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Power Rangers Demona
Saying Goodbye isnít Easy
by Robert Gutheim

One day On the Planet Eltare the Headmaster of the Ranger Academy there which had produced Three members of the Power Rangers Demona among many other rangers had a small dilemma.

"Who should we bring in to be the new Base Operations Instructor. WE need someone who is familiar with Base Operations but also can teach the cadets something different?" The Headmaster asked his Staff.

"Sir, Iíve been monitoring the Ranger Teams and Frequently talking with Zendar. She had a small suggestion. A Ranger named Brianca Chang. She is the Food Service Director for Rangertech Corporation on Capsilon IX and all that Rangertech really is is a front for that planets Rangers. She also is Academy trained but on Triforia not here. While she had applied here she wasnít accepted," The Assignments officer said.

"Didnít we just open an Embassy on Capsilon IX?" The Headmaster asked.

"Yes we did between the Hammond Wedding which involved one of our graduates and the Stanton Funeral we felt it was time we placed an embassy there," the Assignments Officer said.

"Inform Zendar that we are going to offer the Position to her choice," the Headmaster said.

A short time later a message was transmitted to the Eltarian Embassy on Capsilon IX where a messenger placed it in the regular Mail Delivery.


The next day Kenya Lewis was working on some landscaping around the Rangertech building When the mail delivery person pulled up.

"Looking good I always thought this place needed some landscaping. I have a registered letter for Brianca Chang," he said.

"I can sign for it. Brianca is inside in her quarters and security is restricted inside," Kenya said.

"Unfortunately I can only give it to the addressee," he said.

"Hold on a minute," Kenya said as she raised her Viscom up. "Brianca, you have a registered letter and itís marked Deliver to Addressee only."

"Thanks Kenya. Any idea who it is from?" Brianca asked.

"No I donít," Kenya said.

"Give me a couple minutes to get up there," Brianca said.

A short time later a Medium Height Asian Woman exited the door.

"Iím Brianca Chang," She said showing her Colony ID.

"I just need you to sign for this," the person said.

Brianca signed it and then attacked a special code and her thumbprint. The delivery person then handed her the rest of the mail.

"Crud," Brianca said.

"Whatís wrong Bri?" Kenya asked as she spread some mulch around one of the shrubs she had planted.

"I was just offered a position at the Eltarian Academy," Brianca said.

"SO whatís wrong with the Eltarian Academy?" Kenya asked since she was a graduate of that school.

"Itís on the faculty and if I was to go there Iíd prefer to be a student," Brianca said. "Maybe I should take to Powermatic and Zendar."

"Probably not a bad idea. Who would you select to take your place if you went?" Kenya asked.

"Iím not sure. First I have to decide if Iím going," She said prior to reentering the building and heading Down to the War Room. When she walked in there Dr. Stephanie Collington and Powermatic were sitting by one of the Sensor Stations.

"Something up Doc?" Brianca asked.

"Weíre not sure. Weíre picking up strange readings from this one area. Itís no where near Mechinackís lair so I donít know what the situation is," Stephanie said. "Maybe I should Flit over there and investigate."

"Maybe you should live it to either Janet or Kenya and I. But first look at this Message I received in todayís mail.

Office of the Headmaster

Eltarian Ranger Academy

To: Miss Brianca Chang

Director of Food Services

Rangertech Corporation

Capsilon IX.

Dear Miss Chang

It is my pleasure to offer you the Position of Base Operations Instructor at our school. Your duties will involve teaching the cadets how a base operates with a side unit of teaching the cadets what some of the dishes are that a ranger team might eat when they have time for meals. When you have made your decision on whether to accept the position you can contact me via the Eltarian Embassy on your planet.

Sincerely yours


Headmaster Eltarian Ranger Academy

"Brianca, you should consider yourself honored to get this offer. I hope you give it a lot of thought before you make your final decision," Stephanie said. "Iím sure your Step Grandmother would be proud of you."

"Oh like please Doc. She was dead long before I was even born. My mom barely knew her. Her only real contact with Grandpa Changís side of her family prior to his death was Katie and she is a Queen now."

