Disclaimer : If It is From the Show It's Saban's. If not it's mine. This includes the people aboard the SB Space Hawk. The Ninja Powers of Martal are also mine. IF anyone is wondering if there is a connection between the Space Hawk and the Space Raven which was destroyed in the Fan Fic titled Psych Problems. There is and you will see what the connection is as you read into the story.

The Return of the Steel Brigade
By Robert Gutheim

The story opens in Scorpius's chamber on the Scorpion Stinger where he is giving Furio a real tongue lashing.

"Why haven't you brought me the lights of Orion?" Scorpius asked.

"They are apparently quite good at hiding. Don't worry though my lord I will find them," Furio said.

"That's what you always say," Scorpius said. "Why should this time be any different?"

"Our best bet probably is to capture Plastica's mischievous daughter and ransom her for the Lights of Orion. In other words let the Rangers find them," Furio said.

"Sounds like a nice idea," Scorpius said. "Put your worthless plan into action."

"Hopefully I can do it when she isn't capable of turning into the Flitter. She is almost as much of a nuisance as the Rangers and her parents combined especially after you factor in the Magna Defender," Furio said. A short while later Stephanie was walking in a hallway after the colony school got out with her cousin and Jody Stanton.

"Stephanie, any guess as to who Magna Defender and the Flitter are or even the Rangers for that matter?" Jody asked.

"Not a clue. Rumor has it that the Flitter might be a kid because of it's size," Stephanie said just as a couple Sting Wingers showed up.

"Gross, what on Terra Venture are those things?" Jody asked.

"I don't know but I don't think they are friendly," Stephanie said as Furio teleported in.

"Oh great and the device I need to turn into Flitter is at home since I don't want to reveal my identity," Stephanie thought silently.

"Ah Plastica's daughter and niece along with the useless daughter of Station Commander Stanton. I know of someone who would be very glad to meet you three," Furio said.

"In your dreams," Jody said knowing who this creep was.

"Sting Wingers grab them," Furio said as the shock troops grabbed the three girls. They then took off and returned to the Scorpion Stinger. Meanwhile Stephanie's parents were meeting with their best friends when a call came over the com system.

"Rangers, trouble report to the Megaship," Alpha called out.

"What was that?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Oh nothing," a blond haired girl said as everyone got up.

"Miss Morgan for a call to go out for the Rangers it is obviously something," Commander Stanton said.

"I'm sure the Rangers can handle it," Kendrix Morgan the blond said.

"Rangers, you might want to bring Commander Stanton with you," a different voice said.

"I read you D.E.C.A.," Kendrix's friend Leo responded. The group then headed towards the Astro Megaship which was used as an unofficial base of Operations for the Galaxy Rangers and their Allies Plastica and Headset.

"Something wrong Alpha?" Leo asked.

"You could say that, Furio and some Sting Wingers have captured Stephanie, Wang Chung, and Ay Yi Yi Jody," Alpha said.

"Jody as in my daughter?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Yes as in your daughter. That is why D.E.C.A. asked for you to come along," Alpha said.

"Alpha, why weren't we notified?" Leo asked.

"There wasn't enough time," Alpha said.

"Alpha, try to contact Lord Trey and the Phantom Ranger. Maya, see who else might be able to help us. Kai, Leo, try to find the Magna Defender. I'll see if the Flitter will respond on my powerband's commlink," Robert said effectively taking command.

"Flitter, this is Plastica code red come in. Flitter Code Red we need you," Robert broadcasted on the secure Ranger frequency. After a couple minutes there was no response but Alpha had Trey the King of Triforia on the Viewscreen.

"Rangers, what is the problem?" Trey asked.

"My niece and daughter have been kidnapped along with Commander Stanton's daughter. We are preparing an assault team and am requesting help from other Rangers to join the team," Robert said.

"Unfortunately I can't get away. What about the owner of the third band that the Demona gave you when you regained your powers?" Trey asked.

"No response yet on local frequencies. In other words Lord Trey already attempted to contact the person," Robert said. After ten minutes of attempts Alpha was unable to contact the mysterious Phantom Ranger.

"Robert, Commander, I think I may have an idea of someone that might be able to help us," Maya said.

"What's that Maya?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Either of you familiar with the Ninja Powers of Martal?" Maya asked. Both shook their heads. Robert though walked over and looked at the terminal screen.

"The Practitioners of Martal. A team of three individuals who when things are at their worst will call upon the Ninja Powers of Martal. The Practitioners will be experienced experts of Martial Arts," Robert said. "Man if only the Randolph Brothers were with us." Meanwhile a ways from the Colony in Space an almost familiar ship was on an almost collision course.

