Power Rangers Demona
Return of Mechinack
by Robert Gutheim

I know that I havenít mentioned this previously since word has come out of the make-up of the Ranger team in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue but It is only coincidence that the Ranger Team on that show also has a Titanium Ranger. I had no way of knowing when I introduced Barakus way back in Power Explained that his color would be used on the show so when I say that the Concept Belongs to Haim Saban Barakusís identity is not included. Everything else except the IGPF belongs to me. That belongs to Ellen Brand The title should give away the answer to one of the Questions I voiced at the End of School Days are Here again. In fact it most likely answers both Questions since I didnít show Mechinackís escape from Titus III.

"Grant, how could you team up with someone as evil as Mechinack?" Andrew asked.

"We both had similar desires for revenge since a common person placed both of us behind bars. Watch out Rangers because he wonít be as forgiving as last time," Grant said.

"Iím like totally lost," Jake McCann the Green Ranger said. "Who were those two?"

"Grant is my ex-boyfriend. In fact he is the reason I ended up pregnant with Eric and Aisha. He was also a ranger up until he raped me," Christine said. "I think Mechinack is a villain of some type."

"He is. In fact it was because of Mechinack that the Demona Rangers were first assembled. The guy on Mechinackís other side is his original General named Hankoid. Mechinack could be a real force to be reckoned with. Take into consideration Goldar will probably see fit to join forces with Mechinack and with Grant still holding his ninja powers it means Mechinack could find a way to cause us a big headache."

"Of the three villains weíve dealt with Only Haradomous attempted the old evil ranger ploy and failed," Brianca said. "IT looks like Mechinack might succeed since Grant probably joined with him willingly."

"I better contact Captain Griff," Andrew said.

A few minutes later Andrew was on the commline with his Supervisor at the Intergalactic police Force.

"Andrew I was just going to call you Mechinack, Hankoid, along with Grant Hooper all escaped," Captain Griff said.

"I know they just showed up here. Sylvia was pretty shocked. We just got done briefing some of the newer rangers in on our adversaries. It could get Ugly," Andrew said.

"Your primary concern is getting the Hooper kid behind bars. His ranger powers could prove disastrous if he is allowed to remain free," Captain Griff said. "This also comes from Zendar and Fucilla."

"I hear you Captain. I doubt it will take much. Grant will probably show up at the Youth Center at some point. I doubt he will show his face in the bunker," Andrew said.

"Do your best Andrew," Captain Griff said.

"I always do Captain your know that," Andrew said.

Meanwhile Sylvia and the others were in a Strategy and Tactics meeting.

"Kim what should I do if I run into Grant at the Youth Center or even at school?" Sylvia asked.

"You best bet will probably be to signal Andrew. Grant is too dangerous even alone to be allowed to roam free," Kim said.

"Also Captain Griff wants him recaptured soon," Andrew said as he joined the meeting.

"Jim, you Sylvia, Fran, Kelly, Candi, Sam, Kenya, and Jake might want to run through a few simulations on Mechinackís attack style. We might not have a lot of time to prepare for his next attack," Kim said.

"I agree. Iím not sure if we should be worrying more about Mechinack or Grant," Kelly said.

"In my opinion itís a toss up," Christine said.

The next day Sylvia went through the morning at school without too much trouble.

"This is scary if you ask me," Sylvia said as she was sparring with an opponent during gym class.

"What is Sylvia?" her opponent asked.

"My brother apparently escaped from prison and was spotted on Capsilon IX," Sylvia said.

"Whoa I hope he doesnít try to do to me what he did to that one Matthewson Girl," her opponent said. "I heard rumors that Mechinack is back."

"I must have missed those," Sylvia said. After all I doubt I can safely tell you that my brother is working for Mechinack

"Sylvia, lighten up I would think you would be glad your brother is out of jail," her opponent said.

"Teri, Christine is probably one of my best friends these days. She happened to be with me when we found out that Grant had escaped. She wasnít too pleased," Sylvia said.

"I donít blame her. If I was in her shoes I would be trying to find a new place to live with an unlisted address and phone number," Teri said. "Has Colony Security been alerted?"

"Iím not sure I found out from the Intergalactic Police Force," Sylvia said.

"I bet your brother will be behind bars again by lunchtime," Teri said.

"I doubt it he will probably hide from law enforcement," Sylvia said. Grant if you know what you are doing you will turn yourself back in because if you donít I will.

Sylvia soon as she was in the locker room secretly teleported to the Duozord and separated the plane from the NBC Recon Vehicle. She then took off for Mechinackís lair. Once in range she sent a rock with a note tied to it into the main door to the Jet Fighter Hangar. She then teleported back to School landing in the Morphing room which luckily was near her math class. After Math she teleported up to the Youth Center where she and her friends had lunch every day. Teri took the time to join her.

"How is everything gang," Grant said as he sat down.

"Good Grant, you know Fran, Sam, Kelly, Christine and Candi, the other three are Jake McCann, Kenya Lewis and Teri Reynolds. This is my brother Grant," Sylvia said.

Kim was working behind the counter and signaled Andrew on her viscom. He arrived 2 minutes later in the rangers special corner.

"Grant, fancy seeing you here," Andrew said as he walked over.

"Oh hi Andrew. Just having lunch with my friends," Grant said.

"Grant, Iíd like to see you alone for a few minutes," Andrew said. "Right now preferably."

"Give me a few minutes gang," Grant said.

