelled.

" Sticks and Stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me" Zedd jokes. William quietly says he's demorphing code, His armor removes and his Nitro Accelerator teleports back to the Power Chamber.

" Bad Idea Goldie" Zedd told him as he pulls William's legs father and father away from his head, pretty much he was Ripping him in two. As the blood drips on to Zedd's brain and arms William's skin stretches he screams in pain. The sound of Bones snapping can't be heard over the volume of the flaming uproar. As Zedd finshes William he looks very happy with himself, he teleports leaving William's body laying on the ground.

William's soul leaves his body it flies toward the Power Chamber.

(Power Chamber)

As Alpha worked to find a way to save William's Soul, Dimtera sits and watches William's soul pace back and forth, " William i know what you can do" Alpha said.

" What Alpha?" William could hardly get out.

" You could control the Zords" Alpha Said, William understood and slipped into eight souls and entered each Zord. A Screen showed William's face, " Now William when the Rangers form the Mega Nitro Zord you will have a full body and not just eight parts" Alpha told him.

" Cool an Iron Body what i always wanted" William said as he shook his computerized head. As William got use to his new Zord Body he thought of what he was going to say to Kathy.


It's Coming......

As the Rangers Grow Ever Closer to Battlea they are Growing ever closer to a fight like no other...........

Battle of Battlea ~ mini-series

Chapter 11 - Battle of Battlea
{Part 1}

As eight beams of colored light land and form into eight humans, two of witch young beautiful woman. As they walked across an almost endless desert the young man dressed in Black and silver Spoke, " Ok, we have to find the city of Ipsilon."

" Right, but Brad how do we find it?" One of the young woman, the one in Pink and Black, Asked.

"Maybe we can help!" an unknown voice said. The eight turn to see who it was as they felt cold steel hit there foreheads.


As Red blood with a silver tint rolls down Brad's face he think of what they were here for? What is going on with Will? Why am i bleeding? Where am I? and most important, What the Hell was that sound? As Brad heard footsteps he thought who might that be, and if to answer he's question he heard a voice, a rough one that sounded as if it's owner heard a snake down his throat, " Wake up human!" the voice said with a raciest tone.

As Brad opened his eyes they locked on a half human, half Snake alien. His only words were, " What the Hell are you?"

" My name is Mike and I'm a Sub-Grounded" The Thing said.

" Well Mike why am i in this cell?!?!" Brad asked angrily.

" Your from Earth we know how war like your people are" Mike told him.

As Brad listen to a story about humans he started falling asleep on the hard cell bed, Mike walked off as Brad's eyes closed and he layed down. As Brad slept he dreamed of fighting Mike, he was morphed holding his pitch fork in one hand.

As Brad ran toward Mike, Mike pulled out a large sword and slices it down at Brad. Brad awoke to find himself in the cell still the sun had not come up yet, Brad yelled down the hall of the jail, " Hello is anyone there?" Brad could hear a few words being mumbled as mike walked down the hall.

" Yes Human, what do you want on this prefect morning?" Mike asked in a kind voice, reassuring Brad that he was more of a guest then a prisoner.

" Um.. i was just wondering when breakfast was" Brad said neverously

" About an Hour and a Half, Earth time" Mike told him.

" Ok thanks, i guess I'll just lay back down" Brad said and layed back down on the hard bed.

In another part of the jail a young woman no more then 15 years old sit quietly on the hard bed of her cell. A Half Cat, Half Human woman brings the Young woman a dish of food, an odd looking fish. The young woman looks at the fish, " What is it?"

" It's a rare fish, i slipped it in for you, It's real good Kathy" The Cat woman said.

" Thanks Lisa" Kathy said.

" No Problem" Lisa responded smiling, "Well i better be going, Be good."

" Ok Bye" Kathy said starting to eat the Fish.

" Bye" Lisa said fading into the darkness.

As the day went by, Kathy and Brad meet up with the others, " So how was everyone's night?" asked Brad

" Fine" the eight of them said together. A loud tone is heard as a voice booms across the court yard, " Everyone back to your cells, That is all thank you" the massage repeated in many different languages.

Power Rangers Nitro
Part 2 Battle of Battlea
(Red Stained Blades)

The next day Derek awoke to a loud noise that sounded like cheering. He sat in the corner of the cell scared of what was outside and still trying to get his head straight, a tall creature walked up to the Bars. The thing looked at least 6 foot maybe more, with a metal arm, and wings like a bat.

" Who are you, at that matter what are you?" Derek asked terrified.

