Disclaimer: This fanfic was written as my way of showing how Leo and the others reacted to the death of Kendrix Morgan. Dr. Lita Kino is owned by Ellen Brand and is used with permission. Anyone from the show is owned by Haim Saban. Other Characters are owned by me. For The Record in my universe Lita knows that Leo and the others are really the rangers.

Power Rangers Alpha One Defense Force
by Robert Gutheim

In a GSA Auditorium Robert Gutheim the Head of the ADF is speaking to a large crowd.

"When I think of how much Miss Morgan did I have to look at things from the fact that she died in the line of duty. It also makes me think of who else I knew who died that way Beverly Bowcap from the 25th Brigade killed in 2005 while investigating a mysterious creature, Agent Roger Case Security Director Fort Goddard 2018 while tracking down corruption in a small town, Several NYPD officers during my time as head of the Laboratory Division and finally Jessica Gutheim my wife died fighting Scorpius. Kendrix was looked at as being part of the 56th battalion and while membership in the battalion has changed for various reasons over the years this is the first time a person left the battalion due to death. When it came to research and development or even the translation project involving the Galaxy Book she was one of the Best people I know. Given time she would probably have had that entire book translated A few key parts have already been translated," He said as he addressed the crowd of people attending a memorial service for the departed Pink Ranger. Looking out he saw Mike and Leo Corbett alongside Kai Chen and his girlfriend Hannah, Damon Henderson, and Maya flanked by the handful of others that were recently rescued from Mayaís home planet of Mirinoi. Robert could tell that Maya was having a rough time since Maya had been Kendrixís roommate. After the service Robert went up to Kendrixís teammates.

"Hannah, Would you mind letting us talk in private?" Robert asked.

"No Problem," Hannah said as she headed off with a few others.

"Gang, I took the liberty of having Lita Kino set aside a block of time for your group since if anything you all were the closest to her," Robert said. "You can either go as individuals or as a team but you will go."

Half an hour later Leo walked in to the Psychologistís office.

"Leo, glad to see you. I want to start out with how you came to meet Kendrix," Lita said.

"It was kind of Accidental. I had stowed away aboard the last shuttle and while walking through the space port security had spotted me so I started to run and in the process I had run literally into her. I noticed a small spark while looking in her eyes. That must have meant something since from what Kai said she had covered for me with the security guys. I next saw her aboard a heliship bound for the moon but I was disguised as one of them. My disguise was so good my own brother didnít recognize me. By luck during one exercise we were teamed together and almost got killed. It was right after that my cover was blown as first Kai and then Mike walked up to us," Leo said.

"IT was right after that that Maya appeared from the portal wasnít it?" Lita asked.

"Yes it was. After we fought back the Sting Wingers we were talking and decided that Maya deserved help. Mike and Kendrix went through and Kai and I were supposed to return to the Colony. I ran through after them. Apparently Kendrix stuck up for me with Mike as well. When ever it was Mike or Kai against me she almost always took my side. I can think of only once that she took Kaiís side but it didnít matter because Damon knew what he was doing," Leo said.

"This was the time that you had rescued the Galactabeasts. Iíve seen them and letís face it they are huge," Lita said.

"I know. Maya is the only one who fully understands them," Leo said. "She is trying to teach me though."

"DO you think you and Kendrix would have had a future had things turned out differently?" Lita asked.

"Probably. It will be hard to fill her shoes and letís face it if I know Trakeena she will try something soon while we are down. She tried to pull that stunt on Robert and Stephanie after Jessica died and could have really done serious damage. Luckily her attempt wasnít real good," Leo said.

Just as Leo was leaving Maya walked in.

"Hello Maya," Lita said.

"Lita, you busy?" Maya asked.

"For you and your friends no especially right now because of Kendrixís death," Lita said.

"There is a lot that Iím trying to get through as it is," Maya said.

"Still realing because of the trip to Mirinoi you all took huh because you had to accept the fact that almost everyone was turned to stone," Lita said.

"Yeah then shortly after returning having to stand and watch as one of my best friends dies trying to be a good samaritan," Maya said.

"Things have not always been the best between you two if I remember," Lita said.

"I can only think of a couple times that things werenít at there best. The first time was when Kendrix had placed a birthday cake for Damon in a cupboard to try to protect it from Leo only I had gotten ahold of it because it was just about the only food in the place. she was upset. then Scorpius had a monster place that dome up to try to keep us out while he looked for The Lights. It was during all this that I realized what was going on. The other time was when a monster disguised as my friend Shondra and I were having a good time and forgot about a dinner that she had put together with Kaiís help. we tended to do a lot of girly type things together. I remember the time we had face cream on us and the guys walked in andone of us took the time to put a little bit of it on Damonís cueball of a head," Maya said.

"Any idea how the Galactabeasts are handling Kendrixís death especially her Galactabeast?" Lita asked. "I hear that you can understand them pretty well."

"Yes I can. Probably because of my powers. All of them are in mourning because of it. I feel Kendrixís loss differently then the loss of my friends on Mirinoi because I know that someday Mirinoi will return to normal. With The Pink Quasar Saber out in the Universe somewhere I just hope that someday someone finds it and harnesses itís power so that we will be able to be at full strength," Maya said.

"What about Ali Nabinger. Maybe she might make a good ranger," Lita said.

