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Adventures of Plastica and Headset
The Lost Adventures
Return of Some Old Comrades
By Robert Gutheim

This new adventure begins in a most unlikely place. The classroom at Angel Grove High School assigned to the English teacher Mrs. Appleby. Among the students in her class were: Kimberly Heart, Aisha Campbell, Tommy Oliver,Billy Cranston, Rocky DeSantos, and Adam Park. Two other students of note only to the six friends were Farkus Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovich known better among the school as Bulk and Skull the class clowns. Mrs. Appleby was giving the week's assignment.

"Class your assignment for this week is to think of who your oldest friend is and write a paper on the person. The person can be real or imaginary. It is due on Friday at the beginning of class Bulk and Skull," she said.

At that moment a knocking sound was heard.

"Hello class, I just received word that some former classmates of yours are coming home from Geneva Switzerland this weekend," Mr. Kaplan the school's principal said. Later on Kimberly, Aisha, Tommy, Billy, Rocky, and Adam got together in a most interesting place.

"The news that Jason, Trini, and Zack are coming home this weekend raises some interesting questions Power Rangers," Zordon thier spirital mentor said.

"I agree. For one thing will Adam, Rocky, and I have to relienquish our powers since they did belong to Zack, Jason, and Trini before us," Aisha said.

"Plus will Jason be taking over as leader or will I be remaining the leader," Tommy said.

"Those questions are hard to answer. We do have all week to answer them. Plastica, how are we going to explain our working along side him and Headset those couple of times that we did. After all we might have to work together after the others return.

In another location Lord Zedd the scourge of Angel Grove was meeting with his minions to plan his next assault on the city.

"Goldar, I need help finding a monster capable to destroying both Present and former members of the power rangers," He scowled.

"I have the perfect idea on what one to use. How about if we use your Pin Head monster the one thats capable of sending out explosive bowling balls," Goldar suggested.

"Perfect I will send it down on Friday," Lord Zedd planned.

Friday soon came and The Rangers met at the Angel Grove Youth Center to await the moment when their former comrades appeared the Plan was for the Rangers along with their closest friends Ernie, Robert Gutheim, and Jessica Nabinger to spend the whole time until their friends arrived at the Youth Center.

"While we wait anyone want something to drink or eat," Ernie asked.

"We're fine right now Ernie thanks," Tommy said. At that moment Lord Zedd sent the Pin Head Monster down. Arrrrrrrrong Arrrrrrrrrong Arrrrrrrrrrong.

"It is just as I have feared Lord Zedd sent the Pin Head monster down to Earth. Alpha summon the rangers at once," Zordon said.

"Right away Zordon, Ay yi yi," Alpha Five the robot guardian said.

Meanwhile back at the youth center:

were chink a were chink

"We read you Zordon," Tommy said on answering his communicator.

"Lord Zedd sent a new Monster to earth report to the command center at once," Zordon said.

"Prepare to teleport," Tommy said.

A couple seconds later the power rangers where safely at the command center Robert and Jessica had accompanied them there.

"This is Pin Head a monster capable of destroying anything with its explosive bowling balls," Zordon said.

"He looks to be a good shot. We'll just have to make sure that he gets a few gutterballs and maybe we'll be able to defeat him," Robert said. "In my shoes that would prove a little to easy."

"We'll need Mega TigerZord at least to defeat this guy," Tommy said. "IT's morphin TIme."

"Saber-toothed Tiger"

Lord Zedd was not amused when he saw the rangers arrive at the scene of the battle.

"Let's see how much the rangers like their bowling pins when they come in Jumbo Size," Lord Zedd said as he threw the growth ball.

"We need Thunderzord Power Now," the main rangers said.

"Mastodon lion thunderzords power"
"Pterodactyl firebird thunderzord power"
"Triceratops unicorm thunderzord power"
"saber-toothed tiger griffin thunderzord power"
"Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord Power"

Tommy at that moment drew the mystical talking saber Saba. . . "White Tigerzord power up," Tommy said.