Brianca then took the rest of the mail into the snack bar and sorted it. She then wrote a short note and placed it and her letter from Zontar on the Corkboard. After that she went and rounded up Kenya.

"Kenya, Doc and Powermatic found something Suspicious. Iím going to check it out from the Emplacerzord. You want to Cover me from the Rotorzord or should I get Janet?" Brianca asked.

"Iíll cover you for a little bit and then when I break off Iíll have Janet take over," Kenya said.

"Sounds good," Brianca said.

A short time later Brianca and Kenya were heading for the coordinates that Powermatic had downloaded to the Emplacerzord.

"Bri, if you do take the position you know who might be a good person to replace you?" Kenya asked.

"Besides Janetís cousin on the Earth team. No who?" Brianca asked.

"Maybe Teri. Sheís briefed in enough as it is," Kenya said.

"I donít know somehow she doesnít look to me like she would be Ranger material," Brianca said.

"Bri, youíve never even seen her in battle," Kenya said. "I admit she isnít academy trained but then how many of the older rangers were?"

"Just Janet and I. Of course only Kim is still active among those. Andrew was one of the last to join up about the time Mechinack was sent to jail. Next thing everyone knew right before Christmas back before Sueís cousin Megan moved to Brakenous IV to lead the Brakenien Wind Guardians we all ended up aboard Terra Venture in the past fighting alongside Sueís Grandfather. By this time her grandmother was already dead," Brianca said. "Shortly after we returned from the past Haradomous escaped and we fought him awhile until Sylvia vaporized him."


"Bri, I think I spotted something Iím sending the sensor data to your screen," Kenya said.

"Itís at the Coordinates that Powermatic and Dr. Collington provided. We need a good Fly by of the area but choppers arenít exactly equipped for that kind of thing," Brianca said as two Supersonic bursts flew overhead. A check of the scopes in the Rotorzord and the Emplacerzord showed the Jetzord and the Strike Eagle Zord.

"Fran, Kim, glad you could join us," Kenya said.

"Powermatic figured some Additional Support might be in order," Kim said. "Sylvia should be detaching any time now and Candi will take off soon as she gets done with her piano lesson. Since it isnít a battle situation I didnít want to order her to break off."

"Iím not picking anything strange up," Fran said. "Looks like a normal encampment. If there was anything unusual It should have appeared on my scope by now."

"Let me see if I can spot anything?" Sylvia said as she came rolling in her zord fully assembled.

"Sylvia, I thought you were going to leave the Recon Vehicle portion behind," Fran said.

"I was but then I realized that the more powerful sensors in that portion might be helpful so Iím in the auxiliary control room in the lower part of my zord," Sylvia said. "There is definitely something up in there. Normal encampment my foot."

"Kenya, you better land and back her up on foot," Kim said.

"You got it Kim," Kenya said as she landed behind an outcropping and got out. Brianca parked right next to her and covered her Pink suited teammate. Her blaster in her hand and ready. Kenya also had the small hand gun in place. Soon they caught up with their tan suited teammate and together the three headed in. By this time Candi Matthewson in the Airzord and Janet Hammond in the Chopzord were just arriving. Janet landed next to Kenya and Brianca and proceeded to catch up with them. Eventually the Purple Ranger was in position with her teammates.

"All this sneaking around is worthless if you ask me," Sylvia said.

"We are doing our best. We couldnít exactly teleport in," Brianca said.

"Instead we bring seven of our largest zords and just park them and approach on foot," Sylvia said. "You know our suits kind of make us stick out like a bunch of sore thumbs maybe we should change our clothes."

"Good thinking," Brianca said.

"Demorph," the rangers said.

They were then in their street clothes. They then entered the encampment and looked around.

"Bri, why did you all drop your suits?" Kim asked.

"Sylvia figured weíd have an easier time observing this way," Brianca said. "Our suits kind of set us apart."

"I agree," Kim said. "Look out below."

The Four rangers looked up as their leader jumped from her zord and landed demorphed. They then went amongst the denizens of the area and looked for clues.

