Author's Notes/Disclaimer: The basic concept is Saban's. Plastica, Headset, their alter ego's, family, and weapons are mine and require my permission. A lot of you are probably wondering how I came up with the idea for Plastica and his team a member of which is in this fic. In my previous fic Psych Problems Robert mentioned a guy named Fred Carbore. Fred was the vehicle mechanic with the Steel Brigade which was a team of specialists that used to work alongside Plastica. The Triforce from some of my other fics, Roger Case, I/Oca, and the Medical staff at Fort Goddard are some of the other members. AS far as where I got the idea I don't remember. This one takes place after Psych Problems. I have to hand it to Kenneth Hillis he did a better job matching Galactabeast/Zord to Ranger then I did. But then I was using the old Zordonian Logic of the Pink Ranger having a Flying Zord. OK so this logic ended with the use of the Zeo Crystal.
Timeline: This one Along with Psych Problems takes place after Race to the Rescue, Rookie in Red and Homesick but before the episode after Homesick.

Power Restored
By Robert Gutheim

One day Robert was working in the gym on his combat skills when Kendrix Morgan and Maya a native of the planet Miranoi walked in.

"Robert, what are you up to?" Maya asked.

"I never was one for hand to hand combat so I decided to work on it a little bit. I'm more the blast them kind of guy. That's why I keep a phaser aboard the Armatron," Robert said.

"It was a lot of work but Damon and I designed this for you," Kendrix said. She then handed him a small wrist device with a series of buttons.

"Thanks Kendrix, what does it do?" Robert asked.

"It will allow you to change into either a GSA Defense Force Uniform or Plastica's battle togs. I know Stanton authorized you to wear your battle togs instead of a standard GSA Uniform but trust me this will make things easier," Kendrix said.

"You two sure it will interact properly with the autocall function on the Armatron?" Robert asked.

"I/Oca said that it would even improve the autocall capability for the Armatron," Kendrix said.

"Kendrix, how were you two able to work with I/Oca? We are way outside of decent communication range with Earth," Robert said.

"We found a way trust me," Kendrix said.

"I've got to try this out," Robert said. HE then tapped the button marked P within seconds He was wearing his Powereon Battle Togs.

"Not a bad piece of work. You even have it set so my helmet is on properly," Robert said. "How do I power down."

"This button right here," Kendrix said indicating one with an zero on it. He saw another was marked GSA. He tapped that one next and within seconds was in the Standard Black Uniform with olive gray vest and helmet a regulation blaster in his hands.

"Kendrix, you are a regular Montgomery Scott," Robert said. Maya gave him a strange look.

"I was a Trekkie back in the good old days. Montgomery Scott was the Chief Engineer on a show from slightly before my time called Star Trek. A Trekkie is a fan of the Show and it's spin offs. Scotty as he is better known tended to be a miracle worker," Robert said. He then hit the power down button again. "What do these other buttons do?"

"I installed a standard GSA comlink into it along with a link-up to D.E.C.A. This button will open a link to the Armatron when you require your battle armor," Kendrix said. After they left and headed for the residential area where Robert's quarters were.

"What did you mean by the good old days?" Maya asked.

"That is an expression Earthlings have when they want to refer to a time when supposedly times were better. In my case I was thinking back to before I originally left Station Alpha for Earth and took that detour that resulted in my losing my powers to begin with," Robert said. "Jessica is lucky in that respect."

"Why is that?" Maya asked.

"She didn't lose her powers the way I did. Not that she would have much to lose if she did," Robert said. Maya gave him another strange look.

"You've seen the hypnotist known as Headset haven't you?" Robert asked.

"Yes she was aboard your ship when we battled Asteroidia. What connection does Headset have to your wife?" Maya asked.

"I'm sure you could figure it out. One thing I'm trying to figure out is what was Miranoi like?" Robert asked.

"It was different. We had some technology but nothing as advanced as this," She said taking a look around the area they were in.

