Disclaimer: Characters are mine Concept is Haim Saban's IGPF is Ellen Brands. I know this takes place in 2069 but who says that even that far in the future that we won't see major problems with computers. In case you've forgotten from a previous Disclaimer the Mr. Kaplan that is the principal of the High School in Settlement 14 is a descendant of the one from the Pre CTD Power Rangers shows.

Computer Problems
by Robert Gutheim

The story opens up in the Hallways of the High School during one of Teri's patrol periods.

"This is so great. I missed patrolling One week was lost because of my banging my head on the ceiling because I misjudged the ceiling height. Oh well I can blame that week on Mechinack but the next week was lost because Mr. Kaplan had me take time off after I returned to school," Teri noted

Teri was going by the School's largest computer lab when she heard something.

"This is so great. The school's server interlinks with the main colony server every six hours. Before you know it the entire colony will be completely lost since computers control a large percentage of the things that take place," A voice said.

"This doesn't look good. I admit it doesn't sounds like Mechinack's doing but I better morph before looking into it," Teri figured. "I/Oca, I may need your help." She called over her communicator. "Demona Ranger Power."

"What was that?" one of the kids in the lab asked.

"I don't know but get the virus uploaded before someone catches us," the other kids said.

"Too late," Teri said as she entered with I/Oca and Mr. Kaplan flanking her.

At that moment the computer interlinked with the main colony server. The virus was loose.

"This is not good," I/Oca figured. "Blue Ranger you were right to contact me. Unfortunately this computer won't do for tracking the virus. I'll have to use a computer on the main server."

"Come on you two. Let's go," Mr. Kaplan said as he lead the two kids out of the lab. Soon as they were out of sight Teri took her helmet off.

"I can't believe you morphed for a couple JD's," I/Oca said.

"It was a precautionary measure. Thankfully you were able to arrive so quickly," Teri said. "I was hoping not to have a relapse of the last time I had to go into action."

"That was not smart Brave maybe but not smart," I/Oca said.

"How bad do you think the virus is?" Teri asked as a couple students walked in.

"Careful there is a high likelihood that the computers in here are infected by a virus," I/Oca said.

"You sure I/Oca?" Jake McCann asked.

"I'm going to return to base soon to see if I can track it but it was uploaded from this lab," I/Oca said.

"How sure are you that it was uploaded here?" Jake asked.

"We caught the guys who created it but not soon enough," Teri said.

"Pretty interesting move. What did you do morph after Math?" Jake's companion Kenya Lewis asked.

"No I morphed right before I confronted the kids who uploaded the virus. Where is everyone doing lunch today?" Teri asked.

"Probably the Youth Center. The Café Lunch didn't look appetizing," Kenya said.

"How often do you kids eat at the youth center?" I/Oca asked.

"Maybe three four times a week. As it is by the time you factor our discount in it's cheaper then the café without a discount," Kenya said. "Matt makes sure our food is nutritionally balanced don't blow a microchip over it."

"I think I'm going to eat at the bunker. I/Oca will probably need help tracking the virus. Also I'm not real hungry right now," Teri said.

"What did you do sneak a candybar from the Faculty Lounge Vending Machines?" Jake asked.

"No my mom made a big breakfast this morning," Teri said. "Demorph."

"Good thinking," Jake said.

Teri walked down to the office right after that just as two Colony security guys took the Virus guys away.

"Mr. Kaplan, you mind if I help I/Oca work on tracking the Virus until my lunch period is over?" Teri asked.

"Go right ahead. The Colonial Governor found out about it and he was not happy," Mr. Kaplan said.

Soon as Teri and I/Oca teleported into the Command Bunker they headed for the back part of the War Room and I/Oca called up a small program he had designed.

"Oh boy something must be up if you are checking the entire Colony computer network," Stephanie said.

"A couple guys uploaded a virus at the school and it then escaped. The Colonial Governor wasn't results," I/Oca said.

"Who discovered it?" Stephanie asked.

"I did and the best part is the guys we caught don't even know who caught them. I morphed just in case Mechinack was involved. First though I called for back-up. Pretty specific back-up at that," Teri said.

"SO far it has infected five percent of the Colony's network. It looks to be spreading logarithmically One part that went down is the Security net. This means that if Mechinack attacks we won't necessarily now," I/Oca said. "I carefully grabbed a sample of the virus for Tyra to analyze. With luck we can develop a countervirus to defeat it."

"Would the Zords be affected by the virus?" Teri asked.

"I don't think so Why what was on your mind?"

"First we better Scramble the Team. I don't think we can spare scrambling the Former Rangers," Teri said.

