Disclaimer: Concept is Sabanís Characters are ninety percent mine. IGPF concept belongs to Ellen Brand. This Fanfic takes place in Early September so School has started. For those of you who are confused about some rangers identities better review A Period for Change.

Power Rangers Demona
School Days are here again
by Robert Gutheim

First thing after arrival at school Kenya Lewis and Jake McCann walked into the Office of Mr. Gary Kaplan the principal at the High School in Settlement 14.

"Morning you two," Mr. Kaplan said. "How may I help you?"

"We were told to report to you when we arrived," Kenya said. "We are with Rangertech."

"Where did you attend school last year?" Mr. Kaplan asked.

"I started out in Sudan and then Eltare," Kenya said.

"Sydney Australia followed by Eltare. Kenya and I happened to know each other there," Jake said.

"You said your with Rangertech, do you know Candi Matthewson?" Mr. Kaplan asked.

"Yes we do. We also heard about the hole outside the office," Jake said. "I met Candi last month but Kenya here knew Candi for a couple months before that."

"Why the difference in time period?" Mr. Kaplan asked.

"I was on the subteam with Candi that had gone to Earth to Bury Sasha," Kenya said. "Jake ended up on the team that had stayed behind. I didnít even know he was on the team until we got back from Earth."

"Who ended up replacing Sasha on the team since I assume she was with the Active forces?" Mr. Kaplan asked.

"I did," Kenya said.

By the time they finished up meeting with Mr. Kaplan it was time for first period so they parted company and headed for Class. Kenya had a class on the Eltarian language first period.

"Greetings Class," The teacher said in Eltarian.

"Greetings Teacher," Kenya responded in Eltarian.

"You know Eltarian already?" the teacher asked.

"Yes Teacher I lived on Eltare for eight months while attending the Academy," Kenya said. "Then I ended up being told to pack my bags because the Diplomatic shuttle was leaving in an hour."

"Why did you come by Diplomatic Shuttle?" the teacher asked.

"Because a delegation was on itís way for a funeral and the headmaster had arranged for me to be aboard," Kenya said.

Kenya was glad when that class was over. Soon as lunch came around she slipped into Mr. Kaplanís office.

"Something up Kenya?" he asked.

"I was hoping I could drop Eltarian first period. I spent half the period in a conversation with the teacher that took place in Eltarian and the other half the teacher was translating what we had said," Kenya said.

"You have to talk to the Student Affairs Officer on that one," Mr. Kaplan said.

At that moment Goldar teleported in.

"Great," Kenya said. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. Pink Ranger Power."

Kenya then grabbed her Quasar Saber and Headed on out.

"Whatís this one measly ranger," Goldar said. "Man this will be so easy?"

"Donít count on it," Kenya said.

At that moment Kelly, Candi, Fran and Sam entered from behind him.

"Kenya, if you ask me weíve just about evened the odds," Fran said.

ĎThanks for the back-up Fran," Kenya said as she did a flying kick at Goldar he landed only to find four Quasar Sabers and a Bo Staff in his face. Kenya looked over to find Brianca on hand.

"Powermatic figured you all could use some assistance," Brianca said.

"I agree and I have a plan," Kenya said as Jake showed up.

"Sorry Iím late. My Science teacher held me up," Jake said just as Kenya lead the old Lights of Orion Play.

"Iím sure we will manage," Kelly said. "Keep an eye peeled for Lizardtrons."

"You got it Kel," Jake said.

Within ten minutes Goldar was pinned into a corner. HE chose the cowardly way out disappearing in a flash of fire.

"Think weíll have time for lunch?" Kelly asked.

"I donít think so," Kenya said as she looked at the clock on the wall.

That afternoon Kenya teleported directly to the War Room. Tyra Johnson and Christine Matthewson were on duty there.

"How did the battle go today?" Christine asked.

"We had Goldar running as if his pants were on fire," Kenya said. "It was great being able to Morph without worry about who might notice. I happened to be talking to Mr. Kaplan about dropping my first period class since I knew everything we would be learning as it is after spending eight months on Eltare when Goldar showed up just as I was going to talk with the Student Affairs Officer. The minute he appeared I simply morphed."

"The School Administration was briefed in on the rangers identities after my sister punched a hole in the wall," Christine said. "Even with my change in status I almost wish I could be out in battle with you."

"You have an important job though. Fucilla wouldnít have picked you for that job if you werenít qualified," Tyra said.

"When is the official press conference when we Go Public?" Kenya asked.

"We might not go public," Kim Coltran said as she walked in. "Kenya, would you like to accompany me to the youth Center. Matt gave me the Morning Off."

"Sounds good," Kenya said. "Why might we not go public?"

"Iím not sure it would be a good idea even if it would eliminate problems like we had when the Lizardtrons attacked Sasha and Kelly that day," Kim said.

"We might not have a choice in the end," Tyra said. "Especially if another situation like Kelly and Sasha got into comes up."

"Scary thing is you have a point," Kim said.

They quietly teleported into the Youth Center through their corner. Kim then headed right for the bar while Kenya sat with a few students from her classes. Matt walked over with a soda for Kenya.

"How did school go today?" Matt asked.

"There was an attack by Dark Lord during lunch but a few Rangers showed up. Funny thing is the Pink Ranger was there instantly," one of the students said.

"Maybe she was in the area," Kenya said.

"Still there should have been some type of a Delay before her arrival," the other students said. "Kenya, you really surprised the teacher in Eltarian this morning.

