Disclaimer: This is Number 3 in the Life on Mirinoi Series. This series includes A Changed Planet and Journey to the Past and Future. IF you were to read A Changed Planet you would see how the Series title was Mirinoin Life. That was supposed to be the series title but I goofed when I was submitting it to the sites and put it down as Life on Mirinoi in the e-mail that accompanied the fanfic. I realized the error on my own and changed the series title to Life on Mirinoi as of Journey to the Past and Future which was this series first crossover with Power Rangers Demona. In fact I used the series file code for this series which also started with that fanfic so it was stored on my Harddrive as Mirinoi2 instead of Demona30 but the next fanfic in that series will be saved as Demona31. I had saved A Changed Planet under it's title but it's now stored as Mirinoi1. I know Sue Collington appears in this series but no this isn't a mock-crossover or even another true crossover. Sue is now in this series.

The concept is Haim Saban's and some of the characters. I haven't decided if she will appear but if She does Lita Kino belongs to Ellen Brand and is used with permission. Everyone else belongs to me. The IGPF also belongs to Ellen Brand and was borrowed for Power Rangers Demona.

The Power of Ultima
by Robert Gutheim

One day Sue Collington the twenty year old former Red Demona Ranger looked around her new Quarters on the Planet Mirinoi.

"Oh man this is totally weird. Here I am Living fifteen years before I'm even born. I hope I didn't make a complete fool of myself deciding to remain here but with Dark Lord attacking the Planet someone needs to be on hand to defend it and the Galaxy Rangers hung up their Quasar Sabers. Although how much help one Ninja will be when the Demona Rangers have had to Eclipse just to battle the Lizardtrons I don't know," Sue said into a small microphone on her computer terminal.

"Sue, you all right?" Connie asked.

"A little bit Connie. I'm just not used to being on Mirinoi but something probably the Mule that's my spirit animal is telling me that my destiny lies here," Sue said.

"You could be right Sue. I only wish I had gotten a chance to get to know your real grandmother Robert's first wife," Connie said referring to the late Powereon Headset who along with Robert Gutheim presently the head of Planetary Defense for the planet Mirinoi which while it had a Native Population was these days as far as Galactic Politics went looked at as being an Earth Colony due to the Presence of Terra Venture had helped to defend Earth and Beyond as Leaders of the Steel Brigade now part of the Mirinoi Planetary Defense.

After a nice lunch with her Step Grandmother Sue decided to go for a walk. Robert's daughter Stephanie joined her.

"SO what is first on your plans?" Stephanie asked.

"Familiarize myself with the colony as it is here," Sue said. "You don't know how strange it is for me. Here I am fifteen years before my birth talking with my own mother."

"Sue, I'm sure the me 35 years from now misses you. Yet you made the decision you did," Stephanie said.

"I know The strange thing is I don't even know how I a simple Ninja Ranger can even defend a colony. Kim and the others had to use either the 1st morph or Kenya especially prefers the 3rd morph. All I have is my second morph and that one isn't as powerful. You at least can flit around," Sue said.

"That can be dangerous. One time I actually hid from my dad for a month while flitting around Mirinoi exploring my new home. Dad still hasn't found all my hiding places. Nice thing is Dark Lord wouldn't know them. The only person who knows all my hiding places is Miya," Stephanie said.

"How many of your friends know you are the Flitter?" Sue asked.

"At first just Wang Chung and Jodie knew thanks to Scorpius. I managed to convince Powermatic though to let me tell Sarah, Miya, Kayla, and Marla. Miya helped me find a lot of my hiding places. Seems she tended to explore the Planet a lot when Maya and their parents weren't looking," Of course she might be gone for days on one excursion but I might be gone for only a few minutes to an hour or more depending on how far I flit and how long I stay where I flit to. Powermatic doesn't like my using my powers that way but with all the peace we've had It tends to get boring without a battle," Stephanie said.