"Good thinking. We will probably have to send out patrols. What I was thinking was one Air Attack and one Ground Assault zord per group. We better plan to transfer command to Airtron," Powermatic said. "For one thing it will allow I/Oca and Tyra to concentrate also if there is a problem the Zord computers are easier to isolate."

"Alpha, signal the other rangers to meet us aboard Airtron?" Powermatic ordered.

"You got it Powermatic," Alpha said. Right after the signal was sent everyone but Tyra and I/Oca teleported to the Cove where the Massive Carrierzord and it's submarine escort was docked.

"Powermatic something wrong?" Sylvia asked.

"Yes a virus was unleashed into the Colony computer network. This means that sensors could go down. My thought was to send patrols out. I/Oca and Tyra are working on a countervirus but it could take time. The guys who created the virus and uploaded it in the first place have been turned over to security," Powermatic said.

"Powermatic, you mind if I patrol alone. I/Oca has been working with me on a way to control the Recon Vehicle via remote directly from the Hornet when I have to split my zord?" Sylvia asked.

"I'll think about it," Powermatic said.

"Is there the possibility that we could have trouble from Mechinack when things go haywire?" Kim asked.

"I wouldn't be surprised?" Stephanie said.

"Kim, you and Kelly will work together, Janet, I'm placing you with Teri. Sylvia, try to work with Candi, Kenya, you and Jake are together, Fran, this means you and Sam are together. Barakus stand by in your zord. Andrew you and Jim for once will be working the base in case we have to deploy," Powermatic said.

"Sounds good," Andrew said. "Jan, be careful out there?"

"I will be Andrew," Janet said.

The Ground Assault Zord Pilots were teleported to their zords but the Air Attack pilots were able to simply walk outside and down to the Flight Deck and board their zords.


"Looks like a good time to have some fun," Mechinack said. "Hankoid send a few battalions of Gearheads and several squadrons of Jet Fighters to attack the Rangers. Also prepare a monster to attack their base."

"Why don't I just infiltrate their base," Goldar said.

"Not a bad idea Goldar. Now I know why Haradomous and Dark Lord kept you around," Mechinack said.

By this time the Rangers were deployed in their patrol areas. I/Oca and Tyra were having trouble creating the countervirus. Goldar teleported close to an access port for the Zord Garage. HE used his sword to open the port.

Beep Beeep Beep.

"Looks like the proximity alarm. Trouble in the Zord Garage. Better signal Airtron. You all set here?" Tyra asked.

"I think so," I/Oca said.

"In that case I better investigate," Tyra said. "Ninja Ranger Power."

Fairly soon a Yellow Robed Ninja appeared. She then headed toward the Zord Garage only getting as far as the Pool when she spotted Goldar.

"Looks like the welcoming committee has arrived," Goldar said.

"Whoa when is the last time you took a breath mint," Tyra said.

"Try never," Goldar said as he tried to attack Tyra. A convenient Portal opened though and a phaser blast came through it.

"Saved by the bell," Tyra said as she sent a quick kick at Goldar knocking him into the pool. She looked up to find out who her savior was.

"Thanks Plastica," Tyra said.

"Why didn't you use a full morph?" Plastica asked as Tyra demorphed.

"I no longer hold the Yellow Demona Powers. The Rangers are all on Patrol. A virus is taking out the colony computer network faster then we can defeat it," Tyra said. "A lot has changed since we last saw each other. Come one I know someone upstairs who will be glad to see you."

"Let me just take care of Monkey Boy," Plastica said. "Powerblade."

A small Blade then popped loose from his powerband and he grabbed it and using some quick hand motions extended it into a sword. The very sight of a Demona Sword sent Goldar packing. Plastica then followed The former Yellow Demona Ranger to the War Room.

"Any luck finding the problem?" I/Oca asked.

"Nothing we couldn't handle," Plastica said.

"We couldn't handle," I/Oca said as he turned around.

"By Job it looks like my old buddy Plastica," I/Oca said.

"I/Oca you as always are a sight for sore Tricorder Eyes," Plastica said. "Where are Stephanie and Powermatic?"

"Aboard Airtron I assume," I/Oca said. "Tyra and I are battling a computer virus that a couple young punks uploaded using a computer in one of the High Schools. It doesn't look good."

"Eagle," Plastica said.

HE then flew the distance to where Airtron was still moored. He managed to land on Jim's shoulder before the Gray Ranger even knew what was up.

"Man Jim you look like one of those old Sea Captains with your parrot on your shoulder," Alpha joked.

"It looks more like an eagle then a parrot," Jim said.

"OK dad, you can show yourself," Stephanie said.

When the Majestic Eagle reformed into a human it also powered down.

