Disclaimer: The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy along with the Concept are the Property of Haim Saban but the Demona Rangers belong to me. This is a Crossover between The New Adventures of Plastica and Headset Life on Terra Venture and Power Rangers Demona. When Text Looks like this It's Lost Galaxy and Like This It's Power Rangers Demona. The concept of the Intergalactic Police Force which gets mentioned belongs to Ellen Brand and is used with permission. Haim Saban though did not give permission to use Power Rangers Lost Galaxy but you want to know something I could care less.

The Power Rangers Christmas Special
By Robert Gutheim

Terra Venture Space Colony December 24th Year unknown. Robert Gutheim a Researcher with GSA R&D is walking around the Colony when his Blond colleague Kendrix Morgan Approaches.

“Robert, you don't look like you are looking forward to tomorrow. IS it because of Jessica?” Kendriz asked referring to his late wife.

“No it has nothing to do with Jessica's death or with Christmas Really. You see Kendrix with all the time traveling I've done since I first left Earth I'm not even sure How old I really am and Damon asked me earlier today I old I am,” Robert said.

“So what does that have to do with anything?” Kendrix asked.

“Maybe because I was born on Christmas Eve,” Robert said.

“Oh I didn't know that. I'm sure we could figure it out,” Kendrix said.

“Yeah but is it really all that important. Who was it that said that you are only as old as you feel?” Robert asked.

“I couldn't tell you but it has a ring of truth to it,” Kendrix said as her communicator went off. “Kendrix here.”

“Kendrix, report to the Megaship. WE have to provide assistance to the Triforians,” the voice of Leo Corbett came over the speaker.

“I'm on it. Your brother coming with us?” Kendrix asked.

“No ol Ebenezer is Staying behind,” Leo said.

“Hey cut that out Leo,” the voice of Leo's older brother Mike was heard over the Commline.

A few hours later Robert was walking through the Forest Dome with his daughter Stephanie when Scorpius sent some Sting Wingers.

“This is Not good. A good birthday Present would have been if they had stayed home. WE will need help but the Steel Brigade is in the Kerova System on a patrol run, the Rangers are on their way to Triforia with our powerbands and Powermatic went to Demona Prime,” Robert Said.

“And a great Christmas Present would have been if we never saw them again,” Stephanie finished. “If only I could Flit,” Stephanie said.

“I know and I don't know how much help the Armatron will be,” Robert said. “We need our powers.”

This is True for Robert and his daughter were really Plastica and The Flitter.

“Dad, couldn't you use your ring to get us some Help?” Stephanie asked.

“I don't know I can try maybe it can seek out Demona Power Signatures,” Robert said. “Ring of Power, seek out and bring to me some Demona Assistance.”

Meanwhile In another Time Eight your Teens were helping a older Gentleman decorate a building.

“Jingle bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way oh what fun it must be to ride in a one horse open Sleigh,” A Blond Haired male sang as He hung Christmas Lights over the Doorway.

“You are really into the Christmas Spirit Aren't you Sean." His Dark Haired companion said.

“You bet if you ask me the two of us are perfectly dressed for it Sue. You in Red and Me in green,” Sean said.

“Oh grow up Sean,” Sasha Stanton said while trying to keep her Knee Length hair under control.

Sean stuck his tongue out at his Pink Clothed friend.

“You Earth People sure have strange holidays. About all we celebrate is the Anniversary of My dad's ascension to the Throne of Triforia,” A dark haired man said.

“Don't worry Barakus we'll explain it all later,” Sasha said.

“I at least read up on what FREDA had in her databanks on Christmas,” Andrew Hammond a former IGPF officer said.

“You know sometimes I almost forget FREDA is there since she tends to be so quiet,” Sasha said.

Just as the eight people were finishing up Sue's Cousin walked in just as a vortex opened and sucked up the nine youngsters.

“This is not good. Professor Collington will freak,” Matt Connorson the Owner said.

When the Vortex reopened the Nine teens weren't sure where they were.

“This is real weird. One minute we are in the Youth Center now we are in the Middle of Terra Venture,” Sue said.

Meanwhile Robert and Stephanie has their hands full. Robert though stopped for a second.

“Stephanie, I'm going to Armor up while you go to the main dome and investigate a Demona Power Signature that I'm picking up,” Robert said. “701 to Armory.”

A buzzing sound was heard.

