Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force
Dawn of the Zenith Part One.
By Robert Gutheim

Disclaimer: Thanks to a small programming Error I missed the Episode Rescue Mission but Americaís Most Wanted fans would probably be glad to know that as a consolation prize I have half an episode of that show. This episode takes Place between Rescue Mission and Lost Galactabeasts part one. I want to thank both Ray Calderon the man behind The often imitated but Never duplicated Power Rangers Central and Every Ones favorite Conflicted personality author Ellen Brand for filling in a few gaps as a result of setting my VCR for PM and not AM. I also want to thank Fox for putting the names of the episodes with the descriptions on the Foxkids website. Thatís how I was able to know the name of the Next Episode. Familiar stuff is Sabanís and Ellen loaned me one character that I use from time to time other then that the characters belong to me especially any with Radiotags starting with a 7.

On a nice calm day when Scorpius wasnít trying anything particularly nasty Kendrix Morgan a Brainy Blond GSA Science Division employee was sitting in the Comet Café looking over a book when A Tall Blond haired man walked over.

"You look to pretty engrossed in your reading," He said.

"Iím trying to translate this thing but itís in some strange tongue. Nothing Even DECA could recognize," Kendrix said.

"Did you see if Powermatic could recognize anything?" he asked.

"He hasnít been around much these days. Mike and Leo could have a really good find and we wonít know until we can translate this and itís like reading ancient Greek. Even Maya looked at it and she at least claims that Miranoi didnít have languages like it in its history," Kendrix said. "I/Oca how did your team survive without linguistical aids after all you did a lot of stuff that might have required a linguist?"

"Easy anytime we needed help translating stuff Larry ran it through the DLC and we had a basic idea of what was going on. A lot of times Larry handled it on his own," I/Oca said.

"How is Robert handling his new role. Ever since he became the liaison between us and the GSA I rarely see him around the labs?" Kendrix asked.

"Heís doing the best he can. The hard part is keeping Bruce and the other Brigaders from always taking off and forgetting about their duty to the colony. Corey and I are usually the only ones that stay put," I/Oca said as he glanced over where the Steel Brigadeís resident cook was cracking jokes with Farkus Bulkmeier and Professor Phenomenus Ingenius two Idiotic Food Service Division employees who had been demoted from Science Division because their collective I.Q. didnít meet up with the intelligence standards for even a individual in that division.

"Corey must be having an off day. HE usually as mean tempered as the original Magna Defender," I/Oca said.

"Am I glad that we donít have to deal with him anymore. Itís hard though to believe that as little regard that he had for the colony that he was willing to sacrifice himself to save the colony," Kendrix said.

"Hey Mike does a good job filling his shoes. Plus he is easier to work with," I/Oca said.

"I was surprised that Mike had proposed a toast to the Magna Defender at his welcome home party. Yet to some extent it was appropriate," Kendrix said.

Robert meanwhile was in a secluded area.

"Lord, I know I donít ask for much from you but Lately Iíve been worried about my own mortality. Iíd been worried a little about it anyway since I first powered up but lately since Jessica died Iíve been worried about how I could end up dying," Robert said in silent prayer.

"Most people donít worry about death," a voice said.

"Oh, Commissioner Sanford, I didnít realize anyone was nearby?" Robert said when he saw one of the Colonial Legislatures standing behind him.

"Your still disturbed about your wifeís death arenít you?" Commissioner Sanford asked.

"Commissioner, The main reason Iím worried about my own mortality is I donít want to leave Stephanie and her sister/cousin without a male figure in their lives. Wang Chung never knew her birth parents and Stephanie actually watched them die right in from of her. Stephanie already lost both her biological and adopted mothers Iíd prefer they didnít have to lose the only father they have left," Robert said.

"Did you ever discuss mortality with Stephanie and Wang Chung?" Commissioner Sanford asked.

"Jessica explained it to Stephanie within a few hours of her birth parents death. It was hard since she had just met Stephanie shortly before that," Robert said.

"How did you and Jessica meet her. I know she is adopted but how did it happen?" Commissioner Sanford asked.

"At least from what she said they were on there way from Chinatown to Times Square on foot when her parents were shot. She ran to the Precinct where I work just as I was leaving for lunch. I immediately went into action having two officers and one K-9 provide backup. One of the Officers was actually a detective but he was needed as it is. It would have taken too long to get back-up from Syracuse so I had to use local back-up. BY the time we got done gathering information it was so late that I took Stephanie home and Jessica turned her over to Social Services the next morning," Robert said.

"Didnít such a move make your wife late for work?" Commissioner Sanford asked.

