Disclaimer This takes place during the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Premiere, Most of the better characters except for the people on the Space Raven are Saban’s including Kendrix Morgan the rest are mine. My opener is actually before the Episode takes place and shows a very interesting twist for the Heroes. In Chronology the Space Raven had spent time in the future on a utopian world. Halfway between Earth and Venus.

Terra Venture
By Robert Gutheim

“Space Station Alpha this is the SB Space Raven requesting permission to Dock,” the comm operator broadcasted.

“Space Raven, glad your home. You have permission to dock,” a familiar voice responded.

“Wonder why Laurie is on Station Alpha,” Jessica the navigator asked.

“I don’t know,” Her sister Ali asked. from the communications station. At that moment Robert walked on to the bridge in a pair of cream colored pants and a shirt with a green chest and blue sleeves and collar. It looked very similar to the uniform he wore when ever he used to power up as Plastica. The helmet in his arm was also a close duplicate to the one worn by his alter ego.

“Jessica, think anyone will think that I was the real Plastica?” Robert asked.

“Don’t forget Laurie knew our real identities,” Jessica said.

“Don’t remind me.” Robert said. Fairly soon after docking two individuals boarded the Ship and Headed for the bridge.

“Robert, I can guarantee that your new boss will not like you dressing like Plastica,” Laurie said. “SO where did you take our ship when you left?” Laurie the darker haired individual asked.

“What do you mean your ship. The SB stands for Steel Brigade as in Fort Goddard as In Plastica. NASADA never had jurisdiction over the Space Raven. The only reason we stored the ship at one of their facilities is because Fort Goddard was worried about keeping it at the fort after the Dead Eye suit was stolen,” Robert said.

“Robert, where are the girls?” Laurie asked.

“Stephanie and Wang Chung are in the rear somewhere and I’m not sure I want to tell you where your daughter is,” Robert said. Laurie’s eyes almost bugged out.

“What do you mean my daughter?” Laurie asked.

“While we were taking the ship out to test the repairs I was meditating and while doing that running DNA sequence comparisons and I found out that Amy had Nabinger DNA. Since two out of three Nabinger’s were with me that meant that the third one had to be the reason for the Match. All I’m going to tell you is that She is safe,” Robert said.

“Miss Nabinger, I’ve accessed the ships logs and something can’t be right. I found a few entries for a time period from December 2073 until June of 2074,” the other girl a Blond haired girl with glasses said.

“Good work Kendrix. It gives me a clue as to where my long lost daughter is,” Laurie said. “Robert, your info is useful. I spent a year in London studying Shakespeare and while there I conceived and gave birth to a little girl only to have her kidnapped a few hours after her birth from the hospital. When the alert for Copernicus Station came up I set that aside until after we had to end the search for Amy’s parents. Just so you know this is Kendrix Morgan she is with the Galactic Space Alliance in the R&D Division where she is working on the Terra Venture Project. Robert, they requested you and your crew for this Project. You will be working with Kendrix which is why I brought her along today.”

“Miss Morgan, how soon would it be possible for me check out this Project?” Robert asked.

“How soon can you be underway?” Kendrix asked.

“I can be underway as soon as you and my sister in law disembark,” Robert said. “That is if you plan on disembarking.”

“I’ll be remaining here at Station Alpha for now but Kendrix you probably should be getting back to the Colony,” Laurie said.

“I’ll ride back with your friends,” Kendrix said. “DO you Idolize Plastica a lot?” she asked after Laurie was off the ship and they undocked with Station Alpha referring to his outfit.

“Miss Morgan I know more about Plastica then anyone else on earth,” Robert said.

“I bet you don’t,” Kendrix said. “What powers does Plastica have?”

“He is as fast as a cheetah if not faster, A strong as a bear of not stronger, and he also has a keen sense almost like a tricorder,” Robert said somewhat truthfully.

“You don’t know everything about Plastica. I thought he could turn invisible,” Kendrix said.

“That was a theory but there isn’t any established proof he could,” Robert said since he had lost that ability among a few others mainly sensors.

“Miss Morgan, what coordinates do you need set?” Jessica asked.

“I’ll input them. When we reach the Colony you better let me talk us through,” Kendrix said.

