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New York Rangers
By Robert Gutheim

One day in the Town of Angel Grove a special group of Teenagers were making some plans for their Fall Break.

"Gang, Your remember what Pete Randolph said about how we could always stop by their place," Zack a black teenager said.

"One thing you left out. That being if we are ever in the area. Nice thought though," a tall dark haired guy named Jason pointed out.

"We could work it so that we just happened to be in the area." their blond haired friend with glasses named Billy said.

"Any one know off hand where Fort Goddard is?" Tommy a muscular guy with a long hair which he wore tied back said.

"I think I can figure it out based on what I remember after leaving there following my recovery from that stray laser blast. I noticed an airport a few minutes away from the fort at least by air. I also saw a large like mall a little ways from the airport.," Kimberly a tall dark haired girl said.

"You better work with Alpha and Zordon on finding that place. Did you see any thing out of a window of the actual fort?" Trini the teams Asian team member asked.

"No I didn't the fort looked to be underground," Kimberly said. "Zordon, teleport me up, and Have Alpha get the sensors ready. a few seconds later Kimberly was at Power Ranger Command. Waiting for her was Alpha the robot guardian of the base and Zordon the teams watchdog. Kimberly mentioned what she remembered from her unplanned visit to Fort Goddard. Alpha then started checking on the Mall angle displaying his findings on the Viewing Globe.

"That is it. That was the Mall I saw from the air," Kimberly said.

"That is the Carousel Center Mall in Syracuse New York," Zordon said.

"Does Syracuse have an Airport? If so place an aerial view on the viewing globe," Kimberly said.

"Yes it does, Hancock International Airport. Here is the aerial shot you requested."

"We found the airport. Now we just need the phone number," Kimberly said.

"Directory assistance would have it." Zordon said just before Kimberly returned to Angel Grove.

"The nearest airport is in Syracuse New York. with luck we can get plane reservations," Kimberly reported.

"I'll call the phone company and find out the area code so we can get the phone number," Trini said. She walked over to the phone alongside the juice bar and dialed the operator a second call yielded a phone number. Trini then dialed the number.

"Fort Goddard Communications Center may I help you," a voice answered.

"I'd like to speak with Plastica," Trini told the person.

"I'm sorry but he isn't in right now. I could tell him you called," the voice responded.

"O.K. the name's Trini from Angel Grove," she said and then gave her home phone number.

"I'll see that he gets the message," the operator said. Trini then walked over to her friends.

"I left a message. He'll be calling my house so I better be getting home," Trini said.

"I'll go with you then we can study for school," Kimberly said. a little while later at Trini's house.

"Hello," Trini's mom said when the phone rang. "This is Plastica from Fort Goddard. Is Trini home right now?"

"Yes she is I'll tell her you are on the phone," she said. She then walked to Trini's room. "Trini, some guy named Plastica is on the phone for you."

"Hello. This is Trini."

"Trini, this is Plastica. I received your message. What was the reason behind your call?"

"Real simple. We were going to be in your area in three weeks and figured on stopping by," Trini answered.

"Have you made any plans on how you would get here?" Plastica wondered.

"Not yet. we just started planning this afternoon," Trini said.

"Trini, my Uncle Steve may be able to fly us as far as Syracuse and then we could rent a car," Kimberly said.

"Plastica, a possibility just came up I'll let you know how it pans out," Trini said just before hanging up.

"Kimberly call your uncle see if his plane can hold seven passengers. I may see if my cousin Sylvia would like to join us."

"Steve, it's Kimberly. You know that plane we flew in earlier in the spring a few years ago. Can it hold seven passengers long enough to get from Angle Grove to Syracuse New York."

"I don't know. We probably could get three people where your two friends were. and then someone in the cockpit. It will be tight. I'll see if I can get a larger plane. You at home," Steve asked.

"No, I'm at Trini's. How long will it take. We plan on going there over Fall Break," Kimberly asked.

"I'll call you in half an hour. Who did you plan on going with?" he asked.

"Trini, possibly her cousin Sylvia, Zack, Billy, Jason, and Tommy," Kimberly answered. they continued to study and Trini called her aunt to see if Sylvia would be able to make the trip. Her aunt said that Sylvia could go along on the trip just that she couldn't get in the way of the team members. Soon after that the phone

"Hello," Trini said upon answering.

"Trini, tell Kimberly that I was able to get a plane. Take off is scheduled for right after school the Friday before," Steve said.

"O.K. thanks. I'll tell her," Trini said. after hanging up. "Your uncle found a plane. I'll inform Plastica tomorrow after school," I'll also tell my aunt when the plane is leaving so that Sylvia can be ready. Jason can inform the PRCC so that they can find us in an emergency.

