Disclaimer: Even though it doesn't look like it this is a ranger fanfic. Anything that isn't Saban is my creation. IF you want to use my characters please ask me. When I wrote this I was using my imagination and I know none of these things happened in the actual ranger universe. The titles mentioned below are of actual Adventures not lost adventures or companion adventures (Which mainly expand on things in the last true adventure) This adventure highlights how Plastica and Headset even met the rangers.

The Adventures of Plastica and Headset
The Lost Adventures
By Robert Gutheim

This adventure took place between "D.C. Relations" and " Summer at Home" a time when our heroes didn't see any headlines.

Gutheim's house in Robert Gutheim's bedroom.

"Powermatic, after what happened last summer I want to go somewhere special with Jessica over Spring Break. Any crazy ideas?" Robert asked his friend and associate Powermatic the person who gave him his powers. "One more thing before you answer. Would it be possible to utilize my sensory capabilities and laser eyes in my human state?"

"Yes It was possible for the sensors all along but I will do it for your laser eyes as well. A friend of mine is the Watchdog for a group of teens in a place known as Angel Grove. Maybe you could take Jessica there. I could feed the coordinates into the Command Ships Nav Computer."

"Good thinking, Powermatic, I'll take a small group of Steel Brigaders along for a back up squad."

A few weeks later in The gym and Juice bar of the Angel Grove Youth Center a special group of individuals known as the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were relaxing after school.

"Someone might want to check with Zordon; we haven't seen a peep out of Lord Zedd and his goons for a long time," Rocky a tall lanky kid said.

"Good thing too. I was getting tired of those idiot putty patrolman anyways," Adam a Amerasian kid said.

"We needed the vacation anyways. Watch by the end of the week he'll show his ugly face again," Billy a blond kid with glasses bet.

"Aisha, how much postage would you need to send Bulk and Skull to Lord Zedd for Christmas," Kimberly a Dark haired girl asked.

"More than we have besides what would Lord Zedd do with those bozos anyways," Aisha wondered.

"Probably, the Same thing he did with me a while back put them under his spell. It was you guys who broke the spell and helped me," Tommy a muscular guy with a crew cut and the leader of the group said from a weight machine.

"Kimberly, what say I walk you home. I was figuring on leaving anyways," Billy suggested.

The two head down the quiet streets of Angel Grove past Robert Gutheim and Jessica Nabinger who follow them when trouble pops up.

"Oh no. Why did you have to be right about this of all things. Run get help I'll try to hold them off," Kimberly yells to Billy who quickly runs back towards the youth center. At that very moment Robert unleashes his laser eyes on the squad of Putty patrolmen. HE hits all of them but one shot struck Kimberly.

"Oh no I hit a bystander. Get the command ship down here now," Robert called.

"Robert, I don't think she was a bystander. I have a feeling those things were after her. She did send a guy for help.

"We better take her back to Fort Goddard for medical treatment."

Ten minutes later back at the scene of the battle Billy leads Rocky and the other Power Rangers to the sight of the battle.

"Whoa when did Lord Zedd start arming the Putties with lasers. Also Kimberly is gone. I'm calling her house she maybe there," Tommy said after seeing the laser burns. a few minutes later "Kimberly is not home. her parents are worried. Rocky, how about teleporting to the Command Center. Zordon may know something," Tommy said.

"Good thinking Tommy. Let's Teleport," Rocky said as the team activated some secret controls. At the Command Center They found Alpha the Robot Guardian, Zordon the watchdog and Advisor to the Power Rangers, and someone else.

"Rocky, I was just going to call you. This is my old friend Powermatic. He is the advisor to the leader of the Steel Brigade. These are Five of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," Zordon said.

"Zordon, Kimberly is missing. Billy was walking her home when they were attacked. He came for us and Kimberly stayed when we arrived she was gone. I don't know if she morphed or not," Rocky explained.

"She is safe. She was taken to Steel Brigade Headquarters at Fort Goddard for medical treatment after being hit by a stray laser beam. Look into the viewing globe," Zordon said. The globe showed the others a recap of the battle and then switched to Fort Goddard. At Fort Goddard.

"The patient appears to be fine Plastica. The stray shot missed her vital organs. We just need an I.D. on the stuff she was carrying," Bandage commented.

"Someone almost got killed because I wasn't careful. May I see her things," Plastica wondered.

"They're on your desk. I figured your sensory capabilities would find a clue," Bandage stated. Plastica proceeded to his office where he looked over Kimberly's possessions. He was unable to recognize her communicator or powermorpher. he did find a wallet in her purse and got her name off of her drivers license.

"Bandage has Kimberly's condition changed any?" Plastica wondered.

"She is just coming around. I think she can safely return home to Angel Grove." Bandage answered. back at Power Rangers command.

"I think you five should be there when she arrives," Zordon said.

"I agree Zordon. It's Morphing Time," Tommy said.


"Wait, She most likely will be with Plastica and Headset your Ranger Forms may cause difficulties," Zordon said. Way far away on another planet Lord Zedd is planning some trouble.

"I need a real scary monster. Something to get rid of the Power Rangers and those do-gooders who rescued the pink one and before she could morph," Lord Zedd said.

"I have just the thing a Micox. It is real tall so tall that the Power Rangers would look like pygmies next to it." his monster manufacturer said. "It could squash them like bugs."

"Make me one now, you fool.," Lord Zedd order the manufacturer.

Soon in Angel Grove:

"Kimberly, You all right. We thought Lord Zedd had gotten you at first," Aisha said.

"'Friad not. Just got knocked out. So what else did Lord Zedd throw at you all while I was gone?" Kimberly said.

"Nothing, it wouldn't have been the same without you anyways," Rocky said.

The Micox appeared right in front of them.

"Powers of Glass and Plastic, change me to Plastica."

"Powers of the unknown, abilities of a strobelight, change me to Headset."

"It's morphing time."

"Tiger Zord"
"Sabertoothed tiger"

the Power Rangers started attacking the feet while Plastica flew up to take out his stomach in Eagle form and Headset tried hypnosis on the creature.

"Megazord time," Rocky called out just as several mythical machines arrived and started linking together into a huge robot. The robot started attacking the Micox from his height. Plastica gave up and started firing lasers at the creature.

"Gang to defeat it you must go for its weak spot," Zordon informed the Power Rangers.

"I see a potentially weak spot right between the legs," Plastica said. over his communicator tuned to the Power Ranger Freq. He fired his laser eyes at the same moment that Tommy in his Tiger Zord swung the Zords sword at the spot. between the two and a well timed Mega Zord punch the Micox doubled over and vanished.

Later at the Juice Bar.

"You two were great. I don't think we would have stopped that thing otherwise," Rocky said to Robert and Jessica.

"That is the first time that we battled something like that. I assume that it is pretty common for you six. What were those machines you used anyways?" Jessica wondered.

"Those were our Zords. We need them sometimes either separated or combined. at that moment Bulk and Skull the local bullies walk up."

How about giving use a couple of pies there," Bulk said. the Bartender set two lemon meringue pies out on the counter.

I'll handle this it should be quite refreshing," Robert said as he lifted each pie and placed one on each face.

The bartender and Power Rangers as well as Robert and Jessica found it hilarious. Robert even did his knee slapper routine.

the Two Bullies walked out not amused.