"She worked for Social Services so no," Robert said. "Even my brief hiatus from fighting didnít help any."

"AS it is didnít your hiatus end because of your being needed?" Commissioner Sanford asked.

"Unfortunately yes," Robert said.

At that moment a few sting wingers made their presence known.

"This is truly not good," Commissioner Sanford said.

"I agree," Robert said. "Demona Powers Activate." He said while Hitting the p button on his band.

"I call upon the Form of a Cheetah," Plastica said as he went into a sprinters pose. Within seconds his body was shifted enough so he resembled the spotted speed demon.




Plastica looked up to see the Practitioners of Martal going into battle alongside him.

"What took you so long?" He asked.

"Hey, Chris and Kai had been tracking these bugbrains from the minute they left the Scorpion Stinger. Your lucky we got here this quickly," Bruce said.

Plastica meanwhile was despotting as he Returned to his usual form. His next Trick was a bit of a doozy.

"Armor Up," He called after summoning his Battle Armor. Soon as he was armored up six sting wingers converged on him. The Practitioners of Martal had most of the rest occupied.

"Thatís right come a little closer your big bugs. Just a little closer," Plastica said. "Perfect now stay right there. Armor Down."

The force when he armored down knocked all six sting wingers out.

"Not bad Big Guy," Pete said as he high fived Plastica.

"Hey no fair you didnít leave us any?" Stephanie said as she flitted in with Mike Corbett who was just prepping his morpher in order to morph into Magna Defender.

"Sorry Steph but we had things under control," Bruce said.

"Power Down," Stephanie said as she hit the powerdown button on her band. Her dad quickly followed suit.

"Martal Powers Disengage," The Randolph Brothers said as their multicolored and sheened outfits turned back into GSA uniforms with the exception of the non regulation Gi Shirts and Belts that they wore over them.

"It isnít like Scorpius to send Sting Wingers without a monster," Pete said.

"I know. I think he was testing us," Robert said. "701 to PR1."

"Kendrix here."

"Any luck translating Leoís book?" Robert asked.

"Not yet and your tech support friend is helping me," Kendrix said.

Robert walked into Command Headquarters with Commissioner Sanford a short time later. Sitting at a station nearby was Kai Chen a member of the Elite 56th Ranger Battalion GSA and Mike was standing over his shoulder.

"Definitely looks suspicious. WE probably should look into it," Mike said.

"I agree. Kai, call for relief and then meet we with the 56th Ranger Battalion in the small fighter bay. No need to get into togs," Robert said.

A Short time Later Robert walked into the storage bay for the Demona Fighters Where Mike, Kai, Kendrix, I/Oca, Damon Henderson, Leo Corbett, and Maya were waiting. Just as Robert was getting ready to board his fighter, The Practitioners of Martal, Chris Acman, and Randel Stelman walked in.

"OK we will be working in groups of Three. Mike Corbett, take Morgan, and Leo Corbett, and cover Sector O-90, Chen, take Henderson, and Maya cover sector 90-180, I/Oca take Acman and Stelman, cover sector 180-270, Bruce you and your Brothers cover Sector 270-360/O. Iíll be Monitoring From the Armatron. I/Oca if you could review the control quickly," Robert said as everyone was assembled.

I/Oca did mentioning how he had strengthened the shields so that the Scorpion Stinger couldnít destroy the ships as easily while they were separated.

"The shielding though will weaken as we gaggle. Luckily as we gaggle the weapons are strengthened so we can defend easier. Hopefully we wonít have to go to full gaggle," I/Oca said.

"I agree," Maya said. "Man I remember the last time we used these." She said thinking back to the day Jessica died.

"Itís been on my Quívatlh* mind all day," Robert said.

Robert then headed for the main docking bay assigned to the ADF where his Armory was. While Enroute from the small fighter bay which was also under ADF jurisdiction compared to the Bay used by GSA for the Heliship Troop Carriers he had his armor transferred to the Armatron. Soon as he boarded the small mobile Armory that kind of sort of doubled as his zord it responded to him in itís characteristic beeping lingo.

"No Armatron I wonít be powering up unless the situation requires it," Robert said.

It beeped a response at him

"Itís a simple patrol run If anything should go wrong I should be well protected. I/Oca fixed the problem that resulted in Jessicaís death," Robert said.

The responding beeps were noted and logged.

"You probably have a point. Soon as we clear the launch bay set coordinates for about 3000 feet over Command Headquarters such that we are right over top," Robert said as he hooked a small comm cable into the Armatronís systemís and hit the GSA button since the Armatron had recommended he put his battletogs on.

By the time he arrived at his designated coordinates Kendrix was radioing in.

"PR1 to 701," Kendrix broadcasted.

