Disclaimer: If it is from the Show It is Saban's. I'm a little Skeptical of the spelling of the name of Scorpius's latest General. Vince Flow is a Character from my last Fic The Return of the Steel Brigade He was on the Defense Team with the Rangers. Fans of the Comical Duo of Bulkmeier and Skullovitch will get a surprise inside this Fic. In Show Continuity this takes place following the Episode Orion Returns Use of My Characters which are pretty much every Character that isn't either Saban's or Ellen Brands is not wise without checking with me first.

The New Adventures of Plastica and Headset
Life on Terra Venture
Mud in Your Eyes
By Robert Gutheim

One day on The Space Colony Terra Venture Damon Henderson was talking with his new colleague Vince Flow.

"So Vince how do you like living on Terra Venture?" Damon asked.

"It is interesting," Vince said. "IS the colony usually this hard to maintain. I've had to go out on Ten stuffed up Plumbing calls just today and it's only lunchtime," Vince said. "Man it was easier back on Earth when I was stationed at Fort Goddard."

"How would you say that Vince," A blond haired woman asked as she sat down.

"Easy Professor Morgan Fort Goddard was small compared to Terra Venture. About the worst we ever had at Goddard for a maintenance problem was one time when the power went out in the area of the base while Dr. Willington was performing a procedure using a vacummeter. The boss was off grounds so we had to use a back-up generator. Of course we had the boss's orders to use it," Vince said.

"Vince, I'm not a professor. Also most people call me Kendrix," Kendrix said.

"Where is your friend Maya from exactly?" Vince asked.

"She is from the Planet Miranoi. Don't even ask me where it is. The one time I visited the planet I went through a portal with Mike Corbett. That was shortly before Mike was killed in a battle with one of Scorpius's henchmen," Kendrix said.

"Did you and Mike go alone on this mission?" Vince asked.

"Not exactly. Maya was with us and Mike's brother followed us through the portal. Next thing we knew Kai showed up with Damon," Kendrix said.

"Was Leo with you at all?" Vince asked.

"Mike was Leo's older brother," Damon said.

"Oh I see," Vince said.

Meanwhile aboard a nearby Ship the Villainous Scorpius was meeting with his daughter Trakeena and his general Treacheron.

"Treacheron how are you coming on stopping up the drains on Terra Venture?" Scorpius asked.

"I sent a monster to do the work. The Rangers must pay for keeping us from the Lights of Orion," Treacheron said.

"With luck we will get it done soon and the Rangers destroyed," Treacheron said.

A Short time later Vince was in another apartment working on a stopped up pipe.

"Man Plumbing all over the place is getting stopped up. This is my fifteenth call since lunch," Vince said.

"When was your last break Vince?" A dark haired lady asked.

"Three hours ago with Damon and Kendrix. Where is the Big Guy?" Vince asked.

"Probably the R&D lab. HE is usually there. Last I knew he was analyzing the chemical from those flasks," the woman said.

"IS Kendrix likely to be with him?" Vince asked.

"It's possible," Jessica said.

Meanwhile aboard the Space Hawk a Dark Haired guy in casual clothes came out of a Vent Duct.

"Man, that was stupid. I wonder if Bulk made it aboard," He thought to himself as he slipped out of the Flight Deck. He went about Three meters when a Security guard spotted him.

"Could you hold up a second?" the guard asked.

"Sure No problem," the man said.

"I'll need to see some ID and your passport," the Guard said.

"Oh No problem I have them right here," He said.

"What kind of a name is Skullovitch?" the Guard asked.

"That is my actual last name," the guy said.

"What do your friends usually call you?" the guard asked.

"They usually just call me Skull," He said.

"Weren't you listed as having been missing when Terra Venture left Orbit?" The guard asked.

"I overslept. A supply shuttle brought me later," Skull said.

"I don't think so. I know for a fact that we haven't had supply shuttles going to and from Terra Venture," the Guard said.

"Dave, lay off," a voice said as a Tall Dark Blond haired man walked up.

"Hey I/Oca, how are you doing?" Skull asked.

"Fine, Man Eugene it hasn't been the same without you," I/Oca said. "I'll have to let Robert and Jessica know you are aboard.

"I/Oca, I've told you before call me Skull," Skull said.

While all this was going on MudSucker was nearing his next target. The kitchen of the Male Rangers apartment.

"Oh man, the drain just backed up," Kai Chen said.

"Oh man Pipewrench won't be pleased. He answered almost twenty calls like that today," Damon said.

"Glad I'm not in his shoes," the third occupant a Dark haired man with a red shirt and leather jacket.

"Maybe I should fix it myself," Damon said.

At that moment MudSucker erupted out of the drain.

"Greetings Rangers," He said.

"Kendrix, Maya, we need help," Leo said.

"On our way Leo," Kendrix said.

Right after that a Technicolor Lightshow took place as the occupants Went Galactic and became the Red, Green, and Blue Rangers. A couple seconds later the Pink and Yellow Rangers entered the room.

"Things look to be a little crowded in here so I think I will take off," MudSucker said as he disappeared.

"What was that?" May asked inside her Yellow Suit.

"I think that might be the reason Pipewrench was so busy today," Damon said.

"WE need a way to track it through the plumbing system," Kendrix said as she took the time to remove her pink helmet.

"Alpha might be able to help," Kai said.

"Good thinking Kai," Leo said. "Power Down."