"I plan on dropping that class. I could probably teach more then Iíd learn in there," Kenya said.

"Maybe you could tutor some of us who end up with problems in it," a third student said.

Werchick a Werchink.

"Whoops I left my locker open at school," Kenya said as she and Kim headed for their corner.

"Something Up professor?" Kim asked.

"Some Lizardtrons are digging a hole in Settlement 14. Itís my guess that are going after the Zordoniam," Powermatic their mentor said.

"Have Fran, Candi and Janet meet us aboard Airtron. Sylvia should head right there in the Duozord. The other Ground pounders should stand by at Headquarters," Kim said.

"We better use a silent Morph," Kenya said as she lifted her morpher and hit E and Enter. Kenya for some reason favored the third morph.

Right after that Kim and Kenya teleported aboard the massive Carrierzord Airtron. Soon after that Janet Hammond, Fran Fitzgerald, and Candi Matthewson teleported aboard with Janetís Husband Andrew and his co-pilot Jim Blackwell. All seven of them happened to be Rangers. Kim quickly boarded the Strike Eaglezord with Janet and Kenya boarding the two Choppers Janetís looked like a Defender Chopper and Kenyaís An Apache. Fran meanwhile was boarding her Falcon and Candi a Tomcat. They knew that Soon as they arrived Sylvia would probably be going Airborne by detaching the Hornet from itís base recon vehicle base.

"Ranger Air Fleet you are cleared for Take-off. Janet good luck out there," Andrew said just as Jim launched Kim, Candi, and Fran. Janet and Kenya followed more slowly. By the time they arrived Sylvia was in the Air and the Tankzord piloted by Jake and the Postzord which belonged to Sam Hayes and originally was the zord assigned to Sylviaís brother Grant before he had raped Christine Matthewson and was arrested. In fact Grant was the father of Christineís two kids.

"Sylvia, where do you have CAC for the ground portion of your zord?" Kim asked.

"FREDA is handling it. Kelly told Sam and Jake to back us up," Sylvia said.

"Iím surprised she isnít out here herself," Kim said.

"Both the Commandzord and Emplacerzord are down with bad capacitors. Tyra and Alpha are working on them. It will leave us short a Megazord though if he should send a monster," Sylvia said. "She gave me temporary control until they can get out here."

Meanwhile on Titus Three.

"Hankoid, we need to get out of here. Iím tired of this Cell," A very ugly prisoner said.

"But Mechinack how will we get out and where will we get more Gearheads?" Hankoid asked.

"I have no idea," Mechinack said. "All I want to do is get revenge on the Black Ranger."

"The Black Demona Ranger," another prisoner said.

"Why yes," Mechinack said.

"Count me in. He is the fool who put me here," the other prisoner said. "Meet me by the south wall at Midnight."

"Sounds good," Mechinack said. "What are you in for?"

"Rape," the prisoner said.

Meanwhile the Rangers were shooting Lizardtrons as if they were monkeys in a Barrel.

"God it seems like the more Lizardtrons we shoot the more appear. Allah why are you torturing us."

Meanwhile Aboard Dark Lordís ship.

"Those Rangers are such pests. They keep preventing me from getting that mineral. How can I prove Iím worthy of replacing Dark Specter if the rangers keep getting in my way?" Dark Lord asked.

"I have no idea Master," Goldar said. "Sabotaging those two zords was a good move if you ask me."

"Which I didnít. What I should have done was short out all the zords. As it is those few zords are taking out my best Battalion. Even those would have been able to take out the rangers if they werenít using their zords."

The Battle was soon over. The next day Kenya went Early to talk with the Student Affairs officer.

"If anything it was my fault you were scheduled for the class. I had registered you for classes based solely on your records from Earth and didnít factor in your having attended a ranger academy. That was good work yesterday against the Intruder. Who does he work for?" the Student Affairs Officer asked.

"He works for Dark Lord by we think he worked for Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa during the last great war under Dark Specter," Kenya said.

Two days later the Rangers were called into an emergency conference. Even Sue Collington, Tyra Johnson and Sean Crowning were on hand.

"Gang, This morning at 10AM a mysterious ship came flying in and destroyed Dark Lordís ship. IT didnít come from Capsilon IX. IT then landed near Mechinack and Haradomousís old lair. Goldar happened to be hiding in the ocean dome taking a swim without his armor on but Dark Lord himself was aboard his ship when it exploded," Andrew said. "I sent a flash message to Captain Griff courtesy copied to both Zendar and Fucilla requesting assistance in Figuring out who might be aboard the ship."

"Could Ugly be back?" Sue asked referring to Mechinack.

"I have no idea. Captain Griff hasnít responded yet. I hope you are wrong," Andrew said.

"Let him try to return my Mace is ready for him," Sylvia said.

"I doubt your mace will be enough Mechinack likes to send monsters," Sean said.

"Transmission coming in," Stephanie said from her post.

"Greeting Rangers, Iím Sure you recognize my new boss," A Familiar face said.

"Sh*T Itís Grant and look who he is with," Sylvia said.

"I can see who he is with and I donít like it," Sue said. "WE better be ready for anything."

Closing Notes. Well by the time this fanfic gets posted it will be the Year 2000 but will it be a new Millenium or still the old. That is one question that we might never know. One thing is for sure it will be interesting to see if these words are still being read 1000 years from now. Who do you think was with Grant. And who do you think helped Mechinack to Escape. Find out next time.

The End