“Miss Morgan the ship is yours until we reach our destination,” Robert said.

“Please call me Kendrix. Especially since You will be working with me in R&D. Jessica, I don’t know where the Colony’s Administrator will assign you.”

“I might be a mere civilian who knows,” Jessica said. Fairly soon the reached the beginnings of what was to become the GSA Space Colony Terra Venture.

“Terra Venture, this is the SB Space Raven requesting landing clearance,”

“Kendrix, is that you?” an Asian looking man asked

“Yes it is Kai,” Kendrix said.

“Commander Stanton tried to call you at Station Alpha, He and Corbett were beginning to worry,” Kai said.

“I have Gutheim with me,” Kendrix said.

“Good, I think Commander Stanton is scheduling a Training Exercise on the Moon in a couple hours,” Kai said.

“My uniform is with me we are roughly Half an hour out,” Kendrix said. Just then A Taller Caucasian Man with a rough ring shaped beard Stepped into view on the screen.

“Miss Morgan, how about if you and our new Researcher skip this exercise so you can get him processed and into Proper Attire his outfit isn’t what I would call regulation,” He said.

“No problem Commander,” Kendrix said.

“Who was that stuffed shirt?” Robert asked after the Channel was closed.

“That was Commander Stanton the Head of the Defense Force for Terra Venture?” Kendrix said. They landed soon afterwards. By this time Stephanie and Wang Chung had made their way to the Bridge. Shortly after that they Were walking onto Terra Venture itself.

“Whoa this is some place,” Robert said. At that Moment A Caucasian Man in a Black Uniform approached.

“Kendrix, how come your in your Standard Uniform and not your Defense Uniform?” He asked.

“Commander Stanton excused me so I could process a new Researcher we borrowed from NASADA,” Kendrix said.

“OK but I want you two on the next exercise,” He said.

“I’m Robert Gutheim I was originally assigned to Station Alpha.”

“Mike Corbett, I’m a team leader with the Defense Force. I better warn you Kendrix is a tough catch.” Kendrix then took them to quarters where they dropped off their luggage and Kendrix took them through Processing.

“How long before this place is completed?” Ali asked.

“WE still have a lot of work. When we launch it will be an interesting journey,” Kendrix said. One day Robert was working with Kendrix in a lab when Commander Stanton walked through with Corbett and Kai.

“You two lovebirds having fun or you actually getting something done?” Corbett asked.

“Corbett, We are trying to get things Done here. Also when we reported aboard one of the Women who was with us happens to be my wife. My loyalty to my work is second only to my loyalty to my wife,” Robert said.

“Robert, were you some kind of a maverick. I looked over the file that NASADA sent and Nabinger was pretty discriptive about your misappropriation of that ship that you left laying around the flightdeck,” Mike said.

“As I explained to my sister-in-law that ship was never under NASADA control. It was for security reasons that it was at their facility,” Robert said.

“What do mean Security reasons?” Kai asked.

“Jessica and I were married at Fort Goddard where the Steel Brigade Base is and an old friend of mine stole a special suit from a closet. The Space Raven was another of their projects,” Robert said.

“We are four months from Launch with a lot to do. A good amount depends on you two,” Commander Stanton.

“Commander, if Mike would stay off my case I could get more work done,” Robert said.

“Tough you turkey, I don’t know who is worse you or my little Brother Leo,” Mike said. The three then went into the control room off the lab.

“Kendrix, if we can make it until launch without my punching Mike it will be a miracle,” Robert said.

“Robert, think sometime I can take a look at your bracelet?” Kendrix asked.

“Kendrix, it took me four hours to figure this thing out the first time I opened it up. At my last ‘port of call’ a couple guys had to make a few repairs while I was laid up and they couldn’t figure it out after a couple days,” Robert said. “What is your impression of the Three Stooges?”

“Oh Stanton, Corbett, and Kai. Stanton is a nice guy great to work with. Corbett is good but he likes to play favorites and Kai can be a little protective especially of me,” Kendrix said. They guys walked out right then.

“Morgan, Gutheim, suit up Training Exercise in one Hour,” Stanton said.

“No Problem Commander,” Robert said. “I better swing by my ship for a second before we go.”

