Disclaimer: If Saban had used it on a show then it is his. If he didnít then it belongs to the following people IGPF Ellen Brand, everything else belongs to Yours Truly. Well in this fanfic you learn what happened to another former Galaxy Ranger. Letís see Mike is now the Chief of Colonial Security and Maya is the Guardian of the Quasar Sabers. Hum what of the others. Well Stay Tuned.

The Arsenal of Ultima
by Robert Gutheim

One day at a house in the Capital City of Mirinoi a Well dressed Japanese man was getting ready to take his four year old daughter for a walk. Thankfully it was a weekend so he didnít have to work. Soon as he had his daughter all set they headed out. After about fifteen minutes of walking through the City they were attacked by Lizardia the slightly Intelligent servant to the Dark Lord. Lizardia grabbed the child and teleported out before anyone could stop her. The girls father headed for the Colonial Security Office where Officer Greg Hargan took his statement.

"OK so according to your info Mr. Samoto a giant lizard kidnapped your daughter. Somehow I find your story a little hard to swallow," Hargan said.

"Officer I am telling you the truth," Mr. Samoto said.

"Unfortunately if I sent this report up to my boss the way it is now he would probably stick me on the midnight shift until I retired," Hargan said as A 5-7 Asian appearing Female walked by in a Red Trimmed GSA uniform.

"Sue, you busy?" Hargan asked.

"Why something up Hargan?" Sue asked.

"Sort of. This man claims a giant lizard kidnapped his four year old daughter. I donít know his story sounds a little suspicious," Hargan said.

"Hargan, you were with the Colony during the trip from Earth. You should know that nothing is impossible," Sue said. "Sir, Iím Sue Collington Iím the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Colonial Security. Did you happen to get a picture of the Lizard or would you maybe be able to identify a picture."

"No the only picture I brought is of my daughter," Mr. Samoto said handing a photo over.

"She is certainly a cute kid. Tell you what sir. Iíll check our database for any criminals known for this type of thing. Why donít you come with me," Sue said.

Sue then lead Mr. Samoto down to her office where she called up a photo of Lizardia that had been forwarded by the Intergalactic Police Force.

"The creature I saw looked just like that thing right there on the screen," Mr. Samoto said.

"Not good Mr. Samoto, this particular criminal looks to have a rap sheet longer then the distance from Earth to Mirinoi," Sue said. "Let me check known associates."

The List had one name The Dark Lord.

"I better inform Planetary Defense of this then see about opening an investigation," Sue said.

"Why would Planetary Defense be involved?" Mr. Samoto asked.

"It would be like the FBI looking into something too big for the local police," Sue said.

"I see," Mr. Samoto said. Sue meanwhile was hitting a button on her desk.

"Chief Corbett could I see you for a minute?" She asked.

"My Office or yours," Mike Corbett answered.

"Your Office might be best," Sue said. "Iíll have Hargan get you some coffee while I talk to the Chief and get his opinion."

Sue then summoned Hargan before heading down the hall to her bossís office.

"Something Up?" Mike asked.

"Lizardia has kidnapped a 4 year old girl. I think I better do some investigating of my own," Sue said.

"What type of investigating?" Mike asked.

"You remember where Lizardia attacked us last time?" Sue asked.

"Yes I do. Near the area we were heading for," Mike said.

"Meet me there in Twenty minutes," Sue said.

"Why there?" Mike asked.

"Youíll see," Sue said.

Sue then Teleported off and Mike excused himself and headed for the Capital City Day Care Center where he seeked out a Red Shirted Dark-haired Caucasian Male a little younger then the police chief.

"Mrs. Graham, I need to borrow my brother for a little bit," Mike said.

"Not a problem Mike," the Teacher said.

"Where are we going?" his brother asked.

"Iím not sure but Sue feels itís important," Mike said.

They arrived at the Rendezvous spot right on time.

"Mike, why is Leo with you?" Sue asked.

"I figured an extra pair of hands might be useful," Mike said.

"Follow me," Sue said as she lead the way to the Entrance to the cavern she had found during a previous trip out there. Eventually they were before a Strange door. The door opened and Sue entered but the Ultimatron blocked Mike and Leo from Entering.

"Greetings Sue," a voice said.

"Greetings Ultimatron, Weíve got trouble," Sue said.

"Define Trouble," the Ultimatron said.

"Lizardia kidnapped a four year old girl. Her parents are originally from Earth but she was born on Mirinoi," Sue said.

