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Psych Problems
By Robert Gutheim

One day about two months after the events in Quasar Quest and a few battles in Robert in his these days Normal uniform of Cream colored pants and a Green shirt with blue sleeves was working in a lab over in Research and Development when Leo Corbett walked in.

"Robert, have you seen Kendrix?" Leo asked.

"She is the lab down the hall. Right now I'm working on finding a way to maybe restore some of my old powers. What I miss most is my microphone ears so I'm working on an amplifier system for my helmet. Man it was great after a couple battles with Furio that Stanton let me ditch a Colony Uniform for this. It saves time if I have to become Plastica since I don't have to return to my quarters. Meanwhile in another section of space Furio the henchman for the oh so ugly Scorpius was talking with his boss.

"How am I going to get the Quasar Sabers if the Rangers and the Powereon's keep beating me?" Scorpius asked.

"I've already sent Asteroidia to Try and knock the Space Raven out then we will be scratch one enemy. It will be harder to take the Megaship out since it at least is armed," Furio said.

"Good thinking Furio. The trick though will be to Lure the Space Raven out of hiding," Scorpius said. Robert meanwhile was walking by a Door when he saw the name on it.

"Dr. Lita Kino. Psychiatrist," He said. "Might not hurt." HE then entered where he saw a small waiting area.

"Hello, did someone enter?" a voice in the rear asked.

"Yes IF you have a moment," Robert said.

"Oh Hi. You're the researcher who has that Armory off the Flight Deck. What brings you by?" She asked as she waved him into the inner room.

"Concern mostly. The last few battles have me missing some of my old abilities that I lost. I don't even have access to super sensitive hearing anymore since those were lost when I lost some of my powers," Robert said as he set his helmet on the desk.

"Maybe you weren't meant to have all your powers. Have you gained anything instead?" Lita said.

"Not really. New abilities are hard to come up with. Right now I'm using some equipment to replace what I can but there isn't much I can replace. How was I supposed to know my Powerband was sensitive to strong acids. I've spent a lot of times around chemicals with my powerband and it wasn't affected. I used to do drug research and analyze evidence. Now I'm back in Research and Development only I don't have access to the support I used to have. After all Back when I was with Bristol Myers and later with NYPD I always had Casey Circuit to relay on. He is still on earth with a lot of other people I wasn't able to bring with me. I couldn't even bring my computer expert," Robert almost screamed.

"A lot of people wish they could have brought friends along. Who did you manage to bring with you?"

"My wife, my daughter, my niece, one sister in law and that's it. The people I left behind are just as good as the equivalent on Terra Venture. Except for maybe Damon Henderson he is definitely a better mechanic then Fred Carbore was. I admit Fred could fix a car no problem but he had some problems with the engines on the Space Raven. Damon is something else. He single handedly installed an engine similar to what's on the Astro Megaship on the Space Raven. I didn't even have any blueprints to show him since I didn't want the specs available aboard the ship. Only two copies exist in this time. One is on Station Alpha and one at my old base. Right now he is designing a weapons system for my ship so we can use it in battle," Robert said.

"While you miss your old friends maybe you should form new working relationships with some of the people on Terra Venture like you did with Damon. AS far as your lost powers go I don't see how I can help you," Lita said.

"Your advice sounds good Doc. I definitely didn't have someone like you to lean on during the good old days," Robert said. Just as he was leaving he saw Leo walk in. HE the headed for the flight deck where he was going to run a simulation with Maya and Kendrix when he saw a light blinking on his wristcom. HE ducked into a closet.

"Something up?" He asked.

"You could say that. WE spotted an uncharted Asteroid in the distance. Stanton wants us to look into it," Kai's voice said.

"How is Damon coming on the Space Raven's weaponry?" Robert asked.

"HE has a prototype ready Alpha will meet you on your ship so he can assist you since soon as we find Leo we are taking both ships out," Kai said.

"Try Lita Kino's office for Leo," Robert said before closing that link and placing his helmet on activating his powers. "Not as good as a power up but it will have to do. Armory." A buzzing sound was heard unlike the characteristic beeps of the armatron.

"Load the armor into the Armatron and prep it for deployment," Plastica said. "Headset, Ali report to the Space Raven we're going to be deploying." Robert's wife Jessica was eating lunch with Kendrix Morgan before the simulation when she faintly heard Plastica's call on her communicator. She sent a stand by tone and looked for a safe spot. Once their she briefly taped a small despression with her ring While Kendrix answered a second call by placing a couple fingers on a recently summoned Transmorpher. "Go Galactic," Kendrix said.

"Powers of the Unknown Abilities of a Strobelight Change me to Headset," Jessica said. After a couple minutes Jessica was wearing a Blue Shirt and Strobe Vest and Green Cap with a Black band around her head at eye level. Kendrix meanwhile was wearing a White Shirt with a black zig zag horizontally on her chest and pink sleeves and legs. A Pink Helmet was also part of her ensemble. They then headed for the Flight deck where Plastica, Ali, and the Green, and Blue Rangers were waiting.