“Don’t be late,” Kendrix said.

“I won’t.” Robert said. Soon as Kendrix was clear Robert slipped over to the Space Raven and Put his Battle Togs on. After that He hit the comm button on the Armatron.

“Armatron,” Robert said. The characteristic beeps that the armory was known for came out.

“Terra Venture Battle Suit,” Robert said. A beam of light came out and when it faded Robert was wearing the black military uniform and was holding a standard helmet instead of his Powereon Battle Helmet as his old helmet was known. He then headed for the meet up point after making sure to open the line to his now mostly useless powerband.

“Robert, to think Miss Morgan was worried you would be late,” Stanton said.

“It doesn’t take long for me to suit up sir,” Robert said.

“Hate to say it but you will be working with Mike Corbett today,” Stanton said.

“Give me a specialist from Goddard anyday over him,” Robert said. Once everyone met up they paraded out and boarded the Troop Carriers on the Flight Deck.

“I don’t know why you bothered heading back to the Briefing room after checking on your ship,” Mike said.

“I figured I should meet up with the others. I probably won’t need anything else from my ship,” Robert said. They worked hard on the Moon during the Training.

“We are pretty well boxed in,” Corbett said at one point.

“Unfortunately I should have brought my ship it has something we could use,” Robert said.

“Like what,” Corbett said. “A ladder.”

“Yes but I was thinking of something else,” Robert said.

“Even a rope would be useful,” Corbett said. At that moment a rock fell down and started a landslide in their direction.

“Armatron, warrior mode now,” Robert called over his powerband.

“What the,” Corbett said just as the Armatron arrived in it’s warrior mode. Robert was climbing a ladder he installed after losing his eagle mode.

“Nice Trick,” Corbett said.

“Mike, I’ll lift you over,” Robert said after boarding the Armatron.

“Sounds good.” A minute later Mike was on the other side. Robert armored down soon after that.

“What was that thing?” Corbett asked.

“A little something I had in storage,” Robert said.

“I figured you had a secret suit of armor aboard your ship,” Corbett said.

“More like ten suits one of which I built after arriving here,” Robert said.

“Which one did you build after arriving on Terra Venture?” Corbett asked as they caught up with a few other soldiers.

“Terra Venture Battle Suit and Battle Armor,” Robert said.

“What’s the difference?” Kendrix asked.

“Armor includes our special vests. Suit is just the black suit and the helmet. They are stored aboard the Armatron which I had to get after Mike and I were boxed in back there to get over the hill after a landslide started,” Robert said.

“You are a good guy to have around,” Corbett said.

“Thanks Mike,” Robert said. After the exercise Robert was working alone in the lab with the exception of his old advisor Powermatic. He was busy working and talking and didn’t notice Kendrix walk in.

“I knew it would be risky even letting Kendrix know about the Armatron existing let alone someone like Mike Corbett. Lord before that acid bath with Simon and Tina I could have simply powered up but not now. You would think the trip back through time would have restored my lost powers,” Robert said.

“That is true you have had to modify your battle strategy since you lost your powers but you’ve done well. Most of those soldiers don’t have special powers,” Powermatic said.

“You better hope your buddy Corbett doesn’t walk in while unauthorized personnel are here,” Kendrix said giggling.

“How long have you been sitting there Kendrix?” Robert asked.

“About the time you mentioned not wanting to tell me about your Zord existing,” Kendrix said.

“It isn’t really a Zord. Back before I lost most of my powers I had nine suits of armor I could call upon if necessary. Apparently I/Oca my computer specialist friend built in the Warrior mode which consisted of all nine suits of armor along with the Armatron itself. AS you know on the exercise ground I described the newest suit,” Robert said.

“What did you mean by losing your powers?” Kendrix asked.

“I possess in a much smaller form now a few special powers and abilities. You see there is a reason I was wearing the same outfit that Plastica always wore in battle the day we met,” Robert said.

“You aren’t trying to tell me that you are Plastica are you,” Kendrix said.

“Actually he is,” Powermatic said. “Try not to clue the others in aboard Terra Venture.”

“I’ll do my best,” Kendrix said. “How did your powers work?”

