Disclaimer. The Rangers belong to Haim Saban. The Steel Brigade belongs to me. Even though my characters from my first fanfic series The Lost/New Adventures of Plastica and Headset appear in this it is not part of the series but is a Standalone. Timeline for this. I'm assuming that Countdown to Destruction took place before Woodstock '99 which as we know just ended. While most of you maybe caught pictures of the riot that took place there on the National News like maybe Good Morning America or the Today Show I caught them on my local news since Rome New York is not all that far away from my home town.

When Peace and Love Collapse
By Robert Gutheim

One day Department of Defense Agent Roger A. Case was working in his office at Fort Goddard where he was the chief of security. It was looking like it would be a quiet night which he liked.

“700 to 704,” came over the intercom.

“704 go ahead,” Roger said.

“The State Police Superintendent is on the phone it's priority one,” The communications officer said.

“Patch him through to my office,” Roger said. “This is Agent Case.”

“Agent Case, I'm the Superintendent of the New York State Police. We have a major situation at the former Griffiss Air Force Base. I'm hoping Fort Goddard can assist with getting things under control.”

“What exactly is the problem?” Roger asked.

“We have a major Riot on our hand with Fires,” the superintendent said.

“I better recall some of my people. Give us an hour and a half to get ground personnel moving. I'm not sure how long for choppers,” Roger said.

“I doubt it will be quick to clean up,” the superintendent said.

The call ended soon after that.

“All Personnel we are now at Red Alert,” Roger said. “704 to 701.”

At a Downtown Syracuse Restaurant.

“701 go ahead,” Robert Gutheim responded.

“Robert, I'm going to have to recall you to base. The team is deploying to Griffiss. There is a Priority One Situation. I already asked that they break out the White Shot for the Choppers,” Roger said.

“NG. We will probably need Jessica for this one and she went to Oswego for Harborfest with her sisters,” Robert said. “Give me Half an hour to get to base. Glad I brought a squad car but then Jessica took SB1 with her. Oh if you could get the Riotank ready for deployment.”

Robert used the siren the whole way to the Base by the time he pulled into the Motor Pool at Fort Goddard the rest of the Primary Staff minus his partner were changing into Steel Brigade Riot Uniforms and boarding squadcars and Roger's security Personnel were Boarding Vans for the Trip. Robert walked over to a small one man tank and climbed aboard.

“701 to all Units Let's remember that these are unarmed civilians that we are going up against so let's be careful where we aim our weapons especially when they are not set for stun,” Robert called over the radio network.

“717 to 701 what routing do you have in mind,” came from a female voice.

“The Thruway from exit 34 to exit 33 and then local roads. Why were you wondering Bev?” Robert asked.

“I was hoping you factored in the Thruway Authorities reaction when we try to get the Riotank onto the Thruway. Especially with it's tracks,” Bev said.

“If New York State gets the Budget passed at some point they can repair any damage I make but I doubt it would be as bad as if it was a big huge MBT like the M1A1 Abrams,” Robert joked.

The Convoy then took off with Choppers overhead. Meanwhile at the Concert itself seven youngsters in various colored clothing were surveying the Situation.

“Man Dark Specter was never this bad,” A Blond haired male wearing a silver shirt said.

“I know. I still find it strange that the whole idea behind this is peace and love,” his friend with brown hair with blond highlights and a red shirt said.

“It does seem ironic but this is the thirtieth anniversary of the original Woodstock Music Festival which was in I think Bethel NY(Authors Notes if anyone can confirm this let me know at rjguthei@gateway.net). Five years ago the twentieth anniversary concert was in Saugerties. Face it Andros Humans do believe in peace,” an Asian American Woman in pink said.

“I know they do Cassie but still When I think of Peace and Love a good riot just doesn't factor in,” Andros the red shirted male said.

“If only you all still had your powers,” A purple dressed Blond said.

“I agree Karone but we don't,” A Hispanic teen in Black said.

“We should go something though we were the Power Rangers after all,” Andros said. “Ashley think you can contact Plastica and Headset?” Andros asked.

“For all we know they might be on their way. This is their home territory after all,” Ashley a Reddish Blond wearing yellow said. “Carlos, how about if you and T.J. try to get some buckets and we can at least see about putting a few fires out.”

“I like that idea at least it is action,” Carlos the male in Black said as he placed one hand on the shoulder of a blue clad African American. “Zhane you want to assist us?” He asked their silver shirted pal.

“I think I'll stay here with the others,” Zhane said. “You two go on ahead.”

The Rangers did the best they could even powerless. By the time the first cars of the convoy from Fort Goddard arrived at the main gate things were starting to get slowly under control.

A Guard was trying to prevent the cars from getting onto the base.

“I'm Agent Case Fort Goddard. The Superintendent called us in,” Roger said.

“Then I guess you can pass,” the guard said.

“704 to 701 you better suit up,” Roger broadcasted.

“I did about the time we passed the Great Italian Restaurant at Exit 34. All I can say is this Yo Joe* ,” Plastica sounded..

The Steel Brigade then came rolling onto the old Air Force Base. Plastica took the Riotank right into the heart of the disturbance firing special shells that contained a foam similar to what he used in special spherical grenades that he had previously used. About an hour into the Battle a powerful blast of Carbon Dioxide was added to the mixture.

“This was great,” Zhane said as he fired some special foam at one blaze with the help of two Steel Brigaders, and the other Rangers.

“I'm just glad you all were here to help out,” Visegrip a strongman with the Steel Brigade said.

“We came up here to show the Kerovans one of our more interesting festivals,” Cassie said.

“If you ask me Cassie should try to book a slot for the next one,” Karone commented.

“That's assuming that there is another is,” Bev Bowcap said. “Next time maybe you should show them Harborfest. If I wasn't stuck on duty this weekend I would have been there.”

By morning the two teams were able to leave the base.

Closing Notes. I admit I probably didn't use the rangers enough but at least they appeared. Just so you know back before Griffiss closed I used to go there with my dad's father a retired WWII Navy Veteran. I decided to write this at the last minute which meant that my next Power Rangers Demona fanfic was placed on the backburner for a day. * Yo Joe was the old battlecry on G.I.Joe which is owned by Hasbro. I figured that it would be a good line to use.