Soon all six lords where in position. The rangers including tommy baorded their zords. Rocky activated switches needed to convert the Red Dragon Thunderzord to warrior mode. Tommy meanwhile inserted Saba into the transformation slot aboard

The tigerzord and gave a simple command.

"White Tigerzord convert to warrior mode," Tommy commanded.

Soon two warriors and assorted helpers went after Pin Head. the battle was rough and Rocky could see that he needed help at that moment the unicorn and griffin zords switched over to leg mode as the top of the lion folded up. The Red Dragon in warrior mode placed his legs behind the white uplifts of the legs and the firebird approached the rear and folded the wings around the front. Then it was simply a matter of the breast plate and arms going into position along with the helmet all three of which came from the lion thunderzords to form the MegaThunderzord. Pin Head though was not amused and continued his assault from the command center the occupants could see that help was needed.

"Zordon, bad as it is I think Jessica and I should power up and assist in the battle," Robert said.

"Their is great danger but obviously they need all the help they can get," Zordon said.

"It's show time. Let's power up," Robert said. "Powers of glass and plastic, change me to Plastica."

"Powers of the unknown, abilities of a strobelight, change me to Headset," Jessica said.

A few seconds later back at the battlefield.

"Cool, Plastica and Headset have arrived. We are unbeatable now," Rocky said.

"Crosshairs," Plastica said. He then kept them locked on a bowling ball. At just the right moment when Pin Head launched the ball "Laser eyes fire." The ball was knocked off course into the "gutter" Pin Head was distracted just long enough for Tommy to make a quick order.

"I hearby call upon the Power of Tor," Tommy said. That command caused changes in the Mega Thunderzords configuration as the zords seperated and the four zords that made up the powersled went into position and the sled formed. Upon Tors arrival the Tigerzord in Warrior mode went inside of the cavernous shell of the turtleshaped zord. Red Dragon Thunderzord then flew up and baorded the powersled which then landed on Tors back. the power staff then was raised up above the ThunderUltrazord and his wrist rotated at just the speed needed to lift the zord off of the ground and knock into Pin Head the impact of course proved to be the deciding factor in defeating Pin Head.

Back at the youth center Jason Scott Lee, Trini Kwan, and Zachary Taylor were just arriving.

"Ernie how have you been lately. The peace conference was great. We are about two years from world peace. I'm surprised Tommy and the others aren't here," Jason said.

"They were here last night and had planned on staying here throughout the night but they left at one point for somereason. All eight of them," Ernie said.

"Why were Bulk and Skull here as well?" Trini asked.

"No, those two bad boys were not around a couple of friends of theirs from out of town they had been by a couple times before," Ernie said.

At that moment the winners of the most recent battle with Lord Zedd touched down in the hall and walked in to the gym and juice bar.

"Whoa, you three look like you've been away from the action for awhile," Robert joked. "You just missed a classic battle."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Jason asked.

"Jason, Robert and Jessica have been helping us against Lord Zedd when things get hairy. This was their third battle with us," Tommy whispered to Jason. "Zordon wants to see everyone back at the command center."

Soon at the command center.

"This is a glorious day as three of the original Power Rangers have returned. Jason, Trini, Zack you have a choice to make about whether you want to return to the action or remain in retirement," Zordon said.

The eleven youths went into a huddle and made a decision.

"Zordon, We have confered and decided that Zack, Trini, and I will return to battle," Jason said. "Tommy will of course remain in the seat of Leadership."

The sword of light last used to transfer powers to Rocky Adam and Aisha was brought forth again to transfer the powers back to their original owners. The Original Rangers were back. Soon back at the Youth Center.

"Bulk, you are still as large as ever. You should go on a diet before you explode," Zack said.

"My friends, the invitation that Bruce Randolph gave still stands if you are ever in our neck of the woods.