Power Rangers Demona Updated Character Listings.

Note if a name is hyperlinked then it has an Entry in the Storybook at the Realm of Storytellers.

Stephanie Collington: Born Stephanie Wong she was orphaned at age four prior to being adopted by Robert and Jessica. She eventually through stealth gained the powers of the Flitter. It was Stephanie's research that resulted in the Demona powers being used to create Rangers.

Wang Chung Collins: Born as Stephanie's twin sister she was put up for adoption. Eventually she was adopted by Stephanie's aunt a few years after their birth parents were killed. (It is for this reason that in some of my fics that take place on Terra Venture that Wang Chung was referred to as Stephanie's twin cousin).

Megan Collins: Sue's cousin due to some bizarre circumstances she was born with the powers of a Brakenien Wind Guardian and is presently the only known surviving Wind Guardian. One advantage of her powers she never needs a hairdryer.

Sasha Stanton (Pink Demona Ranger): Commander Stanton's granddaughter.

Sue Collington (Red Demona Ranger): Stephanie's only child. It was Stephanie's hope that Sue would take Stephanie's old powers or even powers that had originally been held by Stephanie's adopted parents. Leader of the Rangers.

Sean Crowning (Green Demona Ranger): Originally the only male on the team he has interests outside of Ranger fighting for Sue. He can be counted on in a good fight though.

Tyra Johnson (Yellow Demona Ranger): The teams technical expert. Tyra created the Zords that they use.

Brianca Chang (Blue Demona Ranger): Step grandchild of the Famed Wheelchair Warrior Brianca joined the crew of Terra Venture while traveling aboard a Triforian Passenger Vessel.

Janet Cranston (Purple Demona Ranger): AN old friend of Briancas she joins the team after serving with a team on Eltare:

Kim Coltran (White Demona Ranger) the 2nd in COmmand. Works as a Waitress at the Youth Center.

Barakus of Triforia (Titanium Demona Ranger): A friend of Brianca's from her time at the Triforian Academy he goes to Terra Venture intending to visit Brianca but ends up staying after it was revealed that he was a candidate for Demona Powers

Andrew Hammond (Black Demona Ranger): A Kerovian Ranger who like Janet has Rangering in his blood. This might be why he was attracted to the Purple Ranger after she tried to get Brianca to panic by whispering Gearheads in her Ear.

Mechinack: The latest Villain to cause Trouble.

Gearheads: The latest form of idiotic foot soldiers. To quote on of Plastica's old jokes "SO this is what your well styled Putty is wearing this year."

Hankoid: Mechinack's equally idiotic General.

Powermatic: Yes the old mentor of Plastica, Headset and the Flitter is still around. When he is traveling amond the Denizens of the Colony he uses the Pseudonym of Professor Pedro Damon.

Matt Connorson: Kim's boss at the Youth Center. Like Adele Ferguson was with her fries Matt has a special recipe Soda that is on the house and the Rangers drink it by the liter sometimes. (For an idea of what Matt looked like as a kid watch the episode Homesick)

Haradomous: A much better looking Villain he is as capable as Rita Repulsa was at casting spells to send the Rangers to strange places. Replaced Mechinack as the Rangers main Foe.

Scornia: Haradomous's general. IF she is in on a battle you can bet that Haradomous is planning one of his spells.