"This is definitely something else," Robert said. "When I was a little kid this was the ultimate fantasy. Something you saw in the movies, TV, and that's it."

"That is something I actually understood," Maya said.

"Much as I miss the good old days I don't regret being here," Robert said as they entered his apartment where his daughter Stephanie and her twin cousin Wang Chung were watching TV.

"How was your exercise session?" Stephanie asked.

"He will certainly improve when he starts working with a partner instead of air," Maya said.

"Maya, take into consideration everytime I arrange to meet you and the others at the Simudeck we get delayed and I have to zoom after the delay is over," Robert said. He then saw a tall slightly dark blond almost brown haired man walk over. Robert said. He then recognized the man.

"I/Oca, how did you manage to get here. I tried to talk Commander Stanton into letting me bring some of you aboard after I arrived and looked over the situation. He wouldn't even let me bring you aboard," Robert said.

"Who do you think talked Stanton into putting that armory in the Flight deck where the Space Raven used to be. Or for that matter provided Damon Henderson with the info he needed to put the Mega accelerator on the Space Raven. I was aboard Terra Venture the entire time. If you would have checked a directory you would have seen that," I/Oca said.

"I've been busy over in Research and Development. Boy will Commander Stanton be surprised when I show up in a normal uniform tomorrow," Robert said.

"What do you mean," Jessica his wife said as she left the kitchen.

"I/Oca, Damon, and Kendrix designed a way for me to change over to a defense force uniform or my battle togs without wasting time going to the Flight deck. Probably a good move. Did you even know I/Oca was aboard?" Robert asked.

"No I didn't until he showed up tonight. Maya, where are the rest of the crew?" Jessica asked.

"Kai, and Damon are practicing and Leo and Kendrix had other plans tonight, Knowing Alpha he is probably hiding on the Megaship," Maya said.

"Alpha is something else that is for sure," Jessica said. "How does this thing they designed work?" Robert then showed her the wrist device. I/Oca explained a lot of the technical stuff which caused Maya to be lost of course.

"Why couldn't Miranoi have had a more advanced civilization like Triforia or Eltare, or even KO-35," Maya thought to herself. The next morning Robert stood by in his regulation uniform at Command Headquarters while Commander Stanton did a preshift review.

"Mr. Gutheim, your choice of uniform surprises me," he said after the review was over.

"A little something Mr. Henderson, and Miss Morgan made with the help of my former computer specialist," Robert said. "When I requested permission back during construction to bring some of my people up from Earth and you denied it you could have told me that some of my people were already aboard."

"Why who did you come across that was already aboard?" Stanton asked as Kai Chin walked up.

"One of the technical support people I/Oca was one of the people I was hoping to bring aboard. Prior to being assigned here he was the computer specialist at Fort Goddard," Robert said.

"To be honest I don't interact with the Support people much. You need something Mr. Chin?" Stanton asked.

"I was wondering if Robert would be willing to join me for some weapons practice on the firing range," Kai said.

"I think I can spare you a few minutes," Robert said. "I'll meet you in the Weapons dome in half an hour."

"Sounds good. I was hoping to get a few others but it will probably just be us," Kai said.

"Not a problem. You mind if I use a phaser instead of a GSA Blaster?" Robert asked.

"What ever you prefer. Personally I was thinking of using my galaxy blaster," Kai whispered to Robert. Twenty five minutes later two golf carts pulled up next to the Weapons room on the Weapons Dome. Nearby were a bunch of targets at a known distance. Robert had a small device in his hand as he headed for the firing range. Before he walked over he took a small pile of cardboard targets out of the back of his golf cart.

"What have you got there?" Kai asked.

"A few appropriate targets," Robert said as he showed Kai the cardboard cutouts of Furio, Trakeena, and a bunch of sting wingers.

"Nice choice. I'd save the Furio Target for Leo," Kai said.

"Come one let's get the stupid thing placed where I can get to it," Leo Corbett said as he walked up. "The Women told me you two were hiding here. Who chose the targets."