"Not a good situation to be in. Who are your comrades?" Ultimatron asked.

"The guy with the Armor is Mike Corbett and his companion is his brother Leo. Mike is to be given Level Two access and Leo level one," Sue said.

"Access parameters Level Two and Level One are not defined. Please define Parameters."

"Level Two access allows access to all areas. Level One access is restricted to outer bay only.

Shortly after that Mike and Leo were safely in the outer room to the Ultimatron.

"What is this place?" Leo asked.

"This is the Ultimatron, I use it as a Base of Operations separate from the Colony," Sue said.

"IS this where your powers came from?" Mike asked.

"Yes both mine and yours in fact," Sue said.

"Interesting Base but why here?" Leo asked.

"I kind of stumbled upon it. Eventually I will probably allow other people access to it but for now just the three of us should be fine," Sue said. "Ultimatron, see if you can locate where Lizardia might me."

A screen lit up with the words working on it. Meanwhile Ultimatron had a couple things to go over.

"Sue, before you attempt to do battle it might be prudent to check out Door #3," Ultimatron said.

Sue then headed for the Door. When the door opened to admit her She noticed what was inside.

"Whoa this looks like a ready made Arsenal almost like the Armatron," Sue said. "Swords, Blasters, other bladed weapons. Man that looks like a Morphing Ranger Blade Blaster over there. A Zeo sword over here. IS this a showcase of all known Ranger Weapons?" Sue asked.

"Yes it is," Ultimatron said. "Right now your powers donít have a set arsenal. You have your chose of any weapons in the Arsenal."

Mike had slipped in but Leo knowing he wasnít authorized access stayed outside.

"This particular weapon looks familiar to me," Mike said picking up a dark colored rifle with a pivoting handle.

"That is because that weapon is the Magna Blaster the weapon of the Magna Defender," Ultimatron said.

"That would make this my weapon then," Mike said as he cocked his wrists to reveal his morphers.

"That it would," Ultimatron said as the Blaster slipped away.

"Itís hard to know just what weapons I should choose," Sue said. "After all not all battles are the same. For some battles a sword would be helpful but other battles might require a blaster. Thatís one advantage you have Mike you have a single weapon with two modes so you donít require an entire arsenal."

"IF we work together I bet we can get you a first rate arsenal," Mike said.

"Sue, Lizardtrons have been detected in Sector 259," Ultimatron said.

"In that Case I better go into action," Sue said. "Mike, you and Leo monitor things here. Ultimatron, is Direct Teleport possible from outside into Base?"

"You can teleport out from in here but teleports in would go to the Main Entry that you always use so that I can make sure a person is Authorized," Ultimatron said.

"Ninja Ranger Power," Sue said.

"Hello Lizardia, Now how about returning the child you took," Sue said as she used a few Martial Arts moves on both the Lizardtrons and Lizardia.

"I think not Ranger, Dark Lord has plans for the Child," Lizardia said.

"I would be derelict in my Duties if I allowed your Slimy boss to keep anything that wasnít his," Sue said.

"Like I care Ranger," Lizardia said.

Meanwhile at the Ultimatron Mike and Leo were monitoring the fight on the Screen.

"Looks like Sue needs some help," Leo said.

"She is doing fine. Sheís just getting warmed up thatís all," Mike said.

"How do you know," Leo said as Sue Cocked her wrist to reveal her Morpher.

"Whoa, why if she is already Morphed is her Morpher just appearing?" Leo asked.

"She used a lower Morph to start out. Now comes the Heavy Artillery," Mike said as Sue Went into a classic Morphing Stance.

"Ultima Ranger Power," Sue said. Shortly after that Her Chest arms and legs stiffened up and her Face Mask, hand wrappings and Shoes converted into Black Helmet Gloves, and Boots. Sue then started going full force against the Lizardtrons and soon they were defeated. Unfortunately Sue was almost at her limits. Luckily She teleported away. Right after that She entered and Demorphed.

"Ultimatron, why can I only fully morph for a brief time period?" Sue asked.

"Your Body isnít used to the Power yet. Also something is blocking your new powers from fully interrelating with your power," Ultimatron said.

"Except for my Ninja powers that I start out the fights with the only other power Iíve ever had was Demona Power," Sue said. "Could one of them be causing the problem?"

"Itís possible," Ultimatron said.