"Trini, dinner time. Kimberly, when the phone was open I called your mother and your staying to eat with us. In fact you're welcome to spend the night. What was with all the phone use anyways?" Trini's mother wondered.

"Preparations for our fall break. We're going to go to Syracuse for a visit with a few friends of ours. Plastica is the guy on that end that we are working with. I called to see if Sylvia could go along and she is. Kimberly also made arrangements for her Uncle to fly us there," Trini answered.

"Anyone going besides you three?" Trini's dad wondered.

"Yes near as we can tell Billy, Tommy, Jason, and Zack are coming along on the trip," Kimberly answered. Everything went well as far as the preparations for the trip went. The day before departure.

"Trini, you're packing as if you expect to get stranded," her mother joked as she felt through Trini's suitcase and came across her powermorpher. "For instance, I don't think you will need this on your trip, and why don't take a normal watch instead of the one you always wear. I swear I don't recognize the manufacturer's name on your watch." the next day the team met at the airport: "Trini, thanks for inviting me to come along on the trip. It sounds like it will be fun," Sylvia said.

"No problem on that Sylvia. Jason, can I talk with you for a minute," Trini said.

"Sure. something wrong. Your don't even have your communicator," Jason said.

"I know. I don't have my powermorpher either. let's hope we don't need to morph. My mom went through my suitcase and removed my powermorpher. I don't know how we are going to get to the fort from the airport. Plastica kept that under his hat." They rejoined the others just as Kimberly's uncle revealed that he was going to be staying in Syracuse during the trip.

"I admit I don't have friends in high places but I was able to get a room at a hotel near the airport. I hope you all have a good time. Your friend meeting you or something," Steve said.

"We don't know. Plastica didn't tell Trini anything about things on his end. We'll have to wait and see," Jason said.

"I rented a van just in case so if push came to shove I could drive you," Steve said.

"One problem. the Fort is underground from what I an figure so finding it from the ground would take luck," Kimberly said. The group started to board the plane when the creep patrol in the form of Bulk who had a lot of it and his skinny friend Skull showed up.

"Battle stations. No body turn around. Trouble with a capital B & S just showed up," Kimberly said.

"So Kimberly you busy Saturday night," Skull asked in his own unique way.

"Get lost Skull Oh and Bulk weight watchers is looking for you," Kimberly said as she closed the door of the plane and sat down in the co-pilots seat.

"You know with a little time I probably could've flown us myself," she commented thinking back to the time her uncle fainted from the sleeping potion Rita Repulsa had added to his drink.

"It will be a little longer before you get your license unfortunately," Steve said. The group was silent after that. At one point Sylvia broke out a bag of snacks she had packed since the plane didn't have any flight attendants. Syracuse New York Hancock International Airport. The group landed safely and pulled up to a gate with a van parked on the other side. A man was standing near the door and opened stepping out a billfold in his hand.

"You the Group from Angel Grove?" He asked when he received a quick nod. "Roger Case Fort Goddard Security. lastica sent me to bring you all to the Fort."

"Could you drop me off at the main terminal I need to pick up my rental. Names Steve by the way. I was the pilot. my niece handled the job of co-pilot trainee." Soon after Kimberly's uncle was dropped off Jason hoped up front with Roger.

"Mr. Case what is your function at Fort Goddard and with Security. By the way names Jason."

"Please, Jason, call me Roger. I'm the Security Chief. One of the major members. Plastica, Headset, the Randolph brothers, Dr. Willington Dr. Billings, T.J. Lynch and I/Oca are the other majors. Plastica briefed me on who you all were. I noticed you had three girls along who was the third?"

"Trini's cousin Sylvia. Your team did a good job patching Kimberly up. what is the game plan upon arrival?" Jason asked.

"The two of us will attend a staff meeting and a member of the tech staff will show your friends around. Soon they arrive at Fort Goddard. the Power Rangers and Sylvia found the Fort interesting. in Plastica's office:

"Hiam, you have the job of showing Trini, Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, Zack, and Sylvia around the fort. Especially the guest accommodations on CL2. Jason will be in a staff meeting with me." Soon in the briefing room:

"Jason, I'd like you to meet Dr. Wayne Willington, Dr. Frederick Billings, T.J. Lynch, and I/Oca. You of course know Bruce, Dave, Pete and Roger. This forum is where we discuss things of importance. You Jason will brief the team on the actions of Lord Zedd.

