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The Clumsy Ranger
by Robert Gutheim

One day Teri Reynolds was sitting through a very boring math class.

One perk you donít get from being a ranger being able to skip classes when you feel like crawling back into bed. At least Lunch is after my next class.

"Miss Reynolds, what is the Square Root of the Difference between the number of quarters in my left hand and the number of pennies in my right hand?" her teacher asked waking her up.

"Irrelevant since your left hand has twenty three credits in it and your right hand is in your pocket," Teri said.

"Whoa, sheís got you there sir," Kelly Brennan said.

"Miss Brennan I wanted to make sure Miss Reynolds was paying attention. In other words it was a trick question," the teacher said.

Teri had studyhall the next period but she usually walked the halls since she had a hard time concentrating in Studyhall. The principal didnít mind since Teri had recently joined the GSA. She wasnít assigned to a normal company because she was with the 96th Company for the 56th Battalion which was one of two covers used for the Power Rangers. About ten minutes through her Patrol she spotted some Gearheads heading in.

"You all ready to Tango," She asked.

The Gearheads headed right for her. Teri decided to use one of her Special spinning kicks but as she was jumping up to prepare for the Kick she slammed her head into the ceiling and came crashing down.

"Someone get Mr. Kaplan," a teacher yelled after the Gearheads had left.

The principal came running a few seconds later leading everyone to believe he was called from a nearby inter house phone.

"What happened?" he asked.

"She was getting ready to attack some of Mechinackís goons that had suddenly showed up when she hit her head on the ceiling and came crashing down," the teacher said.

"Doesnít look like she morphed at all," Mr. Kaplan said.

"No she didnít. I donít know if she is even affiliated with Rangertech," the teacher said.

A couple Paramedics arrived right then and immediately started to treat the injured ranger.

"Sir, we will be taking her to the Terra Venture Medical Center in Old Colony. If you can contact her parents have them meet me there," the senior paramedic said.

By this time classes were ending and Kelly walked out of a History class with Candi Matthewson and Fran Fitzgerald next to her.

"Fran, have you heard anything from Brianca recently?" Kelly asked since Franís half sister had moved to Eltare a couple weeks before then.

"No I havenít. So where do you want to do lunch today?" Fran asked.

"I feel like braving the cafeteria," Candi said.

"Girls, can I talk to you for a couple minutes?" Mr. Kaplan asked.

"Sure whatís wrong?" Kelly asked.

Mr. Kaplan had to stop when the Wail of the Ambulance sirens starting up drowned out conversation. After a couple minutes things quieted down.

"Teri Reynolds was injured during a battle with Mechinackís forces. They arenít sure how bad her injury is. I know you girls are good friends of hers. If you all want to take the afternoon off I will excuse you. As it is I was getting ready to call her mother," Mr. Kaplan said.

"We need to wait for the others," Kelly said as Sylvia Hooper and Sam Hayes walked up. Shortly behind them was Kenya Lewis and Jake McCann. Mr. Kaplan quickly updated the rest of the group on the Situation then excused himself to call Teriís mom.

"Why do I have a feeling that Teri didnít take the time to morph," Sylvia said.

"You have to admit it has been quiet since Brianca left. She might have forgotten. Also it could simply be that she misjudged the Ceiling Height," Kelly said. "Her Kicks require a lot of vertical space."

The Rangers then slipped into the Morphing Room near the Gymnasium and teleported over to the Medical center. Just as they arrived a block from the Medical center and were walking over they saw a cab pulling up with a slightly short Asian Woman a taller Asian looking male in the back seat. They headed into the ER and took seats. Just as the people from the cab entered Dr. Corbett walked over.

"Miss Reynolds, Iím Dr. Corbett. I examined your daughter when she first arrived. She was conscious by then."

"Any idea what happened?" Miss Reynolds asked.

"No I donít. All that the principal told us was she hit her head on the ceiling of the High School," Dr. Corbett said. "She was lucky though."

"In what way Doctor?" Miss Reynolds asked.

"Injuries like that a lot of times cause paralysis or death," Dr. Corbett said. "Iím getting ready to speak with her in depth."

"See if you can find out why she did something like that," Miss Reynolds said.

Dr. Corbett then headed for the Room where Teri was resting.