" My name is Leo, I am a Gate Keeper," Leo opens the cage " It's your turn."

As they walked down a long narrow hallway, Derek could see people and weird aliens sitting in cells scared to death. At the end the of the hall was a large metal table, with weapons. The weapons had a grid pattern in one color White, but Derek had a weird feeling something was different about them. As Derek looked at the weapons he saw weapons from earth, like Swords and Axes. Derek reached for one of the weapons as he picked it up the grid turned from white to a blood red.

Derek entered a large open area, he looked around seeing nothing but walls and sand. Off on the far side of the arena two large metal doors opened, I small light shown from inside right in the center of the black colorless warp. A well built large white armored figure stepped out onto the white sand, out of no where the figure lifted a sword with shapes down it's blade.

Up on a tall large column an old breaded man waved his hand showing that the fight had begun, the white figure stepped slowing toward Derek. Derek held up the Ax he took hoping to scare his new foe, he was unsuccessful. The figure turned out to be what look human but one thing Derek had learned was not all things are what they appear to be. The figures sword just missed Derek's chest.

Their battle lasted for what seemed like hours, sparks flew as Derek's ax hit the white figure's armor. Derek knew the only way for him to live was to morph but he needed the right time, the time had come he had his opening his foe turned his head.

Derek twists his wrists on each a band that dawned the Nitro logo formed, one had a crystal key on it the other was a box, "Nitro Powers Accelerate!" He stuck the crystal key into a slot of the box giving off a command to start his powers, " Red Strike Nitro Power! Xtreme!" Red armor barring the Nitro logo formed on Derek's body, when it was complete a flash of light made an X turning on the extreme powers. On the Nitro logo was now a red X.

The White armored Warrior did not seem impressed by Derek's display of power, " That armor won't save you" the warrior told Derek in a rough, horse voice.

" Oh yeah, you ain't seen nothin yet" Derek mocked angrily.

"The Hell I haven't!" With those words the Warrior charged Derek cutting his sword down ward, Sparks flew as the metal of the sword hit the Metal of Derek's suit. Derek felt a shock, the armor had blocked the powerful sword for alittle longer letting Derek stay in the battle for awhile longer.

The two Warriors fought it out, Derek's armor was weak his time was running out. One or two more hits could make his armor useless, he had to figure it out, what was making this guy so powerful. Then he saw it a necklace hanging from his opponent's neck, it was six colored crystals small ones. The warrior rised his sword to make the final blow, as fear grow in Derek's eyes the sword changed into a net like object. Derek unmorphed uncontrollably as the warrior threw the net upon him.

"Times up, your mine" the Warrior smiled behind his mask, as he dragged Derek into the dark doorway, they disappeared into the darkness…

Power Ranger Nitro
"Battle of Battlea 'Blue Sparks'"

((Earth, Power Chamber))

"Alpha contact Aquitar, and request the help of the Alien Rangers" Dimtera Said.

"Yo, I am on it" Alpha said as he made his way to the computer.

After about three or four minutes a young lady who was no older then 17 in earth years, appeared on the screen, " This is Samantha Cranston, How may I help you?"

"Samantha this is Dimtera the Rangers of Aquitar are needed on Earth once more" Dimtera explained to the young daughter of Billy Cranston a former ranger.

"The other Ranger and I are on our way, Samantha out…" the feed died as fast as it had been born.


The gate keeper Leo appeared in front of one of the cells in side lie a young man about 16 years of ago, "Wake up human" the sound in Leo's voice was clear and clean, and full of Humanity.

" I do have a name you know" The Man said slightly angered at the comment.

" No I didn't what is it?" Leo asked trying to clam the Young man down.

" It's Scott, Where are my Friends?" Scott asked think it was the worst.

"They are fine, you are" Leo told him hoping not to upset Scott.

"From what?" Scott asked as a bloody body was drag past his cell.

"For the fight, Come now you most chose a weapon" Leo told him as he opened the cell.

Scott and Leo walked down a long hall with a glass ceiling, Scott looked up seeing all the Stars shine bright in the black velvet we call space. Scott returned his view to the front of him, he saw a bright light in front of them. They reached the light and entered a room filled with weapons.

"Choose a weapon, Scott" Leo pointed at a table covered in weapons each one had a white grid pattern. Scott scanned over the weapons, as he looked something caught his eye he stopped to look. He picked up a Cross-Bow from the table, when he did so the White Grid faded and reformed as a blue grid. Scott looked at the weapon, he saw no arrow. He pulled back the string to lock it in place, after the hooks had clicked an energy arrow appeared in place.