"So Brianca, when will you be heading off to that new job on Eltare?" Fran asked after she and Candi caught up

"I havenít decided yet if Iím even going to take the job. While I want to be at the Academy there so much I was hoping to go there as a student not as an instructor. Besides I didnít even know I was a candidate for that position. I certainly never put my name in for it I like it here and Iím not sure Iím willing to accept the position," Brianca said.

"Come on sis. An offer like this doesnít happen very often. Brianca, I can just picture you six months from now if you didnít accept the job kicking yourself while Morphed for not taking it," Fran said.

"Bri, trust me most of the Instructors there know almost nothing about rangering. They were hired for political reasons instead of the school hiring better qualified former rangers. If I was in your shoes I would have been on the next shuttle to Eltare. You would have been looking for my replacement after I left," Janet said.

"Janet, you are one of the only people I know who can manipulate our zords via remote enough to form the Higher Zords like Mega, Ultra, and Super. We probably could have used the SuperZord when we didnít have you but we had no way of knowing it existed," Brianca said.

"Halt who goes there," A Man in a uniform said.

"Iím Ensign Brianca Chang Galactic Space Administration 56th Battalion. My colleagueís are other members of the Battalionís 96th Company."

"You Ensign can safely stay but your colleagueís will have to leave. This happens to be a secret GSA Installation," the GSA official said.

"Iíll vouch for these people Lt," a voice said as a familiar girl walked up.

"Teri, what brings you here?" Kenya asked.

"I signed up for weekend GSA Reserves training. Didnít you get the notice that was distributed in homeroom last Monday about it?" Teri asked.

"That might have been the day Jake and I were meeting with Mr. Kaplan," Kenya said.

"Man, you are completely out of it," Teri said as a bunch of Gearheads made their Appearance.

"Cadet Reynolds. Consider this to be part of your training I will be keeping score," The GSA Lieutenant said. "Same with you Ensign."

"OK gang, Letís do it 2nd Morph," Kim said. "Ninja Ranger Power."

Fairly soon The Following Rangers appeared, Kim White, Fran Orange, Sylvia Tan, Brianca Blue, Kenya Pink, Janet Purple, and Candi Yellow. Teri had a hard time topping that one but she did strip off her GSA uniform to reveal a Gi.

"Cadet that isnít regulation," the Lieutenant said.

"Stuff it Lieutenant there isnít time," Teri said as she sent a couple Gearheads right at the Lieutenant. She then went into a Spinning Kick and knocked out about ten Gearheads in one shot.

"Not bad and Iím just getting warmed up," Teri said only to have Goldar and Hankoid joined the battle.

"Hey Goldar you big mutt letís tango," Teri said as she went through an advanced Kata.

"Youíre on," Goldar said.

Teriís battle against Goldar proved short because her next Spinning Kick sent him crashing into one of the buildings of the Training installation. Goldar quickly escaped and Hankoid and what ever Gearheads were still functioning followed.

"Not bad Cadet. IF it wasnít for the fact that you didnít morph I would think you were a Power Ranger," the Lieutenant said.

Brianca reflected on what she had just witnessed.

"Maybe Lieutenant goofball has a point. Maybe Teri would be a good choice to replace me when I leave. What am I doing Iím acting like Iíve already made my decision."

The rangers then returned to base. Just as they entered the War Room they saw Kelly Brennan the 2nd in Command along with the Male Rangers standing by.

"We were worried you might need back-up so I summoned the rest of the team," Stephanie said.

"We managed after all Teri Reynolds is a real warrior when it comes to fighting Gearheads She even managed to get Goldar to Tangle with her," Brianca said. "Alpha, could you do me a small favor?"

"Sure Brianca," Alpha VIII the Android Lab Assistant said.

"Could you contact Rangero and see if Zendar has time to speak to me. If she does could you patch it through to my quarters," Brianca said.

"Certainly Brianca. Just so you know I hope you decide to remain I would miss you if you left," Alpha said.

"I havenít fully made my decision so weíll see what happens," Brianca said as she headed down to her quarters Fran took the time to follow her but she stopped outside of Briancaís room and used the old glass to the door trick.