“Originally before I modified my band I simply went Powers of Glass and Plastic change me to Plastica. Then I modified it so a special ring was needed to activate the powers before I called for them. Then at my last port of call a super corrosive acid destroyed my powerband and caused me to temporally loose my powers. One power I lost was my ability to turn invisible not that I used it much anyways,” Robert said. “It was a drain on my powers which I had to recharge. After Powermatic located a small quantity of my powers he infused them with my body. One advantage is I don’t have to recharge them anymore. The one aspect I lost was the actual change into my alter ego. That is why I designed my Powereon Battle Suit which is a close approximation of my old Uniform when I was changed into Plastica.” “I’m going to see if I can find your Laser Eyes they might be needed,” Powermatic said disappearing a couple Minutes before Commander Stanton walked in.

“Robert, any chance you could give me the specks for your Armor so I can factor it in to future battle plans?” Commander Stanton asked.

“I’ve got a better idea Commander, how about if I show you my armor,” Robert said.

“Not a bad idea,” Commander Stanton said.

“Kendrix, if possible have Mike and Kai meet the three of us at the Ship. I know we have work to do but I will need your help to set things up,” Robert said.

“No problem,” Kendrix said. They soon arrived where Robert walked into the Armatron and started handing out components which Kendrix placed into piles. After ten piles were made Robert started Assembling the Armor into Complete Suits.

“This heavy one is my standard armor, the slightly lighter one like it is Lightweight mode. Useful when you have to run. The one with the tanks is Aquatic Mode. This is a favorite of mine I call it Whisker Mode because of all the projections which transmit info to the helmet. These two are my Arctic Mode Armors the one of the right includes special equipment that the one on the left lacks like suction cups and a heating field so I call it Super Arctic Mode. This one is Flight Pack Mode. I could have used that one today but it wouldn’t have been fair to you Mike. This one is another favorite I fact I’ll show you why it is my favorite,” Robert said as he placed the Silvery suit on and then placed the helmet on which activated the stealth portion that gave it it’s name.

“God and I thought you were hard to keep up with before,” Corbett said.

“I usually use this during when I’m outnumbered,” Robert said. “the last suit I use when I’m stuck with Crowd Control as it has special cords that can form a barricade. For that reason I call it Barricade Mode Battle Armor. This one I put on is Stealth Mode. You four would be familiar with the last one that I described on the training field this morning that consists of the Terra Venture Special Forces gear,” Robert said. Commander Stanton and Mike Corbett then walked through the Armatron.

“Hard as I looked I couldn’t find the stuff that causes it to change into warrior mode. But I did find this,” Mike said holding Robert’s Powereon Battle Helmet.

“Mike I’d leave that in there,” Robert said. A week later Robert was working right alongside Commander Stanton in his Lightweight Battle Armor with his Terra Venture Battle Helmet on. At one point Robert using his Tricorder Eyes noticed something up.

“Sir, Kai and Kendrix look to be in Trouble. We better bet them some back-up,” Robert said.

“I agree. I’ll go find Mike and his group you see if you can get some extra troops from Terra Venture,” Commander Stanton said. The scenario that day did include that option and an extra Troop Carrier was on Stand by. Soon as Commander Stanton was out of sight.

“Armor Down,” Robert said. He had his Powereon Battle Togs on under his armor instead of a regulation uniform. He then walked over to the Armatron and grabbed his Powereon Battle Helmet and Put it on. He then headed for the scene at full speed. Soon as he arrived he was in full battle mode almost like he was back when he had all his powers. At one point a drone knocked him down and his helmet fell off. A couple seconds later the Extra Troops from the Colony arrived. After the battle Robert Once again wearing his helmet held back, Commander Stanton and Mike waited for him to catch up.

“Nice move Gutheim. How did you pull it off,” Corbett asked.

“You’ve lost me,” Robert said.

“I saw you without your helmet,” Corbett said.

“I can explain Mike,” Robert said.

“How about starting with why you wearing a non standard uniform,” Stanton said.

“I put these on because I can fit better in these. Also I didn’t count on having to take my armor off so I figured who would notice if I wasn’t wearing my regulation uniform underneath,” Robert said.

“How did you get there so fast?” Commander Stanton asked.

