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Journey to the Past and Future
by Robert Gutheim

One day Connie Gutheim was watching as her Husband Robert the head of Mirinoi's Planetary Defense Force was getting ready for a small trip.

"So Robert, where are you headed this time?" Connie asked.

"I was figuring on visiting my granddaughter," Robert said.

"In other words you are going to the Future," Connie said.

"I was thinking along those lines. Ali and Baxter are going to watch the girls," Robert said.

"What do you mean?" Connie asked. "After all Stephanie definitely can take care of herself."

"I know it took me a week to track her down that one time right after we landed here. I'd feel safer knowing the Head of the Engineering Battalion was here," Robert said. "Ring of Power Open a Portal to Capsilon Settlement 3 Year 2069."

The Portal Soon Opened and Robert took a hold of Connie's right hand with his left (his right hand held the ring of power) and walked on through practically pulling Connie along. By Chance when they exited the Portal they were on the Campus of Renier University. Also by chance a Slightly Tall Asian Looking Female wearing a Red Dress was walking by. She went twenty feet past them before turning around.

"Does my mom know you are even here?" She asked.

"We just arrived here so No. We haven't been by the Bunker at all," Robert said.

"I met you briefly the time we helped battle Sharkface. Colleen wasn't it," the woman said.

"Close Connie Actually. You are looking good Sue," Connie said.

"Thanks, what brings you by Remote Renier University?" Sue asked.

"WE came to visit you actually," Robert said.

"I have a class to get to," Sue said. "Tell you what here is my address meet me there in an hour. IF you have any problems Sean will help you here is his address and extension."

"I take it Jake's predecessor is here as well," Robert said.

"Of course," Sue said.

"Oh great Who Let this loser on campus," A Tall Blond Haired Male asked as he approached.

"Nice to see you too Sean," Robert said. "Enjoying your retirement."

"Well I was," Sean said.

Robert wasn't sure whether to laugh or calibrate his crosshairs. In the end he didn't do either one which pleased Connie. Sean lead them toward a small Eatery. Robert activated his Binocular eyes and looked around. Within minutes he was going Warp Factor Nine toward a station.

"Oh great he spotted the Taco Palace booth. Stephanie told us one time how much he enjoys tacos," Sean said.

"What other booths do they have?"

"You name it they have it," Sean said.

Connie ended up grabbing a sub from a sandwich Booth. They then went looking for Robert. HE was busy filling a bowl with some beef although a bowl with Chicken was already on his tray. He followed that up with bowls of Garnishes. Sean seeing his equipment Whistled and a Food Services Employee brought over a small cart.

"Gracias Senorita," Robert said.

"De Nada," the worker said.

Robert then pushed the cart toward a table and unloaded his equipment. Sean and Connie reluctantly sat down with him.

"Good thing Sue has class right now. She would probably try to pretend she didn't know you," Sean said.

"I wouldn't blame her one bit," Connie said.

It took forty five minutes for them to finish lunch. They then began a hopefully leisurely walk to Sue's Building. Sean was able to get them into her building and they Headed for her Ninth floor room.

"Hi Greta, Sue is expecting us," Sean said to her Roommate a highly voluptuous African American girl.

"Hi I'm Greta Galloway. I'm Sue's roommate."

"I'm Connie Gutheim and this is Robert my husband."

"You're his 2nd wife," Greta said. "Sue told me a lot about her family when we met."

"Yes I am. AS Sean was saying Sue is expecting us. We saw her on her way to class," Connie said.

"Most of us call Sean Greenie," Greta said.

"Yeah and I usually threaten to punch people out afterwards," Sean said.

They took the time to chat with Sean and Greta when they heard a scream coming from outside the Building. Robert Instantly gave his wrist a cock revealing his Powerband. Sean meanwhile was doing a simple Kata.

"Showtime, Plastica Style," Robert said as he keyed a button on his powerband. Sean meanwhile went


They then headed out.

"Do you ever get used to that?" Greta asked.

"It's so peaceful where we live that he hasn't had to use his powers in a while," Connie said.

