Disclaimer: First off I didn't forget to type and Headset in. This will probably be the last Fanfic I write for a while due to the end of the first season of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. I better warn you this one will probably end up being a kleenex fic. Standard Disclaimers apply

The New Adventures of Plastica
Life on Terra Venture
Rest in Peace
By Robert Gutheim

“Leo, you notice how Scorpius goes through generals quicker then just about anyone. After all First Furio bites it then Treacheron,” Robert Gutheim a scientist on the Space Colony Terra Venture noted.

“I've witnessed every one,” Leo said.

At that moment the women walk over.

“Man it's been quiet since Treacheron was destroyed,” Kendrix Morgan Robert's blond haired supervisor said.

“I know. I'm starting to miss the rush that takes place everytime I activate my powerband,” Robert said. “Jessica, how is everything at home?”

“Trust me it isn't the same. I worry about what Scorpius might do to Stephanie now that she has Demona powers,” Jessica said.

“You have to consider Scorpius mainly went after Stephanie before we knew of her powers,” Maya the red haired native of the Planet Miranoi said.

“Bruce and the others certainly chose a good time to show up didn't they,” Jessica said.

“Tell me about it. WE needed everyone we could get during that battle,” Leo said.

“Oh boy I'd love to stay and breeze shoot but I have work to do in my lab,” Robert said.

“Not today Robert, Damon is working on the computer system for the labs today,” Kendrix said.

“Tell you what boss. Let's check the cosmos for trouble. Maybe if we can pick up the Scorpion Stinger before it gets too close we can be waiting when they try something,” I/Oca Robert's blond haired computer expert from The Good Old Days said as he walked up.

“How I'm not authorized to take the Megaship out and the Practitioners of Martal are on Triforia helping King Trey so the Space Hawk is unavailable?” Robert asked.

“For all you know I might have a plan,” I/Oca said.

“It better be a good one,” Plastica said.

The two of them headed for a section of the Colony where Robert has never Ventured. Soon he came across a Huge cavernous room.

“What is this?” Robert asked.

“This is what I've been working on during my `off duty hours'. I based it on the Steel Scout. It's only drawback is it is a single seater kind of like the Ranger's Jet Jammers. I call it the Demona Fighter. By luck I built a small fleet of them. One for each of the Steel Brigade and also one for each Ranger. I even built on for Mike if he is interested. You want to test them out?” I/Oca asked.

“You bet. Let me just summon Jessica and the Rangers,” Robert said.

Twenty minutes later Jessica walked in with Leo, Maya, Kendrix and two others Kai Chen and Damon Henderson. They marveled at the design of the small single person fighters.

“I/Oca, why are the fighters all individual?” Kai asked.

“You'll find out,” I/Oca said.

“I hope so,” Damon said.

“I/Oca will we have to Morph or Power Up first?” Kendrix asked.

“No, You have to remember most of the Steel Brigade are powerless,” I/Oca said.

“Let's go then,” Robert said.

A few minutes later the first few fighters left the hidden bay.

“This is great Almost better then the Jammers,” Kendrix said.

“Speak for yourself Kendrix, I can't control mine,” Maya said.

“Relax Maya, I'll try to dock my fighter with yours,” Robert said as he came alongside. AS he came extra close a small port came out and brought Robert's fighter close to Maya's as they came closer they almost seemed to merge when complete Robert was sitting next to Maya in the cockpit.

“I/Oca, do the fighters have a feature that merges them together in an emergency?” Robert asked over the communications system.

“Not much of one but yes,” I/Oca said.

At that moment the Scorpion Stinger was spotted heading for Terra Venture.

“Man this will be like shooting monkeys in a barrel,” Trakeena said. “Those pests made it too easy.”

“Something up Trakeena?” Scorpius Trakeena's oh so ugly father asked.

“Those small pods the Rangers and two of the Powereons are aboard.

“Take them out,” Scorpius ordered.

“Already planned on doing it,” Trakeena said.

Outside the Rangers noticed the tale of the Scorpion Stinger raise up to take out the Demona Fighters.

“All Fighters regroup and suit up,” Robert ordered.

“I hear your Robert,” Leo said.

The fighters then headed for a point over the Colony.