“He obviously is capable of running at high Speeds. I had him clocked at 144.9 kilometers per hour,” Kendrix said as she and Kai walked up.

“OK Gutheim what is going on. Is there something you aren’t telling us?” Stanton asked.

“Commander, a thousand bucks says this guy knows Plastica,” Corbett said.

“Hey I bet he is Plastica,” Kai said.

“Not likely,” Stanton said.

“Robert, you better tell them,” Powermatic said as he emerged.

“Actually Kai figured me out. My high Speed is one of the few things I didn’t lose after my powerband was destroyed in an acid bath at my last port of call,” Robert said. “Up until today the only people who knew the truth aboard Terra Venture were My family and Kendrix.”

“You are something else,” Kai said. “How did you get your powers?”

“Would you believe I almost blew up a chemistry lab when it happened,” Robert said. Robert then told his close pals the truth including telling them about a lot of his adventures.

“If I didn’t know the truth before this I wouldn’t have believed what you told me back when we first met about you knowing everything there was to know about Plastica,” Kendrix said. Part Two This part takes place During the Episode Quasar Quest Part One.

“Robert, Anything you want to do Before the Colony Launches?” Commander Stanton asked.

“Yes there is one thing I should do and that is bury a hatchet with my sister-in-law. She was a little annoyed when I left her daughter behind in the future,” Robert said.

“Just make sure you are back in time,” Commander Stanton said. “We launch in Eight Hours.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem Commander,” Robert said. Robert then did a speed run to Station Alpha and picked Laurie up. He had programmed everything so when they returned it would be a couple hours before Terra Venture launched.

“So where exactly are we going?” Laurie asked.

“You’ll see,” Robert said. Soon as Laurie turned her back Robert activated the time warp generator. A few minutes later they arrived at Earth in the year 2078.

“Simon, the Space Raven looks to have returned,” Tina Hogdicks his wife said while holding a Three year old girl. An eight year old was nearby.

“I wonder why Robert came back,” Simon said. The ship soon landed and Simon and his family approached the ship.

“Robert, what brings you back here,” Simon asked.

“I had a hatchet I wanted to bury before I left Earth possibly never to come back. I’ve been helping to build a Space Colony. I brought Laurie Nabinger with me so she could meet Amy,” Robert said. “I purposely set the equipment for a period of time after I left.”

“I’m Amy Hogdicks,” the eight year old said.

“Amy, I’m so glad to see you. When the other’s returned without you I was worried I would never see you. Robert, how long can we safely stay here before Terra Venture Leaves Orbit?” Laurie asked.

“I set the equipment so we would arrive back four hours before that point so It shouldn’t matter,” Robert said.

“This is Leah our child together unlike Amy who as you know we adopted,” Tina said while ruffling the little girl’s hair.

“You two did a good job with this one,” Robert said. They spent the day there. The next Morning Robert announced he was going to leave.

“Robert, I’m glad you brought me here. I almost wish we could stay longer,” Laurie said. “I don’t really want to leave.”

“I have to leave. Once I do you will have no way to get back,” Robert said.

“Then I guess I’m staying,” Laurie said.

“I’ll miss you Laurie. Jessica will probably be steamed as will NASADA,” Robert said.

“If NASADA complains flip the Bird at them,” Laurie said.

“I’ll think of something,” Robert said as he reboarded the ship and headed home. By luck he set the coordinates for the return leg so he appeared in the Flight Deck of Terra Venture. Jessica was waiting for him when he returned.

“How did Laurie like the trip to see Amy?” Jessica asked.

“She decided to stay. I better have Commander Stanton inform NASADA,” Robert said.

“He isn’t aboard right now but you’ve been missing the excitement they had someone stowaway aboard one of the shuttles from Earth. He is on the Station somewhere,” Jessica said.

“Any idea where,” Robert asked as he headed for his private Armory.

“They haven’t seen any sign of him since the Special Forces units left for a final defense exercise on the moon. Kendrix, Kai, Mike, Stanton they are all there,” Jessica said.

“Have you tested your powers recently. I’m worried that they might have been linked with mine somehow since the same person provided both and it was at the same time,” Robert said.

