The Lost Adventures : Triple Trouble
By Robert Gutheim

Our newest adventure takes place after Happy Birthday Trini and describes what happens when Lord Zedd sends down three monsters to different places. At the Angel Grove Youth center Our friends are preparing for a huge Christmas Party. Ernie the owner of the Youth Center was directing things.

"Aisha, you and Trini see if you can place the Christmas Tree over by the Juice Bar. Tommy, you, Billy, Rocky, and Adam, try to get the throne into position by the Weight Machines. Kimberly, you, Jason, and Zack get the Tree Trimming equipment ready. Bulk, Skull stay away from the food. Meanwhile in another part of the Universe Lord Zedd that evil twisted scrooge had hatched a new plan.

"So the Power Rangers and their friends are getting ready for Christmas. Plastica and Headset appear to be as well. I must be sure to give them presents. Namely Elfador, Rudolph the evil minded Reindeer, and Santa Blows. and just to make it unfair I will send Elfador to Angel Grove, Rudolph to Chicago, and Santa to Syracuse New York," Lord Zedd said and placed it in action. Back at Angel Grove.

"This is starting to look great," Ernie said. "Should only be a few minutes more. THe silence that followed was broken by Tommy's commmunicator going off. The Rangers slipped into the Hall.

"We read you Zordon," Tommy said.

"Rangers, teleport to the Command Center at once. We have a serious situation. Robert and Jessica are waiting for you," Zordon said. A couple seconds later.

"Rangers, Lord Zedd sent three monsters to earth in different parts of the Country. one is in Angel Grove, one in Chicago, and the third one encountered by a Steel BRigade unit was in Syracuse," Robert said. "Zordon, Gradu and I have come up with a Plan. Tommy, you Kimberly and Trini will go after Elfador, Jason, you Billy, and Zack will defend Chicago from Rudolph the evil minded Reindeer, and Jessica, Aisha, Rocky, Adam, and I will go after Santa Blows in Syracuse. TO do the split successfully Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are being given new ranger powers," Robert said. a bolt of energy was then sent out from Zordon. When it was done where Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had been standing were new rangers wearing uniforms of brown, Gray, and Purple. the three quickly demorphed.

"Rocky, your morphing call will be Brontosaurus, Adam, Veciloraptor, and Aisha Mammoth," Zordon said.

"Tommy you want the next call or should I give it?" Robert asked.

"You do it Robert," Tommy said. "I have faith in you."

"It's show time. LEt's power up. IT's Morphin TIme."





"Sabertoothed TIger"





"Mammoth" The Three Ranger teams then teleported to their destinations. Roberts team teleported to the Steel Brigades secondary Landing Facility two miles from Fort Goddard.

"Powers of Glass and Plastic, change me to Plastica," Robert said. the change wasn't visible since he was in ranger mode.

"Powers of the Unknown, abilities of a Strobelight, change me to Headset," Jessica called out.

"Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Headset take to the Ultralights. I'll be abroad the Apache," Plastica said. THe five individuals then took off toward Syracuse keeping an eye out for the monster. Upon finding the Monster the team landed nearby.

"So, have you five been good this year," Santa Blows asked.

"You bet even if you haven't," Aisha said from behind the Gray Rangers Suit.

"I'm not impressed Power Ranger. It makes me think maybe I should put you five on my naughty list. While all this was going on Tommy, Kimberly and Trini were up to their eyeballs in trouble battling Elfador.

"This monster is something else. I have a feeling that Lord Zedd did this on purpose to split our ranks," Kimberly said.

"Makes sense and from what I figured Elfador is the most powerful of the monsters so we should get Santa Blows and Rudolph out of the way as soon as possible and then concentrate our efforts on Elfador," Tommy said.

"Jason, how are you coming on Rudolph," Tommy called.

"Good. he is just about finished now. Billy built a force field projector so Zedd's enlarging orbs can't reach him,"Jason responded. Meanwhile back in Syracuse the assault team was in a huddle.

"Aisha, Rocky, Adam. I've been analyzing Santa Blows with my Tricorder Eyes. HE is not all that powerful. In fact I think we can overload him. If you three were to concentrate your Blade Blasters in blaster mode at the same time that I attempt a risky dump of all my available energy virtually draining the energy from not only my powers but also my Energy shield we may be able to defeat him and then go help Tommy," Plastica figured. "Headset get a Phaser Rifle from the Apache and Stand by to fire it on Santa Blows at the same time that we concetrate firepower."

"You got but we may want to be careful," Headset said.

"What on earth are you Ranger's doing," Santa Blows wondered.

"Just giving you an early Christmas Present Santa," Plastica said as he prepared his Powerband for the energy dump. "And here it is." At that moment three blade blaster beams one Phaser Beam on Setting Sixteen and one huge beam of pure energy slammed into the monster knocking him out of the picture.

