Author's Notes : This isn't a new series of Fanfics. I simply changed the name of the Series starting with this one. This one is like completely different from my previous Fanfics. In Ranger Life this takes place after the Episode The Magna Defender. Unlike Lucas Harrell and Tanika Perryman I'm not going to assume even though I think he is that MD is really Mike Corbett. My standard Disclaimers apply. The reason for the differences is because Julie Fredericks and her Family is from a set of BOOKS that I'm writing. Yes even I write things besides Power Ranger Fanfics. I happen to also have two VR Trooper tie- ins to the AOPAH and a Beetleborgs one but they aren't available for public viewing. I don't care how much you pay me even a chance to borrow one of your characters I'm not loaning Julie or any of her family out these characters are under an ironclad copywrite.

Basketball Superstar
By Robert Gutheim

One day in the Terra Venture Command Headquarters Kai Chin is working away when Commander Stanton walks in.

"Mr. Chin, any word from the Triforian Transport bringing our special visitor and her Family?" Hr asked.

"Not yet Sir. What is so special about this person anyway?" Kai asked.

"You'll see," Commander Stanton said. Half an hour later A Transmission came in.

"This is the Triforian Transport Vessel the Lord Trey requesting clearance to link-up."

"Lord Trey this is Terra Venture Control you are cleared for docking. How many are in your party?" Kai asked.

"I kind of lost count after ten," the ship communications officer said.

"Whoa," Kai said. A short time later A young woman in her early thirties came rolling out of the Transport Ship. With her were several people of various ages. By luck Commander Stanton on a signal from Kai was waiting outside of the Flight bay that the ship has landed in which was separate from where Terra Ventures primary defense team known as the Galaxy Rangers stored their ship.

"Dr. Fredericks, welcome aboard Terra Venture. I'm Commander Stanton the Colony's Leader."

"I wish to thank you for your invitation to hold a brief seminar aboard your station," Dr. Fredericks said. "My friends though call me Julie."

"Not a problem. My hope is that your brief stay will be enjoyable," Commander Stanton said.

"So do I," Julie said.

"Mom, you mind if Hannah and I do a little exploring?" one of her entourage an Asian looking girl of around Twelve asked.

"I don't see a problem. I'll have someone show you around," Commander Stanton said when he saw a hesitant look on the woman's face. "Miss Morgan, could you meet me in Flight Deck 2?"

"Sure thing Commander," Kendrix Morgan a scientist in research and development responded. A Short time later the Tall Blond haired scientist arrived with another man who was A little bit taller and had darker hair.

"Julie, these two are Kendrix Morgan and Robert Gutheim. They work in Research and Development," Commander Stanton said. "They will be showing two of your party around the station."

"Are they trustworthy?" a Tall Asian Man asked.

"Completely trustworthy," Commander Stanton said. The two girls then headed off with Kendrix and Robert.

"I'm Princess Kathleen, this is my sister Hannah," the Asian girl said.

"What are you a princess of?" Robert asked.

"The United Kingdom. It took a little work since I'm American for me to be named it," Princess Kathleen said. "Most people when I'm not undergoing Royal Duties which is most of the time call me Katie."

"That makes it easier for me," Robert said. "What about you Kendrix?"

"Much easier. Even though I never met a Princess before," Kendrix said.

"Jessica and I in our powered up states were actually knighted by the Queen of England," Robert carefully whispered to Kendrix. Meanwhile in another part of the Station Leo Corbett and his friends Damon Henderson and Maya were walking through a corridor when they passed the guests.

"What was it that the one lady was in?" Maya asked her friends.

"It's called a wheelchair. It's used by people who can't walk for some reason," Leo said.

"Any idea who she is?" Damon asked.

"She is Dr. Julie Fredericks, back in High School she was known The Wheelchair Warrior," Dr. Lita Kino said as she walked up to the threesome.

"What was she a warrior of?" Maya asked.

"She was one of the greatest High School Basketball Players ever," Dr. Kino said.

"Amazing," Damon said. Aboard the Scorpion Stinger Princess Trakeena was talking with her father the Evil Scorpius.

"Where on Earth are the Lights of Orion?" Scorpius asked.

"I'm not sure. That stupid Child almost ruined everything," Trakeena said. "Hello what's this. Could the Lights of Orion be in a mere crown."

"What do you see Trakeena?" Scorpious asked.

"Terra Venture appears to have a special visitor and part of her escort wears a crown that just light contain the Lights of Orion," Trakeena said.

"Send some Sting Wingers and a monster down to retrieve the crown," Scorpius said.

"No Problem Father unlike Furio I won't fail you," Trakeena said. Meanwhile Robert and Kendrix were showing Katie and Hannah the Forest dome when the Sting Wingers arrived with an oh so Ugly monster.

"What are those?" Hannah asked.

"Not good," Kendrix said.

"Kendrix, I'll keep an eye on things while you run for help," Robert said as he hit the GSA button on his powerband and changed into a Terra Venture soldier. Kendrix meanwhile slipped behind a tree and opened a commline.

"Guys, trouble in the Forest Dome. Morph and Meet me there," Kendrix said.

"I here you Kendrix. Who is there exactly?" Leo asked.

"Myself Robert, he powered up GSA and two of our visitors from Earth," Kendrix said.

"Not good. I think it's time to," Leo said. Simultaneously we heard five voices say "Go Galactic." When Kendrix arrived back at the battle site She was dressed in a pink ranger suit. Shortly after that Four other Rangers showed up. At the same time a Green Armored guy with horns walked up.

