Background Data on the Adventures of Plastica and Headset

Author's Notes: This is a guide to help my fanfic readers know more about what is going on. A lot of times I might say that such and such a fanfic took place around this time before or after his adventure. Also This gives a full accounting of Plastica's Demona Powers and when a particular power was first used (If at all). Note I did not take the time to give a lost of the Core of Companion Adventures).

The Adventures

There are three types the

The Adventures of Plastica and Headset (Hereby known as the core adventures) The original adventures The Origin is the 1st chronologically of these (A core adventure titled A Natural Disaster was written first though)

The Companion Adventures basically they either provide additional information expand on part of the series or provide info on what takes place after the series closes

The Lost (eventually new) Adventures: My fanfics.

Plastica's powers and when they 1st appeared

Animal Powers

Bear: Plastica's strength (1st appeared in A National Disaster a Core Adventure

Cheetah: Plastica's speed 1st used in The Origin

Eagle (Actual Form) 1st used in Summer at home but not used much because it's too much of a drain on his powers. (Plastica actually combined his eagle mode with his cheetah ability in one core adventure to rescue his partner)

Other Abilities

Invisibilitron: Basically a cloacking device but while it was first used in Musuem Caper and later Graduate2 it also was rarely used because of the drain on his powers

Sensors and Accessories

Tricorder Eyes: His main sensors Hey I'm a trekkie that is why he has these

Microphone Ears: Provide supersensitive hearing. (Suspect 1st use in A Most Deserved Vacation (core adventure)).

Binocular Eyes: should be self explanatory. Believe 1st use was in Where did Headset disappear to( Core Adventure).

Camera Eyes: Allow him to take pictures unknown if ever used.

Laser Eyes: allow him to fire laser bursts with his eyes 1st use was in my first fanfic Kimberly

Cross Hairs: Requested from Powermatic in Night with Arsenio (Core Adventure) due to the incident in my fanfic Kimberly so he could properly aim his laser eyes

DNA Reader: The ultimate in Search and Rescue equipment 1st used in Summer at Home (core adventure)

Suction Cups (1st used in the core adventure Chicago) Allow him to climb buildings (Spiderman has nothing on him) or adhere himself to the floor so he can't pace.

Plastica's Team Members and other non Power Equipment

Robert Gutheim, Plastica. Plastica Specialist and leader of the Steel Brigade.

Jessica Nabinger, Headset. Plastica's girlfriend and eventual wife. A year behind him in High School when they received their powers

Roger Case Sr. Arrestor Cable A special agent with DOD Intelligence has police powers. His role at Fort Goddard is as the Base Security Chief but he usually takes charge during any arrests that take place during Brigade deployments. Hates the very existence of his codename and almost never uses it.

Dan Randolf, Kao. Martial Arts Expert a member of the Triforce(Practitioner of the Martal Power of Karatcho) (Root word is Karate)

Bruce Randolf, Knockout. Martial Arts Expert a member of the Triforce (Practitioner of the Martal Power of Ninjako (basically he is a ninja a practitioner of Ninjitsu)

Pete Randolf, Punch. Martial Arts Expert a member of the Triforce (Practitioner of the Martal Power of Kungfucho) (Basically he knows Kung Fu)

Bev Bowcap, Seaweed. Aquatic Operations Officer KIA in 2004 roughly while Assisting Plastica and Roger with an investigation near Albany

Steve Silicate Glassica: Glass Specialist

Chris Acman, Protectica. Plastica's bodyguard when necessary

Randal Stelman, Metallica. Metal Specialist might have had a key role in the development of Plastica's Battle Armor Arsenal

Fred Carbore, Steelca. The Steel Brigades Vehicular Maintenance Officer.

T.J. Lynch, Red Cross. Paramedic Steel Brigade Medical Services. He graduated from High School with Robert prior to his being recruited for the Steel Brigade shortly after the rescue of Jessica's younger sister Ali.

Wayne Willington, Bandage. Chief Medical Officer Steel Brigade Medical Services.

Frederick Billings, Sterilizer. Dr. Willington's assistant.

Larry Lingie, Multilingual. Translator. The Steel Brigades resident Linguist he controls the Defense Language Computer.

Corey Cuisinart, Kitchenca The Steel Brigade's ill-tempered cook at least once Plastica has had to tell him to shut his calcium knives.

Matthew Muskel, Visegrip. Strongman. The Strongest member of the Brigade next to I/Oca or Plastica when he uses his full powers

Casey Circuit, Liquidca. Casey heads the Steel Brigade's Science Department.

Brian Flint, Mineralca. Brian is the Brigade's resident Geologist.

Vince Flow, Pipewrench Even Fort Goddard needs someone to handle routine maintenance of the plumbing and other systems.

I/Oca: The only inorganic member of the Steel Brigade. Plastica's Android helper handles most of the computer work around the base but will do just about anything the Boss asks. Acted as Ali's guardian after she was rescued from the rubble of her house over a year after it collapsed.

Powermatic: The Demona Watcher who gives both Plastica and Headset their powers. If The Adventures of Plastica and headset had been written by Haim Saban He would the equivalent of his old Friend Zordon a mentor. Now a Days aboard Terra Venture He acts as an unofficial Mentor to The Galaxy Rangers in Addition to his own troops Plastica, Headset (Prior to her death) and The Flitter.

Gradu: While Rarely seen he occasionally visited the old Command Center to Help guide Plastica and Headset when they were helping the Rangers He is the one who provided Plastica with the Powers of the Orange Ranger.

Steel Brigade Motor Pool and Flight Operations Area.

SB-1. Plastica and Headset's main choice when they leave the base.

SB-2. This Midsize Ford is used when stealth is needed since SB-1 would stick out like a bent fender.

Squad Cars: Hey sometimes you need something capable of moving traffic.

Medivac: A project worked on by Dr.'s Willington and Billings with help from Fred Carbore first deployed when Jessica realizes that Ali was still in the rubble of their former home. A spare Paddy Wagon was loaded with Life Support Equipment. Prior to this patients were usually transported in the back of SB-1 by setting them on top of the box that held the Carbon Dioxide Cannon.

Paddy Wagon's. Special vans used to either transport prisoners or as Personnel Carriers to transport large numbers of Steel Brigade personnel.

The Silverfish: A 25 foot boat used for aquatic operations close to shore. Piloted by Bev Bowcap.

The Command Ship AAA. The Main deployable base of the Steel Brigade. Usually it's PC Bridge is controlled by the Randolf brothers but Plastica one time used it to travel to Georgia with Headset. Even though it was primarily used for Aerial Operations it was also capable of aquatic operations as a sort of sub or for Aeronautical use close when in Earth's Orbit. It's cockpit was capable of being detached as a separate Steel Scout.

The Space Raven: This Delta Class Ship was built for use in Space Missions where the Command Ship wouldn't be deployable. It was damaged on it's first mission when it ended up almost going at the speed of light. During repairs it was outfitted with a primitive time warp generator. Eventually it was destroyed though.

The Space Hawk: Basically it replaced the Space Raven a ship of the same design like the AAA it is controlled by the Randolph Brothers.