Disclaimer: The basic Concept behind the Magna Defender and some of his history belong to Haim Saban. Leo Corbett also belongs to Saban. Magna Defender's human Identity (Note I'm assuming it isn't Mike Corbett because I think we have enough evidence from the Magna Defender, the Sunflower Search and Silent Sleep to conclude that it isn't Leo's brother but I could be wrong) is a product of my own imagination. The rest of his history especially as it pertains to the Quasar Sabers is also my work. This takes place after those three Episodes and for the record I'm not starting a new series of Adventures this is Standalone Fic.

Inside the Mind of the Magna Defender
By Robert Gutheim

One day Leo Corbett was walking near the cave on the Space Colony of Terra Venture where he first encountered the Mysterious Magna Defender. As he looked inside he saw a tall human looking male with Reddish hair.

"Hello," He said.

"What do you want this time?" a familiar angry sounding voice said.

"I'm wondering who you are," Leo said.

"Trying to find a new way to keep me from fulfilling my mission aren't you?" He asked.

"I don't know what you mean," Leo said.

"My name is Karonal of Miranoi. You know me better as the Magna Defender," Karonal said.

"I'm Leo Corbett. Last time you mentioned how Scorpius destroyed your son. One of his henchmen Furio killed my brother Mike by causing him to fall into a chasm on the Planet Miranoi. By Chance are you related to my friend Maya?"

"Hardly. You forget Red Ranger I'm older then your Sword," Karonal said.

"You know how old the Quasar Sabers are," Leo said Shocked.

"You could say that," Karonal said. At this point Karonal Starts to describe events from before he became the Magna Defender.

"Back before I became the Magna Defender I was a better man. In fact I was a bit of a wizard. I was also a swordsmith," Karonal said.

"Karonal, any chance you could make me a Sword about five feet long?" One of my fellow Villagers asked.

"I could but why would I want to when you are only Five feet five inches tall?" I asked.

"I always felt that a warrior should have a long sword," he said.

"My friend, As I said I could make you a sword that long but I always felt that a person can only handle a sword that has a blade that is waist height when it is stuck on the ground. That way He can handle it easily. For you probably a sword that is 2 and half to three feet in blade length would be better. It will be expensive though," I said.

"I have a daughter I could give you," He said.

"Right now I'm not looking for an apprentice or a servant," I said.

"Actually I was thinking of her more as a wife," he said. "You'll find that she is an excellent cook and She knows how to sew better then any other maiden on Miranoi."

"Hum I have been thinking of getting Married. Tell you what how about if you and your daughter stop by my house tonight for dinner. I have a special project I'm working on right now. I could probably start on your sword in a weeks time," I said.

"Sounds good Karonal," He said. Soon as he left I picked up a piece of metal and started to Shape it into a sword blade. This was to be a special Saber worthy of a true warrior. In a cabinet on my wall were four other swords similar to it but all they lacked was a final piece. They awaited being energized by a Quasar. By the time I had to stop to prepare dinner for my hopeful wife I was close to finishing the saber.

"By Chance were those five swords you had crafted the Quasar Sabers that empowered my teammates and I?" Leo asked.

"Unfortunately yes for you and your friends aren't what I would consider to be true warriors," Karonal said. "Now may I get back to my tail?"

"Sure, I find it enlightening," Leo said. That night my friend returned with his daughter. She turned out to be one of the most beautiful maidens in the village. I had seen her around but didn't know she was his daughter for even back then I prefered to work alone. We talked for hours and I was surprised to hear myself asking if she was willing to become my wife. We were married a week later. At the wedding I presented a Four foot long sword to her father. He had a little trouble with it at first but he eventually was able to tame it. A year later my son was born.

"Karonal, he is the cutest baby I've ever seen," my wife said as she looked upon him.

"That he is Miranco that he is," I said.

"What should we name him?" She asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"How about Slinka," Miranco said.

"Sounds good," I said.

A couple months later Miranoi came within range of a Quasar. I immediately took the Sabers and Went to the Highest point on Miranoi.

"Powers of the Cosmos, I summon you Empower these swords with your Energy and make them Superpowerful," I said.

The Quasar empowered the sabers but it did more than that. It was a result of my calling upon the Quasar that gave me new powers. No longer was I the wizard Karonal. Now I was more. I was a Hero. I placed a spell on the Quasar Sabers If I should ever fall they were to travel to the most remote part of Miranoi and seal themselves into a stone boulder until the chosen ones pulled them out but The Chosen one was to be pure of heart and goodness. No one with evil intentions was to ever get the sabers.

For three years I fought in minor Disturbances. Then Scorpius attacked.

"Karonal, we've got trouble," Randalfo one of the Warriors in the Village said.

"What kind of Trouble?" I asked.

"Scorpius's goons Furio and Trethera are attacking the Village," Randalfo said.

"Randalfo, take a saber with you. But be careful that you don't raise it to the sky," Karonal said. Randalfo then left and I pushed my sleeves away from my wrists.

"Magna Power On," I said morphing into the Magna Defender.

"So Scorpius is still after my creations is he," I said.

"More accurately he is after the Lights of Orion," Furio said.

"Tough he will never get them or the Quasar Sabers," I said.

A year later Scorpius killed Slinka during a battle he was in a small suit of Armor that Randalfo had made for him and a small dagger that I had fashioned since he was too small for a real sword. A few months after that while Fightting Treatheron I fell into a chasm and was imprisoned. That was shortly after the Lights were released. At that moment Randalfo, Ginia, Miranco, Elgardo, and Ricondo were unarmed due to my defeat and the Sabers were entombed in the stone. They remained for Three Thousand years and you know the rest. In fact how about telling me about how the Sabers came to be released from the Stone. Leo started to tell Karonal what happened and has just gotten to when They had raised the sabers when Alpha called. Karonal stood with Leo when He went.

"Go Galactic," Leo said.

"Magna Power On," Karonal said. They then headed for battle.