"Thank god Sue told me about her previous occupation," Greta said.

Meanwhile Down below.

"Help, someone," Sue called as Gearheads had her arms pinned so she couldn't use the one morph she had available when she used to have three morphs she could use.

Plastica and Sean appeared right then.

"Oh man wish I had my stars right now," Sean said.

Before they could go into action The Gearheads left with Sue as their Prisoner.

"Blast," Plastica said. "Power Down."


"What happened?" Greta asked as She and Connie got outside.

"Mechinack," Robert said. "We better go upstairs and call Stephanie.

"Let me Mr. Gutheim. Anything I should tell her?" Sean asked.

"Yes tell her to flit herself over here," Robert said.

"Rangertech, this is Teri," came over the phone.

"Is the Doc around. This is Sean it's urgent."

"She is at a meeting on Triforia," Teri said. "IS there a problem?"

"You bet Teri. We have a crisis Situation at Renier University and we were hoping she could Flit over here," Sean said.

"Sean, It's Professor Damon. What's wrong?" came a new voice.

"Professor, Sue has been kidnapped by Mechinack's tin plated lackeys oh and Big P is in town," Sean said.

"Not Good. I'll have a Rapid Deployment Team there shortly. I will also try to contact Stephanie on Triforia," Professor Damon said.

"Something up Powermatic?" Teri asked.

"Yes major problem. Signal the other rangers," Powermatic said.

Next thing they knew Twelve streams of Color teleported in.

"So what's Up Powermatic?" Kenya Lewis asked.

"There is a crisis situation at Renier University," Powermatic said.

"SO what. Sue and Sean are there," Kelly Brennan Sue's successor as the Red Ranger said.

"Sue has been Kidnapped. Sean called it in saying that Big P is in town," Powermatic said.

"Big P is a nickname that Trey of Triforia once used to refer to Plastica," I/Oca the teams head Computer assistant and also Teri's father figure said.

"You mean Sue's Grandfather is in town. Wasn't he just in town?" Janet Hammond asked.

"Yes he was," her husband Andrew said. "Maybe he decided to visit Sue."

"Kelly, choose you team. You and Three others," Powermatic said.

"Sylvia, Teri, I/Oca your with me," Kelly said.

"I'll teleport you directly," Alpha VIII the Lab Assistant said.

They arrived in Sue's Room a few seconds later.

"Robert, glad to see you again," I/Oca said.

"How did you end up on a Rapid Deployment Team?" Connie asked.

"I selected him. These are my Colleague's Teri Reynolds, Sylvia Hooper, and I/Oca. I'm Kelly Brennan."

"This is my 2nd wife Connie. I married her after my first wife Stephanie's mother died." Robert said.

"What exactly happened?" Teri asked.

"Connie and I took one of my portals from Mirinoi here. We arrived just as Sue was walking by. She told us to meet her in her room in an hour from that time. Sean showed up and while Sue was in class we had lunch. We then came here. AS we were talking we heard a scream. Sean and I wasted no time Battleprepping. Unfortunately we weren't quick enough," Robert said.

"Sounds Interesting. Why didn't Sue you know?" Kelly asked.

"Her arms were pinned when we got downstairs," Robert said. "Man if only Roger was still alive."

"Roger?" Connie asked.

"He was our Security Director back in the old days on Earth. He was Killed in Action fifty one years ago," I/Oca said. "Kelly, maybe you should have Andrew join us here."

"Speed 3 is your base," Greta said. "For the record I know how Sue and Sean used to be active rangers so you don't have to beat around the bush."

"Tyra, it's Kelly. Andrew better join us here. The situation isn't good. Also has Powermatic Contacted Stephanie yet?"

"Not yet Kelly. Andrew is prepping his ship in case we have to send someone to tell her in person. If that is the case he won't be available to come there," Tyra said as a ringing sound was heard in the background. "I have a call on the other line so if you could hold for a couple minutes."

"Not a problem Tyra," Kelly said.

Tyra then put Kelly on hold and answered the other line.

