Disclaimer: If it is familiar from the show then it belongs to Saban. Otherwise it is mine. Warning this Muse Fic contains spoilers of things that haven't appeared yet in Power Rangers Demona. The only requirement if you want Epson to make a cameo appearance with your muse is that you send me a copy because there are a lot of archives out there that probably accept Muse Fics and I only check a small portion of the Archives that are out there and submit to even fewer.

More Musings
By Robert Gutheim

"How is everything," Epson asked.

"Doing good. I could use a few ideas for my Power Rangers series that uses the Demona Rangers. I have seven fics to write before I write another one with The Purple Ninja Ranger of Eltare," I said.

"If you ask me it is amazing that your last fic was posted so quickly after all didn't she just update it a couple days before then," Epson commented.

"I was surprised myself. You remember the only reason I was even over there was to read up Lanie's characters. It was luck that I even decided to go to the main site. You probably saw how carefully I worded that one line of my e-mail to Hollytiger. I was trying to make it informative but not sound like I was boasting," I said.

"How do you plan on using Janet?" Epson asked.

"Hate to tell you but I'm not going to say. I have a long way to go before I even get to that point and since this will probably be posted before then it would give too much away. Kind of like Karilee putting White no More Part 3 down when she is having trouble writing it and it was mentioned in Nikki's charbio. Of course I bet you a silicon dioxide cookie that Paladar does an update before the end of the week. She is about due for another update. Jeremy Ray I usually don't worry about," I said.

"When lately have you sent your little welcome messages?" Epson asked.

"I sent one of Helen and Krissy M on the tenth right after they premiered and one to Holly Tiger today," I said. "I figured I should welcome each new writer so they know that someone besides the site maintainer knows they are there in case they never get other feedback."

"She was certainly quick. Yet all she posted was four of hers and your fic. But hey she will be on vacation so it was justified," Epson said..

"I'm going to work on my books today so you see what you can think of for PRD," I hinted.

July 19, 1999

"Robert, how is everything?" Epson asked.

"I'd say they are doing good. The whole JFK thing is kind of bugging me even if it does provide some authenticity to the opening to Plane Down. Make note Epson that is all that is to be revealed about the book," I said.

"It can be hard coming up with some ideas for PRD but I have a few ideas for your books. Powermatic even agreed to let me use the comm circuit in your original powerband to download them into your mind," Epson said.

"That would prove interesting?" I said.

"That was a cruel trick you pulled on me last week?" Epson complained.

"What trick was that?" I asked.

"You knew Paladar was doing an update that day," Epson said.

"Actually I didn't. I was working along the lines that Paladar does updates every couple weeks," I said. "It was mere luck that it was updated that day."

"How are things going getting that link fixed at the end of Ninja Spirit?"

"Slow Epson. Only Paladar has made the change but that was before Things got underway?" Robert said.

August 24 1999

"Not too long until Janet is back. Let see her last appearance was in Demona6. You just finished Demona 9 so Demona 13 might be the way to go for her reappearance," Epson said.

"You might be right. What is your opinion of Barakus?" I asked.

"He doesn't seem too bad. I agree with you on one thing The New format for the Storybook needs work. You think Lanie will desire a copy of your index?" Epson asked.

"It's hard to say. IF she does I'll probably rework it such that it is organized by Owner. Luckily I have an accurate owner list so I can do the Organization. I have a job for you. The Black Ranger who will be using a Demona Powerblade as his or her personal weapon I need some rough data. Name gender, powers data. I can probably do the rest. Also Janet's spirit animal and Demona Zord. It was luck that I managed to come up with a zord for Barakus," I said.

"For the Black Ranger how about an Aircraft Carrier that can be used to hold the Airzord, Rotorzord, Strike Eaglezord, and the Chopzord," Epson said. "The Chopzord will be Janet's zord, that way we have a Four zord Air fleet, and 3 zord ground crew and a two zord navy."

"Looks good but We need to know what type of Vehicle the Chopzord is based on," I said.

"Maybe a Defender Chopper that way it's small plus the Defender would be better for observation then the Apache," Epson said.

"Sounds good. I assume the Black Ranger's zord will be called the Carrierzord," I said.

"Of course," Epson said. "One thing I decided is that the Black Ranger should be Kerovian."

"It's your choice on if there is any relation between the Black Ranger and Andros, Karone, or Zhane," I said.