“Load the Armatron for deployment,” Robert called out. “701 to Armatron.”

This time a series of beeps were heard.

“Launch,” Robert said.

Stephanie soon came across the worried Travelers.

“Hi, I'm Stephanie Gutheim. You all look lost.”

“We are looking for the Youth Center,” Sue said. “I'm Sue Collington by the way and These are my friends Sasha Mitchell, Brianca Chang, Sean Crowning, Kim Coltran, Tyra Johnson, Andrew Hammond, Megan Collins, and Barakus.”

“The Youth Center is only in the planning stages but it hasn't been built yet. Listen any of you good at fighting My dad and I could use some help in the Forest Dome,” Stephanie said.

“Sue, why did you tell her my last name was Mitchell?” Sasha whispered as they headed off toward the Forest Dome.

“Because Sasha, that's my mother we just encountered. This means we are in the past far enough in fact that our parents are mere kids if they are really even born yet,” Sue said. “If we encountered your grandfather it would look suspicious.”

Just as they entered the tunnel to the Forest Dome Stephanie's communicator went off.

“Stephanie, where are you right now?” Robert's voice came over the speaker.

“Just about to return to the battle with some assistance. Why do you ask?” Stephanie asked.

“Because the signature I picked up has been moving and is in your vicinity,” Robert said.

“Sue, I think your mother knows too much,” Sean whispered.

“I doubt that. She barely knows anything,” Sue said.

“Yeah the person who knows too much is on the other side of her communicator,” Andrew said.

“Before we enter the battle you might want to activate your powers,” Stephanie said.

“What powers?” Sasha asked.

“My dad has special sensors and he picked up on your arrival. He also informed me how the Demona Power Signature was in my vicinity and it is deserted enough here that it would have to be you eight,” Stephanie said.

“We can't Ma'am rules you see,” Barakus said.

“Hey come on our cover is already Blown because of her father's sensors. What if he can identify us when we use our powers?” Tyra asked.

“He can't. I used my own powers a couple times without his knowing I was using them and he wasn't able to tell it was me,” Stephanie said. “But right now my powers are temporarily retired as are his.”

“Why is that Stephanie?” Megan asked since she was used to referring to the Flitter by first name.

“We took a brief hiatus from fighting evil after my mom was killed during a battle,” Stephanie said.

Meanwhile in the Future Stephanie was noticing something strange on the Sensors.

“FREDA, did you notice anything in the sensors a couple minutes ago?” She asked.

“Not really. But Matt Connorson has been trying to contact you in your old lab,” FREDA said.

“I better go talk to him,” Stephanie said before teleporting out and into the Youth Center which was supposed to host a Christmas Even Celebration that night.

“This place looks nice,” Stephanie said after coming out of her teleport.

“Small problem though the Decorating crew disappeared with only seventy five percent of the work done. Is Mechinack out of jail or something?” Matt asked.

“I don't think so. I'm sure Andrew would have been informed if Mechinack had been released or escaped. What exactly happened?” Stephanie asked.

“Things were going good until Windy showed up. Then soon as she walked in a Vortex opened and sucked up the entire decorating crew,” Matt said.

“Who is Windy?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh that's my nickname for Megan because of her being a wind guardian and all. Thankfully she isn't restricted by the same rules that the rangers are,” Matt said.

“Oh Boy Wang Chung will probably have my head if she finds out Megan is missing,” Stephanie said. “I'm not even looking forward to telling the other rangers parents that their kids are missing. I probably should try to trace the Vortex so we can find them before it's too late.”

“Keep me posted. Oh and if you can get me a number where I can reach you,” Matt said.

“The phone service where I work isn't the best so It might be difficult. I'll have Kim when the Rangers are found bring you a communicator,” Stephanie said before teleporting out. “Powermatic we've got a problem.

“What seems to be up?” Powermatic asked.

“According to Matt the Rangers along with Megan were sucked into a vortex. We need to figure out what caused the Vortex and where the other end is,” Stephanie said. “Thankfully we won't have trouble from Mechinack but we better assemble a team just in case.”

“Unfortunately Trey and the Phantom Ranger are busy and the Aquitians deactivated their ranger team after Zordon's death. It looks like it will be up to us,” Powermatic said.

“What about Eltare couldn't we recall Janet and have her bring the rest of her team?” Stephanie asked.