After about twenty minutes of walking they encountered an Older man. Stephanie recognized the man as the Colonial Governor's Chief of Staff. She had met him many times while visiting her friend Jodie whose father was the Colony's Lieutenant Governor.

"Greetings Jera," Stephanie said.

"Greetings Stephanie. Sue, I'm aware of your problem and I think I can help," Jera said.

"How could you help me?" Sue asked.

"Deep in the caverns of Mirinoi near the Magna Cavern is a powersource It is said to be more powerful then even the Savage Sword," Jera said.

Sue thought about it.

"I wonder if the Magna Cavern might be the Cavern that the Magna Defender was imprisoned in after Treacheron defeated him centuries ago," Sue said.

"It could be and I know of one person who might be able to help us find the cavern," Stephanie said.

*** *** ***

"Who is that?" Sue asked.

"Why the Magna Defender of course," Stephanie said.

A Few minutes later they walked into the Colonial Security Station. An Officer wearing armor that looked suspiciously like Magna Defender's Armor.

"Hargan, is the Chief in?" Stephanie asked.

"He is in his office polishing his helmet. If you ask me I prefer the style helmets we had on Terra Venture only your dad snagged all those so we had to use new ones that look like Magna Defenders Helmet only without a face shield. Even the helmets that 25th Brigade uses are better then these things. Funny thing is the Chief's helmet does have a face shield and his helmet makes him look like Magna Defender," Hargan said.

Stephanie then lead Sue to the office of the Chief of Colonial Security. The Chief was just putting his polishing equipment away.

"Stephanie, Sue, how is everything?" A Very Cheerful sounding Mike Corbett asked.

"It's doing good Mike. From talking to Hargan you seem to have identified a little too well with your former identity," Stephanie said.

"You've been talking to Haley haven't you?" Mike asked referring to his long time girlfriend.

"Security Chief Corbett, Jera informed me of a powersource in a cavern near the Magna Cavern. It's my guess that the Magna Cavern is the one where the Original Magna Defender was imprisoned by Treacheron after he released the Lights. Stephanie seems to think that you might know where the cavern is," Sue said.

"I seem to have a rough idea where it is but Brian Flint did several geological checks. He might be able to help you even more but I will definitely help you out," Mike said as he grabbed his helmet. They then headed for Mirinoi College where Brian Flint a Geologist formerly attached full time to Planetary Defense now a mere reservist so he could head up the Geology Department had his office.

"According to my findings there is a strange powersource in sector 368," Brian said. "It almost makes me wonder if that powersource might have something to do with Dark Lord's visit."

"If you are right Brian then we have to make sure he doesn't get it," Sue said. Is there an entrance to the Caverns in that area?"

"I actually have an expedition planned to explore the Caverns in that area only the Dean is ah trying to keep me from going," Brian said.

"You mind if I make a quick call?" Stephanie asked.

"Go right ahead so long as it will get my expedition authorized," Brian said.

*** *** ***

A short time later They net up outside of the Academic Dean's office Joining Mike, Brian, Sue, and Stephanie was Planetary Defense Head Robert Gutheim better known as Stephanie's father and Planetary Governor Monique Renier.

"Governor Renier, to what do I owe the Honor of your visit?" the dean asked.

"The geological expedition that Brian Flint had requested to explore some caverns. I want it authorized," Renier said. "It could be a matter of Planetary importance if there is a powersource there that Dark Lord might be interested in."

"In that case Governor any expedition would have to proceed without Official Authorization from the school. I can't risk members of the college community if Dark Lord might be involved," the dean said.

"Brian, suit up we leave for Sector 368 in three hours six minutes and 8 seconds," Robert said.

*** *** ***

At the appointed time they met up in Robert's quarters.

"Robert, if Dean Simmons feels that the expedition is too dangerous then why are you going and taking Stephanie?" Connie asked feeling like a mother hen to her Powereon stepdaughter.