“Go Galactic,” Five voices including the one in the co-pilot's seat of the now Tandem craft holding Robert and Maya. Shortly after that Five Rangers appeared.

Just as Maya finished morphing into the Yellow Ranger Robert hit the P button on his Powerband changing into Plastica.

“D.E.C.A., Alpha, send the Jet Jammers to us,” Leo called as the other four Rangers headed for the Tandem Fighter to form a larger fighter. I/Oca also followed suit but a blast from the Stinger took out Jessica's fighter just as she finished suiting up into Headset. The last thing Plastica saw was her craft exploding

“Alpha, you possibly didn't think to teleport Headset out of there before her ship exploded?” Plastica asked.

“No I didn't,” Alpha said.

“Blast Alpha, Why didn't you?” Plastica asked.

“Plastica, the shot was too quick there wasn't time,” D.E.C.A. said.

“All Fighters break off and return to Base,” Plastica ordered.

Fairly soon they were in the docking bay used by the Defense Team to store their Larger Ships like the Astro Megaship and the Space Hawk.

“Robert, I'm sorry,” Maya said. “These things happen though.”

“I know but We've been together a long time. Somehow it seems like only yesterday we were powering up for a the first time to stop a Shoplifter. It took a while for us to really start making our mark. By chance did anyone think to contact the Randolph Brothers on Triforia?” Robert asked.

“Not yet,” I/Oca said.

At that moment Commander Stanton walked in.

“Whoa, this place is so quiet it makes a tomb seem noisy,” he joked.

“Blast it Commander. Can't you understand we took a casualty out there. This isn't time to joke,” Robert growled.

“OK what happened?” Stanton asked.

“We were patrolling the area for Scorpius when his ship attacked. We were bringing a few Demona Fighter Craft together when a blast from Scorpius's ship destroyed one of the craft. Robert's wife was aboard,” Leo said.

“I'm sorry Robert I didn't know,” Commander Stanton said. “She meant a lot to you didn't she?”

“More then anything,” Robert said. “If you don't mind I'm going to take a walk alone.”

“I don't like it but I doubt I have a choice. Just keep me posted,” Commander Stanton said.

Robert soon as he left the bay even ignored his good friend Eugene Skullovitch as he headed for the one person who could help him. Fairly soon he was outside of Dr. Lita Kino's Office.

“Robert, something wrong?” Dr. Kino asked.

“My wife is dead,” Robert said.

How did it happen?” Lita asked.

Robert then gave her an edited version of the space battle.

“Right now I'm not sure what to tell you. It is probably good that you came to me though. To start out I'm going to ask that you maybe take a vacation from your extra curricular duties while we deal with this,” Lita said.

“I'm not sure I can,” Robert said.

“You might have to,” Lita said.

“Lita, My powers have been a part of me ever since I almost blew up a Chemistry classroom. The only time I was without my powers was when my powerband was severely damaged. That was the worst time of my life. You know when I first got here I was almost a wreck because my powers and abilities were limited on top of my old team being on another planet. Of course since then my computer specialist turned out to already be on Terra Venture and the rest of my old team hyperrushed out here at a critical moment. There are very few times when Jessica and I were separated since that fateful day in room 215 of Chittenango High School,” Robert said.

“Robert, the loss of a loved one is really hard to get over. You saw how Leo was after Mike was killed. It did more damage to him then Scorpius's monsters. His distress was only heightened after the Magna Defender showed up because of his fighting style being so much like Mike's. How many times has a friend or family member died.

“Hum, let's see first was Jessica's parents, then a teacher at the Middle School who used to teach at the High School, After that was a few classmates of either mine or Jessica's. A Friend of my dad's died at home. In fact the Steel Brigade handled that one. Then I think Stephanie's biological parents followed by one of Stephanie's best friends. So I can think of a number of times,” Robert said.

Meanwhile Scorpius was working on a plan.

“With Headset gone Plastica will be at his lowest. Trakeena, send Impostra to see what you can do,” Scorpius said.

“With Pleasure Father,” Trakeena said. She then went in search of her monster.

“Impostra, disguise yourself as Jessica Gutheim and go to Terra Venture. Oh and try not to get caught,” Trakeena said.