"Rangertech, this is Tyra."

"Tyra, IT's Stephanie. Things ok?"

"Stephanie, Glad you called. We need you back here," Tyra said.

"Problem?" Stephanie asked.

"Sue has been kidnapped. Your dad and a RPT are already on the scene at the University," Tyra said.

"Give me a few minutes to make my manners with King Trey and I will head directly there. Who Deployed?" Stephanie asked.

"Kelly, Teri, Sylvia, and I/Oca," Tyra said.

"Have the rest of the Rangers stand by," Stephanie said.

She then headed right for the Main Ballroom where Trey the King of Triforia and his sons Grenadine and Barakus were waiting.

"King Trey, I have to Flit," Stephanie said.

"Problems Boss?" Barakus asked.

"Sue had been Kidnapped. I told Tyra I would Flit Directly to the University," Stephanie said.

"Not good," Grenadine said.

"Stephanie, no sense wasting your Powers I will reserve Teleporter space on the Palace Teleporter," Trey said. "It's Morphing Time. Gold Ranger Power."

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Barakus said. "Titanium Ranger Power."

"Time to Flit."

They Teleported Ten Minutes later. Unfortunately the teleporter operator had a twisted sense of humor and Teleported them into the Women's Shower. The Screaming sound could be heard in the room where the Rangers were.

"Not again," Sean said. HE stuck his head out as the Gold and Titanium Rangers came running from the room where the Shower was. The Flitter was a little ways behind them Both Trey and Barakus were spewing Triforian Curses.

"Don't even Laugh Sean," Stephanie said. "Unfortunately Hummingbirds don't have much down under their feathers."

"Well what's the word?" Kelly asked.

"Barakus, his father and Doc must have teleported into the Shower," Sean said.

"Oh Man Janet told me about the time they teleported over the Pool in the Bunker," I/Oca said.

They Three Wetheads were in the room a couple minutes later. They powered down right then.

"What happened Steph?" Robert asked.

"Trey offered to have me Teleported from Triforia using the Palace System. We changed for the Trip only his teleporter chief for some reason teleported us into the Shower and a girl was showering at the time," Stephanie said.

"The main reason for that was because Barakus had to return," Trey said.

"Oh my lord I'm in the same room as the King of Triforia," Greta said.

"Careful this guy used to be my boss also Sylvia and I went to a school on his homeworld," Kelly said.

"When I last spoke with Tyra she was saying how Andrew was prepping up in case he had to collect you," Kelly said. "I better call her back so she knows you arrived."

"I'll handle it," Stephanie said.

She then dialed longway the phone number and informed Tyra she was at the school. Tyra then informed her how Andrew and Janet were enroute and would be arriving in about an hour."

"OK the next team is enroute. They are probably aboard the Chopzord," Stephanie said.

"I'm totally lost at this point," Connie said.

"Hey my roommate used to be a ranger yet she never told me the pet names for the zords," Greta said.

"It's based on a Defender Helicopter from Earth. It is usually flown at least last I knew by Janet Hammond," Robert said.

"Janet is still the Pilot of that zord Andrew will be with her," Stephanie said.

Three minutes later there was a knock on the board along with another scream.

"I should have had Andrew and Janet bring Earplugs," Sean said.

Robert meanwhile opened the Door and Saw Goldar on the other side.

"I have a message you will never see your former fearless leader again unless all rangers on Capsilon IX surrender their powers," Goldar said.

"Goldar you big Ape you tell your boss to shove it up his tailpipe," Robert said as he grabbed a small hand phaser from his holster. Goldar took the hint and disappeared in a flash of fire
"You really have a way with words Dad," Stephanie said.

"I was trying to speak for both your own team along with for Trey. IF Mechinack learned that Trey was on Capsilon IX he would include the Famous Gold Ranger in his demands."

"I have a feeling that He already might have," Trey said. "After all he said all Rangers not all Demona Rangers."

"I hate to say it but We have a problem. Theoretically Sean is still a ranger since he only gave Jake his Demona Powers but not his Ninja Powers," Robert said.