Now that Scott had his weapon two large metal doors opened, Inside he saw sand and Sits. He soon figured out that he was in an arena, he stepped forward the feeling of sand between his toes caught him off guard. Scott soon returned to the real world, fear filled his body his whole body went numb. A cage closed behind him, and two doors on the other side of the arena opened. Scott stood there nothing happened he hoped that the fighter had chickened out, he was wrong. A large white armored body flew out of the doors and right towards Scott, Scott aimed the Cross-bow and fired striking the fighter in the knee. He fell to the ground, and stopped moving. Scott slowly walked toward him, but was knocked to the ground faster then he could tell what hit him.

Scott slowly brought himself to his feet, he stabled back and faced his foe. Scott looked around and saw a chance to do what he wanted to, Twisting both wrists two boxes appear. Scott lock a Crystal key in place and yell three magic words, "Nitro Powers Accelerate!" Now A blue armored figure stood before the warrior, "Now the Tides have turned, Nitro Xtreme!" a flash of blue light appears before Scott, now on his Nitro Logo a blue X was printed.

"Nitro Hand Blasters!" Scott yelled calling his weapons to him, with that command a beam of light teleported to large guns into Scott's hands.

The Warrior laughed mockingly as he draw a steel type rod from his back, he swung the rod making it unfold into a long sword like weapon. The two circled each other a drop of sweat rolled down Scott's cheek, his finger jerked and itched ready to pull the trigger at a moments notice. The warrior stood relaxed ready for anything, his speed and skill made him the badest asshole in the Universe. The wind blow hot and dry, forming small tornadoes on the sand. Scott couldn't take it anymore, he fired the warrior dodged the shot and hit Scott knocking him to the ground and out cold…

Power Rangers Nitro
Part 11c
(Battle of Battlea sage: Green Thunder)
Battlea Cell

The cool winds of Battlea blew into Ronald's cell, he sat there wondering how a desert plant had such cool wind at noon. An odd bat like creature walked in front of the cell bars, and looked in.

"Hello, I am Leo. May I ask your name?" Leo Asked calmly.

"It's Ron, What are you going to do to me and where are my friends?" Ron asked worried of the unthinkable.

"Do not fear your friends are fine, as for yourself you will be fine you must do battle first."

"Battle, battle who?" Ron asked scared for his life.

"That I can not say" Leo did not want to scare Ron but it wasn't working out well. Leo lifted his large metal arm and slow pulled the cell door open.

" How'd you…. I mean I have been…. Oh never mind" Ron tried to talk though he was amazed at Leo's power, The Cell Door was rusted to the wall, not to say it must have weighted 300 pound with another 300 pounds of pressure pushing on it.

" Please follow me" Leo walked as Ron slowly followed.

Ron looked around all he saw were stone walls and more cells just empty ones, he looked up seeing a sky that was more alien then he'd ever seen. As he walked along he realize his friends must be in a different area. He soon saw two large metal door opened with light shining through. Ron, watched as Leo entered the doors and stared as the light engulfed him. He stepped forward the light blinded him for a short period of time, he passed through and was in a room.

Ron looked around him seeing walls made of stone on all sides, and a metal table covered in weapons with a grid like pattern on them all in white. Only Five weapons caught Ron's eye, they were: A Sword, A Mase, A Club, A Battle Staff, and A Dagger. He stopped looking at each weapon carefully, He grabbed the Mase. He watched as the White grid faded to black, then returned as a Green Grid.

Ron slowly stepped through a large open, behind him a gate slammed shut. He looked around seeing sits and walls, a door open at the other end Ron watched as the darks shot out a white figure. As the warrior flew toward Ron only fear could pass through Ron's head, the warrior was close now Ron swung the Mase throwing the warrior back. He slammed into the sand limping to stand again, he rised up upon his legs limping as he walked. His white suit stained with red blood across his chest, he grabbed his chest looked down through his helmet.

He looked up staring at Ron, Ron's heart pounded with fear. The warrior rised his sword and run as fast as he could toward Ron, the sword hit Ron's arm cutting it from the shoulder to the hand. Ron fall onto the sand his blood covering his arm, he lied there trying to gain enough strength to morph. Ron lifted his body from the ground, Twisted both wrists forming his Accelerator. He connected the to parts a flash of light appeared before him as it faded he was morphed.

"Nitro Sword!" Ron called activating his sword, he sword fought with the warrior till he was to weak to fight. Ron fall to the ground, the match was over the warrior lifted Ron off the ground and carried him into the darkened room.

To be Continued........