"Hi Doc," Teri said somewhat groggily.

"Teri, how did you end up hitting your head on the Ceiling?" Dr. Corbett asked.

"Gearheads had me surrounded. I was on a patrol run of the halls during my studyhall like I normally am. I was trying to do a spinning kick so I could take as many out as I could but I didnít realize the Ceiling was so low," Teri said.

"Teri, why didnít you wait for the Power Rangers?" Dr. Corbett asked.

"I am a power ranger," Teri said.

"Yeah sure you are Teri," Dr. Corbett said before leaving the room.

Teriís mom and brother were waiting with Kelly and the others.

"Miss Reynolds, She is still somewhat groggy and claimed that she hit the ceiling while trying to use a spinning kick on some Gearheads. When I asked why she didnít wait for the Power Rangers she tried to claim she was one but I find that hard to believe," Dr. Corbett said. "Maybe after she has recovered more."

"Why would she make up a story like that?" Miss Reynolds asked after the doctor was gone.

"I donít think she did. There were eye witnesses who actually saw her go into a spinning kick and hit the ceiling and the eye witnesses remember seeing Gearheads," Kelly said.

"That would give proof to how she got injured but what about the nonsense that she is a ranger?" The male that had come with Miss Reynolds said.

"Devon, you arenít helping any," Miss Reynolds said.

"Donít tell me Teri didnít let her family know about her becoming a power ranger. I was right there when Kim informed her that we can let others know of our allegiance to the Rangers and parents and School officials was actually spelled out," Kelly suspected as her communicator went off.

"Kelly, any news on Teri?" Stephanie asked.

"She is conscious and she explained to the doctor what happened but he didnít believe her and she was telling the truth apparently she was still somewhat groggy. Near as I can tell she didnít inform her parents about her secret life and I was there when she was briefed," Kelly said.

"Keep an eye on things. Kim and I will relieve you kids at some point so you can study," Stephanie said.

"Sounds good. See you in a little bit," Kelly said.

"SO who called you on your watch just now?" Devon asked.

"Dr. Stephanie Collington," Kelly said.

"You informed Dr. Collington that Teri had told the truth to Dr. Corbett. How sure are you that she was in fact telling the truth?" Devon asked.

"As I said there were eyewitnesses to the events leading up to her getting injured and I myself can vouch for the other part of her story. Any of us can," Kelly said.

"You mean Teri is a Power Ranger for real," Miss Reynolds said.

"Yes she is," Kelly said. "She has been for about three weeks now."

Meanwhile at the Space Port a Somewhat Tall Dark Blond haired Male stepped off a Shuttle from Mirinoi.

"This looks like a nice place. They really did a good job fixing it up," he said. "Now to find a phone or something."

He then approached a small public pay phone and dialed 555-1212

"Please state the City you are looking for," a voice said.

"Iím not sure of the City but the Last name is Collington," the male said.

"I have two Collingtonís listed a Susan Collington is Settlement 3 and a Dr. Stephanie Collington listed as living in the Rangertech Building," the operator said.

"The 2nd one please," the male said.

"Just a minute," the operator said.

"Rangertech, this is Alpha," a voice answered.

"Is Stephanie there?" the male asked.

"Iím sorry she just left to make a run over to the Medical Center on Company business," Alpha said.

"Any particular one?" the male asked.
"Yes the Terra Venture Medical Center in Old Colony. To be more exact the ER there," Alpha said.

"Thanks Alpha your just like your predecessor nice and helpful," the male said.

The male then hailed a cab and headed for the Medical Center by the time he arrived Dr. Collington along with Kim Coltran were just arriving. He walked over to them.

"Stephanie, donít tell me you still flit around like a hummingbird?" He asked indicating the small device on her left wrist.

"Not as much these days. In fact I havenít flitted for a long time," Stephanie said before looking over and seeing the loose expressionless face. "I/Oca," she said carefully because of location when she wanted to really cry out.

"Itís been a long time hasnít it," I/Oca said.

"Not since the Colony left Mirinoi," Stephanie said. "Did you know to look for me here or was it luck?"

"I called you over at Rangertech and Alpha told me I could find you here," I/Oca said.

"Strange Alpha almost never tells callers where I am. What did you do Identify yourself?"