"Brianca, how are you doing?" Zendar asked. "Did the Eltarian Academy contact you at all?"

"Yes they did. In fact thatís why I called. Iím not sure I want to take the position," Brianca said.

"Brianca, if I didnít think you would be able to handle it I wouldnít have recommended you for the position," Zendar said. "As it is Iím surprised that the Headmaster accepted my recommendation."

"I didnít realize that you had recommended me for the position," Brianca said.

"I was thinking of calling you later today with that fact," Zendar said.

Brianca soon hung up with the Ranger Council head. As she exited she noticed Fran trying to look innocent.

"Sis, I would have allowed you to listen from inside if you had asked me," Brianca said. She then headed for the snack bar where the other rangers were sitting around. Also in attendance was Christineís mentor Fucilla.

"Fucilla, what brings you here?" Brianca asked.

"She was informing me that This coming weekend It will be necessary for me to move my studies to Demona Prime," Christine said. "It will be hard leaving my family here. Capsilon IX is where Iíve grown up. I donít just think of my dad, Candi and the twins as family but you all as well."

"Did you find out anything from my mom?" Jim asked.

"Yes I did Jim. She was the one who had put my name in for the position. Knowing what your mother did only makes things harder," Brianca said.

Stephanie slipped out only Kim followed her to the Med Chamber.

"Something up Stephanie?" Kim asked using her mentorís first name for the first time. In fact only the Purple Wind Guardian was ever really comfortable referring to Stephanie by her first name since the Wind Guardian had been her niece.

"Iím just not looking forward to see Brianca leave. I admit itís possible she wonít leave but this would be a good career move for her. Not many Rangers get an opportunity like this," Stephanie said.

"Letís face it Steph becoming a ranger wasnít something I had planned on and then Sue chose me to be her 2nd in command. Remember when Brianca and I were two of only six rangers. Then Barakus, Andrew and Janet joined up. Next you know Haradomous accidentally sent Jim to us then Fran and the Hooper Twins joined up. Now the only original rangers left are Brianca and I and Brianca might be leaving," Kim said.

"I know I remember meeting Brianca shortly before the first attack which Iím sure you noticed took place right in the Youth Center. Then they come back and we were arguing over whether to use the old plunger morphers that had help the original powers When I wanted to try to distribute the old Powereon abilities," Stephanie said as she looked at the wrist where she once again wore her old powerband even though it hadnít been used since her father had cleansed the Gray Ranger of evil. "It will be sad to see her go. For one thing she is the best cook on the team."

"I remember my first morph was so I could rescue Sue and Brianca from Mechinack. After I dropped them by the Battle I had to disappear to grab my zord. What prompted you to become the Flitter in the first place?" Kim asked.

"I had noticed the powerband on a workbench in Research and Development and I thought it was my dadís suit changer that Kendrix, Damon, and I/Oca had built since my dad had briefly lost his powers. I didnít know that there was an unclaimed powerband. Then I noticed my dad change into Plastica at the same time Kendrix morphed into the Pink Galaxy Ranger. It was right after that I powered up for the first time. Man was that a rush. I have no idea if the rush from a virgin power up is anything like what you get from that first morph. I tried to keep the band at first in the hiding place my mom had for it which meant when Princess Kathleen was kidnapped I had to be sneaky when I grabbed it. Next thing I know Wang Chung, Jodie Stanton and I were captured by Furio and I was without my powerband at that moment. That was a major Nine Richter Scale bummer. My powers even enabled me to flit through space if necessary. When my mom and her crew showed up I was surprised especially when she tossed my powerband at me. She then recommended that I keep it with me at all times. Mom had some of my parents old teammates with her when she rescued us. Itís strange when we transferred from Mirinoi to Capsilon IX after rebuilding Terra Venture dadís old team had decided to remain on Mirinoi even I/Oca but most of the Colonists had decided to go with the Colony to itís next destination which was here," Stephanie said.

"Even if he does occasionally visit do you ever miss your dad?" Kim asked.