"How did you know to come here?" Stephanie asked.

"For once my transport portal opened somewhere other then the Youth Center. Goldar had infiltrated the Bunker. I had him stunned real quick. It took Tyra a minute to realize I was there," Robert said. "How many roster changes were made?"

"A few," Stephanie said.

"I know Sue retired, Tyra must have retired, and Sasha was killed but other then that I know almost nothing," Robert said.

"Sue and Tyra retired at the same time back in February. Sue was replaced by a girl named Kelly Brennan and Tyra by Candi Matthewson. After Sasha was killed she was replaced by a girl named Kenya Lewis. Sean quietly retired and was replaced by Jake McCann while most of the Company was off burying Sasha and Brianca retired a little over a month ago when she had to move to Eltare to accept a position on the Faculty of the Eltarian Academy. She was replaced by a girl named Teri Reynolds and within Three weeks Teri was in the hospital with a very minor concussion after she tried to do a spinning kick in the halls of the High School and slammed into the ceiling unmorphed I might add," Stephanie said. "She survived thankfully but she was out of action for a week."

"Not good. Morph First ask questions later should almost be the normal procedure," Robert said.

"Oh boy, this is not good every zord pair is being attacked heavily," Andrew said. "Mechinack must be having a ball dogging our forces."

"I agree Sword Brother," Robert said since the Black Ranger had the same weapon the Master of the Sacred powers of glass and plastic utilized. "You mind if I borrow some armor?"

"GO Right ahead. What did you have in mind?" Andrew asked.

"Backing up the Others. Stephanie I might need your help moving quickly."

"I hear you dad. You ready?" Stephanie asked.

"Of Course," Robert said.

"Then let's do it," Stephanie said.

"Showtime Plastica Style,"

"Time to Flit," Stephanie said.

"701 to Armatron Launch Battle Armor," Plastica said. "Armor Up."

Stephanie in her powered up mode of The Flitter then grabbed onto her dad and Flitted to the First Zord Pair where Plastica launched some special grenades that stopped the Gearheads and Jet Fighters. Five More Flits later saw the rest of the Gearheads and Jet Fighters stopped. The Rangers then converged on the Bridge of the Carrier Zord.

"So Stephanie, who is your friend in the stupid outfit?" Teri asked as she removed her helmet.

"Rookies," Plastica said. "They have no respect for the guy who just pulled them out of a Hot LZ."

"For those of you who weren't on the team when they had to go through a special portal to the Lost Galaxy this is Plastica. Only he isn't actually a friend of mine. You see Plastica is my dad," Stephanie said.

"This goofball is your father," Kelly said. "Unbelievable."

"One thing is for sure you are one atypical Red Ranger Kelly," Plastica said. "Power Down." He said as he hit the universal O button on his powerband.

"Whoa not a bad look," Teri said.

"Looks like Brianca chose a good successor," Robert said.

"Yeah right in my first three weeks as a ranger I morphed twice and one day when I was surrounded by Gearheads I tried to fight without morphing and I spent the night in the hospital and a week recovering at home all because I misjudged the ceiling height," Teri said.

"Ouch, thank god I almost always at least armor up," Robert said.

"We've been working on running her through drills as best we can," Andrew said when a buzzing sound was heard and Robert was shaking out of control. HE then grabbed a small device from his waist.

"My Tricorder. Alpha was sending me some e-mail. Countervirus ready. Awaiting word to release it along with a vaccine," Robert said.

"Last one back to the War Room is a rotten Egg," Stephanie said as she flitted. The Rangers then teleported with Teri assisting Robert.

"I could always have Used my Eagle Mode," Robert said.

"Yeah but you would have taken all day probably," Teri said.

They then arrived in the Bunker a couple seconds later.

"Well My friend What did you find?" Robert asked.

"It was your basic elementary school virus. I simply used a modified version of the computer equivalent of HIV. The Vaccine will prevent future viruses from attacking the computer system.," Tyra said.

"Well then Let's get to it," Robert said.

"Maybe we should combine our rings?" Jim said.

"Sounds good. Ring of Power I Plastica master of the Sacred Powers of Glass and Plastic Call Forth the Powers of a hypospray."

"I Jim Blackwell Gray Demona Ranger call forth the powers of the Ring of Power."

"Rings of Power Combine." They said simultaneously.

The two rings then released the counter virus through the Network, Soon as I/Oca gave the word they immunized the Network.

"Well time for me to return to Mirinoi. I'll be back though someday," Robert said.

Closing Notes. Well another Fanfic is finished. This is not a true Crossover since in a true crossover time is spent in both time periods. But Never Fear because another Crossover is coming up.