"No I simply asked if you were there," I/Oca said.

"Who is that guy?" Devon whispered to Kelly.

"He is an old friend of her parents," Kelly answered.

"Come now Dr. Collington has to be close to Fifty at least and that guy looks like he is in his Early Twenties," Devon said.

"Miss Reynolds you can see your daughter now," A Nurse said breaking up the few conversations going on.

Miss Reynolds followed the nurse to where Teri was laying on a bed.

"Hi mom. Were you scared when they called you?" Teri asked.

"I was a little bit. Dr. Collington is outside with me and so are your friends. Even if you did get injured that was a pretty brave thing you did. Next time though check the ceiling height before you attempt a flying kick," Miss Reynolds said.

"It was a spinning kick actually. How much of my story did the doctor pass on? I donít think he fully believed me," Teri said.

"I think he told me everything. One of your friends vouched for you. Your brother was being a pain as usual," Miss Reynolds said.

"Mom, if either Kim or Kelly are outside when you leave could you have them come in here?" Teri requested.

"Sure. Are they rangers as well?" Miss Reynolds asked.

"Yes they are. I guess the doctor did tell you everything," Teri said. "I wasnít sure how best to let you know my secret life after I became a ranger."

"Teri, before today I had considered see what I could find out about some of the Academies for that sort of thing. Rangering seems to be right up your alley," Miss Reynolds said.

"I had zero warning before Brianca my predecessor handed me her morpher. I was theoretically a ranger by then as it is since one of the tech staffers had run me through a special ceremony that helps you discover your spirit animal. I found mine to be a little ironic considering what happened last time we visited earth and the Cheetah bit me," Teri said. "Iíve maybe morphed twice in the last three weeks. I probably should have morphed before doing the Tango with the Gearheads."

"Teri, You probably never realized this but Rangering is in your blood. Your Great Great Grandfather was a Ranger on Earth. Thatís part of the reason I had considered seeing if you would want to attend an Academy. Your family History would have gotten you into the Eltarian Academy easily," Miss Reynolds said.

Teri almost snorted while trying to laugh.

"You all right?" Miss Reynolds asked.

"Yes I found the irony interesting. The person I replaced Brianca just became an instructor in Base Operations at the Eltarian Academy," Teri said.

"Very Interesting," Miss Reynolds said.

She left a couple minutes later and soon after that Kim and Kelly walked in.

"Teri, the least you could have done was call for back-up," Kelly said.

"Iím still new at this. How was I supposed to know Powermatic wouldnít signal you," Teri said. "If Goldar or Hankoid had shown up I most likely wouldnít have need to call for back-up."

"Good point. In fact Powermatic was about to call us when the Gearheads left," Kim said. "Just so you know I pulled rank and gleaned from the Doctor how long you will be stuck here."

"Ugh how long?" Teri asked.

"At least overnight possibly a couple nights," Kim said.

"Groan," Teri said. "I would have morphed except I wasnít sure it was a good idea."

"Sasha Stanton and I had that feeling once in a mall when we were attacked near an elevator. WE didnít and Sasha ended up getting her hair caught in the Elevator. In the end I morphed anyway in the hope I could maybe save her but she moved to quick and ended up breaking her neck," Kelly said.

"What was the end result?" Teri asked.

"It was fatal. Near as Powermatic was able to tell she died instantly. Kenya ended up replacing her," Kim said.

"Not good. Maybe I should wear a helmet when I patrol," Teri said.

"Most rangers have accelerated healing. Thatís probably why you were able to regain consciousness so quickly. Probably the best helmet to wear during patrol runs is your Uniform Helmet," Kelly said.

"In other words Morph before I patrol," Teri said. "I doubt Powermatic will like that idea."

"Good point. What you probably should do is remember to morph if you spot trouble," Kim said.

"Kim, we probably should be going," Kelly said. "IF you are still here tomorrow after school someone will let you know what you missed."

Teri took the time to grab a nap. Her nap was interrupted when Her dinner was delivered.

"You must be Teri. How do you spell your name?" the cleverly disguised food service worker asked.

"T E R I," Teri said. "I half expected an nurse to deliver my dinner."

"I volunteered after Stephanie threw rank around and almost went time to Flit," the worker said. "Also I spoke with Mr. Kaplan and collected your homework for the next week."