"Bruce, I think we are close to finally meeting up with Terra Venture," the helmsman said.

"Thanks Corey, I only hope we can get clearance for Landing when we arrive," Bruce Randolph said.

"Bro, we have a problem. I'm picking up the last traces of a transmission. Anyone with knowledge of Martal please respond," the comm officer said.

"Pete, this could be important. I'll watch your station while you find Dan. I think the time has come," Bruce said.

"You mean," Pete said.

"Yes, it's time to show why the two of us and Dan call ourselves the Triforce," Bruce said. Fairly soon the other two brothers arrived along with a bunch of other people. Pete relieved his brother at the comm station.

"Pete open a channel to the Colony. Use whatever frequency the call was on," Bruce said. Pretty soon Alpha reported a transmission.

"This is the SB Space Hawk, we have information on the Practitioners of Martal," the transmission said.

"The SB Space Hawk," Damon Henderson said.

"Don't look at me," Robert said.

"Signal the Colony to give the Space Hawk landing Clearance in this bay," Commander Stanton said.

"Right away Commander," Alpha said. Fairly soon after that the team was standing around as a group of people came walking out of the Space Hawk.

"Oh my lord. Jessica, tell me this is one giant hallucination," Robert said.

"I don't think so because I think I see the same thing," Jessica said. "Protectica, what are you guys doing here?"

"We came for an extended visit," Protectica said.

"Well you chose a great time to show up. Wait a minute where are the Triforce and Roger. Special Note: with this next one I'm assuming that PRLG takes place after the year 2018.

"I don't know where the Triforce is but Roger is dead," Protectica said.

"What happened?" Jessica asked.

"He was assassinated by Fritz the Blitz," Protectica said. Meanwhile aboard the Space Hawk the Randolph Brothers were standing in a Triangle Arms out stretched.

"We call upon the Powers of Martal," the Three said simultaneously.

"Karatcho," Dan said.

"Kungfucho," Pete said.

"Ninjako," Bruce said. The Three Practitioners of Martal then left the Ship in their Multi Colored Uniforms. Each Uniform had three different Colors. Dan's had a Black Chest White Arms and Gray legs, Pete's had blue arms yellow legs and a green chest. Bruce's though was the fanciest with Copper Legs, silver arms, and a Gold Chest. All Three had Red Masks over their face.

"Who might you three be?" Commander Stanton asked.

"We are the Practitioners of Martal," Bruce answered. "You all better know us as the Triforce."

"I never even suspected you three might have powers as well," Robert said.

"The situation back on earth was never bad enough that we had to use them. Not even when the three of us and Headset were taking on the Tryptinox," Pete said.

"OK the situation is like this. Scorpius the latest villain had his minion Furio kidnap my daughter and niece along with Commander Stanton's daughter. We think they are holding them aboard the Scorpion Stinger. At some point a monster along with some Sting Wingers which are like the Putties, Piranhatrons and Quantrons were like will probably be sent. Our allies include the Magna Defender who I might add makes Kitchenca look like a pussy cat and the Flitter. We don't know who either person really is," Robert said.

"Sir, I think it would be best if only the Three of us, Visegrip, and Protectica helped you out the rest should stand by in case of a problem," Bruce said.

"I agree," Robert said.

"Gang, Scorpius sent down a monster, It's in the City Central," Alpha broadcaster.

"Then let's get moving," Robert said as he and Jessica activated their powerbands. Meanwhile five voices went

"Go Galactic." When everything cleared five Power Rangers and Two Powereon warriors stood where Robert, Jessica, Leo, Damon, Kai, Kendrix, and Maya had previously stood. Everyone then headed for the Battlefield.

"So what brings someone as ugly as you here?" Leo asked.

"I have a message for all of you. If you want to see your kids again you will surrender to us the lights of Orion," the Monster who looked like a real ugly beast said.

"I don't think so," Leo said. "Quasar Sabers." The rangers pulled their swords.

"Power Blade," Plastica said as he pulled the thin blade from his wrist and used his Demona powers to extend it into a long sword. Shortly after that another sword entered the Fight as the Magna Defender showed up.

"Magna, nice of you to join us," Plastica said.

"Hey, I may prefer to work alone but I know when my help is needed. I see you have a few friends," he said.

"A few old friends you might say," Plastica said.

"They don't look too bad," Magna Defender said.

"They aren't. They are some of the most loyal people I know," Plastica said. Shortly after that the monster teleported out. The Defense team then headed for the Flight Deck where the ships were parked. Magna Defender was with the others.

"So what ever happened to the Raven?" Metallica asked.