"Zordon, five to teleport directly to the command center," Plastica called right before he lost conciousness Soon back at the command center

"I hope that Plastica will be all right. If the battle should get bad we will need him," Jason said,

"He'll be all right it just takes time to recharge a drained battery. Not only that but his enrgy shield that he use's sometimes for protection needs energy from photosynthesis to recharge," Headset said. "That is why he said that the energy dump would be dangerous. I only remember his being energy starved once before during a battle at the White House," Headset said.

"Does he have to undergo a slow recharge. What if we used normal household electricity to recharge him. I have an A.C./D.C. adapter back at my garage with what looks like just the right type of connector for the charging port on his powerband," Billy suggested.

"It could work but Billy if it doesn't he could die," Headset said.

"We must give it a try. Tommy needs our help," Zack said.

"Billy get the adapter," Headset said. a few minutes later back at the Command Center.

"Well let's give this a try," Billy said as he plugged the electrical end into a highly convenient electrical outlet at the command center "Here goes nothing." a minute later Plastica was back on his feet.

"Thanks Billy. How much do you want for that cord. I could use something like that for emergency's. Back into Action." Soon back in Angel Grove the Rangers in Full Force attacked Elfador.

"So you have brought your friends. Good that just makes it more fun," Elfador said. Lord Zedd was not Amused and reached back formed an enlarging orb and threw it. Elfador removed the smaller orb and slammed the larger one to the ground growing Gigantic.

"I hereby call forth the power of Thunder," Tommy said.

"Mastodon Lion Thunderzord Power"

"Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord Power"

"Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord Power"

"Saber Toothed Tiger Griffin Thunderzord Power"

"Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord Power,"

"White Tigerzord Tiger Mode Power Up," Tommy said while holding Saba. Plastica Aisha, Rocky and Adam were quickly teleported to the Command Center.

"Plastica, your team is going to need to assist in this battle. Therefore with your new powers come new Zords. Plastica, your quick wits and lightning fast moves have earned you the Cheetah LightningZord. Aisha, You tend to show great strength and cunning your new zord will be the elephant lightningzord. Adam, your birdbrained ways have provided for you in the form of the Hawk lightningzord. Rocky, your new zord is the Rhino lightningzord. When they combine they form Zues, and if combined with the ThunderUltrazord they form the All Powerful SuperZord. You will need the SuperZord to stop Elfador I fear. Good luck and may the Power protect you," Zordon said.

"Lightning Brigade back into Action," Plastica said. THe New Lightning Brigade then telported into battle.

"Lightning Power know," Plastica said.

"Stegosaurus, cheetah lightningzord power."

"Mammoth, Elephant lightningzord power."

"Veciloraptor, Hawk lightningZord power."

"Brontosaurus, Rhino lightningzord power." The new lightningzords soon appeared and began attacking Elfador.

"Jason, Tommy, suggest going to warrior modes," Plastica said.

"Agreed. We need to concentrate our efforts but still be integral," Tommy said. "White Tigerzord convert to warrior mode."

"We need Mega Thunderzord power know," TheThunderRangers Said.

"Lightningzords merge to form the All Powerful Mega Zord Zues," Plastica said.

"Right after that Aisha's Elephant Zord stood Up on end as if to rear up and after that Rocky's Rhino Zord Jumped up and landed on top of the Elephant. The Cheetah then zoomed over and formed its legs into powerful rocket motors which it used to fly up and link up with the Rhino and form two Powerful Arms. The Hawk then combined with the detached Elephants head to form a massive head which then landed on top and a huge lightning bolt staff then landed in Zues's outstretched hand. The Three Robots then began their attack on Elfador. Tommy then realized something.

"I hereby call upon the Power of Tor and the UltraZord," He said. the necessary changes to the ThunderZords then take place. Then the UltraZord is Formed.

"This will be Easy as they Concentrate their forces more I have Fewer Targets. That just makes it easier," Elfador said while dodging Zues's Lightning bursts and the UltraZords shots from within.

"Tommy, get ready. I think it is time to form the SuperZord," Plastica said.

"You've lost me Plastica. What on earth is the SuperZord?" Tommy asked.

"You'll see in a minute," Plastica said. Looking around Zues's control center he found a panel marked lift for Superzord Mode. He lifted it and a small square sleeve moved away from a small port which resembled the ringkey port on his powerband. He then decided to try something.

"Superzord power up," Plastica said as his ringkey entered the portal and he rotated his arm. Zues then merged with the Ejected Red Dragon Thunderzord and formed a magnificently designed Zord. The Newly combined unit then landed where the Red Dragon Thunderzord has been to Form The SuperZord. The SuperZord using the Chopper Staff then Formed a huge sonic boom to be carried by a magnificently large Lightning bolt. The large release of light and sound energy sent Elfador back to the North Pole. Soon back at the Command Center.

"Rangers, you teamed up against impossible odds. The SuperZord is the Ultimate in Attack Modes. Robert was briefed on it only we didn't have time to brief everyone on it. The Lightning Zords were formed at the same time as the Thunderzords and kept in Storage for a Rainy Day. Good Luck. America is safe once again," Zordon said. All that was left was the Christmas Party. It went good and the Earth was safe for now.