"I did. We are just setting up Leo. I had a trusted friend of mine make these up to add some realism to our weapons practice," Robert said. Leo helped him position the targets while Kai checked the weapons room. Soon as everything was ready Robert Lifted his wrist and hit the P button on his wristband while Leo and Kai summoned their Transmorphers.

"Go Galactic," Leo and Kai said simultaneously. A few seconds later Leo was in his Red Ranger suit and Kai in his Blue Ranger suit. Leo and Kai then removed their galaxy blasters from their holsters while Plastica took a hand phaser from his golf cart. They then walked over to the Range and spaced themselves evenly apart Leo placing himself right in line with Furio.

"Furio, this is for what you did to Mike," Leo said as he fired. Ten Minutes into the Practice Leo thought be saw his target fall but he still saw Furio when the smoke cleared.

"Surprise Rangers. Sting Wingers attack," Furio said.

"This wasn't part of the plan was it?" Leo asked Plastica as the Sting wingers started to attack.

"No it wasn't, Armory, Launch Battle Armor," Plastica called over the remote link. Shortly after that his armor arrived.

"Armor Up," Plastica said. Right after that he saw a pink flash of light showing the arrival of Kendrix in her morphed state as the Pink Ranger.

"Data Bow," Kendrix said as she turned her Transdagger into a bow. "Transblaster," Came from the Green Ranger as Damon teleported in forming his own transdagger weapon AS the Yellow Ranger teleported in she grabbed her quasar saber.

"I see you all decided to join the party," Furio joked as Plastica looked his way and two lasers came from the black eyeshield on his helmet.

"This is something else, Now hand over the Quasar Sabers and the Transdaggers," Furio said.

"Never happen Furio," Leo said.

"I think it will," Furio said as he separated Kai from his cosmo claw. The Cosmo claw was made from Kai's transdagger. Before he left he also grabbed two more transdaggers and one of the quasar sabers.

"Blast," Leo said.

"Plastica, how did you channel your phaser through your helmet?" Kendrix asked.

"My laser eyes must be back," Plastica said. Plastica could sense five strange looks behind the rangers helmets.

"They were one of the things I lost after the Acid bath. Powermatic wasn't sure what the chances of finding them were. Just to aim them right I require crosshairs. I used them one time before I had the cross hairs and I injured the original pink ranger in the progress before I even knew she was a power ranger," Plastica said. "I was in my human form at the time."

"We better find out where Furio took our weapons," Maya said.

"Already on it," Damon said as he grabbed his scanner. "Looks like he is in the Forest Dome."

"Let's go then," Leo said. The Rangers then headed for the Forest Dome. When they arrived Plastica armored down.

"Armory, Launch Flight Pack Mode Battle Armor," Plastica called. "Armor Up."

"Beginning preignition sequence," the control pad said.

"Try to get the other Quasar Sabers and Transdaggers then bring them to the ship," Furio told a monster before leaving with Kai's, Kendrix's, and Maya's transdaggers and Leo's quasar saber.

"This isn't good," Damon said.

"I know, We're stuck using our blasters," Leo said. The blasters quickly took out the Monster along with Leo's fire power. The Monster though drank a chemical from a flask and grew huge.

"This is not good," Leo said.

"I agree Armor Down," Plastica said.

"WE need Galactazord Power Now," the Rangers called our.

"I hereby call forth the Armatron and Supersized Battle Armor," Plastica called out. The Armatron arrived and turned into Plastica's largest suit.

"Plastica, the Gray bar at the bottom of the touchpad activates a transporter to the control room of the Armatron," Damon called over the comlink from his zord.

"Thanks for the info," Plastica said as he tapped the bar. "I/Oca didn't think to tell me that."

"You all aren't playing fair," The monster complained.

"Actually we're just evening the odds," Leo said as the Galactazords combined into the Galaxy Megazord. Robert used his armor to try and take the Monster out but it knocked him down and he was in pain.