"He has a point," Stephanie said.

"SO isn't there some way he can surrender his Ninja Powers?" Greta asked.

"No Ninja powers are specific to a particular ranger, They relay on the connection with a person's spirit animal. In Sean's case it is a lion. In my case a dolphin. After I retire I will still hold my Ninja powers. I'm not sure they can even be surrendered upon a ranger's death," Kelly said.

"Stephanie, Signal the Bunker, All Rangers still there are to Teleport here Immediately," Robert said. "Sean, is there a conference room we can commandeer as a conference room?"

"Yes We can use the Lecture Room in Grant Hall. So long as we are out of there by 8 tonight it shouldn't be a problem," Sean said.

"So why would that necessarily mean that the Room is available now?" Teri asked.

"Grant Hall is the Observatory. They use the Lecture hall for the Astronomy Class. It's left unused during the day," Sean said.

"I think I can arrange for it," Andrew said as he and Janet entered with the Hall Director.

"Why are there so many people in here?" She asked.

"Ma'am. I'm Special Agent Gutheim GSA Intelligence. We are investigating a kidnapping on your campus. The victim lives in this building."

"It takes this many people to investigate a Kidnapping," The Director said amazed.

"It does when Mechinack is involved," Andrew said.

That immediately shut the Hall Director up. A few minutes later the Entire Ranger Force including The Tech crew was in the Astronomy Lecture Hall. Sean lead the Briefing. Soon as they were done Kim Coltran the White Shirted Leader of the Demona Rangers requested an idea of what they should do.

"I think a small force should sneak in and rescue Sue," Kim said. "It's been done before."

"How small a force was used?" Greta asked.

"One Ranger," Kim said. "I once went in a rescued both Sue along with Brianca Chang now the Base Operations Instructor at the Eltarian Academy. "I think a force of Three might be Sufficient. A Morphed Ranger, A Properly Armored Ranger, and someone to Teleport Sue to a medical facility just in case."

"How about a Properly Armored Ranger and one Invisible Man," Robert said.

"What were you thinking?" Kelly asked.

"Me as Plastica using Invisibilitron, Andrew using Stealth Mode Battle Armor, and Stephanie as The Flitter," Robert said.

"Mr. Gutheim Sir, The Morphed Ranger was to be a diversion to keep Mechinack and his goon squad busy while the Armored Ranger and the other one went in and rescued Sue. If you go it could cause problems," Kim said.

"What better diversion then Gearheads flying for no apparent reason because two invisible Rescuers were throwing them around," Robert said. "Andrew and I would be wrecking Havoc while The Flitter flitted in and grabbed Sue,"

"While Teri and I sent a few energy charges at the Structure to lure Goldar and Hankoid out to the building and make your job easier," Candi Matthewson the Yellow Ranger said.

"This is getting a little complex. I'm limiting participation to Andrew, Stephanie, and Myself," Kim said.

"Sorry Kim but we need you ready to launch the Defense when Mechinack realizes that Sue is gone," Robert said. "Company Dismissed except for Andrew, Teri, Candi, and Stephanie."

"Goldar, Hankoid, take a Brigade of Gearheads and Attack the University," Mechinack ordered.

"You got it My Lord," Goldar said.

The Gearheads appeared Soon after that.

"Excuse me sir but we have to ask that you all remain in here. A Ton of Mechinack's troops have taken over including his two goons," A Security Guard said.

"Perfect," Robert said. "ADF CHARGE."

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Kim said. "White Ranger Power."

"Red Ranger Power."

"Blue Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger Power."

"Yellow Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger Power."

"Titanium Ranger Power."

"Gray Ranger Power."

"Brown Ranger Power."

"Tan Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

"It's Morphing Time," Trey said. "Gold Ranger Power."

"Ninja Ranger Power," Tyra and Sean said.

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said.

"Showtime Plastica Style," Robert said. "Invisibilitron."

"Black Ranger to Armatron, I summon you," Andrew called out.