"How did all that get arranged?" Teri asked.

"I canít really say," Sylvia said.

Teri was starting to get suspicious

Something is obviously going on. First Sylvia disappears after Gym class then her brother shows up only to have someone require an immediate conversation with him. Also Grant escaped the same time Mechinack returned. Sylvia moved here about the same time the Tan Brown and Orange Rangers suddenly appeared also Fran and Grant moved here at the same time. After Grant was arrested the brown ranger disappeared for a time except it reappeared after he was sent to the prison on Titus III. Sylvia and Grant are twins and Grant could have been the Brown Ranger. Since Tan is a very light shade of brown Sylvia could very well be the Tan Ranger. Also at lunch a few days ago when the attack happened Sylvia and her friends had disappeared.

"Something up Teri?" Kenya asked.

"Not really Kenya," Teri said. "I was just thinking about something."

That afternoon Sylvia and Teri returned to the Youth Center.

"Sylvia, how come you never invite me to your house?" Teri asked. "We always study and so forth at my house."

"My building has a very strict policy about visitors. No non cleared visitors allowed," Sylvia said.

"That makes no sense," Teri said.

"I agree," Kim said as she sat down. "Sylvia just so you know Grant was placed aboard an IGPF vessel heading back to Titus III half an hour ago. Also Christine noticed how your vehicle was gone from itís parking spot for a little while this morning."

"SO my little sting worked huh," Sylvia said.

"What sting?" Kim asked.

"Iíll explain later," Sylvia said looking toward Teri.

"Professor Damon cleared her for knowledge based on Zendarís last decision," Kim said.

"After gym class I secretly teleported to the Duozord and using the Top half left Grant a note to meet me at the Youth Center at lunchtime knowing you would spot him and signal Andrew. That way Grant would be returned to prison but I wouldnít look like the bad guy since I wouldnít have been the one to tip the cops off," Sylvia said.

"Sylvia, next time maybe let Kelly and I know about these schemes," Kim said. "What if We had been called away into Battle right before lunch and you didnít arrive on time then he could have gotten away."

"Kim, if Mechinack had decided to attack Grant would probably have been in battle with his forces and it would have been even easier for Andrew to catch him," Sylvia said. "Besides At least this way we only have Goldar and Hankoid to worry about."

"Were you referring to Kelly Brennan or a different Kelly?" Teri asked.

"We were referring to Kelly Brennan," Kim said.

"SO Kim which ranger are you since I assume Sylvia is tan," Teri said.

"Iím the White Ranger. When did you realize we were rangers?" Kim asked.

"I began to suspect Sylvia might be a ranger at lunch today after Grant had to leave right after he sat down. I factored in how the Tan Ranger started showing up right after she and Grant appeared and the Brown Ranger disappeared for the time after Grant was first arrested," Teri said.

"Thatís because we didnít replace him right way. We didnít replace Grant until Kelly and Candi joined up. Kelly is our Red Ranger and Candi is Yellow," Kim said.

"Revealing our identities to a civilian," Kelly said as She Candi and another civilian walked over to the table.

"Professor Damon specifically authorized it," Kim said.

"What does the Head of Rangertech have to do with the Rangers?" Teri asked.

"He is our mentor. His real name is Powermatic. He is from Demona Prime. He also used to mentor Plastica and Headset although I never met Headset," Kim said. "Zendar heads up the Ranger Council."

"So is Grant back in jail now?" Kelly asked.

"Yes he is," Kim said. "Sylvia lured him out by using the Hornet portion of the Duozord to leave Grant a note at Mechinackís lair."

"Pretty sneaky trick. Too bad Christine noticed your zord gone," Kelly said.

At that moment several Gearheads made their appearance.

"Oh boy," Kelly said. "Kim, what approach do you recommend."

"2nd Morph," Kim said. "Ninja Ranger Power."

Four Spirit Animals then merged with four ladies to reveal Four Rangers.

"Man this is a lot easier then Lizardtrons," Kelly said.

"I agree," Candi said. "I always ended up with a headache after going fifty on one against the Lizardtrons."

"One thing my teammates liked to joke about in the early says was if the Odds were something like 200 to one then the enemy was outnumbered," Kim said.

"I can see why. These things have Nothing but Air between their Audio Sensors," Candi said as she knocked the head off of a couple of them.

Shortly after that the Rangers gathered in the War Room.

"Well it didnít take Mechinack long to resume relations with us," Andrew said.

"I think he attacked simply to get back at us for rejailing Grant," Candi said.

"We didnít have a choice. Captain Griff wanted him back in jail. When you look at it we had no choice. While it was risky Sylviaís plan did work. Someday hopefully the last villains will be behind bars," Andrew said.

"I just wish she had informed us of what she had in mind," Kim said.

"Come on Kim you would have simply talked her out of it," Janet Hammond said.

"Thatís true Janet but she took a big risk," Kim said.

"Come on Kim as it is she managed to leave a dent in the hangar door big enough to keep Mechinack from launching Jet fighters. Too bad she didnít damage the Gearhead production facility as well," Barakus said.

"That would have been a little difficult. Besides I launched my rock at the first door I came to," Sylvia said.

"Well with luck things will go well for us," Kim said. "Mechinack you wonít find us easy to defeat."

Closing Notes: I decided to end it at this point. Hopefully my next fanfic will have some serious Action. Upcoming Fanfic Spoiler Rangertech is losing two good employees but why?

The End