"Stephanie and I are going because This expedition was given the Highest Priority by Governor Renier. She specifically requested that Plastica, The Flitter, and Red Ninja be on the expedition," Robert said. "I almost wish Headset was here."

"Probably so Jess could talk you out of this crazy plan," Connie said.

"Not even Jess's hypnotic abilities could stop Plastica. I ensured her powers couldn't be used against her partner. If Renier feels that Robert, Stephanie, and Sue are needed then they could go," Powermatic said.

"For Safety reasons we are keeping the expedition small in fact this is the entire Expedition except for Matt and Chris. We aren't even bothering the Practitioners of Martal on this one," Brian said.

"At least be careful," Connie said. "Sometimes I feel like I married Superman."

"Who?" Sue asked.

"We'll explain on our way," Brian said as Chris Acman and Matt Muskel arrived.

"701 to Armatron, Launch Lightweight Mode Battle Armor Chest Only," Robert said.

A Single flash of light soon landed at their feet. Robert then maneuvered the revealed item over his shoulders until it rested against his chest.

"I think I'm ready to depart," he joked.

"I figured we would take a few horses on this trip," Brian said.

"Sounds good," Robert said as he mounted a bay.

"Good thing he isn't using full armor we would need a Clydesdale," Chris joked.

They rode off toward the Sector. After two days of riding with another day to go Stephanie was getting impatient.

"This bites. I could have made the trip a million times by now," Stephanie said.

Meanwhile a familiar Ship was arriving in Orbit.

"Watch out Humans. I'm back," Dark Lord said. "This time nothing will stop me. Lizarderia, There is a small encampment down there only a handful of humans. They look to be getting a little close to the Ultimatron. Take a Bunch of Lizardtrons and Stop them."

"As you command My Lord," his henchman said.

Lizardia then Headed down with the Lizardtrons.

"This is not good," Matt said.

"Powereon Powers now," Robert said. "Showtime Plastica Style."

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said.

At that Plastica and The Flitter were on hand. Sue meanwhile was deep in meditation and didn't even realize what was going on or so it looked.

"Mule, hear my call and come to my aid," Sue said.

"I hear you my colt," The Mule said. "You must do your best. The time isn't right yet but it is approaching rapidly."

"Ninja Ranger Power."

Shortly after that the Third member of the Demona Triage appeared known only as Red Ninja.

"Mule Wrath," Red Ninja said as she underwent a high placed kick at the closest Lizardtron. "Why did our party have to be crashed.

"Because my master ordered it," Lizardia said.

"Well let me Introduce you to a friend of mine," Plastica said as he grabbed a small sphere from a pouch and removed the tape covering a small port and a larger piece that went around it's equator. He then pressed the two hemispheres together and Threw it.

"Just what are those," The Flitter asked. "You used one against Mechinack as well."

"Plasticazation grenades. They contain a special foam that expands and hardens. I actually got the idea from episodes of This Old House that would show Insulation Contractors spraying a foam insulation into wall cavities and it then expanding to fill the cavity only this was modified to harden faster then you can say 701 to Armatron, Launch Stealth Mode Battle Armor," Plastica said. A few seconds later he called out. "Armor Up."

"Whoa what a trick," Lizardia said as he sent the Giant Lizard flying. Right behind Dark Lord's chief henchman was a small salvo of grenades. Meanwhile nearby Red Ninja heard something.

"Sue, come this way and learn how to harness the Ultimate," The voice said.

Sue quickly demorphed and followed the voice. She soon came upon a hole in the ground.

I better go down and see what is up. According to this device Brian gave me I'm right at the edge of the sector in question and we didn't even realize it.

Sue soon came across the Powersource in Question. It had a door that looked like it might Slide open.

"Please Identify yourself," the speaker said.

"Sue Collington of Capsilon IX former Red Demona Ranger and Leader of the Demona Rangers now the Sole Active Ranger on Mirinoi Fifteen years before my birth where now I only hold Ninja Powers."