“It wouldn't be practical with the amount of time we have available,” Powermatic said.

Meanwhile the Rangers were in a huddle.

“OK we better scatter. Those who have Ninja Powers soon as we scatter better call on them. Barakus, you and Andrew will have to use your Demona Powers since you don't exactly have your ninja powers,” Sue said.

“Sounds good let's do it,” Kim said.

Robert meanwhile was having trouble keeping the Sting Wingers off his back.

“OK team Scatter,” Sue called.

Robert was glad to see the back-up.

“I don't know who they are but they have Demona Power Signatures,” Robert said just as the Morphing started.

“Looks like The Ring found Rangers who use Demona Powers,” Robert said.

Fairly soon after that the Sting Wingers took Flight and bugged out. (Authors note Pun Intended)

“Thanks for the help Rangers. May I inquire as to who you are?” Robert asked.

“We are Demona Rangers but most of us have secondary Ninja Powers,” Sue said. “You are obviously the one known as Plastica.”

“How did you know?” Robert asked.

“You are a legend where we are from. Our mentor is Professor Pedro Damon,” Sue said.

“I know the rules but I will have to ask that you either remove your helmets or demorph,” Robert said.

The flash of light that happened was almost blinding. Robert noticed how the Rangers wore their color in some spot on their body usually as a shirt.

“I'm Sue Collington, Red the Leader.”

“Sasha Mitchell, Pink.”

“Sean Crowning, Green.”

“Tyra Johnson, Yellow Technical Assistant.”

“Brianca Chang, Blue.”

“Kim Coltran, White 2nd in Command.”

“Barakus of Triforia Titanium.”

“Andrew Hammond of KO-35 Black.”

“Megan Collins Purple Brakenien Wind Guardian.”

“I take it you Megan aren't an actual ranger,” Robert said.

“No I'm not. But I help Sue and the others out sometimes,” Megan said.

“How about if you all join me for a Christmas Celebration,” Robert said.

“Unfortunately if we can figure out how we got here we can get going. Professor Damon is probably worried plus we have a Christmas Celebration of our own to get to,” Sue said.

“Dad, maybe your ring brought them,” Stephanie said.

“Could be maybe if I tried to open a new Portal. Where is your base?” Robert asked.

“It's known as the Command Bunker and is on the Surface of Capsilon IX,” Sue said.

“Ring of Power, Open a Portal to the Command Bunker of the Demona Rangers,” Robert said. Instantly a Portal opened and the Rangers went through. Powermatic looked up as the Rangers came through.

“Where were you all?” Powermatic asked.

“We were with My grandfather,” Sue said. “Back shortly after Grandma died when he was without his powers.”

“IT was you all that helped him?” Powermatic asked.

“Yes it was us,” Sue said. “We managed not to run into Commander Stanton but we had everything figured out by giving Sasha a phony last name.

Alpha 8 walked out right then.

“Oh Tyra, glad your back T.J. needs her diaper changed and Dr. Collington is at the Youth Center helping Matt finish the decorating,” Alpha said.

“I'll take care of it. You all get ready to Partee,” Megan said.

AN hour later Sue was looking out on to the Sky.

“Happy Birthday Grandpa where ever you are and Merry Christmas,” Sue said as Stephanie approached.

“Did you have fun fighting Sting Wingers instead of Gearheads?” Stephanie asked.

“Mom if anything today I got the greatest Christmas gift of all. A chance to get to know for even a few minutes just what Grandpa was like,” Sue said. “I'm sure I would have liked him had I had a chance to get to know him when I was younger.”

“Ever since that day I always wondered just who Professor Pedro Damon was right up until Brianca gave Powermatic that name,” Stephanie said just as a Jolly man with a White Beard dressed in Red and White Walked in.

“Looks like Santa is here,” Stephanie said.

“Is it just me or is that Professor Damon hiding under that suit,” Andrew said as he approached. Sue went to find Sean only to find herself under some Mistletoe when she finally found him. The Kiss she gave him was one for the Books.

Closing Notes. AS far as Timelines goes in NAPH this is after Rest in Peace but after the 2nd season premiere for PRLG. AS far as Power Rangers Demona goes this is after Big Trouble. For the Record Since I was a kid I always started to think about Christmas in Late August Early September. Only one more fic to write before Return of Purple which will feature the Return of Janet Cranston.s