"Whoa what is the Magna Defender doing here?" Maya asked while she smacked a Sting Winger with a roundhouse kick. Just as the Monster teleported away with Katie.

"Nooooooooooooo," Kendrix yelled.

"What is so important about the girl Pink Ranger?" Magna Defender asked.

"She is a princess," Kendrix said.

"I'm sure I can find her. Just leave me alone while I figure out where she is," Magna Defender said.

"Why would he even want her?" Hannah asked.

"I don't know. Man this is not good," Robert said as he headed on out. His next stop was his quarters where his wife Jessica was cooking dinner.

"I feel sorry for the girl's parents. Is there anything we can do?" Jessica asked. Nearby their daughter Stephanie was listening carefully and hatching a plan.

"Commander Stanton is meeting with Dr. Fredericks in a few minutes to break the news to her," Robert said.

"I want to be there to see how he explains it away," Jessica said. Robert and Jessica met up with the Colonial Leader outside of the guest quarters set aside for the visiting basketball star.

"Dr. Fredericks, I'm afraid there has been an incident. Your daughter has been kidnapped," Commander Stanton said.

"Which one?" Julie asked.

"Katie," Commander Stanton said.

"I thought you said that she and Hannah would be safe with them," her husband complained.

"Ming, I'm sure they did their best," Julie said.

"Not quite good enough. Julie, I recommend that we cancel your engagements and prepare to return to earth," Ming said.

"No way Ming. It isn't the first time Rachel has tried this," Julie said.

"Yeah but Rachel is on our side now," Ming said. "Besides we left her on earth with Robin."

"I know," Julie said. Meanwhile a Bird like figure with Human legs flitted into a cave in one of Terra Venture's outer domes the first thing she saw was a dagger with a black lightning bolt on the handle and no obvious blade.

"The Yellow Ranger's transdagger. That's why I couldn't find it on the ship with the other missing weapons. Now to collect some back-up," the figure said. "Hum I wonder if that girl might be the missing princess. "To anyone on this frequency I think I found something." Robert was still in with Katie's parents when he heard the call.

"Dr. Fredericks, I have to go but I'll leave my wife here to keep you company," Robert said.

"Sounds good," Julie said. He then headed for a secure spot and hit the P button on his Powerband. This time he changed into Plastica master of the Demona powers of Glass and Plastic. When he arrived at the cave he found the Power Rangers battling the Sting Wingers He also saw the Bird like figure.

"Hey Flitter, what brings you here?" Plastica asked.

"I was the one that called you Plastica," The Flitter said.

"I see. Unfortunately I didn't recognize your voice," Plastica said. "Armory." A buzzing sound came over his communicator.

"Launch Stealth Mode Battle Armor," Plastica said. "Armor Up." He then disappeared. The Rangers at that moment just about had the monster defeated when he decided to make like most living beings and grow up.

"Galactabeasts Arise," Leo called. The five beasts soon arrived.

"Yellow Ranger Catch," Flitter called as she tossed the Yellow Ranger's Transdagger.

"Thanks Flitter," Maya said as she landed on the Wolf Galactabeast.

"Galactazord Transform Initiate," Leo called. A strange field changed the Galactbeasts from Skinned Creatures into Metal Skinned Zords.

"Armor down," Plastica said. "I hereby call forth the Armatron and Supersized Battle Armor." In the Armory special equipment transferred Plastica's suits of Armor into a sort of Portable Armory which then headed off and Changed into a Warrior. Plastica then hit a special button on his powerband which then transferred him into the Control room of the Super Sized Battle Armor.

"This is Something else," Maya said. The Rangers used everything they had to take on this monster while Flitter Flitted into a rear part of the cave just as the Magna Defender arrived.

"You want to keep the Sting Wingers busy while I free the girl?" Flitter asked the equally mysterious Magna Defender.

"I'll handle it. I work better Alone," Magna Defender said.

"How come you aren't helping the other rangers and Plastica?" Flitter asked.

"As I said I work better alone," Magna Defender said. He then broke the chains holding Katie to the Cave wall.

"Hey Birdbrain, if you want to make yourself useful you can take her to safety," Magna Defender said.

"The names Flitter," Flitter said. "Not a problem though." AS the Flitter Flitted off with Katie held carefully she watched as the Galaxy Megazord used the condor Galactabeast to destroy the Monster. A short time later the Rangers and Robert back in their civilian forms arrived in a Large Arena where Katie and her siblings were watching a couple teams of players. Near one basket They watched as a person in a wheelchair made a spectacular basket from behind the Three Point line. Before the game was over she made eight more points.

"Whoa is mom ever good," Katie mentioned.

"Katie, you all right?" Maya asked.

"Yes I am. Man I haven't been scared that much since last Halloween," Katie said. Maya had a strange look on her face.

"We'll explain later," Leo said. After the Game was over the Rangers, Robert, Jessica and Stephanie stood alongside Commander Stanton as the Wheelchair Warrior and her family headed back onto the Triforian transport to return to Earth.

"Commander, I want to thank you. I haven't had this much excitement in a long time," Julie said.

"By, Katie," Stephanie said.

"You two Stephanie," Katie said as She boarded the ship her long cape flowing in the small breeze from some nearby air circulators. After they left Stephanie and Jessica returned to their quarters The Rangers and Robert headed for the guys quarters.

"The Magna Defender is something else," Robert said.

"I know between Him and the Flitter we have plenty of mysterious help," Kai said.

"Magna Defender's powers don't give off Powereon Signatures but I wasn't able to get any clues to his identity either.

The End