“They work I had to use them on Bulk a few minutes ago,” Jessica said.

“I don’t believe it Bulk and Skull are on Terra Venture. What’s up were there no bona fide entertainers available?” Robert joked.

“Bulk was with someone named Professor Phenomenus. I haven’t seen Skull at all and he is usually somewhere near Bulk,” Jessica said. At that moment their friend and his crazy employer walked up to them as they left the flight deck.

“Hey Robert, when did you get aboard?” Bulk asked.

“Farkus I’ve been aboard for months. I simply did a quick flight around the solar system before Terra Venture left orbit. Where is Skull?” Robert asked.

“WE kind of left him behind,” Professor Phenomenus said.

“Oops. I wish I had time to fetch him,” Robert said. “I want to get over to Research and Development and see if one of the scientists left anything for me.”

“Would your boss mind if I joined you?” Jessica asked.

“I doubt it. For the most part my boss is Kendrix,” Robert said. “I report to Mike Corbett as far as the Defense Force Goes.”

AS he approached the R&D area he saw a security guard.

“Dave, any idea where the Stowaway might be hiding?” He asked.

“None, as your wife probably mentioned He vanished around the time the defense force left for their exercise. Stanton called a couple minutes ago and Corbett and Morgan disappeared a couple hours ago. We sent some search crews including Ali,” Dave said.

“Think Stanton would mind if I did a look see around the Colony for the stowaway,” Robert asked as he returned toward the flight deck.

“Probably wouldn’t hurt but be careful,” Dave said.

“I will I’ll do from the Air,” Robert said. By this time they reached the Room that Commander Stanton set aside as a main armory to allow Robert a permanent storage space. Special equipment transferred the armor to the Armatron when he deployed from Terra Venture. He went to the Changing room where he could put his Powereon Battle Togs or his Terra Venture Battle Suit on.

“Terra Venture Battle Suit,” Robert said. The Special Light then came out and he was wearing his defense Force Uniform when he left the Changing room he Walked over to where his Flightpack Armor was and Stepped inside because of the weight of the Flightpack he couldn’t raise it up to put it on over his uniform. The chest then folded down and the legs in and locked. HE then grabbed a helmet from the rack near the door.

“Beginning Preignition Sequence,” a computer voice said.

“It always amazed me how you have better weapons then even Commander Stanton,” Dave said as Robert put his helmet on.

“If the Stowaway is anywhere nearby I’ll find him,” Robert said as he went somewhere he could take off from. “Jessica, Monitor my helmet communicator from the Control Room.”

“You got it,” Jessica said as Robert took off. Jessica then ducked into a small room.

“Time for Headset to make her official debut on Terra Venture,” Jessica said. “Powers of the Unknown, Abilities of a strobe light, change me to Headset.” By the time Jessica had fully changed She was wearing a Blue shirt, Vest with Strobe Pattern and a Green cap with wrap around dark shades. Instead of the Old Steel Brigade emblem on one sleeve was the emblem for Terra Venture. Headset then headed for the Control room where she had an officer tune the communications system to the Helmet cam. After an hour of flight A message came over the comm system.

“I’m running low on fuel and haven’t found anything so I’m going to return to the Flight deck,” Robert broadcasted.

“We have a theory as to who the stowaway might have been. Meet me in the control room before you armor down,” Headset said.

“No Problem,” Robert said. He arrived a short time later.

“Headset, nice to see you,” Robert joked since he didn’t have the proper uniform on. They then headed for the Flight deck. At that Moment Robert saw Commander Stanton .

“Sir, no sign of the Stowaway,” Robert said.

“Kai ran off. I know you did your best. According to Kai the stowaway’s a guy named Leo Corbett. The Stowaway was with us on the Moon. Apparently Mike, Kendrix, and Leo went through a vortex which closed. It leads to another planet. Kai is probably looking for a way to rescue them,” Commander Stanton said.

“There are only two ships capable of making that Journey. One is my ship. The other is the Astro Megaship,” Robert said. “This Leo Corbett, is he any relation to Mike?”

“According to Kai Leo is Mike’s brother,” Commander Stanton said. “the Megaship is a museum now. A Mechanic named Damon Henderson was assigned to it.”