"Lord Zedd is a villain who a while back began trying to conquer earth Power Ranger Command would not reveal were he was previously Usually Putties are the first to appear when he hatches a plan. Then some monster shows up. If he gets desperate then the monster will grow. That is when we call on our thunderzords. If it gets real bad we merge our zords into MegathunderZord. We also can form a mega tiger zord using the TigerZord as the main body. The main body of the normal MegaThunderZord is the Red Dragon Thunderzord, my zord. Tommy controls the Tiger Zord. Each of us has a zord. So far since we planned the trip Zedd hasn't shown his face. Of the six rangers five are action ready right now. Trini is without the powermorpher we each carry. Her identity may be blown. I don't know," Jason said.

"What will you do if some goon of Zedd's shows up, From what I saw Trini is vital to the Mega Zord. Her zord forms the right leg," Plastica said.

"Hope it doesn't decide to grow. Seriously Zordon will probably teleport her and Sylvia to safety," Jason answered. In Angel Grove at the household of Trini's parents.

"What are you looking at. I don't recognize it?" her father asked.

"Something Trini had in her suitcase. I've never seen it before either," her mother answered. "What is this in large letters. Power Rangers?"

"Oh no Trini may need this. She must be one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," her father said.

"I hope not. I can see now why she packed it. Her watch it must be some sort of communicator," her mother noted. "this watch I'm talking about. I had her take a different watch." the following Monday the team was visiting Carousel Center.

"This mall is Morphinanomically huge," Trini noticed.

"We better stick very close and keep your eyes peeled for anything. Just the kind of place for Zedd to pull something: Meanwhile in Zedd's palace:

"So right Jason. Sylvia will make a fine addition to my minions. This time I'll place her under an unbreakable spell. Unlike Tommy who they were able to free. I'll distract the Rangers with a few puddies. Meanwhile you will kidnap Sylvia," Zedd said pointing to Scorpina. "Don't forget to put on street clothes. Your armor will be noticed in a crowd. Better disguise the puddies as well I'll give them masks and street clothes and have them hold up a store." Back at the mall the Team was checking out the stores when they heard a man yell, "Stop Thieves. I've been robbed."

"Let's go Sylvia stay here," Jason said as the rest ran toward the action. The fight was on at one point Trini was able to get a good look at one thief.

"Oh no, Look guys a mere puddie," Trini said. "It smells fishy as in a Lord Zedd Shark." By that time the kidnap attempt had been finished and the puddies vanished.

"Trini, go check on Sylvia. We better see if Zordon knows anything," Jason said. at that moment the beeping sound signalling a call from Zordon came.

"Yes Zordon," Jason said.

"Have Trini and Kimberly teleport to the command center. It concerns Sylvia," Zordon said.

"Kimberly, go to Trini keep a hold on her and teleport to the command center," Jason said. a couple minutes later:

"Zordon, what is so important that you had Kimberly and I come up here?" Trini asked. "I have bad news. Lord Zedd kidnapped Sylvia. Hee plans on putting her under an unbreakable spell. I've sent Alpha to retrieve your communicator and Powermorpher from your house. I had Kimberly join you so that you would have some support when I told you plus it facilitated the teleport," Zordon said. At that moment Alpha returned;

"Thanks Alpha. It's morphing time," Trini said.


"Saber-Toothed Tiger." The two Rangers teleported back to Carousel Center;

"Zedd has Sylvia. Alpha retrieved my gear from home," We better find a quiet place so you guys can change," Trini said when Jason's mouth opened at the sight of the Yellow Ranger. "How about the Lord & Taylor Wing. They still don't have the store built yet," Jessica said. soon in the quiet wing:

"Tiger Zord"




"Powers of Glass and Plastic, change me to Plastica"

"Powers of the unknown abilities of a strobelight change me to Headset."

"I hope Sylvia is all right. Zordon clue you in on what Zedd is up to?" Headset asked.

"Unfortunately yes. He is going to put Sylvia under an unbreakable spell. We must keep him from doing it. Headset if we find Sylvia and she attacks us I want you to attempt hypnosis on her," Trini said.

"Zordon, teleport all eight of us to the command center," Jason called.

"Belay the request, Zordon. We should call a meeting of the Majors," Plastica said. "To the Personnel Carrier It's parked in the lot near the food court."

"We will look pretty silly walking to the Personnel Carrier, In these outfits," Tommy said. Soon deep underground in the briefing room of Fort Goddard. the major members of the Steel Brigade have met and the Power Rangers were along to brief them on the situation. None of the Power Rangers had their helmets on.

"Team, I'd like to introduce you to Trini, Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Tommy. We have a situation here. Lord Zedd has kidnapped Sylvia, Trini's cousin, and plans to put her under her evil spell. From what we've learned the spell is unbreakable. We need advice," Jason said.