"Of course how can I not. Kim you have to consider it was a long time after I came to live with them that I even learned who they really were. Here Plastica and Headset knew who I was and I didnít even know that Plasticaís full Head Helmet or Headsetís fancy Cap disguised two people I tended to see everyday. My Aunt Laurie finally spilled the beans when My parents, my Aunt Alison, Wang Chung and I were enroute to rescue my cousin Amy from the moon. Here we didnít even know who she was at that point. Apparently Dadís DNA Reader was slow to correlate the DNA between Amy and Laurie. Not that it would have made a difference. Laurie had estranged herself from the Family during the time period she was in England while Pregnant with Amy. The family didnít even know she was there. I judging by what my dad said was the look on Laurieís face when he brought up her daughter I donít think even Laurie had made the connection until then," Stephanie said.

"Rangertech Corporation, This is Kelly." Kelly said after the phone connected with the Colony phone system rang.

"Kelly, this is Teri you mind of I stop by?"

Kelly noticed Powermatic nod his head to show he was monitoring the conversation.

"Yes you can Teri," Kelly said.

Teri arrived ten minutes later just as Stephanie and Kim reentered the Lounge.

"Gang I know you all are probably going to be shocked by what Iím about to say but I feel that especially since the Head of Ranger Council feels I can handle the position I was offered on Eltare that to refuse the Promotion would not be good diplomatically after all At least I will be at the Academy even if it is as an instructor. Therefore Iíve decided to accept the promotion. Teri soon as Tyra gives you a brief physical exam Iíd like you to accompany me to the Eltarian Embassy," Brianca said.

"Bri, I think you made the right decision," Janet said.

"Thanks Janet, Between now and when I leave assuming I have time you Kenya and Jake can educate me on exactly how the Eltarians do things. That way I will be prepared."

Brianca and Kim watched as Tyra examined the young girl. When she looked at the younger girlís neck she noticed a few tooth marks.

"Teri, these marks on your neck. How did they get there?" Tyra asked.

"Theyíve been there since I was three and a cheetah bit me. I donít know why but My spine lost a lot of itís rigidity soon after that. My doctorís never could figure it out. I think thatís part of the reason Iím able to do those Spinning Kicks that Iím known for. Could there be a correlation between that bite and my spinal problems?" Teri asked.

"I donít know. I want to help you go into your mind and search for something. It might help me to understand your problem," Tyra said.

"What will we be searching for?" Teri asked.

"You will actually be doing the searching but you will be looking for your spirit animal," Tyra said.

"It should only take a few minutes. Iíve done it in fact you will have to do it anyway so why not get it out of the way now," Brianca said.

Terinaís Quest

Teri appeared in a Savannah like area. She kept her eyes peeled for something that could give her a clue. Suddenly she heard something

"Child, run with me. See who is faster man or beast," the voice said.

"Your on," Teri said. Teri then went full burst in fact she saw near her an almost identical blur and it stopped at the same time Teri did to reveal a young cheetah it was no more then a cub.

"Man I wish I could take you home with me," Teri said.

"Child While you canít take me with you physically I will always be with you just call upon your new abilities," the cheetah said.

"What do you mean my new abilities?" Teri asked.

"Ask the Elephant," the cheetah said right before Teri came out of the trance.

"What did you find?" Tyra asked.

"Itís weird I raced a cheetah and I was able to keep up. He also mentioned something about new abilities but he told me to ask the Elephant when I asked him about them."

"My spirit animal is the Elephant. You see the cheetah happens to be your spirit animal. Why I donít know. The abilities he mentioned are Ninja Powers. What this does is mean that you theoretically a ranger now but not a Demona Ranger. You see you only have a single morph whereas the Demona Rangers have three morphs."


Brianca and Teri soon arrived outside the Eltarian embassy.

"Who goes there?" A guard asked.

"Iím Ensign Chang GSA 56th Battalion, this is Terina Reynolds GSA Reserves. W are here on official Business," Brianca said.

"Iíll contact the Defense Attaché," the guard said.

A few minutes later the Attaché showed up.

"Ensign, if you could come with me," He said. "My name is Zordon."

"AS in the Great Wizard who mentored the Rangers of Earth?" Teri asked.