"Alpha, teleport Plastica to the Medical Center on the Megaship," Leo called over the comm line. A short time later the monster was destroyed. The Rangers then congregated on the Bridge of the Astro Megaship which they used for trips away from Terra Venture.

"He isn't good. Unfortunately his body is starting to reject his powers. Apparently his powers were never meant to be used the way he is forced to use them these days," Powermatic said.

"IS there anything we can do to help him?" Damon asked.

"Yes there is. He will need to go to the Planet Demona. There my people can help to restore his powers," Powermatic said.

"Kai and I have duties on Terra Venture. WE can't just leave," Kendrix said.

"Maybe if we talked to Commander Stanton," Kai said.

"We could try but he might not go for it," Kendrix said.

"I'll speak with him," Kai said as he headed for the door. A few minutes later Kai walked into Command Headquarters where Commander Stanton was looking a few things over.

"Mr. Chin, how did things go with Mr. Gutheim on the weapons range?" Stanton asked.

"Robert is sick with a alien bug. He has to go to another planet to be treated. I was hoping you would let Kendrix, Damon, and I take the Megaship along with Leo Corbett, Maya, and Robert's family to get him there. No sense moving the entire Colony," Kai said.

"Good point. How serious is this virus?" Stanton asked.

"I'm not sure Powermatic was examining him and he didn't go into detail. He thinks it is tied in to Robert's unique abilities," Kai whispered.

"OK, I'm willing to authorize the use of the Megaship. Since Damon is the best Pilot he will have to go and Leo and Maya aren't real important so they can be spared. The only thing is I can't spare both you and Miss Morgan," Stanton said. "You two are a little too vital here. One of you will have to remain."

"I'll let you know who remains somehow," Kai said. He then returned to the Megaship.

"Guys, Stanton won't let us all go. Damon, you, Leo, and Maya are free to go but either Kendrix or I have to stay," Kai said.

"Why can only one of us go?" Kendrix asked.

"The two of us are too vital he said," Kai said.

"So which one of us is going to stay?" Kendrix asked.

"I figured on staying myself. They might need your abilities Kendrix," Kai said.

"Kai, we'll call if we need you," Leo said.

"I know," Kai said. HE then turned around and left the bridge before going through the series of tunnels that lead back onto the station.

"Terra Venture Control, this is the Megaship requesting permission to disembark," Damon called over the comlink while standing at the controls.

"Megaship you are cleared for take-off what course are you setting?" a colony controller asked.

"We are heading for the planet Demona," Damon said. "It is a medical run." A short time later Jessica joined Kendrix on the Simudeck.

"The couple times I was on your ship I enjoyed it," Kendrix said as she took out a Craterite.

"I know. Somehow I always thought the ship would outlive us," Jessica said.

"I always dreamed of Being aboard Terra Venture but I didn't expect to become a power ranger," Kendrix said.

"Kendrix, believe me the day Robert almost blew Mr. Weldert's room up I didn't think I would become a superhero when I woke up that morning," Jessica said.

"How did you end up a superhero?" Kendrix asked.

"Blame my husband. I arrived back at the room just as Powermatic offered him powers and he rattled off this super long list of things: Everything from the abilities of a bear and a cheetah to his crazy outfit. Then after seeing me he asked Powermatic to give ME the ability to hypnotize people," Jessica said.

"Who's Mr. Weldert?" Kendrix asked.

"HE was the chemistry teacher at out high school," Jessica said.

"That was a fun class for me. But then all my science courses were," Kendrix said. "How did you end up fighting with the previous ranger teams?"

"Robert's laser eyes that's how. The summer before we first encountered the Power Rangers we were housesitting for his grandparents and ended up with a real disaster. We actually had to rescue the Supreme Court Justices. Then while flying home Ali was almost killed by a plane hijacker. Robert must of found a way to contact Fort Goddard since next thing we knew Agent Case our security chief was preparing for boarding. Right after that in our powered up states we exited the Aft Lavatories. Our spring break the following year He took me to Angel Grove, a bunch of putties attacked a couple people, and Robert used his laser eyes on them injuring a girl named Kimberly Hart in the process. It was after we brought her back to Angel Grove that we had to actually fight alongside her and her teammates. It ended up being a common occurrence. Although we also had to fight a few other villains including an evil queen in another time which is how Robert ended up with his first suit of Armor since an armorer in a friendly kingdom built it for him. I/Oca of course modified it after we returned to the present."

