A Muse Fic
By Robert Gutheim

"Oh great what was the name of Magna Defender's son?" I was trying to remember as I was working on my next fanfic a look into the Magna Defender's past.

"So I see a Ranger Fic in place on the screen. When will your signature characters come into play?" Epson my muse asked as he decloaked.

"Hate to say it Epson but they aren't. This is a standalone Fic so my signature characters won't be appearing," I said.

"The closest you came before was Choices?" he said.

"I know but there was a brief mention of the Orange Ranger Powers that Plastica once held so it wasn't a true Standalone even if he didn't actually appear. You have to remember that I'll be old and gray at least before that one or the ones that directly follow it ever get seen by eyes other then ours. Also Plastica appears in the Follow up fics to Choices so I couldn't use it as a standalone anyway," I said starting to wonder why I didn't just get up and get my dremel tool and the case I stored my cut-off wheels in. In looking at the Black Plastic letter opener on my mouse pad next to the inspirations for the ring of power and the old model powerbands I wondered why it had to be too flimsy to rid me of Epson.

"What are the things on the mousepad?"

"Just nail clippers. My watch which was my inspiration for the old powerbands not the Henderson Morgan design which as you know were inspired by the old Astro morphers. My College Ring which is similar to my high school ring that gave me the idea for the now obsolete ring of power and a letter opener which is what inspired me to come up with Plastica's powerblade. Tomorrow if I have time I might work on one of my books. With three books going at once it's hard to find time for each one," I said.

"I told you before just kill the Wheelchair Warrior off and be done with it," Epson said.

A cut-off wheel would be too good better use a tungsten carbide cutter except I don't have any in inventory since I haven't decided if they were worth the price.

"Epson, even if I did I would still have to finish the books otherwise how could I get them published?" I asked him.

"Couldn't say. Why did you ever kill off Le as it is?" He asked referring to one of Julie's former teammates even if Le was also her sister-in-law.

"She was kind of a minor character those days and hey at least I used a good dramatic ending for her," I said.

"You think Lee will go blond like her namesake did?" He asked then.

"It's hard to say. I still have a ways to go on that book. When you are working on two different fronts it can prove difficult to get everyone in," I said.

"Will you have Karonal turn out to be the developer of the transdaggers?" He asked then referring to the protagonist in my current fan-fic in progress.

"Probably not. As it is I haven't figured out how I'm going to show him energizing the Quasar Sabers with the energy that Three Thousand Years later will empower Leo and his friends turning them into the Power Rangers. Also I have to go back through my tape archives and rewatch Sunflower Search for the third time to recatch and write down the name of Magna Defender's dead son so I can use it in my fic. This might take a couple weeks," I said.

"Hey you have me. With both of us working on it We will be done in time," Epson said a little confident.

"Come on Microchip Breath It will be Monday probably before I have time to review the episode in peace and then I have to get it finished plus the HTML coding that hopefully Jeremy will have me doing now that I found a way to get it done better. The only fic to look right in a browser was the one that dealt with your last visit. It was I think Yesterday when I figured out that Rich Text Format was better then normal Text Format for better Transfer to Front Page for HTML Conversion. I should almost RTF the Character lists that I post to my private web. Thanks Clyde Wolford for preventing the world from having access to my work," I said. I was a little bitter that I was the only person with access to my webpage since it was on my computer and not a real server.

"Why would you have to do that?" Epson asked.

"I'm getting tired of rebolding the Characters names. If Italics transfers intact then why couldn't Bold faced text," I said. "What was your opinion of the Ending to Lies of Love that Kari Jones wrote."

"I'm withholding judgement on that until I see what her next fic is like," Epson said.

"Personally I was a little surprised by the ending even though It seemed right," I said. "I may re read part five before I crash," I said. "See you when ever I get back to work on my writing."

"Sounds good I'll try to think of a few ideas in the meantime," Epson said before cloaking.

A few days later.

"I haven't sensed any differences in your Magna Defender Fic," Epson commented.

"Sorry Epson but I haven't gotten around yet to reviewing Sunflower Search. I should almost take notes when I watch an episode so I don't have these problems," I said.

"I agree. Why didn't you tell me you already did kill-," Epson started to say.

"Listen Silicon Breath never reveal trade secrets. I may not keep a magnet too close to valuable equipment but there are a few good ones in the kitchen on the Nuker," I said referring to the microwave.

"Excuse me for having been manufactured," He said sarcastically. "When do you think Jeremy Ray will have Jenga's Library updated.

"Probably by morning. Tomorrow will be one busy morning. At least I'll have a chance to manually hit record and stop instead of relaying on the timer like I've had to do a few times since Lost Galaxy Premiered," I said.

"True how True. If you get stuck on your Magna Defender Fic I could suggest something to get you unstuck," Epson said.

"That is assuming I don't scramble your chips first," I said going into an ILCK look.

Finally The Big Day came.

"Hey Copper Tooth where are you?" I asked.

Then Above my head Epson decloaked.

"That was one of your worst insults," Epson said.

"Guess What I just did?" I asked.

"I don't know visited Jenga's Library to see if you could find a new Fanfic to read," He guessed.

"Epson, I think your primary control chip is cracked. The last time I went to Jenga's Library was to look up one of Dianne's Fics that was unfinished so I could generate a filename. Jeremy sent a Fic using cut and paste I've already HTML coded it and sent it back. Actually Epson I finished My Magna Defender Fic. It isn't coded yet Soon as I can which will be before even you know It It will be in Jeremy Ray's hands," I said.

"Good, so what's next?"

"Bien Pregunta Yo No Se," I said.