"Kendrix, by chance did you pass Dr. Kino's office?" Kai the Blue Ranger asked.

"No I didn't. We came from a caf‚ where we were having Lunch. Doesn't look like Maya is here yet," Kendrix said referring to their Miranoin Teammate who was the Yellow Ranger.

"She is on the Simudeck," Kai said. "I'm going to give our Fearless leader Thirty Seconds then I say we leave him behind."

"This from the guy who felt that the Defense Force shouldn't have left the moon because Mike, Leo, and Kendrix had gone through a Portal to Miranoi," Plastica joked. Right then a Red Streak was seen revealing Leo Corbett the Leader of the Power Rangers in an unmorphed state..

"Kai, why are you three already Morphed?" Leo asked.

"Just in case?" Kai said. "Four actually Maya is Morphed on the Simudeck. Alpha is going to show the crew for the Space Raven the ropes with the new weapons system Damon installed."

"I'll work from there as well. Damon had R&D help with the weapons," Kendrix said. "That's why I morphed since it kind of requires Ranger Abilities. More then Plastica has in reserve from when he held full ranger powers."

"Figures," Leo said watching one of the only girl's besides Maya and Lita Kino who would even give him the time of day board a different ship. When the Space Raven's Crew reached the Bridge Plastica noticed how there was an extra station besides Command, Navigation and Communications sprinkled into the Triangular bridge. This one was in the once empty nose of the Ship Alpha and the pink ranger headed for it. Plastica meanwhile sat in his seat while Ali opened a link to the Astro Megaship bridge.

"Leo, I promise you will get a shot at the Weapons post on the Space Raven. I'll probably rotate gunners so that Kendrix isn't always stuck on my ship away from you," Plastica said.

"Sounds good. Let's hope it works," Leo said. "Flight deck Astro Megaship and the SB Space Raven could use departure clearance on a sensor sweep of the area along Terra Venture's intended course."

"Clearance Granted for both ships. Good Luck gang," Commander Stanton said. "As I hear Zordon always said Let the Power Protect You."

"Nice Quote but the actual line was May the Power Protect Your?" Plastica joked over the commlink.

"Plastica get lost before I have the Defense Force use you for target Practice," Stanton said. The two ships headed off with Kendrix doing a couple test firings on the new weapon system using target drones launched from the Megaship. The system wasn't quite working well when they reached the area where Asteroidia was laying in wait. As the ships came into position the Asteroid that Asteroidia was disguised as changed into a Scary Rock Creature.

"Makes me think of Rocky," Headset joked.

"Come now Headset Rocky may have hardheaded but he wasn't that hardheaded. Kendrix see if our Friend out there is a better target then the drones. Kendrix got one good shot off when Asteroidia sent one of his Massive Arms down on the nose of the Ship. Luckily the screen located at Kendrix's station warned her and she and Alpha were out of there when he attacked it.

"Alpha take the Command Chair. I'm going to Armor up and see if I can distract him," Plastica said as he headed for the Cargo bay where the Armatron was parked. He then boarded it and sent it on out where he said in Simple terms. "Armatron Warrior Mode." Soon After that he took a well placed Punch at Asteroidia's chest. Right after making a very small dent Asteroidia Did a WWF manuever and landed on the Ship's engines causing them to overload and risk the entire ship Finally the ship exploded. When the `smoke' cleared Asteroidia was huge. Much too Big for Plastica to handle alone. The Megaship quickly landed on a planet where the Ranger's used their Transmorphers to summon their Galactazords. Leo's was the Lion Galactazord, Kai's the Gorilla Galactazord, Kendrix's the Condor Galactazord, Damon's the Wildcat Galactazord and Maya's the Wolf Galactazord.

"Let's skip the Preliminaries and go for Megazord Power," Leo said.

"WE need Galaxy Megazord now," the rangers said in Unison. The Five Zord's then merged into the Galaxy Megazord.

"Galaxy Saber," Leo said. After a few swats and a couple Punches from a very annoyed Plastica the Rangers used the Megazord's best attack to destroy Asteroidia.

"Plastica, bring the Armatron aboard the Megaship," Alpha said.

"Alpha, did the other's get out all right?" Plastica asked.

"Yes they did," Alpha said. "I'm going to miss your ship she was a beauty."

"They don't come much better," Plastica said. After the Megaship returned to Terra Venture Robert and Leo had a joint session with Lita.

"SO Scorpius is still after us," Lita said.

"I this case it looks like his target was the Space Raven. Man I've done a lot with her. It's a shame to lose her," Robert said.

"Kind of like Mike was. A good enough person to have that you miss them when they aren't there," Leo said.

"Or the Steel Brigade. Damon thinks he might be able to build me a new ship but I think I'll just join Leo and his bunch on the Megaship it is a much better Ship. Mine had only three decks compared to six decks for the Megaship.

The End