"You two are something else," Kendrix said kicking another craterite. The two women were silent as they finished off the last craterites.

"Attention we are coming up on the Planet Demona," D.E.C.A. announced.

"Thanks D.E.C.A.," Kendrix said. Soon as Kendrix and Jessica arrived on the Bridge Powermatic appeared on the Bridge.

"Hey Bro how is everything on Earth," A tall silvery skinned man asked over the viewer.

"I don't know Etmire. Robert and Jessica live on Terra Venture now. Etmire, we have a problem. As you know Robert lost a number of his powers. To aid him I attached his powers directly to his body only his body is rejecting them. His powerband was severely damaged if you remember," Powermatic said. "I knew the only way to save him was to Bring him here."

"Sorry Bro but it isn't possible right now. We are under attack," Etmire said. At that moment D.E.C.A. sounded out a quick warning.

"Attention Pyramidas is approaching," D.E.C.A. called out.

"Who or what is Pyramidas?" Leo asked.

"Pyramidas is the Ship belonging to King Trey of Triforia. He is the Gold Ranger," Alpha said.

"I better be on Hand to great him then," Powermatic said. "Alpha signal Pyramidas."

"Yes Powermatic," Alpha said. A second later Trey appeared on the Viewer.

"Powermatic of Demona what brings you out this way?" Trey asked.

"Plastica might be dying?" Powermatic asked.

"Hey I've heard many a legend of Big P as he is known out our way even if he is more of a crime fighter then a fighter against Evil," Trey said.

"King Trey, My husband's ship was slightly damaged during the final battle of the Last Great War that saw Evil eliminated. It caused the ship's engines to go faster then designed," Jessica said.

"Who might you be?" Trey asked.

"Jessica Gutheim of Earth. I also am the bearer of the Power's of the unknown and Abilities of a Strobelight."

"Why is Big P near death?" Trey asked.

"After his powerband was damaged I had to link his powers directly to his body and his body is now rejecting the powers. Bringing him here was our only option," Powermatic said.

"Tell you what I'll hold off these things while you try to get to the Surface," Trey said.

"Sounds good King Trey," Powermatic said before the line closed. "Leo, you and Damon take the Jet Jammers and Provide Trey with some support."

"You got it Powermatic," Leo said as he and Damon headed for the bay where the Jet Jammers were stored. Soon as the Red and Green Rangers were out there fighting off the Planet's attackers Trey came back on the Screen.

"Thanks for the back-up. Who are the rest of your friends?" Trey asked.

"Kendrix Morgan I'm with GSA Research and Development."

"Maya of Miranoi."

"Miranoi, I was out that way recently checking on the Quasar Sabers. I hope Scorpius didn't get them," Trey said.

"He didn't. They are with their Rightful owners," Maya said. "Right now I'm the only survivor of Scorpius's last attack on Miranoi. Everyone else was turned to stone."

"We'll free your people I promise. I think you can safely land now," Trey said as things died down and the other Rangers headed back to the Megaship. The ship then landed on the Planet.

"Ali, if you can keep an eye on the girls," Jessica said.

"No problem sis. Just get Robert back on his feet and his powers properly restored," Ali said.

"That is our intention," Jessica said. They then left with Alpha finding an old Galaxy Glider from when the ship was used by the previous rangers to place Robert on to take him to Demona's medical facilities. Once they got there Etmire walked in with a couple other Demona natives.

"Powermatic, how did the Powers of Glass and Plastic get damaged?" a female Demona asked.