"I read you Kendrix," Robert said.

"Iím picking up something in sector O-90 bearing 036," Kendrix said. "RR1 and MD1 confirm."

"Mike, I suggest your team and Kaiís team return to base. Iíll take I/Ocaís team and The Practitioners and do some advanced Scouting. I/Oca I want your team to gaggle along with the Practitioners," Robert said.

The Three Ships then followed the Mysterious ship to a ringed planet.

Authors Notes (What was supposedly spotted was Deviotís ship towing Zenith)

After Deviot Left to meet up with Scorpius the Brigadiers searched the area around Zenith.

"Armatron, Lightweight Mode Battle Armor," Robert called out.

The Armatron then launched the Titanium based suit.

"Armor Up," Robert said.

"We call upon the Powers of Martal," The Randolph Brothers said from their characteristic Triangle that was the Practitioners Trademark.




"Boss, I suggest you contact Terra Venture for Back-up. At the very least recall the 56th Battalion," Randy Stelman said.

"Randy, the reason I sent the 56th Battalion back is so they would be available to assist with the Translation of that book. Before I took off I asked Larry to work with them. Maybe we are lucky and one of the languages he is familiar with will be close enough to the language in that book to get a translation.

"This almost looks like a carrier zord," I/Oca said. "Randy, you familiar with this material?"

"I wish I was I/Oca," Randy said. "Most of the metals Iím familiar with are earth metals. This is alien in nature. Although it looks something like the Metal that the Galactabeasts skin turns into during the Galactazord Transform."

"You could be right Randy. It matches readings I keep on file Iíve run numerous scans on the Galactabeasts especially during the Transformation into the Zords and IF I was to wager a guess this thing could be a transformed Galactabeast. "Iím calling Kendrix," Robert said.

"Robert, in the book is a picture of the Galactazords. Our five and three others," Kendrix said. "We have a problem though, Kai and Damon are currently missing."

"I have some of my men here Iíll station them on guard duty and take to the Air," Robert said.

Robert then Armored down before hitting the P button on his powerband.

"I/Oca, you are in charge," Plastica said. "I call upon the form of a cheetah."

After he changed into his speedy form he headed off in search of the rangers on the Planet they were on. Eventually he came upon Damon and Kai in the mist of a battle. HE despotted and called for his stealth mode armor.

"701 to RR1."

"RR1 here," Leo said.

"Home in my signal. I think I found Damon and Kai," Plastica said.

"OK weíll buzz over that area in the Jammers," Leo said.

"Watch where you fire since Iím wearing stealth mode," Plastica said.

"You got it," Leo said.

A short time later.

"703 to 701, What ever we found it is definitely a carrier zord in fact it just off loaded what looks like two Megazords," I/Oca called in.

"I read you. While those two zords are gone see what you learn in the Carrier zord. It might help us generate a rosetta stone," Plastica called in.

"I got you. Bruce and his brothers just returned to the Colony. Chris and Randy are with me though," I/Oca said.

"Not a problem. Oh boy those two Megas just showed up here," Plastica said.

"I suggest you super size," Randy said over his communit

"No way Iím having too much fun like this," Plastica said.

"Boss, is your homing signal on?" Chris asked.

"Yes it is so I donít squashed," Plastica said.

"OK Iím going to fly over and back you up soon as I get my SWAT Gear on," Chris said.

"BE careful Chris, You too I/Oca," Plastica said.

Shortly after the Battle was over which the Brigadiers had stayed out of.

"I found a few clues. The two Megazords are known as Stratoforce and Centaurus. The Big Carrier Zord is known as Zenith. The Zenith is a transformed version of the Shark Galactabeast, Stratoforce is based on your flying cousin the Eagle Galactabeast and Centaurusís Galactabeast mode is a rhino. For this reason if we want to tell the Rangers it would explain why the Galaxy Megazord and Torozord refused to fight Stratoforce and Centaurus," I/Oca said.

"Iím almost thinking I should tell the GSA Science Division but what if your theory is inaccurate," Robert said.

"I could be wrong. Even I make mistakes," I/Oca said.

"Like When I/O?" Corey asked.

"You two been discussing something?" Commander Stanton asked.

"Just a theory I/Oca has based on some research he did during the Rangers last battle and It might be connected with the Galaxy Book translation project," Robert said.

2 B Continued.

Closing Notes: I decided to Part one this one since Iím a little ticked off at my muse right now for cutting in on my electronic mail messages so Iím not speaking to him. Also until The Lost Galactabeasts Part 2 airs Iím a little short on material. Makes me think back to Quasar Quest way back at the Beginning of PRLG.