"I was named after him. The entire Eltarian Government went into Morning when he died. There are some who think that the last wisps of his spirit entered me after he wiped evil from the Known Universe since I was born eleven months after his death. What brings the GSA here?" Zordon asked.

"The 56th Battalion is one of the covers used on Capsilon IX for the Power Rangers. Earlier today I received a letter from Zontar of Eltare offering me a position on the Faculty of the Eltarian Ranger Academy. Iím with the Triforian Class of í66. I came here to find a way to inform Zontar that I will be accepting the position," Brianca said.

"Zontar happens to be my cousin. I will let him know and then see about making arrangements for you to travel to Eltare," Zordon said. "Why did you bring your friend here?"

"I have my reasons," Brianca said.

Soon as they left the Embassy after Reserving Brianca a seat on a shuttle heading toward Eltare the Following Saturday Brianca took her morpher off.

"Bri, why are you removing your morpher? Youíll need it if there should be a battle between now and Saturday," Teri said.

Brianca simply handed it to Teri without much ceremony. Teri suspecting something was up put the morpher in her pocket. Ten minutes out from the Embassy they ran into trouble.

"Teri, do what you have to do?" Brianca said.

"How?" Teri asked.

"Put the Morpher on your wrist and then choose either D or E and hit enter," Brianca said.

Soon as Teri transferred the Morpher to her wrist she felt a tingle.

"Demona Ranger Power," Teri said right before the Blue Aura went around her body turning her into the Blue Demona Ranger.

"Whatís this Mechinack told me the other girl was the Ranger," the Monster said.

"HE was wrong," Teri said as she grabbed at her Quasar Saber and took a few swipes at the monster. Before she knew it the Other Rangers were in Place including the Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Ninja Rangers since Sue, Tyra, Sean, and Brianca had joined the Battle.

"What no Pink Ninja?" the Monster asked.

"íFraid not," Kenya said. "Try this on for size. Demona Crossbow."

Kenya then sent an Arrow right at the Monster.

"This is clearly not good," Teri said as the Monster Grew. "We need Battlezord Power Now."

The ground zords then Revved up and headed toward their destination while the Rangers who had Flying Zords teleported to Airtron to meet up with their zords. Soon as Teri was aboard the Emplacerzord she looked around. "Whoa who installed the stereo?"

A Short time later Kelly sent a major Order.

"Ground Assault Zords Go Mega," Kelly ordered.

Shortly after that the Ground Assault MegaBattleZord was in Place. Teri had an Interesting time in the Cockpit.

"Teri, watch this," Sylvia said. "Megamace Online."

Sylvia then had the MegaBattleZord swing the Mace around a few times before launching it at the Monster sending it packing.

"Good work Sylvia. Next time though let us have a few dances," Kim said.

"I figured I would show Teri how good my aim was," Sylvia said.

"Yeah of course the first time she used her mace she ended up breaking Goldarís nose," Fran said.


Monday at School Candi took Teri aside as they entered.

"You see the hole over there outside the office door," Candi said.

"Yeah the one that You left," Teri said.

"I had left myself too loose when I used my weapon the first time. You will have the same problem. What Bri told me was to stagger my feet before I fire," Candi said.

"Thanks for the tip," Teri said. "Man I had zero warning that I would be the new Blue Ranger. All Brianca did was take her morpher off and hand it to me. I had placed it in my pocket until the Monster showed up. Brianca had to order me to put it on. I chose a simple Morph. Why did Kenya look different from the rest of us?"

"I almost never use the first morph. I donít know why but I tend to use our third morph when I canít use Ninja," Kenya said.

At lunchtime Teri walked over to Matt since the Rangers were eating at the Youth Center.

"Teri, how is everything?" Matt asked.

"Not much. Guess what happened to me over the weekend?" Teri asked.

"I donít know what happened to you over the weekend?" Matt asked.

"I was assigned to the Highly Elite 56th Battalion," Teri said.

"Whoa. It takes a special person to get an assignment like that. Who retired?" Matt asked.

"Brianca was promoted. She leaves Saturday Morning for Eltare," Teri said.