"I'm not sure. Robert was a chemist and worked with acids a lot but one day be was hit by a powerful combination of Hydrochloric and Sulfuric acids at a church. Other people hit by what they thought was holy water only had minor burns. I was able to refuse some of his powers with his body but other's might be lost forever," Powermatic said.

"Not good. Who built this one wristband?" Etmire asked. Etmire was the only Silver skinned Demona in the room. Everyone else had a more human skin color.

"I did with the help of Damon Henderson of Terra Venture and I/Oca originally from Earth and now a technical support person with Terra Venture," Kendrix said.

"It looks good. It almost matches Demona technology. What was your pattern?" Fucilla the Female Demona asked.

"We didn't have one. We were trying to build a device that would allow him to call upon his battle togs and his Defense Force Uniform. I admit we added a few surprises into it," Kendrix said.

"I think I can use your wrist device and what remains of his powerband to build a new receptacle for his powers. I will need the help of you and your associates though," Fucilla said.

"Damon is with me but I/Oca remained on Terra Venture," Kendrix said.

"I'm Fucilla. I created the powerbands. Powermatic and Etmire are watchers. They locate people to provide powers to and then mentor them kind of Like Zordon of Eltare or Dimitria of Inquiris."

"I'm Kendrix Morgan. I'm a research developer which is a type of scientist. How many Watchers do you have?" Kendrix asked as they headed for Fucilla's lab. Leo and Jessica pushing the glider along.

"There are five thousand People on Demona who work with the Powers of them Five hundred are watchers. I have a staff of fifty and the others develop the powers," Fucilla said. "When Powermatic contacted Etmire, Etmire called him Bro which is a term used on earth to signify Brother," Kendrix said.

"The reason for that is because they are brothers Miss Morgan," the third Demona said.

"I see. Your planet is certainly interesting," Kendrix said.

"Certainly in a lot better shape then Miranoi," Maya said.

"I've been wondering what exactly happened on Miranoi anyway?" Fucilla asked.

"Scorpius's henchman Furio tried to remove the Quasar Saber's from the Stone they were left in and failed. After someone succeeded he got mad and turned the people of Miranoi except for me into stone. I was lucky and pulled one of the Saber's out," Maya said.

"Who pulled out the other ones?" Fucilla asked.

"Since you are obviously trustworthy I'll tell you. The other chosen people were Mike Corbett, Kai Chin, Kendrix Morgan, and Damon Henderson. Mike though fell into a Chasm on Miranoi and he turned his sword over to his brother Leo," Maya said.

"Your friends here with you?" Fucilla started to ask.

"Except for Jessica and Robert are three of the other holders of the Quasar Sabers. Kai remained on Terra Venture for this mission," Maya said.

"Any idea who was attacking the planet?" Fucilla asked.

"They looked to be Sting Wingers belonging to Scorpius. HE probably sent them on ahead to try to prevent us from saving Robert's life," Leo said. "Right know the Gold Ranger is defending your planet." Fucilla upon reaching the lab removed Robert's twice modified powerband and his Wrist device and placed them on a workbench. She then started working away with Damon, Kendrix, and Alpha six providing assistance. An hour later she started an incantation.

"Power's of the Gods of Demona. Please locate the Powers of Glass and Plastic and infuse this Powerband created with our technology and return the powers to their rightful owner," Fucilla said.

"Abilities of a bear, Abilities of a Cheetah, Form of an Eagle, Powers of Invisibility, Camera Eyes, Binocular Eyes, Suction Cups, Laser Eyes, Tricorder Eyes, DNA Reader. I summon you come forth," Powermatic said. A series of lights then came from Robert, a few others came from every direction, and they converged on the new powerband. It looked very similar to Robert's wrist device that Kendrix, Damon, and I/Oca designed but it included special components that would hold on to Robert's powers and act as a receptacle. After the powers were within Fucilla and Powermatic came out and joined Robert's friends who had been forced to wait outside for fear that some ability would make a wrong turn and infuse within someone else.

"His powerband is reenergized. We incorporated the Demona power sinks which he almost approximated with the device that you all built," Fucilla said.