At that moment Leo Corbett was in his apartment with his roommates Damon and Kai and his older brother Mike.

“I obviously missed a lot after I fell into that chasm,” Mike said.

“You certainly did bro,” Leo said.

“How will you guys manage now without Magna Defender?” Mike asked.

“Hey, it's like Leo said the Magna Defender will live on forever,” Kai said.

“I heard rumors that Jessica died in the last battle. How is Robert holding up?” Mike asked.

“I don't know. Last I knew he went for a walk. Jessica meant a lot to him,” Kai said.

“Rangers, we may have a problem,” Alpha called over the communications line on the transmorphers.

“What is it Alpha?” Leo said.

“Who is Alpha?” Mike asked.

“Our assistant,” Damon said.

“Sensors have detected Headset's human identity in the main dome,” Alpha said.

“We'll look into it,” Leo said. “Don't disturb Robert or Stephanie.”

“Aye, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi,” Alpha said.

Right after that Robert walked onto the Megaship Bridge.

“Alpha, I have a couple jobs for you. First off I'd like you to put these into storage,” Robert said handing the Android assistant two D-H Powerbands. “Also send a narrow beam message to the Space Hawk requesting the Randolph brothers to return immediately.”

“Is there a reason?” Alpha asked.

“Lita recommended I take a vacation for my extra curricular duties for a little while. I felt she was right and requested that Stephanie also take a vacation. Once things have calmed down I will have you return them.

Right then the Rangers and Mike walked up to Impostra.

“Jessica, how did you survive?” Mike asked.

“I used the teleport button on my powerband to teleport out,” Impostra said as she held up her left arm.

“Something isn't kosher,” Damon said.

“How do you figure?” Mike asked.

“Because that is Jessica's old powerband. I know what her new one looks like since Kendrix and I along with I/Oca designed it,” Damon said.

“You are just too smart Green Ranger,” Impostra said as she revealed her true colors.

“Ready Guys,” Leo said.

“Go Galactic,” Everyone but Mike said.

Right after that the Power Rangers appeared. Mike pulled from his Uniform a small sword. A quick glance would reveal it to be the sword that once belonged to the Magna Defender.

“You better return to Scorpius whoever you are,” Leo said.

“I don't think so rangers. Scorpius has other things up his sleeve,” Impostra said.

“Like His Evil Ugliness has sleeves,” Maya said.

“Careful how you refer to my boss,” Impostra said.

“I can refer to your ugly boss however I want,” Maya said.

“I don't think so,” Impostra said as she took a swipe at Maya.

The battle went on for a good long time. Eventually Impostra was just about defeated. By this time the Rangers had called for the Lights of Orion. Just about doesn't mean defeated as she took a drink of supergrowth formula and Grew.

“Galactabeasts arise,” Leo called out.

Within minutes the Galactabeasts started to arrive at the battlesite. The Rangers quickly converted them to Zord mode and continued the battle. Right about the time that the Zords united to form the Galaxy Megazord and Leo empowered it with the power of the Lights of Orion Torozord made his appearance to lend a hand even though the Magna Defender was no more. Between the Torozord and the supercharged Galaxy Megazord Impostra was defeated.

A short time later in a secluded section of Terra Venture the Rangers along with the Steel Brigade and the rest of the Galactic Space Administration and it's support units gathered together with Commander Stanton at a podium.

“While Jessica was not well known amongst the people here on Terra Venture she was in fact well known. You see Jessica was also the heroine Headset. As Headset she has fought against every known problem from misdemeanors to both International and Intergalactic Terrorism and Villainy. She will be well missed,” Commander Stanton said.

As everyone left you could look over and see a small stone on it was etched.

Jessica Gutheim

It also had her years of birth and death on it.

* * * *

Extra Disclaimer:

Timeline: Just so you know this takes place shortly after Redemption Day which is why Mike Corbett was in it and not Magna Defender. Just so you know I don't know if the powers of the Unknown and ABilities of a strobelight are gone forever or not. Whenever I write my next fic that question will probably get answered. It's also debatable on if since Magna Defender's sword is intact if if's possible that Mike or somebody couldn't use his sword to revive the Magna Defender. If Saban doesn't answer that question who knows I might in a future fic.