"The situation is a matter of jurisdiction. Zedd just commited a felony. Even if a henchperson actually did it Zedd is responsible and will be punished. I should be able to get a warrant for his arrest on the charges mentioned. Here is my plan. The Steel Brigade lures Zedd to the mall. Then I place him under arrest. Following Zedd's arrest the Power Rangers will teleport to Zedd's lair and rescue Sylvia. After that it is a matter of through physcological work returning Sylvia to normal. We better send someone to Angel Grove in order to let Trini's parents know the situation. It may not have broke out since the police haven't been informed," Roger Case suggested.

"Good thinking Roger. Jason, you, Trini, and I will Teleport to the PRCC and see if the plan will work. Trini, you and Alpha following the briefing with Zordon will tackle Angel Grove," Lets go the rest of you will stay here until show time," Plastica said. Soon at the PRCC

"The plan should work. I can through a booster send the Power Rangers to Zedd's lair. Trini, you and Alpha better go to Angel Grove quickly," Zordon said. A few seconds later in Angel Grove:

"Trini, you all right. Where's Sylvia," Trini's mother wondered.

"That is why I'm home. Sylvia's been kidnapped. It look's to be the work of Lord Zedd," Trini said.

"Trini, we know you are a Power Ranger. Why didn't you try to save her before she was kidnapped?" Trini's father asked.

"The attempt occurred while the Power Rangers as well as Plastica and Headset were distracted by a robbery. A plan is in the works to rescue Sylvia, but she may already be under Zedd's spell," Alpha said.

"Who is this mechanical thing. I've seen less metal on a tank," Trini's father asked rudely.

"My name is Alpha Five. I'm the main resident of the Command Center." Trini's communicator beeped at that moment.

"Trini, we are preparing to put Agent Case's plan into action you better return to the Command Center," Plastica said.

Trini immediately activated a few controls and she and Alpha returned to the command center.

"Roger is in position along with Mall Security and the Syracuse Police. Roger will be the spokesperson. Jason tell the Angel Grove Police when you return that the Syracuse police are willing to extradite Zedd to Angel Grove in order to stand trial. Carousel Center Mall a few minutes later:

"Hum what have we here. obviously a major security Problem," Zedd said when he arrived.

"Lord Zedd, by order of the Syracuse and Angel Grove Police in cooperation with Carousel Center Mall Security I hereby serve this warrant for your arrest on charges of Kidnapping in the first degree, destruction of public and private property, and attempting to infringe on the rights of a minor," Roger Case said upon approaching Zedd. The Syracuse Police Chief personally handcuffed Zedd.

"You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right what ever you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and to have him available during questioning. If you so desire and cannot afford a lawyer the court will appoint you one. You can answer some questions without a lawyer and may stop answering at any time until you consult a lawyer," Roger read. At that moment Robert signalled for Teleportation:

"He is in custody. Let's power up. It's morphin Time," Robert said.

"Tiger Zord"




"Saber-toothed Tiger."


"Powers of glass and plastic, Change me to Plastica."

"Powers of the unknown, Abilities of a strobelight change me to Headset." A few seconds later inside of Zedd's lair.

"Whoa, who is his interior decorator. It seems like something out of the Addams Family," Headset joked.

"I agree. Full Scanner Mode. Set D.N.A. reader for Sylvia," Plastica said. Soon Trini feels her neck getting squeezed.

"Help somebody get this thing off of me," She gasped out."

"Good Work Yellow Ranger, You found Sylvia," Plastica said. "Let's get her into a strait jacket with luck when we remove her from here she will return to normal. For know I'll administer a mild tranquilizer." Zordon then teleports the Invasion unit back to the Command Center

"Good work Power Rangers. Incidentally you can remove the strait jacket. The tranquilizer has removed Zedd's spell. Bad news though Lord Zedd escaped. I'm going to return Sylvia first so that your identities aren't revealed," Zordon said.

"Zordon teleport Sylvia to Trini's house. The rest of us will return to Fort Goddard," Jason said. The rest of the vacation went well and a week later after School at the Angel Grove Youth Center:

"IT was great. did we ever need that vacation," Zack said.

"True, best of all Zedd didn't send any monsters after the Power Rangers," Robert said. "We'll call this one a draw. we helped each other." Before they could get back to normal things trouble arrived.

"So Weight Watchers is looking for me ah. I ought a flatten your face in for that remark," Bulk said to Kimberly. a hissing sound was heard followed by another one a couple seconds later.

"Night night. don't let the cockroaches bite," Robert said pocketing a hypospray.

"I think in the case of Bulk and Skull that would be cannibalism," Trini said. Laughs came from all around on that one.

The End