Disclaimer: This is a entirely new series that will take place Five years after Journey's End in TV time and after The Final Chapter in my old series that was known to change titles at the drop of a hat. Practically everything character wise belongs to Haim Saban but an occasional character of mine works it's way in.

Mirinoin Life
A Changed Planet
by Robert Gutheim

Mirinoi a Forest Green Planet. Once a fairly quiet Place even before the Day of Reckoning as the natives refer to the day that all but a lucky few natives were turned to stone. The Lucky ones Maya, her little sister Miya, Maya's niece Kayla, and finally Marla the little sister of Maya's best friend Shondra. For 3/5 of a year after that the natives stood as statues. One day a science team from a Space Colony did appear and they took one statue back for analysis to the Colony. It wasn't too long after that before the Day of Awakening when after the Space Colony crashed on the planets moon and it's inhabitants used what shuttles they could to travel to the Planet. One lucky member of the Colony was knowledgeable enough to realize that they were on Mirinoi even though twice previously people connected with the Colony had explored Mirinoi.

Today the Colonists aboard Terra Venture and the Natives of Mirinoi had managed to bring Mirinoi into the Galactic Arena. A year ago Mirinoi held it's first ever planetary elections since Democracy was one concept the Colonists had introduced their hosts to. Elected to the position of Planetary Governor was Monique Renier the Terra Venture High Councilor. Her Deputy was Ned Stanton and the Head of Planetary Defense was Robert Gutheim the Former ADF Head. Governor Renier though chose Jera a Mirinoin Elder as her Chief of Staff. Planetary Defense Head Robert Gutheim named Two Mirinoin Natives to Top Spots in his organization and other Mirinoin natives had high level slots among them Maya who was named Guardian of the Sabers.

"Maya, first off how did you manage to escape the Petrification that Furio caused?" A Journalist asked.

"I was lucky in that I was one of the chosen ones. It was strange. First off I was the First person here on Mirinoi to visit another planet since I had gone to Earth's moon to get assistance for Mirinoi before the Quasar Sabers had been pulled from the Stone where they once again Reside. I had always hoped but never believed that I would be one of the ones lucky enough to wield a saber in battle," Maya said.

"You lucked out and brought the other chosen ones with you," The journalist said.

"Sort of I brought Mike Corbett and Kendrix Morgan back with me but Kai Chen and Damon Henderson came independently of my group. Leo also sort of came with us. He followed us against Mike's wishes. It's interesting Here I was a native of Mirinoi and yet not only was I the first person on Mirinoi to visit another planet but I also was the first person born on Mirinoi to be a Power Ranger. Man that was something else," Maya said.

"You had made an attempt when you were younger to pull a sword from the stone didn't you?" the journalist said.

"My friend Shondra and I did and I thought mine had budged but apparently at that point the saber didn't feel that I was ready to yield its power. Today I stand guard over the Quasar Sabers awaiting the next time they prove needed to defend Mirinoi. With luck next time they are needed the planet won't end up turned to Stone once again," Maya said.

"I agree. Maya, don't you find it strange that the Colonists from Earth most likely will never see their home world again and yet you ended up coming home after leaving in order to try and defeat Scorpius?" the journalist asked.

"Kind of. When I left Mirinoi after Pulling the Yellow Quasar Saber from the stone I never really thought Mirinoi would ever be the same. I admit I joined a survey team from 25th Brigade to Mirinoi but still I didn't think there was much hope for Mirinoi. I wasn't even the one to actually Defeat Furio, Treacheron, Scorpius, or Trakeena. Leo did it," Maya said. "I saw many planets while with the 25th Brigades 56th Battalion."


That evening Maya returned to her House. Authors notes A lot has changed since the colonists came. Guess they upgraded residential structures while they were at it. Her husband was working at getting dinner going while a two year old girl was working with a drawing tool of some type.

"How was work today?" Sven asked.

"It was good. We almost have the forcefield around the Sabers. It's amazing how much things have changed isn't it," Maya said.

"For the better Maya. For the better. Kendrix sure missed you today," Sven said.

Maya scooped the two year old up.

"You did miss me, didn't you?" Maya asked the two year old.

A Short time late Maya was thinking hard.

"Mike, I have someone I want you to meet," Maya said shortly after giving up her quasar Saber.

"I'm not surprised after all we are on your home planet," Mike said thinking of Earth.

"Mike, this is my husband Sven," Maya said as they approached a Tall Lean built Mirinoin male.

"Your Husband," Mike said a shocked tone in his voice.

"Yes her husband," Sven said. "You must be Mike Corbett. She told me a little about you."

Mike then ran off before Maya could explain.

"Maya, you all right?" Sven asked.

"Yes I was just thinking about the day I returned home after the colony crashed on the moon," Maya said.

"Anything specific?" he asked.

"When you met Mike," Maya said.

"I don't which day I will remember more that day when you came home a hero or the day Kendrix was born," Sven said.

"Sven, I need help," Maya said.

"Something wrong Maya?" Sven asked not used to the Planetary comm system.

"The baby I think it's time," Maya said.

Sven then came home with Mike close behind having been headed there to see how the former Yellow Ranger was doing. They quickly took her to the hospital where soon after that a ten lb. baby girl was born.

"Seems like it took a long time. Earthborn humans are normally only pregnant for nine months," Mike said.

"Women on Mirinoi have slightly different reproductive systems which cause the pregnancies to be a couple months longer," Sven said.

"That explains why she was so big," Mike said.

"Exactly," Maya said.

"Have you chosen a name for her yet?" Sven asked.

"Yes I have. I decided to name her Kendrix after one of my bestest bestest friends," Maya said.

"The original one Chosen to Wield the Pink Quasar Saber," Sven said.

"Yes. I think if she were alive today that she would feel honored," Maya said.

Shortly after dinner Robert Gutheim and his second wife Connie stopped by.

"How is everything going?" Connie asked.

"It's going well," Maya said.

"Maya, you know sometimes I wonder why we have a planetary Defense Force since it's been a long time since we've been attacked. I think the last battle was the one when Trakeena was defeated," Connie said,

"Governor Renier and Deputy Governor Stanton figured that we needed to be ready just in case anyone else tried to snag the Quasar Sabers or anything else. You have to remember As Early as six years ago Mirinoi was still somewhat primitive almost like Pre-Industrial Earth. Yet now Mirinoi is more like Earth was towards the end of the last Century. Governor Renier felt that we had to proceed slowly introducing our technology to the Natives of Mirinoi," Robert said.

"With you and the Practitioners of Martal handling the bulk of the training we should be ready for anything. Question what are we preparing for?" Sven asked.

"I have no idea," Robert said. "We might be preparing for a battle that will never come. At least not in our Lifetime."

Meanwhile An Ancient Traveler was heading toward Mirinoi.

"Mirinoi looks to have Changed a great deal since I last came through these parts. Looks Like it is time for me to Take over," The Traveler said.

Is this the end or a New Beginning.

Just who is this mysterious Traveler. Will the Rangers have to once again depend on the Quasar Sabers and the Lights of Orion or will some new powersource be needed. Find out next time.

Closing Notes. Definitely plan on at least one of my famous crossovers. Also in future fanfics you will learn what happened to the other Rangers like Leo and Kai.