Author's Notes This Lost Adventure takes place During the Month Long search for the Lights of Orion. It also clears up a question that a few of you probably had after Power Restored. Namely what about the three missing Transdaggers and the missing Quasar Saber here Power Restored Ended without it being answered. I decided to include it here. If it is from the Show then it belongs to Haim Saban. If not it is mine. Lita though is Dr. Lita Kino a character I previously borrowed from Ellen Brand with her permission. If possible try to figure out why I chose the look I did for the mysterious Flitter.

Flitter Power Up
By Robert Gutheim

The Infamous Kitchen seen at the end of a few shows.

"Kai, by chance were you able to recover our weapons?" Damon asked.

"Stanton kept me busy in Command headquarters the whole time I didn't get a chance," Kai said.

"Trust me Kai you missed a good trip. Nice and peaceful. IF it wasn't for the Gold Ranger we wouldn't have had a chance," Leo said.

"Leo, believe me if I could have I would have been there with you. What was Demona like?"

"I'd say it was a cross between Terra Venture and Miranoi," Maya said. "It certainly was advanced."

"From what Trey told Commander Stanton the Demona have been enfusing powerbands with Powereon Abilities since even before the great battle between Zordon and Rita Repulsa," Kai said.

"Robert had a few good tails about the last few years of that war," Damon said. "Leo, where is your girlfriend hiding?"

"Kendrix had to work in her lab. I'm not sure but I think Robert and I/Oca are with her. She said something about seeing who the third powerband belongs to," Leo said.

"Maybe it's Ali's," Maya theorized.

"I doubt it she isn't quite as charged up as her sister is," Leo said.

"Good point, Ali is more quiet then her sister. Hum I wonder. Kai, if you could hand me a piece of paper," Maya requested.

"Sure no problem. Something up?" Kai asked.

"I'm not sure, I just have a theory," Maya said as she wrote down all of Robert's non sensory powers and a couple theories. She then wrote down what little she knew of Jessica's powers along with a couple more theories. She then placed attributes down at the bottom.

"What do you mean by listing Robert's powers as being connected to strength, speed, and cunning?" Leo asked.

"That is simply the way I read into his powers since he has abilities of a bear and cheetah and eagles tend to be fast and strong. His invisibility would to some extent show cunning since he can sneak around. My theories about the other powers he might have aren't real good. For Jessica I made note that she doesn't have much in the way of power but she what she does have is connected with the mind. That is why I theorized that she might have telepathy and telekinetic abilities as well but just doesn't know it. The interesting thing is I don't have any evidence that it might be true. You have to consider that I knew almost nothing about Robert's powers until we made the trip to Demona," Maya said.

"I didn't even know he had powers until one day when during a training exercise Kendrix and I got into a bind and he zoomed up with his Powereon Battle Helmet on. Up until then the only person who knew he was Plastica was Kendrix," Kai said.

"And that's only because Kendrix walked into the lab while he was talking to Powermatic," Jessica said. "You look like your pretty engrossed in something, Maya."

"I kind of am. I was analyzing out what I could tell about Demona abilities. Of course I don't know much," Maya said.

"With only two people that you know of with that kind of abilities it is probably difficult to really analyze them. I always found it easier to analyze Ranger abilities since I knew just about every Power Ranger that Zordon ever Mentored. Trey I didn't even meet until the trip to Demona when we happened to run into him. Of course from what one of our other Ranger friends from what Robert liked to call the 56th Ranger Battalion of the Steel Brigade said Trey was a real help during the time that King Mondo of the Machine Empire had been attacking the Earth," Jessica said.

"What was the Steel Brigade and for that matter what was the 56th Ranger Battalion?" Damon asked.

"The Steel Brigade was our Unit. It wasn't really a brigade since we had maybe a small Platoon at best of people. I/Oca was the Computer Specialist for our unit. AS a security precaution the 56th Ranger Battalion under Zordon Eltarian was the codename we used in the Fort Goddard computer system for the Power Rangers even though the major players knew who the Power Rangers were. Zordon Eltarian of course was really Zordon of Eltare the Ranger's mentor," Jessica said.

"Jessica, I have a theory," Leo said.