"You mean I will be stuck here for an entire week?" Teri asked.

"No you will be released tomorrow morning but the doctor wanted you to take it easy for a few days so I volunteered to act as a tutor for you," He said. "My name is I/Oca by the way. Iíve known Stephanie since she was a little girl."

"I hope you wonít be offended when I say this but you donít look that old," Teri said.

"Iím an android thatís why," I/Oca said. "How used to working with Androids are you?"

"Not very unlike my teammates I live at home and So far I havenít spent much time at the Bunker so I havenít worked with Alpha much," Teri said. "When did you figure on starting the tutoring?"

"Soon as you are ready. But preferably by Tomorrow Afternoon," I/Oca said.

"Iíd rather not torture my head too much today Not after my really bad move earlier today. Kim decided not to mention it but Doing Spinning Kicks when unmorphed is not a good idea if you are inside," Teri said.

"Is that how you got hurt?" I/Oca asked.

"Yes it was. How long have you known Stephanieís family?" Teri asked.

"A long time. I was one of the Original members of the 25th Brigade which the 56th Battalion is look upon as being part of," I/Oca said. "After Robert and his family moved to Capsilon IX the Brigade and I remained on Mirinoi. Recently I decided to transfer operations here. Iíll be helping out a lot around the Bunker taking up some of the slack that was created after one of the lab interns left."

"Your probably thinking of Christine she moved to Demona Prime to work with Fucilla," Teri said.

"Would you believe I along with two power rangers designed a powerband that Fucilla adopted for the Powereons like The Flitter," I/Oca said.

"Iím not familiar with the Flitter," Teri said.

"You would know The Flitter if you saw her," I/Oca said. "It was the Early 1990ís when I first met Robert."

I/Oca stood guard overnight to make sure Teri was all right.

"You didnít have to stay with me all night," Teri said.

"Stephanie wanted to make sure you rested. They say how hospitals are the worst place to try and rest," I/Oca said as he pushed the Wheelchair to the front of the Hospital where Devon was waiting with his car.

"Ready to come home sis?" Devon asked.

"You bet. I have a lot of work to catch up on. From what I/Oca said I will be stuck at home for a week. Guess Rangering is out," Teri said.

"I havenít checked with Powermatic but most likely yes," I/Oca said.

"How long have you known she was a ranger?" Devon asked.

"I didnít even meet your sister until last night," I/Oca said "I just arrived from Mirinoi yesterday afternoon."

Devon quietly drove home utilizing the Vehicular transport system to get between the Orbiting Old Colony and the surface where Settlement 14 was located. Fairly soon he pulled up to the 2 story house where the Reynolds family lived.

"Oh Hi Mr. I/Oca. Iím not sure when Teri will be ready to start her tutoring," Miss Reynolds said.

"Itís just I/Oca I only have the one name," I/Oca said. "Dr. Collington wants me to stick real close to her until she is fully recovered. Dr. Corbett agreed with her."

"I find that surprising since Dr. Collington is a researcher and Dr. Corbett is an MD," Miss Reynolds said.
That afternoon Teriís mom went over to visit some friends when a Slightly Tall Asian Man stuck his head in.

"Teri, you up to a visitor?" he asked.

"Oh Hi Scott. Just doing some studying," Teri said.

"Ouch, how can your brain handle physics right now?" Scott asked.

"I/Oca is making it easier to digest. Thank goodness," Teri said. "I think my mom went to your house to see your mom."

"She did. Man Teri the whole school since Yesterday was talking about your stunt," Scott said. "Think youíll be up to a change of scenery tomorrow night?"

"I donít think so. The doctor wants be to take it easy this week. I wonít even be in school until next week," Teri said.

"Oh great and Nelson was threatening to give us a quiz in Eltarian on Friday. Maybe you will luck out and be exempt from his quiz," Scott said.

"Thankfully Kenya and Janet have been helping me in that class. I think that would overstress my brain about now," Teri said.

"It probably would. How long before you return to rangering?" Scott asked.

"Hopefully next week. Itís no fun knowing you canít even save the world," Teri said. "I/Oca just so you know this is my boyfriend Scott Trang. He isnít with the 56th Battalion."

