Disclaimer: I know this isn't a Ranger Fanfic but it answers a question readers of my few released fanfics probably had as to how they got their powers. If you want to use my characters PLEASE get my permission. They aren't copywrited persay but I want to make sure they aren't abused.

The Adventures of Plastica and Headset
The Origin
By Robert Gutheim

Who are Plastica and Headset? They are two of the toughest people of all, formed during a minor chemical explosion. I will let you find out for yourself.

It all started one day in room 215 when Chittenango Sophomore Robert Gutheim was doing a chemical experiment.

" At least I am doing fine, five lab's successfully completed I'm 18 after this one away from not having to take Chemistry next year," He said to himself.

"Robert, what are you doing?" Jessica Nabinger a Freshman asked, making him spill HCl in the H2CO3.

" Hi, Jessica. This is a Chemistry experiment for Mr. Weldert, and you just made me spill Hydrochloric Acid in the Carbonic Acid. Evaculate the area even down in Technology. I will try to balance it out before it explodes," Robert replied.

She left and shortly everyone was gone. But when some Calcium Hydroxide was added, it speeded up the reaction. He called for Mr. Weldert, but it Blew Up forming a demon.

"Robert, I will grant You great powers beyond your wildest dreams as I am Powermatic," The demon said.

" Sure, then give me the abilities but not the form of a bear and a cheetah. I want the ability and form of an eagle, the ability to turn invisible, suction cups, tricorder eyes, microphone ears, a DNA Reader, Binocular Eyes, Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens Camera Eyes, and Laser eyes as well as a form with this uniform?" He said showing an action figure." Oh Hi Jessica," He said looking behind him and in the doorway" Powermatic give her the power to hypnotize by just looking and speaking a standard hypnotic trance," He finished.

"Ok Robert, you will be known as Plastica, and Jessica, you will be known as Headset, protectors of the United States. Your car will be known as S.B.1. Here are two communicators. Robert to become Plastica you will say `Powers of Glass and Plastic change me to Plastica.' Jessica `Powers of the unknown Abilities of a Strobelight change me to Headset.'"

"Powermatic, will you be with us and also give Mrs. Frey, without her knowing who it is from a communicator and our code names but not our file names?" Robert asked. "Sure Robert," Powermatic answered.

"Jessica, let's check out SB1; then I will take you home," Robert suggested.

"OK, but let's go to your house first," She said.

"OK, We will do that," Robert Said.

The next day:

The communicator on Robert's wrist buzzes.

"Plastica here," He answered.

"This is Mrs. Frey; report to my office with Headset," a voice answered.

In Mr. Hutko's room:

"Jessica, Mrs. Frey needs to see Plastica and Headset," Robert whispers to Jessica Nabinger.

"OK, Mr. Hutko, I have to go I'll stay after tonight," She says.

A couple of Minutes later in a maintenance room.

"Powers of Glass and Plastic, change me to Plastica"

"Powers of the unknown abilities of a Strobelight, change me to Headset."

In Mrs. Frey's Office:

"Things are bad at Ames; shoplifters." Mrs. Frey Explains.

"We're on our way. Come on Headset." Plastica says.

At Ames: They look around.

" Look Plastica. He is acting strange. Let's follow him," Headset suggests.

"Good Idea. He is leaving with the item but not paying. Stop Thief," He yells but into his communicator he says " 911, 911, Back Up required, Back up required, Plastica and Headset in Pursuit." But he engages Cheetah and Headset climbs aboard and they catch him red handed and turn him over to the police.