"What's that Leo?" Jessica asked.

"My brother was the one who pulled my quasar saber out of the stone. He should have gotten my powers. Maybe the Demona powers that you guard were meant for me," Leo said.

"Leo, trust me that isn't the case. Based on my analysis and study of the Power Rangers you have what it takes. I doubt Mike would have been as good a ranger as you are," Jessica said. "I remember Mike was always at Robert's throat. Robert once muttered in earshot of Commander Stanton that he would take a specialist from Fort Goddard any day over having to work with your brother. Of course that was shortly before Mike learned just who Robert really was," Jessica said.

"You've been chatting with Lita a lot haven't you," Leo joked.

"Actually I haven't. I know Robert spoke with her one time shortly after he really started to miss the powers that now are restored," Jessica said.

"I think I remember that time. He was leaving just as I arrived for a session shortly before we had to deploy with the Megaship and the Space Raven," Leo said.

"That wasn't our finest hour," Jessica said thinking back to how they had lost the Delta Class time traveling ship that day. Meanwhile Eight year old Stephanie Gutheim and her twin cousin Wang Chung Nabinger were over by the Research and Development Department.

"Excuse me but this area is for Authorized Personnel Only," the Head of R&D said as the entered the lab.

"We are hoping to talk to my dad," Stephanie said.

"Not a chance Steph. I'm not even sure what he and Kendrix Morgan are up to. Who ever the guy helping them is technically isn't authorized but he or Kendrix always vouches for him," he said.

"It might be Mr. Henderson," Wang Chung said.

"It isn't Damon I know him. Also Damon has authorization since he is charge of Maintenance in here," the head said. "This guy is some sort of tech support guy. He was working with Kendrix and Damon on a project at one point."

"I/Oca," Stephanie and Wang Chung said in unison. "He is sort of a family friend. Dad has known him since he was in high school."

"I see. You two better get going," the head said.

"Meanwhile aboard the Scorpion Stinger which was the base of Operations for the OH so Ugly villian known as Scorpius His Ugliness himself was talking with his much better looking daughter Trakeena.

"Why is it so hard for Furio to find something as simple as the Lights of Orion?" Scorpius asked.

"I don't know Father. The best he has been able to do so far is to recapture one quasar saber. The best part is it is the Red Ranger's," Trakeena said.

"That is true Trakeena. Instead of wasting more of Furio's stupid monsters I'm going to have you make the next attempt," Scorpius said.

"I won't fail you father," Trakeena said. Trakeena then transported herself into the Main dome near the city center. By luck Stephanie and Wang Chung were nearby talking with Jody Stanton.

"Whoa, who is that?" Jody asked.

"I don't know. Think your dad knows who she is?" Stephanie asked.

"Hard to say. She doesn't look like she is from here," Jody said.

"Could she be a stowaway like Leo or Matt was?" Wang Chung asked.

"I doubt it. Something about her doesn't make sense though," Jody said. Stephanie then took her old watch that her dad had I/Oca make for her back in New York City when there was a chance she might get kidnapped and pushed all three buttons at the same time. Aboard the Megaship Alpha and D.E.C.A. picked up the signal from Stephanie's homing device and ran a sensor check on the area. Alpha then opened a channel to the Rangers.

"Rangers, Trakeena is in the City Center," Alpha broadcasted.

"I read you Alpha," Leo said as He gathered Kai, Damon, and Maya close to him.

"Go Galactic," they called. After the morphing sequence Kai, Damon, and Maya were in their Ranger suits of Blue, Green, and Yellow respectively but Leo was still in his Red Shirt and leather jacket with the Terra Venture seal on the left breast.

"Maybe because your Saber is missing your unable to morph," Damon theorized.

"We better get it back then," Leo said as they came upon Trakeena as she was knocking a few citizens over.

"Looking for something Trakeena?" Damon asked as he aimed his Transblaster at her.

"Yes the Lights of Orion," Trakeena said. In the chaos that was caused Stephanie slipped into the R&D area and noticed the third Demona Powerband sitting on the lab bench. Of course she didn't know that is was an extra one all she saw was the keypad and she recognized it as looking like her dad's suit changer.

