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Adventures of Plastica and Headset
The Lost Adventures
Plastica and the Power Rangers vs. the Mountains
By Robert Gutheim

Angel Grove one day at the home of Aisha an African American teenager with a medium dark colored skin and long dark hair. Aisha was getting ready to go on a camping trip with her friends in the mountains nearby. Her cousin was talking with her as she got ready.

"I hope you have fun in the mountains, Aisha. Wish I could come along," she said.

"I'm sure I'll have fun. I wish you could come as well but your mother would scream," Aisha replied.

At that moment Aisha's friend Kimberly arrived.

"It will be nice to get to the mountains. I could use a vacation," Kimberly said. "We're rendezvousing at the Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar. Don't forget your watch and belt clip."

"Oh yea good thinking just in case `Steve' needs me," Aisha said grabbing her communicator and powermorpher. Soon the two girls arrive at the Angel Grove Youth Center and enter the Gym and Juice Bar where Ernie the chubby bartender is behind the juice bar.

"Hi, Ernie, Rocky and others here yet?" Aisha asked.

"No they aren't but Skull was looking for Kimberly a few minutes ago. I don't know were Bulk was," Ernie answered.

"Thanks for the warning I'll keep my eyes peeled for the creep patrol," Kimberly said just as an Asian teenager arrived with a blond haired bespectacled teenager.

"Adam, Billy, ready for a week in the mountains?" Aisha asked.

"If Lord Zedd and his goons show up they will wish they hadn't," Adam said.

"I doubt they will show their ugly faces in the mountains. I have a feeling that they are the warm weather variety of goons," Billy said.

A couple minutes later Rocky a tall medium built teen with swept back hair. Tommy a Tall heavy built teen with his long hair tied back and the groups Leader.

"Look's like we are all here. Let's head for the mountains," Aisha said.

"One problem. I couldn't get the Van," Rocky said.

"I think I know how we can get to the mountains. Zordon," Billy suggested.

"Good thinking. Zordon, teleport us up. Then call up a map of the mountains near Angel Grove," Rocky called. A few minutes later:

"This spot right here is where we planned on going. Alpha lock the coordinates in," Rocky said. "Prepare to teleport." two minutes later in the mountains:

"We made it. That idea of yours was great. Now we don't have to buy gas for the van." Kimberly said.

"I just hope we can make the return trip without difficulties," Tommy said.

The weather quickly changed for the worse. Worse in two ways. One poor visibilty and cold, and two it blocked out their communicators and powermorphers. Cutting them off not only from Zordon's help but insuring that they couldn't interfere in the devious plans of their Enemy. at that same moment on another planet Lord Zedd was hatching a devious plan to defeat the campers.

"Goldar, find me a real hideous monster at least as hideous as Baboo. It looks like the Power Rangers are going to have their vacation shortened," Lord Zedd called to his winged companion.

"I have one already to go. A Tryptinox. It is built like a Tyrannosaurus but with a Scorpions tail. Let me just send it to the mountains," Goldar said.

"No what say we send to the Outskirts of Angel Grove instead," Lord Zedd said.

The Tryptinox began its plan of action upon arrival.

In the mountains:

"Zordon, is anything wrong. Zordon, come in," Aisha called. "No luck neither he nor Alpha are answering." Aisha quickly holds her powermorpher out in front of her at arms distance. "Saber-Toothed Tiger." with no luck.

"We are in serious trouble. Zordon isn't answering and we can't morph," Rocky said.

Meanwhile at Power Ranger Central Command Zordon and Alpha have their own problems.

"Iy Yi Yi, I can't get through. they aren't responding Zordon. I can't even lock on to them," Alpha said in a panic.

"The Tryptinox could cause major problems if we don't do something fast. We have only on option. Plastica," Zordon said.

A couple minutes later Robert Gutheim was woken from a sleep by a familiar beeping sound.

"Robert here. What's up Zordon. Rocky and the others in over their heads."

"No. We can't get through to them and Lord Zedd has unleashed a Tryptinox on Angel Grove."

"I'll wake Headset and teleport to Power Ranger Command immediately," Robert said before switching channels.

"Jessica, prepare to teleport,"

A couple minutes later in Zordon's company.