The Portable Armory was in place five minutes later and Plastica and Andrew boarded it. Stephanie also slipped aboard. Within Twenty minutes they were in place over Mechinack's lair. Andrew by this time had manually placed the Stealth Mode Armor on except for the Helmet that powered the suit. Once on the ground he made the final connection turning invisible.

"Mechinack made our job easy," Andrew said. "HE has maybe a small battalion at the most of Gearheads here."

"WE best be careful," Plastica said as he grabbed a small sphere from his belt removed two pieces of tape and stood by. Suddenly Mechinack himself came walking by.

"Showtime," Plastica said as he compressed the sphere and placed it in the collar of Mechinack's cape. Suddenly a foam came spraying out of the sphere going all over the villain. Within seconds it hardened.

"Good old Quick Dry," Plastica said.

"I'm not sure I even want to know where you got that," Stephanie said.

"I'll explain later," Plastica said. "Now to find Sue."

They found Sue an hour later chained to a Wall in Mechinack's throne room. Plastica positioned himself ten feet from Sue facing her.

"Crosshairs," Plastica said. "Calibrate Laser Eyes."

"Robert, be warned you can't use your laser eyes while cloaked," Powermatic broadcast to him.

"I'll have to time it then," Plastica said.

"Any century now would be nice," Sue said.

Five seconds later Plastica appeared long enough to free Sue's left wrist then he vanished only to appear again a minute later to free her left wrist. One final cycle freed both feet.

"Mom," Sue said as she ran towards her powered up Mother. "Goldar and Hankoid are at the University."

"SO are the other Rangers," Andrew said as he removed his helmet. "Armor Down."

"The whole team is there," Sue said.

"Even the Tech Crew," Andrew said.

"I'd Morph but I don't have the Strength," Sue said.

"We'll get you patched up," Plastica said as his Tricorder buzzed. "Oh Man Sven sent a time delayed e-mail to me. Trouble back home. I better head back Immediately."

"I'll have Jim send Connie back," Andrew said.

"Grandpa, I want to help you back home," Sue said. "You can tell the Mirinoi Natives that I'm Stephanie's long lost cousin."

"Sue, it wouldn't work. They all know you're my granddaughter after you stopped by to see me after Sasha Died. But I suppose you could recover just as Easily on Mirinoi," Plastica said. "Ring of Power, take me Home."

Sue grabbed on right then as the Ring opened a portal below her grandfather and he went through Only to come out of the Portal about 10000 feet above the Ground. A Freefall Started.

"Eagle," Plastica called out. Within Minutes his body had reshaped into a Majestic Bird of Flight.

"Grandpa you amaze me more everytime," Sue said as they entered the Planetary Defense Building a short time later.

"Commander Gutheim Sir, A Mysterious Traveler has arrived in orbit around Mirinoi," Sven said. "Maya had us deploy troops to guard the Sabers. We also sent word out that the other Rangers were to be summoned."

"I brought a Ranger with me," Robert said. "I don't know if others can be contacted easily."

"I hope so," Sven said.

At that Moment Lt Governor Ned Stanton walked in.

"Robert, how was your trip?" Stanton asked.

"I quick dried Mechinack only I forgot to tell the Rangers how if the shell is cracked he can be freed," Robert said.

"I'll send a time delay to the Rangers of that time informing them," Sven said.

"Actually I'll just make note of it and the Me in that time can brief them," Powermatic said.

"Better also make note to Dispatch the Rest of the team including the Zords," Sue said. "Mom and the technical crew should remain behind though."

"Something wrong Sue?" Robert asked.

"Yes I recognize the Traveler. Sean described him to me after I started at the University," Sue said. "HE is known as the Dark Lord. He doesn't have any minions and isn't known for using Monsters but his troops known as Lizardtrons are sneaky. If he is here then there must be something he wants here. His Dream is to assume the Throne that was vacated by the Zordon Wave."

"The only thing here that could attract evil is the Sabers," Sven said.

"Sven, are there any large bodies of water that are fairly deep especially close to shore?" Sue asked.

"Maybe one or two Oceans but I'm not fully sure," Sven said.