"Oh no dad forgot his suit changer," Stephanie said. She was heading through the City Center a few minutes later just as she saw Kendrix morph into the Pink Ranger and her dad tap the proper button on his powerband to become Plastica.

"If he has his suit changer then what is this. She noticed how the mysterious device has a button marked F in addition to the standard powerdown button and the connections to the GSA Frequency, the connection to D.E.C.A. and a few other buttons. Just for kicks she put the device on and hit the F button. A Strange transformation then took place and when she got done she looked almost like a hummingbird but was a lot larger. She then flitted over to the battlefield where she heard Leo mutter something about his sword and the missing Transdaggers. She then flitted again this time flitting onto the Scorpion Stinger where she found Furio admiring the Red Quasar Saber. She used a quick distraction and soon as Furio left she quickly grabbed the sword along with the two Transdaggers she saw. The Sword she grabbed with her feet and the two transdaggers with her wingtips. She then reflitted to the Battlefield where she dropped them at Leo's feet before flitting back to the lab where she powered down and took the band off.

"How did my sword get here," Leo asked as he picked it up and placed it in the air. Within seconds his powers were reenergized and he was morphed. By this time Trakeena has placed her Armor on that had the facemask. Leo of course immediately went after her with his sword.

"Quasar Saber Energize," He called. A couple minutes later Trakeena was down but she had taken the time to grab a flask of supergrow formula and within seconds she was grown to Jumbo size and looked about as Ugly as Scorpina did when ever she grew.

"The lights could they be hidden in that bracelet like thing on the lab counter. Trakeena thought as she teleported away about the time that the Lion Galactabeast was rising up in answer to his master's call.

"Oh Man she got away," Damon said.

"We'll find her," Leo said. "At least we have our weapons back."

"My dagger is still missing though," Maya said.

"I'm sure it's somewhere," Kendrix said.

"Who was that that brought our weapons back?" Kai asked.

"I don't know. Whoever it was had a Powereon Signature though," Plastica said. "Why would Trakeena suddenly vanish?"

"Something certainly attracted her though," Kendrix said.

"She said something about a bracelet like thing on a lab counter," Damon said.

"The Powerband. We had to leave so fast when Trakeena first arrived that I left it on the counter in the lab," Kendrix said.

"We better get there quick but we will be able to slip in better in civilian form," Plastica said as he hit the button that had the universal 0 on it and Powered down into his civilian form. A couple seconds later the rangers were powered down next to him. They then headed for a couple cars and high tailed it toward the lab. Stephanie meanwhile hid under the lab bench. When Trakeena teleported in she took a look at the band and tried to grab it only to have Stephanie reach up and grab it herself and place it back on her wrist hitting the f button as she latched it in place.

"Who on earth are you?" Trakeena asked.

"I am known as the Flitter," Stephanie said as she flitted away. At that moment the Rangers walked in remorphed.

"Your friend the flitter might just have what I'm looking for," Trakeena said.

"The Flitter," Kendrix said confused.

"Our friend who retrieved the missing weapons maybe. I did sense a Powereon Signature after all here in the lab a couple minutes ago," Plastica said.

"Did the signature match the one you picked up during our last battle?" Maya asked.

"I'm not sure, Let's just get this over with," Plastica said as he grabbed a small blade from his wrist. "Powerblade." Plastica then fired his blade at Trakeena but she teleported out before the blade reached her. By chance the Flitter flitted in and caught it.

"I believe this is yours," She said.

"Who are you anyway?" Maya asked.

"The Flitter," was her only answer. A Short time later Robert and the Rangers met up in the kitchen for a post battle discussion.

"That was weird in every sense," Kendrix said.

"Tell me about it. IF the Flitter hadn't come along I don't know what we would have done," Leo said.

"We are still short one Transdagger though. It could make it difficult to form the Megazord until we find it," Maya said.

"I know and the Wildcat Galactazord is one of the more important ones," Plastica said.

"Hey even the Condor is important. Any clues as to who the Flitter is?" Damon asked.

"Unfortunately Powereon signatures shield DNA signatures so I can't use my sensors to detect who it is," Robert said. "Any clues Jessica?"

"Not a one. But then I'm still working on getting my new abilities figured out," Jessica said.

The End