"It wasn't too difficult we took an Astromorpher that Alpha 6 found on the Megaship that apparently was supposed to go to Karone of KO-35 when she came of age before she ended up becoming Astronema and modified it for the intended purpose after removing all the links that were to the morphing grid so we could link it up to the Armatron's system," Kendrix said.

"Will Robert have to go back to recharging his powers all the time?" Jessica asked.

"It shouldn't be necessary," Powermatic said. "The work Kendrix and Damon did with I/Oca's help solved a problem that Powereons had been plagued with for Millennia. You see all Powereons had the limitations that you and Robert had because of the nature of Energy. What your friends did was design a device to channel the powers better. His powers are now permanent. We also used the research that your friends did to make your powers the same way." Fucilla then handed Jessica two powerbands of the Henderson-Morgan Design.

"This one here with the H on it is to work with your powers, Jessica. The other one contains the powers of Limited Teleportation which we decided to make you the guardian of until an owner can be found for them," Powermatic said.

"I'm sure someone worthy is out there," Jessica said. "How will I transfer my powers to my new band?"

"All you will have to do is take your old one off and put the new one on," Fucilla said.

"Where is Robert anyway?" Leo asked.

"He is resting right now. Soon as he is Fully rested you all can leave," Fucilla said as A Tall Dark haired person in a Black suit with Gold Cape walked up.

"Someone told me I could find you all here," He said.

"Lord Trey, welcome to Demona," Fucilla said.

"Fucilla, still making the receptacles of Demona powers?" Trey asked.

"Yes though all future powerbands will be of the Henderson-Morgan design," Fucilla said. "The Henderson-Morgan design was developed by Damon Henderson and Kendrix Morgan of the Earth Colony Terra Venture."

"The Sting Wingers are all defeated for now if you all would like a Royal Escort back to Terra Venture," Trey said.

"Robert has to rest first before we leave," Jessica said.

"Rest smest, I can just as easily rest when we get home," Robert said.

"Robert, your powers are now fully restored. You no longer need to use that silly saying to activate them," Powermatic said.

"How then will I activate them or are they still incorporated into my body?" Robert asked.

"They now once again reside within your powerband. To activate them you will have to push the P button on your new improved powerband. The new improved powerband holds them better so recharging isn't necessary," Powermatic said. They then return to the Megaship except for Trey who returns to his ship. During the trip back to Terra Venture.

"Robert, you glad to have your powers fully restored?" Leo asked.

"Leo, ask me again after I've had a chance to try them out," Robert said.

"Hey come on now is as good a time as any. Besides you owe us about then visits to the Simudeck," Maya said.

"I'm going to rest before I try out my powers. I don't know why but my new powerband looks interesting enough very similar to the wrist device Kendrix, Damon, and I/Oca made me so I wouldn't have to always wear my battle togs," Robert said.

"That is because the device we made you was incorporated into the Powerbands the Demona developed. I don't know what they called the previous design but they named the new design after Damon and I," Kendrix said. Before they knew it they had reached Terra Venture.

"Astro Megaship, you are cleared for docking," Kai said over the comm channel.

"Thank you Kai it is good to be back," Robert said. Soon as they returned the Rangers and Robert headed right for Command Headquarters. When they arrived Trey was talking to Commander Stanton.

"From what the King of Triforia just told me you all apparently had an eventful trip," Commander Stanton said.

"That we did. I had a nice nap on the way home," Robert said. "King Trey, I want to thank you for the help you provided. While we never fought together back when you were helping the Zeo Rangers I'm sure we would have had a good time if we had."

"You are welcome. I'm just glad I was in the area," Trey said. "I would stay and Chat but I have duties back home on Triforia to deal with." Right after Trey left to return to Pyramidas Robert took his powerband and went into his old power up Stance.

"It's Showtime Let's Power Up," He said before hitting the proper button on his powerband changing into Plastica.

"Man this is so great. Watch out Scorpius because Plastica is back."

The End