"It was destroyed by a monster belonging to the same guy who kidnapped the girls," Jessica said. "Kendrix, Ali, and I were aboard with Alpha when the ship was almost destroyed but we were teleported out in time."

"Where was the big guy?" Pipewrench asked.

"I was in my Super-Sized Armor fitting the Monster," Plastica said. "You all don't know how much I wanted to bring you guys here back when we were still at Earth. The Commander though didn't like the idea." At that moment Alpha stuck his Head out of a hatch of the Megaship.

"Plastica, Could I chat with you for a second?" Alpha asked.

"No Problem Alpha something up?" Plastica asked.

"You could say that. I ah found a clue as to why you couldn't contact the Flitter," Alpha said.

"What kind of a clue?" Plastica asked.

"I called up some images from the last couple battles when the Flitter has appeared and I ran a scan for matching readings and I found a match aboard the Scorpion Stinger," Alpha said.

"Alpha, is the Flitter one of Scorpius's monsters?" Plastica asked as Larry Lingie entered.

"Ay Yi Yi no. The Flitter is a prisoner of Scorpius," Alpha said. "Plastica, The Flitter is your daughter."

"Alpha ,you sure?" Plastica asked.

"Yes, She probably didn't have her powerband with her when she was kidnapped. Otherwise she could have Flitted out," Alpha said.

"Any clues as to Our other friends identity?" Plastica asked.

"Not yet. In time he will probably reveal his identity on his own," Alpha said.

"Sir, Everything ok?" Larry asked.

"Larry, our mission just became that much more vital. Now we have to rescue the girls. By chance did you bring the AAA with you. WE might need the Steel Scout," Plastica said.

"No we didn't. If it wasn't for the Kerovans we wouldn't even have the Space Hawk here on Terra Venture. Our Kerovan Allies helped design the propulsion system for the Space Hawk," Larry said.

"Mega Accelerators are a great tool," Plastica said. They then walked outside.

"Gang, I think it will be necessary to Split up. WE will be using two teams. Team one which will be in charge of Defending Terra Venture will consist of the Rangers along with Liquidca, Mineralca, Pipewrench, Steelca, Kitchenca, and Multilingual. My team will include Headset, the Practitioners of Martal, Visegrip, Protectica, Glassica, Bandage, Sterilizer, Red Cross, and I/Oca. One rule that Power Rangers must follow in order to maintain the protection of the Power is to never escalate a battle. That shouldn't be a problem here since the Rangers are on the Defense," Plastica said.. "Headset, before we leave grab the third powerband we might need it."

"I took the time to place it in my pocket before I powered up," Headset said.

"Rangers, Horcitor is back on his attack and he has already grown," Alpha called out.

"Let's go then. Alpha summon the Galactabeasts," Leo said.

"You got it Leo," Alpha said. Team one then left to go on the defense. All that was left was the Offense.

"Get the Space Hawk ready for Battle," Plastica said. "Commander Stanton, we will need Departure Clearance."

"I'll give it to you on one condition," Commander Stanton said.

"That being," Plastica said.

"That I get to accompany you," Commander Stanton said as he ducked into the Armory and grabbed Plastica's Terra Venture Battle helmet which was the only helmet in his armory that didn't have a face shield.

"I can understand why you want in on the assault and I am short a man on my team. Looks like you have a deal," Plastica said as he placed a hand out palm up. Commander Stanton soon placed a hand plam down on it with a wack. Before anyone knew it the two had their arms raised.

"OK everyone let's get into Uniform," Stanton said.

"Sir," Glassica said confused.

"I think Commander Stanton who I might add is the Colony's leader was referring to is a Uniform like this," Plastica said as he hit the GSA button on his powerband. "I think for the moment that we should dispense with them since they will make it a little too obvious who we are with. Besides I won't be in that Uniform, Headset won't be. The Practitioners of Martal won't be. It wouldn't look right." Plastica then switched back to his normal uniform.

"I think your boss has a point," Commander Stanton said.

"Dan, Pete I think we better once again call upon our powers," Bruce said.

"We call upon the Powers of Martal," the Three said simultaneously.

"Karatcho," Dan said.

"Kungfucho," Pete said.

"Ninjako," Bruce said.

"That is something else," Stanton said as they boarded the Space Hawk. "This looks almost like your old ship.

"The basic blueprints were the same but some friends of ours from K-O 35 helped us redesign her propulsion system. That is how we were able to catch up with Terra Venture after we decided to leave Earth and look for you. We almost hitched a ride with the Megaship when it was in system last time," Bruce said. During this time they were taking off.