"After failing to be able to inherit her sisterís powers she kind of said no way to any future powers. Also I sort of asked her at Kendrixís funeral and she still turned me down," Maya said.

THe next visitor was Mike.

"Mike, it surprises me that you would take the time to see me," Lita said.

"I figured that if the others were taking the time to see you then maybe I should especially since It was a borderline Order from in my case both Robert and Commander Stanton. Kendrix was the type to sometimes doubt things when she didnít have evidence to support it. One good example is when Robert claimed to know everything about Plastica when they first met. Since Kendrix didnít know about his losing most of his powers she doubted his claim even though he was in almost full uniform. Probably two people I tended to jump on the most were Robert and Leo and she would stick up for who ever the underdog was whether it was Robert or Leo. She was even standing right there when I tried to get on Robertís case for being in his Powereon Battletogs instead of a regulation uniform under his armor which Stanton had given him authorization to wear during a training exercise," Mike said.

"How did he weasel out of that one?" Lita asked.

"By claiming that the way he saw it since he hadnít expected to take his armor off then he should have been able to wear what ever he wished underneath this was right after his helmet fell off revealing his identity," Mike said.

"He mentioned that incident to me. Any idea how her coworkers in the Science Division are handling things due to her death?" Lita asked.

"Not really. I probably should look into it since they worked with her probably a lot more then I have what with where I was for a while," Mike said.

I agree," Lita said.

Just as Mike was leaving Kai walked in.

"Ah Kai glad you could find the time," Lita said.

"I figured if I didnít then Stanton or worse Renier or Brody would reinforce the order," Kai said.

"What would you say your relationship with Kendrix was like?" Lita asked.

"Interesting. it was obvious the way she was always sticking up for Leo that she liked him when I would have enjoyed it prior to meeting Hannah at least to have had a chance with her. I could tell that Leo was trouble the minute he knocked Kendrix over while attempting escape. Yet what did she do say that we hadnít seen him. I should have suspected that it wouldnít work when Leo joined the GSA yet she sided with him.

"Sometimes a person would do that. I hear you once wanted to leave on patrol without Leo because he was late arriving," Lita said.

"THat is true. We didnít have all day to waste on the trip. Everyone else arrived in good time yet he was the last to arrive," Kai said.

"Kai people will be delayed sometimes. as it is Leo was in a session with me that time and couldnít respond real fast. I remembered the loose fired excuses he has had to use when sessions were interrupted. finally I made him tell me the truth as you know," Lita said.

"THere again is more evidence. Kendrix even stuck up for him on that front," Kai said. "Thankfully when Jody Stanton was kidnapped Stanton learned about our being Rangers. That was hard since we were trying to find assistance and we couldnít even contact The Flitter. Thankfully Alpha was able to figure out who The FLitter really was. I would love to have seen the look on Stephanieís face when Jessica threw her powerband at her except I was on the other team that was protecting the colony," Kai said.

Robert was just entering when Kai left. Kai did a doubletake at the ADF liaison walking into the Psychologists office.

"Robert have you noticed anything about other departments reactions to Kendrixís death?" Lita asked.

"Pretty luch the Entire GSA is in mourning. I tried to stop by the Comet Cafe and there was a sign up marked Closed due to The Pink Rangerís death," Robert said. "I contacted COmmander Stanton immediately about getting it reopened. It was probably Bulk or the Professor who put it up. Corey isnít up to that kind of trick. IF we ever find out where Kendrixís sword disappeared to we will be able to find a new Pink Ranger. Iím considering having Bruce and his brothers conduct a search for it or even contacting Andros and his team to look into it."

"At least Trakeena is giving you all a chance to properly mourn," Lita said.

"It wonít last. Knowing that bunch the Rangers will have to morph before too long and at only partial strength. The one person who probably wonít come to you yet probably will need counseling is the Wildcat Galactabeast. You would need Maya to act as an interpreter which would throw out Dr. Patient Confidentiality real fast," Robert said.

"It would be a first for me that is for sure. How often did you two work together before you were promoted?"

"A lot. I always found it different especially since I was used to command yet she was my supervisor. Because of what we did we usually hung out together when there wasnít a battle," Robert said.

They talked for a while and Lita was glad to see Damon enter.

"Man the colony is just falling apart. Vince and I have had maintenance calls like you wouldnít believe," Damon said.

"Damon, did you and Kendrix ever spend time together when the other rangers werenít with you?" Lita asked.

"Iím assuming I/Oca doesnít count as a ranger because I/Oca., Kendrix and I did work on one project together modifying a spare astro morpher to make a suit changer for Robert. That was one successful project. The suit changer we made with a few modifications by the Demona formed the basis for some new Powerbands. Without I/Oca on hand I doubt we would have done as good a job as we did. Robert didnít even know we were working on it we were so quiet about it. From what Kendrix told me the look on Robertís face when the I/Oca showed up in his apartment was priceless. He didnít even know I/Oca was on Terra Venture. By that time we had already given him the suit changer," Damon said.

After some further discussion Lita closed up shop for the day.

A few days later Robert was working in his office when the door opened.

"Hi I was told to report here," A female voice said as she revealed her transmorpher.

"You must be the new Pink Ranger," Robert said.

Closing Notes: I didnít want to guess as to who the new Pink Ranger was which is why I left the last part hanging but when I write my next fanfic I will reveal who the new Pink Ranger is.

The End