Okay who said that Gutheim is crazy for changing the name of his series yet again. This is the First True PRLG fanfic after the summer hiatus and takes place After the Christmas Special (In my fanfics) and the Episode Destined for Greatness The concept and several characters belong to Haim Saban (Who by the way is also the brain behind Xyber 9 a new show on Fox Kids which has no bearing what so ever on this fanfic). IF Saban or Ellen Brand donít own it then That means it belongs to me.

Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
A New Beginning
By Robert Gutheim

Previously on The New Adventures of Plastica and Headset Life on Terra Venture

"This is what Iíve been working on during my Ďoff duty hoursí. I based it on the Steel Scout. Itís only drawback is it is a single seater kind of like the Rangerís Jet Jammers. I call it the Demona Fighter. By luck I built a small fleet of them. One for each of the Steel Brigade and also one for each Ranger. I even built on for Mike if he is interested. You want to test them out?" I/Oca asked.

"You bet. Let me just summon Jessica and the Rangers," Robert said.

"This is great Almost better then the Jammers," Kendrix said.

"Speak for yourself Kendrix, I canít control mine," Maya said.

"Relax Maya, Iíll try to dock my fighter with yours," Robert said as he came alongside. AS he came extra close a small port came out and brought Robertís fighter close to Mayaís as they came closer they almost seemed to merge when complete Robert was sitting next to Maya in the cockpit.

"Something up Trakeena?" Scorpius Trakeenaís oh so ugly father asked.

"Those small pods the Rangers and two of the Powereons are aboard.

"Take them out," Scorpius ordered.

"Already planned on doing it," Trakeena said.

Jessicaís fighter just as she finished suiting up into Headset. The last thing Plastica saw was her craft exploding

"Alpha, you possibly didnít think to teleport Headset out of there before her ship exploded?" Plastica asked.

"No I didnít," Alpha said.

"Blast Alpha, Why didnít you?" Plastica asked.

"Plastica, the shot was too quick there wasnít time," D.E.C.A. said.

"All Fighters break off and return to Base," Plastica ordered.

"Right now Iím not sure what to tell you. It is probably good that you came to me though. To start out Iím going to ask that you maybe take a vacation from your extra curricular duties while we deal with this," Lita said.

"Iím not sure I can," Robert said.

"You might have to," Lita said.

"Alpha, I have a couple jobs for you. First off Iíd like you to put these into storage," Robert said handing the Android assistant two D-H Powerbands. "Also send a narrow beam message to the Space Hawk requesting the Randolph brothers to return immediately."

"Is there a reason?" Alpha asked.

"Lita recommended I take a vacation for my extra curricular duties for a little while. I felt she was right and requested that Stephanie also take a vacation. Once things have calmed down I will have you return them.

Right then the Rangers and Mike walked up to Impostra.

"Jessica, how did you survive?" Mike asked.

"I used the teleport button on my powerband to teleport out," Impostra said as she held up her left arm.

"Something isnít kosher," Damon said.

"How do you figure?" Mike asked.

"Because that is Jessicaís old powerband. I know what her new one looks like since Kendrix and I along with I/Oca designed it," Damon said.

"You are just too smart Green Ranger," Impostra said as she revealed her true colors.

"This is Not good. A good birthday Present would have been if they had stayed home. WE will need help but the Steel Brigade is in the Kerova System on a patrol run, the Rangers are on their way to Triforia with our powerbands and Powermatic went to Demona Prime," Robert Said.

"And a great Christmas Present would have been if we never saw them again," Stephanie finished. "If only I could Flit," Stephanie said.

"I know and I donít know how much help the Armatron will be," Robert said. "We need our powers."

This is True for Robert and his daughter were really Plastica and The Flitter.

"Dad, couldnít you use your ring to get us some Help?" Stephanie asked.

"I donít know I can try maybe it can seek out Demona Power Signatures," Robert said. "Ring of Power, seek out and bring to me some Demona Assistance."

"I donít know who they are but they have Demona Power Signatures," Robert said just as the Morphing started.

"Looks like The Ring found Rangers who use Demona Powers," Robert said.

Fairly soon after that the Sting Wingers took Flight and bugged out. (Authors note Pun Intended)

"Thanks for the help Rangers. May I inquire as to who you are?" Robert asked.

"We are Demona Rangers but most of us have secondary Ninja Powers," Sue said. "You are obviously the one known as Plastica."