"What brings you here?" the speaker asked.

"I'm part of a geological expedition that was attacked by Dark Lord's Lizardtrons," Sue said. "Unfortunately Ninja powers aren't all that powerful on their own."

"I understand and have been expecting you Susan Collington. Enter the realm of the Ultimate," the voice said.

Inside Sue found three small devices. Two of them looked familiar.

"Those look like the Magna Defender's Morpher," Sue said.

"The two on the right are the two components of the Magna Morpher. But your powers aren't there. Yours are behind Door #2. You must hurry Dark Lord's forces have found our location," the voice said.

Sue went through the door. What she found astounded her.

"What is this?" She asked.

"This is the Ultimate power in the Universe," the voice said "Behold the power and call for it."

"Ultima Ranger Power." Sue said.

What Sue saw when she looked at herself was a Mostly Red with Black Helmet, Gloves, and Boots.

"Ultimatron, if you don't mind I will deliver the Magna Morpher to it's intended," Sue said.

"Approved Ultima Ranger," the voice said.

Sue then Teleported back to the Battlefield.

"Lizardia, feel the power of the Ultimate," Sue said as she unleashed a huge barrage of power.

"No the Humans have found the Ultimatron," Lizardia said. "Lizardtrons Retreat."

They headed off right after that.

"Thanks for the assistance. Have you seen the Red Ninja?" Mike asked.

"Yes I have also I have a present for you," Sue said. "Both Red Ninja and Sue Collington are safe."

When Mike saw what their Savior handed him surprised him.

"My old morphers. How did you get ahold of them?" Mike asked.

"I found them near the powersource Mineralca was looking to investigate," Sue said.

"How did you know my codename I haven't used it since arriving on Mirinoi?" Brian asked.

"I have my sources," Sue said.

"Who might you be so I will know how to contact you?" Plastica asked as he removed the helmet that controlled the cloaking effect on his armor.

"I am the Ultima Ranger," Sue said. "Trust me Plastica I will know when I am needed."

Plastica concentrated his sensors on the Ultima Ranger.

"Flitter could you power down so I can concentrate my sensors better?" Plastica asked.

"No problem Plastica," Stephanie said before Powering down. Plastica powered down himself.

"Strange, I'm still picking up a residual Demona signature. It's not a Powereon signature. More like a Ranger signature," Robert said.

"Boss, could the Ultima Ranger be like you and Stephanie empowered by someone like Powermatic?" Matt asked.

"I don't think so. The Demona signature seemed masked by the Main power," Robert said.

"Well except for you and Stephanie the only person on Mirinoi at least officially with any kind of Demona Power is Sue," Mike said. "Robert is your DNA reader showing anything?"

"Demona Signatures tend to shield DNA patterns," Robert said. "I had the same problem when Stephanie first became the Flitter."

"I must rest. My body isn't used to this much power going through it," Sue said. "Ultima Ranger power down."

"I might have guessed," Chris Acman said. "After all Sue wasn't around when the Ultima Ranger showed up."
"It looks like my powers are extremely powerful. I'm just glad that I was able to morph for even that long," Sue said. "Unfortunately at least for now I'll have to use my second morph unless it's really necessary for me to use what for me is my primary morph. I wonder if the Ultima Ranger powers when combined with Ninjetti have an Eclipsed mode."

"Your best bet would probably be to not find out right away at least until we have Powermatic check you out," Robert said.

"Agreed Grandfather," Sue said.

Meanwhile Dark Lord was not impressed.

"Those humans are too good. But mark my words I will send this planet to it's knees," Dark Lord said.

Closing notes. Well looks like Mirinoi's one active Ranger is a little more powerful now. Thankfully Dark Lord isn't one for Monsters but if he did decide to send one what type of Zord would an Ultima Ranger have. That is a very good question. Better leave it for next fanfic though.