"That was probably when the Rangers took Matt home," Plastica said.

"Probably," Commander Stanton said as they approached the Scorpion Stinger only to have it open fire on them.

"Somebody get to the weapons console and fire the lasers," Bruce called as Headset manned the console. She quickly aimed the main lasers and took out the weapons on the Scorpion Stinger.

"This can't be happening. Why are we under Attack?" Scorpius asked.

"I don't know Sire. It isn't the Rangers that much I know," Furio said.

"Make sure our Flitty friend is still in her cell," Scorpius said. About that time a roof top docking port attached to the Scorpion Stinger. The Assault force then boarded through a hole that Pete Randolph punched in the floor of the enemy vessel.

"Not a bad job Punch," Plastica said.

"Thanks sir," Pete said.

"Pretty disciplined bunch," Stanton said.

"A little too disciplined. I never required them to call me sir," Plastica said. The team split up into three groups. Plastica, I/Oca, Visegrip and Protectica were one group. Headset and the Triforce were another group and Commander Stanton and the Medics made up the last group which stayed with the ship. After five minutes of searching Headset's group came upon the prisoners. There were a few Sting Wingers guarding them but Bruce living up to his nickname knocked them out.

"Nice knockout job Knockout," Headset joked.

"Badd," Dan said as he placed a thumb down.

"Headset, is my dad with you by any chance?" Jody asked.

"He is by the exit that Pete made in the floor. Don't worry we have a ship on the other side of the hole. There are medics with your dad from the Steel Brigade. Stephanie, you might need this," Headset said as she handed Stephanie the third powerband.

"You know," Stephanie said.

"Alpha figured it out," Headset said.

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said as she activated her powerband.

"Unbelievable," Jody said as she watched one of her best friends turn into the mysterious Flitter.

"Plastica and I no longer use stupid sayings. I'm kind of glad since I always felt stupid using my saying," Headset said By this time Stephanie was coming out of her Flit into the other battle just as Leo was lifting his Transdagger into the Air over the Lion Galactabeasts head.

"Galactazord Transform," Leo called out.

"So what else can those little things do?" Larry asked.

"Watch this," Leo said as the Rangers called for the Galaxy Megazord. The Zords then changed shape and the Condor linked to the top of the Gorilla just as the Lion came in on top of the Gorilla but in front of Condor and the Wolf and Wildcat formed the Arms. The Rangers were in special pods within the Megazord.

"Condor Galactazord Missile Mode," Leo called out from his pod. The Condor then flew up and landed in the right hand of the Megazord.

"Fire," Leo called out. The Monster was soon destroyed just as the Steel Brigader's and Magna Defender finished up with the Sting Wingers that showed up to keep the others busy. A short time later the whole group met back up in the Flight Deck between the two ships.

"That was a great battle," Bruce said. "You know Robert Earth just isn't the same without you."

"Believe me Bruce I miss you guys as well. You all were a real asset today," Robert said. "Gang, there is one thing I think we need to do. There is a reason the Flitter didn't respond to my call. Flitter, reveal your identity." The Flitter then hit the universal powerdown button a revealed a very glowing Stephanie.

"Whoa. This is something else," Leo said. "When did you finally make the connection?"

"Remember when Alpha called me back aboard the Megaship?" Robert said.

"Yes so what," Leo said.

"The reason he called me back aboard the Megaship was because he had determined the Flitters Identity," Robert said. "Stephanie, one suggestion. It helps to have your powerband with you at all times so it's available when you need it."

"I didn't want you and mom to notice it was gone which is why I only used it when you were busy with a battle. The first time I used it was when I retrieved Mr. Corbett's sword and Miss Morgans and Mr. Chin's daggers. The second time was when I retrieved your letter opener.You of course know when I called you after I found out where the Princess of Wales was being hidden.

"Mr. Randolph, suppose I made it worthwhile for you to stay would you?" Commander Stanton said.

"We might why is that Commander?" Bruce asked.

"Well you did help rescue my daughter," Commander Stanton said as he placed one arm around Jody and his hand on her shoulder. "I was thinking of giving you all positions here on Terra Venture as a sort of reward for your assistance today."

"You mind if I hold a conference with the others before we make up our mind," Bruce said.

"Go right ahead," Commander Stanton said. Bruce then called a huge huddle and brought the question into play. After a quick vote he walked back over.

"You've got yourself a deal. Terra Venture is now a protectorate of the Steel Brigade and the Practitioners of Martal," Bruce said. "In addition to the latest members of the 56th Ranger Battalion." Commander Stanton had a confused look on his face.

"He was referring to the Power Rangers," Robert said as he approached.

The End