"We better hope there is because Airtron will need a deep body to land in and some close to shore in case we need the Ground Assault Zords," Sue said.

"Well that was a clean sweep," Kim said when the last Gearhead was send packing.

"We just need to crack the surface of the Plasticazation Foam around Mechinack then get the Zords to Airtron," Powermatic said.

"Why Professor?" Teri asked.

"Because your services have been requested on Mirinoi," Powermatic said.

"I don't get it Why would our help be needed there?" Kim asked.

"Plastica and Sue went there via one of his transport portals. WE must be needed in the past," Andrew said.

"FREDA, teleport all Zords to Airtron and prepare it for Departure," Stephanie called over her communicator. "I probably should Flit back to Base."

"You will along with Tyra, Alpha, I/Oca and myself," Powermatic said.

A Hour later The Carrierzord with Connie along as a passenger (She hadn't left at that point) went through a portal to Mirinoi landing in the one spot of Deep Water they could find only it wasn't real close to shore.

"We better get to Planetary Defense," Andrew said since Powermatic had briefed them on the situation.

They arrived an hour later. Personnel galore were running around like decapitated Chickens. Thankfully the Rangers were in their Flight Suits.

"Kim, I'm glad to see you," Robert said.

"Connie came back with us. What is the Problem?" Kim asked.

"Two words Kim. Dark Lord," Sue said.

Kim's response was unprintable.

"No wonder you requested our Aid," Kelly said. "I suppose we should find somewhere to set up a mobile Base. We had to anchor about three hundred miles from shore."

"For the record We did try to find a better place for you to tie up," Sue said.


"WE can't waste time. Robert, what kind of Defenses does Mirinoi have?" Kim asked.

"The Best soldiers we had were helping Maya protect the Quasar Sabers," Robert said.

"Then All I can say is this," Kim said. "Ranger Power Eclipsed. White Ranger Power."
"Red Ranger Power."

"Blue Ranger Power."

"Pink Ranger Power."

"Green Ranger Power."

"Yellow Ranger Power."

"Black Ranger Power."

"Purple Ranger Power."

"Titanium Ranger Power."

"Gray Ranger Power."

"Brown Ranger Power."

"Tan Ranger Power."

"Orange Ranger Power."

The Majestic combination of Aura and Spirit Animal soon encased the Rangers forming their Uniforms. Right after the Basic suits were in place Large Armor Segments Rose Up over the Shoulders and around the Chest and Legs.

"Something tells me Either Fucilla or my sister have been retuning our powers again," Candi said since her twin sister was an Apprentice Demona Fuser on Demona Prime.

"Personally I like it," Janet said.

"Let's get to work We have a Planet to save," Kim said.

The Rangers then Head into action and send the Lizardtrons packing. Soon as the Last ones were gone The Dark Lord Upped Anchor and headed for home.

"We lucked out on this one but next time we might not be so lucky," Sven said.

"I doubt he will be back but if he is just let us know," Kim said as the rangers prepared to head back to the Carrierzord. "Sue you coming?" She asked when she saw how her former leader was hesitant to follow them.

"Not right now I think I'll stay here for now," Sue said. "This Planet needs a Ranger Protecting it."

"Anytime she is ready I can send her back," Robert said.

"I'll let your mom know of your decision," Sean said.

Before the Rangers knew it they were back at the Bunker.

"Did Sue come back with you?" Stephanie asked.

"She decided to stay a little longer. We managed to figure out though who was causing problems for the Planet," Kim said.

"Who anyone we know?" Tyra asked.

"Unfortunately yes it was the Dark Lord," Kim said. "We might want to keep Airtron ready in case we need to provide assistance again.

"I agree," Powermatic said.

Closing notes. I wasn't sure how long this fanfic would end up. Be prepared for more fun on both fronts. When the text formatting changes then that is when the Time period shifts. I know at the end of A Changed Planet I said how in future fanfics I would reveal what happened to the Other Galaxy Rangers but I haven't figured it out yet so as such it will be a bit.