"In other words an ordinary civilian," I/Oca said.

"Basically," Scott said.

When Miss Reynolds arrived back shortly before Five she noticed him watching a movie with Teri and I/Oca.

"Scott, when I left your mom was planning on your coming straight home but I informed her that I would feed you before you left," Miss Reynolds said. "Did Devon swing by at all?"

"No he didnít," Teri answered.

When they sat down to eat I/Oca had one small observation

"Miss Reynolds I find it interesting that I have yet to meet your husband," I/Oca said.

"He died when Teri was a baby. I never remarried. If it wasnít for Devon along with Scottís dad she wouldnít have had any male influence on her life," Miss Reynolds said.

"Yet now as a ranger she also has the male Rangers to depend on," I/Oca said.

"Thatís probably a good thing," Miss Reynolds said. "She also to some extent has you now. By the way is it true that you are an Android?"

"Yes it is. Back during the 25th Brigadeís heyday whenever I went somewhere that had Metal Detectors I always had to try and remember to bring a small bypass card because otherwise no matter what I would set off the Metal Detectors.

"Not good," Scott said.

"I agree," Teri said.

Teri worked hard getting rested and doing her homework. I/Oca stayed with her every second unless she was in the shower or using the Head. Saturday As a small treat he loaded her into a car he had requisitioned from GSA.

"So where are we headed?" Teri asked.

"Itís a small surprise," I/Oca said.

They eventually showed up at the Youth Center.

"Whoa havenít been here recently," Teri said. They walked in and first thing Teri knew Matt was placing a Connorsonís in her hand.

"Sorry buddy but Iím out of 30 weight," He said on seeing I/Oca.

"I modify standard fare into the lubricants I need," I/Oca said.

"Thatís nice to know," Matt said.

"Whoa looks like the Entire Battalion," Teri said then on reflection she noticed Sean and Hammonds were missing.

"Kim and I set this up while you were in the Shower this morning. We figured you deserved a change of scenery," I/Oca said.

"ITís a nice change," Teri said. "Man Iíve barely seen most of you since the accident."

"Things were busy. A couple times when Mechinack attacked I wondered if I would be better off alerting you for possible Action," Powermatic said since even He was in attendance.

"Iím glad you didnít. Who is minding the Store?" Teri asked.

"Sean is. Andrew and Janet decided to take a small vacation," Powermatic said. "Just so you know Brianca did call us to see how you were doing. WE neglected to inform her of your accident."

"Probably a good thing that way she wouldnít know she had chosen a klutz to replace her," Teri said as a hand came around her chest spinned her around and a Face came down and planted a big kiss on her lips.

"Scott. You are something else," Teri said soon as she had room to breath.

"I/Oca invited me personally," Scott said. "Your looking good this morning. Nowhere nearly as scary as you did when I stopped by that one day."

"I havenít look in many mirrors so I couldnít tell you how things have been," Teri said.

"If you ask me Scott is the one thing Teri needs," Kelly whispered to Fran while Mark Grant walked up to the two rangers.

"Fran, care to dance?" Mark asked.

"Maybe later," Fran said.

"Powermatic, when might I be able to return to normal duties?" Teri asked.

"Assuming you remember to morph next time I donít see any reason you couldnít return to duty now but I want Dr. Corbett to examine you before I officially clear you for duty," Powermatic said.

"Thankfully I have an appointment first thing Monday morning," Teri said.

Teri had fun with her teammates and other friends. Monday I/Oca accompanied her to her appointment. The first thing Dr. Corbett did was have a Electroencephalogram done so he could check her brain.

"Your test looks to be good. I havenít found any permanent damage," Dr. Corbett said. "Also your head healed up nicely. Just remember your morpher isnít a piece of optional equipment. You were given that device to help protect you. I will discuss matters with Professor Damon so he can determine when you will be able to return to duty."

"Hopefully soon," Teri said.

"Probably so," Dr. Corbett said.

That afternoon Teri Teleported right to the Command Bunker after school.

"I looked over your test results. They were satisfactory enough for me to clear you to return to duty," Powermatic said.

"Great. I wonder how long it will be," Teri said.

Closing Notes. This one is obviously a Teri Fanfic. But thatís good because it allows for further development of her character.

The End