"I see the problem. Headset, contact Kao. Have him, Knockout, and Punch help you take out the Tryptinox while I comb the mountains for the Power Rangers. "let's power up,"

"Powers of Glass and Plastic, Change me to Plastica.

"Powers of the Unknown, Abilities of a Strobelight, change me to Headset."


Plastica then combed the mountains in a general search pattern for the Power Rangers. He spotted them from three miles up and dropped a homing device with a heat releaser for Alpha to lock on to and then dove towards the drop point. Aisha threw her arm out to push Plastica away but he landed carefully on her wrist.

"What is going on here. On thing is sure the bird likes your wrist Aisha," Kimberly said just as Alpha locked on to the Power Rangers.

"Zordon, when we couldn't get through we got worried," Rocky said. Meanwhile Plastica took his hands off of Aisha's wrist.

"Zordon, why was Plastica imitating an eagle," Tommy asked.

"It is one of my forms that I received from Powermatic. Headset is fighting a Tryptinox sent by Lord Zedd. You better head there to back them up. The Triforce is assisting." Meanwhile Headset and the Triforce were having a difficult time fighting the Tryptinox.

"Headset, how did you get involved with these people anyways?" Punch asked.

"Plastica wounded one of them with a stray laser blast. Probably the reason he outfitted his laser eyes with cross hairs," Headset answered.

"I hope Plastica managed to find your friends as we aren't going to last long here," Knockout joked.

"Headset, backup should be arriving soon," Plastica said over Headset's communicator. "I suggest backing off when the backup arrives."

"I read you, Plastica," Headset said. "You did good. See you soon."

At the same time back at Power Ranger Command. The time has come.

"It's Morphing time," Tommy called.

"Tiger Zord"
"SaberToothed Tiger."

A few seconds later the Power Rangers arrived via teleporter at the sight of the monster.

"We need Thunderzord Power Now," the rangers said in unison In various parts to the globe zords came from the ground and headed for the scene. Upon arrival the Rangers somersaulted into the zords.

"Rangers, prepare for action," Rocky called from the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

"In the Groove and Rooting Tooting," Adam responded from the lion.

"Kimberly on line and ready," came from the firebird.

"All sensors on line and ready," Billy said from the Unicorn.

"All Systems are go Rocky," Aisha said from the griffin.

"Rangers Power up," Rocky called. "Power up." the other rangers responded in unison. They began to attack the Tryptinox from all sides including above. Tommy meanwhile with the help of Saba the talking saber called forth the all mighty Tiger Zord. Lord Zeddmeanwhile wasn't pleased at all.

"Make my Monster grow," he called as he threw a special ball and the Tryptinox grew enormous.

"We need MegaZord Power Now."

The Red Ragon Thundezord became a warrior and the other Zords afterwards became his armor.

"Billy, find a strong point in this creature so we can destroy it," Rocky requested of the Blue Ranger. "Tommy, have the TigerZord step aside carefully." went to the White ranger outside.

"Rocky, the tail looks in a way like a scorpions tail," Aisha said in her yellow ranger suit.

"Adam, Kimberly, get ready," Rocky called to Adam the Black Ranger and Kimberly the Pink Ranger.

"Rocky, the stinger looks to be the strong spot. If we crush it it should destroy the Tryptinox." Billy relayed to the Red Ranger Rocky.

"Let's do it." Rocky said. as the Mega Zord stomped on the stinger after the Tiger Zord pinned the beast. the moment of vaporization knocked over both the Mega Zord and the Tiger Zord. A few minutes later back in Angel Grove Rocky and the other Power Rangers treated Robert, Jessica, Pete Randolph, Dave Randolph, and Bruce Randolph to a drink for their assistance in taking out the creature.

"It is a good thing you showed up. Headset and us were staying clear of the tail. If you are ever out our way stop by. Oh Plastica said to tell you that he considers you six to be members of the Friends of the Steel Brigade as well as honorary members of the Steel Brigade," Pete said.

"Maybe we could return the help sometime. That is twice you guys have helped us," Aisha said.

"Hey You, I don't know who you are but you are in my seat," A fat guy with an aviators hat appropriately named Bulk said. His thinner friend Skull was nearby.

"OH I'm sorry here let me just give it to you right here," Bruce said sending a well placed kick right were it hurts. "Now you know why they call me Knockout." he said after Bulk stumbled into Skull and they both crashed. Bruce's move sent laughs throughout the room.