"Happy Birthday Grandpa where ever you are and Merry Christmas," Sue said as Stephanie approached.

Now on with the Show:

The Story opens up in the apartment that Robert once occupied with his wife Jessica. Robert was alone since Stephanie was at school.

A tone came from the direction of the door.

"Enter at your own risk," Robert joked.

"Robert, youíve been a little more distant lately even more distant in fact then you were when you first arrived," Commander Stanton said.

"Sorry Commander but Iím still getting used to Jessica being gone. Also When those Sting Wingers decided to ruin my birthday I could have used my powerband except it was enroute to Triforia. IF it wasnít for my ring It wouldnít have been pretty," Robert said.

"Any idea where the new rangers came from?" Commander Stanton asked.

"No I donít. I did ask Powermatic about it though and he is looking into it," Robert said.

"Robert, the presence of your team and the Rangers along with this Magna Defender Character have me worried. After all the Magna Defender seemed I donít know lost like he isnít sure what side heís on," Commander Stanton said.

"Sir, during the last battle I sensed something different in him. I think heís changed and his loyalty is definitely to Terra Venture," Robert said since he knew that the recently returned Mike Corbett had taken over the powers of the Original Magna Defender.

"Have you reclaimed your powerband yet since I only feel it right that the GSA Liaison with the Rangers and Steel Brigade should have special powers," Commander Stanton said.

"Not yet. Who knows Commander maybe itís time to retire and pass them on to someone younger," Robert said.

"It wouldnít do any good," Ali Nabinger Robertís sister in law said as she entered.

"Why is that Ali?" Robert asked.

"Powereon abilities canít be passed on," Ali said.

"How do you know?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Because one time Jessica tried to commit suicide and Powermatic said that I would probably get her powers if anything ever happened to her. Well a short time ago he tried to pass her powers on to me and it failed," Ali said.

"I wonder why," Robert said.

"He is looking into it," Ali said. "Right now he is enroute to Demona Prime to talk to Fucilla."

"Commander, I can still access my armor if needed," Robert said as his comm unit chimed.

"Robert, we need help," Came from Bruce Randolph. "The Rangers, Mike, and I are in the Main Dome near the tunnel to the mountain Dome."

"What about your brothers," Robert said.

"Theyíre on their way," Bruce said.

"Give me a minute to prep Armatron for battle," Robert said as he grabbed his GSA battle togs from his closet.

"No problem Sir," Bruce said.

A couple minutes later Robert was enroute to the Battle sight using his Flightpack Mode Battlearmor. He arrived just as the Chorus started to sing.

"Go Galactic," went five voices.

"We car upon the powers of Martal." Was heard from the Tenor section.




"Magna Power," came the lone Bass voice.

Shortly after that a series of Multi colored being appeared. The were the Galaxy Rangers, The Practitioners of Martal and The Magna Defender. The Red Ranger went right after the Being that was obviously in command.

"Geruton, you are dead," The Ranger said.

"Leo, Donít," The Magna Defender said.

"I have to Mike," Leo said.

"No you donít. It isnít worth it," Mike said. "We are a team after all."

"We were a team ever before you returned Mike," The Pink Ranger said.

"I know Kendrix," Mike said.

Meanwhile Pete Randolph went to help Leo whether he wanted it or not. Unfortunately Geruton Decided to Grow.

"This is not good," Pete said. "We need the Boss man here."

"Hate to say it Pete but Youíll have to make due without him," Robert said.

"Torozord Charge," Mike said.

"Lion Galactabeast Arise," Leo said.

"Gorilla Galactabeast Arise," Kai the Blue Ranger said.

"Wildcat Galactabeast Arise," Kendrix said.

"Wolf Galactabeast Arise," Maya the Yellow Ranger said.

"Condor Galactabeast Arise," Damon the Green Ranger said.

"Steel Brigade Battle Ready," Robert called over a small radio he had with him.

After a few minutes a new series of Commands were heard.

"Galactazord Transform Initiate," Leo said as the Rangers held up their Transdaggers

"Magna Defender Transform," Mike said as HE grew and boarded the Torozord.

Just then Robert thought he saw something flit around at a high speed just as the monster almost squashed him. He was quickly moved from that spot

"How did I get here," He asked as something appeared on his wrist. "My powerband how did it get here?"