“So now we have to find Mike, Kendrix, Leo, and possibly Kai and this Damon guy,” Robert said. “Terra Venture leaves in One hour so there isn’t time.” Twenty minutes later Robert was just finishing up in the Flight Deck when the Astro Megaship requested landing clearance.

“Give it to them then signal Commander Stanton and Security,” Robert said in his Standard Colony Uniform.

“Yes sir,” a Flight Deck Controller said. A few minutes later Robert stood by Commander Stanton as the Crew came out.

“Robert, It’s great to see you again,” Alpha said.

“Alpha, Glad to know you haven’t rusted,” Robert said before greeting the Dark Haired Caucasian. “You must be Leo. I unfortunately know Mike.”

“You mean you knew him. He met his death on the planet Miranoy,” Leo said.

“The Planet Miranoy had a legend that someday five Chosen Warriors would pull the Five Quasar Sabers out of a rock,” Maya a Long Red Headed woman said. “It had happened but my planet isn’t the same now thanks to Scorpius.”

“You are welcome on Terra Venture for as long as needed ma’am,” Commander Stanton said.

“Robert, This is Maya she is from Miranoy, and this is Damon Henderson,” Kendrix said.

“Kai, it is with great displeasure that I do this but your under arrest for misappropriation of equipment,” Robert said.

“Robert, I did what I felt I had to do to help Mike and the other’s. For the record. Mike was killed after falling into a crack that one of Scorpius’ goons opened in the ground,” Kai said. “In doing so I was following one of Commander Stanton’s standing orders that you never ever leave a team member behind.”

“I hate to break this up but a few of us need to Change in preparation to Terra Venture’s leaving orbit. Robert, I think we can let Kai go,” Commander Stanton said. After the successful breaking orbit of Terra Venture Robert sat down in his quarters with Leo to compare notes on Mike.

“Mike actually said he didn’t want to see me on Terra Venture. He never did since he only saw me on the moon and on Miranoy after I followed Maya, Mike and Kendrix into the portal. Kai and Damon followed us in the Mega Ship,” Leo said “He was always hard on me.”

“He gave me a hard time as well. I actually had to use my battle armor during a defense exercise to let him know I wasn’t the kind of person he thought I was. He thought I had misappropriated the Space Raven from NASADA except the Space Raven is my ship. Leo, I want to let you know something from the Start that I didn’t tell Mike or Commander Stanton and I probably should have. They know now as do Kendrix and Kai. You familiar with the one known as Plastica?” Robert asked.

“Not really I was a kid when he disappeared,” Leo said.

“He is a very powerful hero. He also worked alongside the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, the Turbo Rangers and the Light Star Rangers. In fact he was in Orbit when the Eltarian Sage Zordon their longtime mentor died and freeing the Earth from evil. Kendrix knew the secret of Plastica because she caught me talking to my own mentor one day and Mike, Stanton, and Kai learned the truth after I had to save Kai and Kendrix,” Robert said.

“Who is this Plastica?” Leo asked.

“Me. Back in the real early Ninety’s I was working on an experiment when the lab exploded creating an opening to the Planet Demona. Powermatic came through and granted me great powers. At my last Port of Call before being posted to Terra Venture I lost most of my better powers. Including the ability to change into Plastica so I have to do a costume change when ever I feel he is needed,” Robert said. He then noticed something strange on his sensors. “So which Ranger are you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Leo said.

“Leo, one of the things I didn’t lose was a powerful sensor. One thing it enables me to do is sense Ranger abilities. Also your new ship was the main base for the Lightstar Rangers,” Robert said.

“I’d never have what it takes to be a Power Ranger,” Leo said.

“Leo, All the other Rangers probably thought the same thing before that first morph. Heck Prior to my calling upon my own powers after rattling off a whole list of powers I wasn’t sure I had what it took. My sensors rarely lie. One thing that I might have lost is a DNA reader. My Computer Expert and I used it one time to find a missing girl who’s pattern was on file. We had to tie my abilities into the Base Computer system to do it. My sensors rarely lie,” Robert said. A week later Robert was in the lab with Kendrix and Maya when an alarm went off.

“This is Gutheim in Research and Development what is going on,” Robert called over the comm system.