The Rangers demorphed.

Ten minutes later they walked aboard the Megaship where Alpha Six was helping Nine Year old Stephanie Gutheim with her homework.

"Alpha we have a problem. Scorpius has a monster capable of traveling through the plumbing. It started a battle in the guy's apartment," Kendrix said.

"Where is he right now?" Alpha asked.

"We are hoping you could track him from here," Leo said.

"I think I can find a way. Stephanie, I think I'll be too busy to help further but I bet DECA could help you," Alpha said.

"I probably should flit off as it is," Stephanie said choosing her words carefully.

"Be careful We aren't sure how powerful he might be," Leo said having a feeling what his friends daughter was up to.

"I will. I'll call if I need back-up," Stephanie said.

Soon as she was aboard the Megalift heading from the Bridge.

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said as she hit the F button on her Powerband. When she came out of her Flit she was in the Center of the main dome and MudSucker and a bunch of Sting Wingers were a few feet away. Before She went into Battle She taped the button marked DECA on her Powerband.

"Trouble in the main dome," the Flitter said.

"I read you," Leo responded.

"Plastica Read you Loud and Clear," came from the next answer shortly before an Armored Man with a Jet Pack on his back landed.

"Armor Down," Plastica said. He then pulled a thin black blade from his wrist. "Powerblade."

At that moment the Rangers showed up.

"This guy is though," Leo said.

"Tell me about it Our attacks seem to go right through him," Maya said.

"Let's Huddle," Plastica said.

Everyone got into a Huddle.

"I think we can confuse him. Leo, you five will have to form a perimeter around him. Meanwhile I will go to stealth mode and try and sneak up on him. Flitter, while I'm doing that see if you can distract with your powers," Plastica said.

"No problem Dad. You going to stealth mode battle armor?" Flitter asked,

"No I think I'll use and old trick that I retired when I developed that suit," Plastica said just as he saw a metallic looking Soldier head for the monster.

"Looks like Knockout is getting his own couple cents in," Leo said.

"I wonder where Kao and Punch are. Aren't all three needed to call for the Powers of Martal?" Maya asked.

"I wish I knew. It's Show time," Plastica said. "Invisibilitron?" Plastica then disappeared. Immediately the battle plan was put into action. Knockout ended up helping The Flitter with her Distraction When Suddenly Small Flicker of light was seen slicing into MudSucker. The Monster immediately got angry. A Couple More flickers and he was Almost Down. But He then took a quick drink. Suddenly He was Huge.

"Galactabeasts arise," Leo called out.

"ToroZord, Charge," came the next sound which was from the just arriving Magna Defender.

"I hereby call for the Armatron and Supersized Battle Armor," Plastica said as he reappeared.

"Plastica, you might want to rest," Leo said.

"Leo, there will be time to rest after He is destroyed," Plastica said.

"Magna Defender Transform," Magna Defender called out as the Torozord arrived. HE then Enlarged to Jumbo size and his Uniform took on a redder look. HE Then boarded the Torozord and held on to a chain that was on the Back.

After a few minutes of battling the MudSucker.

The Rangers from their positions on Top of the Galactabeasts Took out their Transdaggers and Raised them Hi.

"Galactazord Transform," Damon said.

A strange Energy field swept over the Galactabeasts as flesh became metal turning them into the Galactazords.

"Defender Torozord," Magna Defender said.

"What The," Knockout wondered as the ground beneath the Torozord rose up. The Torozord then Underwent a few changes as it stood up and the Front Feet moved back to reveal hands and then the chest opened up to Admit the Magna Defender which then closed back up and the Upper part of the ToroZord's head came forward to reveal the Defender ToroZord's Face. By This time the Galactabeasts had undergone the preliminary transformations needed to become the Galaxy Megazord.

This will be fun," Plastica said as he took a Grip on the MudSucker. He then Threw it at the Defender Torozord.

"Nice Catch, Magna Defender," Plastica said.

"Like I care," Magna Defender said. He then took a few swipes at it with his Lance that was formed from the Twin Daggers he was using prior to Merging with his zord. Eventually the MudSucker.

"Time for Us to get into the Act," Leo said. "Condor Galactazord Missile Mode."

The Condor Zord then appeared in the right hand of the Megazord.

"Fire," Leo said.

With one quick shot the MudSucker was history.

"Vince will be glad to see that one gone. His workload will most likely go down," Damon joked.

A short time later everyone but Magna Defender met up in an outdoor café. Joining them were Jessica Gutheim, Dan Randolph and his brother Pete along with Vince.

"So Scorpius is the reason I was so busy that day," Vince said.

"Yeah and it was one tough monster," Robert said. "Dan, where were you and Pete?"

"Command Headquarters was having a small Sting Winger Problem that we were dealing with," Pete said.

"Hey Robert, How on Earth have you been?" Skull asked as he walked up.

"Eugene Skullovitch you are a sight for sore eyes," a Voice said but it wasn't from an occupant of the Table. About that time everyone looked over to see who said it.

"Bulk, how come we almost never see you?" Robert asked.

"I've been busy," Bulk said. "Skull, how did you get aboard."

"I caught a ride with the Steel Brigade. Without there knowing it of course. Luckily I had my passport with me," Skull said.

"Here we didn't even know you were aboard," Bruce said. "Man I remember wiping the Youth Centers Floor with you two punks."

"They've become a little more respectable now," Plastica said.