"Have the Battalion here at Eighteen Hundred Hours Friday Night. Isnít Christine leaving soon as well?" Matt asked.

"Yes she is," Teri said. "I think she is leaving Saturday as well for Demona Prime."

"Since you are new to the Battalion Iím going to do something Special and place your entire Unitís food on the House today. Also you are lucky in that you now qualify for discounted food here," Matt said. "Kim first instituted the discount but I improved on it."

Matt quickly drew the Sodas and while Teri carried the tray of Sodas Matt grabbed the Food of the Day which in this case was Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza.

"As I told Teri in honor of her Assignment the food is on the house today," Matt said.

"For just Teri or the Whole Unit?" Kelly asked.

"The Whole Unit. Which means if Janet, Jim, Andrew, Barakus, or Kim arrive here they will get free food as well," Matt said. "Any former members as well since even they deserve special rates. In fact Sue, Sean, and Tyra still qualify for the Discount. If they were going to be here Brianca and Christine would as well."

Thursday Afternoon Barakus stopped Briancaís room since she was still maintaining her room in the Bunker since Teri hadnít moved over to the bunker at that point.

"Brianca, your decision to leave was kind of sudden. But then you always were good on packing and leaving without much notice. I never know if It is goodbye or not," Barakus said.

"Barakus, I didnít have a lot of spare time after I left the Academy Early. Somehow I always thought we would be together forever that when I received my assignment you would accompany me. Barakus when I was at the Academy after we had danced together at that one dance that Your dad put on for the Academy Cadets I dreamed that I was going to have your child. I wasnít that lucky unfortunately. I wanted to take the time to say goodbye to you but it wasnít there. I didnít show it but I was slightly hurt after you showed up here and started to date Sasha," Brianca said.

"It was just for show though. I still did and continue to love you. I almost wish we had time to rekindle the relationship before you leave probably for good. From what Janet told me Eltare generally recruits their rangers right from the Academy and transfers are hard to come by. Iíll probably never see you again since on my planet the Phrase Once a Ranger always a ranger has a whole new meaning since from the Day you first become a ranger you are a ranger the rest of your life," Barakus said.

"Will you always be assigned here?" Brianca asked.

"Probably. I donít think I could picture myself anywhere else unless I returned home to Triforia," Barakus said. "I can picture Kim still rangering seven years from now Kelly will probably retire before then."

"On Earth rangering for a short time period was normal. In fact Tommy had the longest time for a male in Uniform. Janetís ancestor Billy had the longest time for a male in Color since he was still considered part of the Battalion after Tommy was in his third color. Kimberly Heart had the longest term of any female pink or yellow. I did some research and some ranger teams think of us as the Amazon Rangers because of our higher then normal female population. Most teams stick with just the basics Pink, Yellow, occasionally purple. This goes even for teams that are as large as ours," Brianca said.

Barakus stayed close to Brianca that night.

Friday The Older Active Rangers worked to decorate the Youth Center for the Going Away Party for Brianca and Christine. Promptly at Eighteen Hundred Hours the Party started up.

"Whoa this is so neat," Teri said. "Do you usually do fancy parties like this when a ranger retires?"

"When Tyra and I retired they held it in the Gymnasium at the Bunker since Matt wouldnít let them use the Youth Center. Iím not sure how they handled it for Sean since so many present and former rangers were away burying Sasha Stanton," Sue said.

"Yeah but this is something special since the two people in Question will be leaving the Colony," Matt said.

Tyra meanwhile was over admiring Eric and Aisha Matthewson the two twins that Christine had given birth to almost a month before.

"I will miss seeing them. Having missed seven months of T.J.ís life I was looking forward to watching your kids grow and Mature," Tyra said.

"Iíll probably be back periodically to visit also the Rangers powers will still require periodic retuning," Christine said. "Probably my best memory of this place was sneaking Candi in that first night after Powermatic let me move into the Bunker with the Rangers. Heck Iíll even miss Grant to some extent."

Tyra took the time to set Aisha next to her self while Christine bottle fed Eric.