“A huge ship is attacking us. WE have no defenses short of the Defense Force. We didn’t install weapons on the Colony itself,” Commander Stanton said.

“What about the troop Carriers,” Robert said.

“Nothing powerful enough. We thought all evil was destroyed,” Commander Stanton said.

“The Mega Ship. It has some real powerful stuff,” Robert said. “Alpha, get the Megaship ready for launch. Kendrix, summon the rest of it’s crew.”

“Got it Robert. What about Plastica shouldn’t we call him?” Kendrix asked since Maya didn’t know the truth.

“I’ll try to contact him. Meet me at the Flight Deck where our ships are,” Robert said.

“Got it,” Kendrix said. Robert then secretly removed his Normal Uniform to reveal his Powereon Battle Togs.

“Armatron, Terra Venture Battle Armor,” Robert said. A stream of light came from a Computer Terminal and suddenly Robert was in his Defense Force Gear. He then headed for the Flight Deck where he ducked into the Armory.

“Armor Down,” Robert said as his uniform lowered. HE then grabbed his Powereon Battle Helmet and placed it on and Robert Gutheim was once again Plastica. He then grabbed a phaser from a side compartment where the circuitry Corbett had been looking for the time he walked through it with Commander Stanton was concealed By this time Robert Noticed a few people heading for the Megaship.

“I should have guessed,” Robert said as he noticed Leo, Kai, Maya, Kendrix, and Damon board the ship. He then headed for the Space Raven and powered it up for take-off. Just as the Flight Deck doors opened several insect like warriors flew onto the Colony. Plastica knew he would need back-up. Just then over a comm link he secretly opened to the Megaship he heard someone go “Go Galactic.” Soon after that Five Rangers in White with trim and a helmet of a different but predictable color came out of the ship. Plastica opened a different channel.

“Armatron launch Barricade Mode Battle Armor,” Plastica said. As soon as the Armor was clear of the Armory. “Armor Up.” He then positioned himself in near the geographic center of the bay and sounded a single order. “Engage Barricades.” Twelve small cords then shot out the entire width of the bay and locked into place. The Rangers Meanwhile sent the troops packing, Shortly before the last of the troops was gone a Blue Skinned and Yellow Haired creature appeared. Plastica quickly fired his phaser while the Red Ranger went after him with vengeance The Blue Ranger tried to keep him calm while Green, Pink, and Yellow sent the last of the troops packing. Shortly after Scorpius’ goon left Plastica gave a final call.

“Disengage Barricades,” Plastica said.

“That was something else. Who do those goon’s work for?” Plastica asked.

“They work for Scorpius. The Guy with the blue skin is the creep that opened the crack that killed Mike Corbett,” the Yellow Ranger said.

“IF we are going to be working together we probably should take the time to learn each other’s identities. How about if we do it on your ship,” Plastica said. “Armor Down.”

“Sounds good,” Green Ranger said. They soon convened on the Bridge with Alpha off to one side. Plastica was the first to take his helmet off putting his powers into dormancy.

“Robert, where did you get your powers?” the Green Ranger asked as he removed his helmet to reveal Damon.

“From a Chemistry Lab exploding. I lost a lot of my powers in an acid bath at my last port of call. The Red Ranger them took his helmet off to reveal Leo, Pink Ranger turned out to be Kendrix, Blue Kai, and Yellow the Miranoy warrior Maya.

“Where did your Ranger Powers come from with Zordon dead?” Robert asked.

“They were given to us after we pulled the Quasar Saber’s out of the Rock,” Maya said. “Our powers were inside of the Quasar Sabers.”

“The only reason I’m even a ranger is Mike gave me his saber before he lost his grip on the cliff that was formed when Scorpius’s goon opened the crack and fell to his death,” Leo said.

“Let’s face it Terra Venture has the best fighting team it could have,” Robert said. After they were all powered down and back in normal uniforms they met with Commander Stanton on the Bridge of the colony

“Why did you erect the barricades?” Stanton asked.

“Easy to keep the invading troops from getting outside the Flight Deck. Of course it also meant that I was restricted in what I could do for fighting since My Barricade Mode Battle Armor is part of the Barricades.

The End