He knew what he needed to do though.

"I hereby Call upon the Armatron and Supersized Battle Armor," He called out after hitting a quick button on his band. Shortly after that he was in his zord.

"Galaxy Megazord Online," Leo called forth. The Five Galactazords then shifted around and turned into the Galaxy Megazord while Mike Merged with Torozord to form Defender Torozord.

"Turbo Blade," Plastica called for.

"Condor Missile Mode," Kendrix called forth.

"Torozord Lightning Spin," Mike called forth.

The Three simultaneously launched their weapons and the monster went down.

"Whoa this is something else," Pete said. "I thought you werenít able to make it boss."

"I think we had a little help from The Flitter on this one," Plastica said.

"How could you tell dad?" Stephanie asked as she appeared.

"How else would I have been moved from certain death," Plastica said. "Also who else could have delivered my Powerband to me?"

"I guess I was your only suspect," Stephanie said.

"Round up the usual Suspects," Mike joked.

"Mike, Leo, Bruce, I/Oca, meet me in my office in the Command Tower in one hour," Robert said after powering down.

"Something up Robert?" Mike asked.

"Youíll see," Robert said as he headed for a convenient car that had been sent for him.

Half an hour later he was talking to Powermatic.

"So any clues as to why Ali wasnít able to become Headset?" Robert asked.

"Yes because Jessica was too much in tune with the powers that turned her into Headset. You would be the same way with your powers if not more so. Just so you know during that battle with the Sting Wingers Alpha didnít have your powerband. I did since Fucilla and I were taking the time to do some fine tuning. You know have the ability in an emergency to turn into a Cheetah or a bear. Also your ring can open portals across time or space," Powermatic said.

"I discovered that when I brought the Demona Rangers here," Robert said.

"You sure they had Demona Powers?" Powermatic asked.

"The Red Ranger said they were Demona Rangers. Why do you ask?" Robert asked.

"I checked with Fucilla and the other watchers just know and no Demona Powers were used to create rangers," Powermatic said. "I have these for you."

Robert took a look at the two items a powerband and a crystal.

"This is Jessicaís powerband How did it survive?" Robert asked.

"It was transferred to Demona Prime along with this Essence Crystal," Powermatic said.

"Essence crystal?" Robert asked.

"Robert, this crystal contains Jessicaís soul. When a Powereon dies his or her soul is merged into a crystal so long as they are still an active Powereon. Someday your soul will be merged with a crystal. Stephanieís might not merge depending on if she still has her powers," Powermatic said.

Robert glanced at his watch.

"I have to go. I have a meeting to get to," Robert said.

A short time later The Corbett Brothers, I/Oca, and Bruce enter Robertís office right behind Commander Stanton.

"Whoa nice digs. How did you warrant these digs?" Mike asked.

"Easy Robert is going to be coordinating liaison duties between GSA and the Rangers along with there Allies," Commander Stanton said.

"You Four are my associates for various reasons. Leo because you are the Red Ranger, Bruce the Rep for the Practitioners of Martal, I/Oca as my new second in command for the Brigade. Finally Michael Corbett because he is the only person I know to stare death in the face and spit at it," Robert said since Mike was believed dead for a long time yet Here he is.

"Maybe Jessica truly isnít dead," Mike said.

"Powermatic brought me proof that she is truly dead," Robert said.

"Robert, was it a good idea giving away Leoís identity?" Mike asked.

"He already knows as Iím sure you are aware from any memories that Magna Defender left you with from the time Scorpius kidnapped Stephanie, Wang Chung, and Jody Stanton," Robert said.

"I thought Magna Defender was still around," Commander Stanton said.

"In a way he is sir," Mike said as he went into a Morphing Stance. "Magna Power."

Commander Stantonís jaw dropped when Mike morphed into Magna Defender.

I know that the action is a little light especially since a lot of space was taken up with my little flashback. The Font formatting I used for the original none html file for the review of what happened previous to this fanfic is 7pt Arial Narrow and was originally designed for my books for Flashbacks and I used it on this one to make it easy to tell the flashback from the actual fic. The flashback was from two fanfics of mine Rest in Peace and The Power Rangers Christmas Special. From when the font changes until after Impostra points out how smart the Green Ranger is came from Rest in Peace and the rest is from the Christmas Special. Hopefully future PRADF fics will have more action.