"It can be confusing sometimes. Aisha has no problem nursing normally but Eric never enjoyed being held against my breast. Iíve always bottle fed him. I wonder if it is part of his personality showing?" Christine asked.

"Itís hard to say," Tyra said. "Has Fucilla figured out how you will handle Childcare on Demona Prime."

"We are working on it," Christine said. "If it wasnít time critical I would have held off actually leaving until we had worked it out. Were you surprised when I chose you to be Aishaís primary godmother?"

"Yes I was. I found it interesting that Candi and I are Aishaís two godmothers and Aishaís godfather is Andrew. Also the way you chose Andrew to also be Ericís Primary Godfather and Kenya to be his godmother. Who did you choose to be Ericís other Godfather?" Tyra asked.

"Powermatic actually which he felt honored to do," Christine said.

"Why does each one have a Primary Godparent?" Stephanie asked.

"I made the choice for a reason Stephanie. If anything should happen to me that particular person would be named as the guardian. It would involve breaking the twins up but when you consider how much of a family the rangers are it wouldnít be much of a break-up. For the Record I did read the Memo that Kim posted about how when not on official ranger business we should address you by your first name."

"Actually I put a new memo up that says that at all times I should be addressed that way. When everyone always referred to me as Doc it made me feel distant from the others since It made me feel I wasnít part of the team. After all the only time Powermatic is usually referred to as Professor Damon is either by rookies or outsiders," Stephanie said.


The next day Tyra stood by at the space port with a few representatives of the Battalion as Brianca and Christine waited for the Shuttles to be called.

"Attention Triforian Spaceways Flight 396 to Eltare with Stops at Triforia, Mirinoi and Demona Prime is now Boarding at Airlock 12," A Space Port Official said.

"Chris, how did we ever luck out being aboard the same shuttle?" Brianca asked.

"I donít know," Christine said as she picked up Ericís safety seat While Brianca was holding Aishaís. Tyra took the time to carry the rest of their luggage to the Shuttle so she could help them get it stowed in their cabin.

"Auntie Kenya, why is Mommy going aboard the Shuttle?" T.J. asked.

"She has to help Christine and Brianca get settled before the Shuttle takes off. She wonít be gone long," Kenya assured the three year old.

"I hope not," T.J. said.

"Whoa you two really lucked out not only same shuttle but sharing a Cabin," Tyra said.

"Tyra, would you bring Eric in here?" Christine called from one of the three bedrooms in the cabin.

"Sure," Tyra said as she picked Ericís carrier up. Christine had a few papers in Hand. "Tyra one more thing could you file these with Family Services Division on Monday? They will need your signature first."

"You mind if I look them over first?" Tyra asked.

"Tyra, youíll have to be off the Shuttle in Fifteen Minutes so they can close the Airlock," Christine said. "Donít forget to take Aisha with you."

"Why?" Tyra asked.

"The stuff for Family Services will explain everything," Christine said.

Tyra picked Aisha up before she left. When she exited the Airlock Candi noticed her cargo.

"Tyra, why is Aisha with you?" Candi asked.

"Iím not sure. Christine asked me to bring Aisha with me when I left the Shuttle. Tell you want how about if You, Kenya and I return to my apartment while I figure this out."


A short time later Tyra set Aisha down in a small cradle that T.J. had once slept in while she looked at the Papers that Christine had handed her.

"Candi, these are papers so that I can adopt Aisha," Tyra said. "She must have drawn them up after Fucilla told her that she would have to transfer operations to Demona Prime."

"You sound surprised," Kenya said.

"Thatís because I am Kenya. I didnít expect this," Tyra said. Tyra then took a pen out and wrote in the appropriate Areas. Miss Tyra A Johnson. September 20th 2069.

Closing Notes. I didnít expect this fanfic to be this long. I had considered for a while having Brianca leave for Eltare but in my original plan she would have been going there for additional training. I promise you this will be the last Roster change for a while. Even I have to look at charts just to keep up with the changes. Heck I have a separate page to the chart which helps me keep track of how old the Rangers are. At least Teri was introduced in a prior fanfic to her becoming a ranger.

The End