"Sue, remember last time how Plastica was saying how he was picking up a trace Demona signature that appeared to be a ranger signature. I wonder if your Demona Powers are still in some way a part of you," Mike said.

"Itís possible," Sue said. "Ultimatron, which Door Leads to the Med Chamber?"

"There isnít one," Ultimatron said.

"Well thatís nice. This place supposedly has all these rooms yet nowhere to treat injuries or illness. So far Iíve seen the main room the room containing my powers and the Master Arsenal. Thatís three rooms and required opening two Doors. There are Four Doors numbered two through five off this room alone but one of the other doors could lead to a corridor which would mean that there could be more then five rooms. One thing is for sure until I get my powers stabilized I wonít need to worry about an arsenal," Sue said.

"Why is that Sue?" Ultimatron asked.

"I most likely wonít be able to remain morphed long enough," Sue said.

At that moment Mikeís police communicator went off.

"Mike here."

"Chief, Itís Hargan, the head of Planetary Defense stopped by looking for either you or Sue."

"Hargan, any chance you could stand by," Mike said.

"Trouble?" Ultimatron asked after Mike lowered his communicator

"Sueís Grandfather is looking for Sue and I," Mike said.

"WE better have him come here," Sue said. "Have him teleport to where Lizardia attacked then Leo can meet him outside the Cavern.

Mike called it in and then Leo left for the Surface. Fairly soon after that Leo returned.

"Ultimatron, Leoís Companion is Robert Gutheim the Head of Planetary Defense. He is to considered to have Level Two access. Soon after that Robert was inside.

"Greetings Robert," Ultimatron said.

"Nice Place youíve got here," Robert said. "Everything all right?"

"Well we have two problems right now. One either my ninja powers or whatever trace amount of my Demona Powers remain within me are causing the problem with my new Powers that keep me from being able to remain morphed for extended periods. Unfortunately Lizardia kidnapped a young girl and I will probably need my Ultima Powers to rescue her," Sue said.

"Hargan briefed me on Mr. Samotoís problem which is why I wanted to find you two. One thing is for sure you have excellent security here. How many people have access to this place?" Robert asked.

"Just the four of us. As it is Leo canít go beyond this room but you, Mike, and I have free reign of the place," Sue said.

"I think Powermatic will be needed if the problem is connected to the Demona Ranger Powers," Robert said. "Unfortunately, we need the Powermatic from your time since the Powermatic in this time wouldnít have any knowledge of how the powers work."

"So my situation is hopeless," Sue said.

"Maybe not," Robert said.

"Grandpa, take into consideration my original powers wonít be developed for probably another thirty years. We need to get the problem fixed now," Sue said.

"Ultimatron, if you were to scan my Powerband would you then be able to isolate the Power Signature within that identifies the powers?" Robert asked.

"Yes I would Robert but there is no guarantee that your powers and Sueís old powers would have a full signature that would be identical," Ultimatron said.

"Ultimatron, what if you scanned the morpher that was used with the Powers," Sue said.

"So long as the morpher had the same powers it could work," Ultimatron said.

"Do you even have your old Morpher?" Mike asked.

"No I donít a Demona Fuser has my old plunger Morpher but we had switched over to Electromorphers before I passed on my powers," Sue said.

"We might need the Sword of Light," Robert said. "Of Course we would also need Kelly Brennan. I better summon Powermatic from this time period."

"We better give him Level Two Access," Sue said.

"Iíll have him make note to have Kelly Stand by for a portal to be opened," Robert said. "That way he wonít have to actually come here."

Robert then signaled Powermatic. HE Then went outside and used the Ring of Power to Open A Portal to where Kelly was and the Brown Hair girl walked through fully Morphed.

"Robert, what ever is going on you better make it quick. We were in the Middle of a battle with the Megazords," Kelly said.

"Gutheim requesting access with guest," Robert said.

"Sue, why on Earth was I called here?" Kelly asked.

"We think I may still have a small amount of the Red Demona power and itís causing me some problems," Sue said.

"Tyra, and Sean havenít complained of any power withdrawal problems. I admit I canít answer for Brianca or Sasha but Why you?"

"I doubt Brianca is having problems either since She is probably using her Ninja powers which are compatible. After deciding to stay here I received new powers and they arenít compatible with my old powers," Sue said. "I think itís connected with the Demona Powers."

*** *** ***

Meanwhile Dark Lord was gloating over his pint sized prisoner.

"Certainly doesnít look like the Ultima Ranger is much of a threat for being the Most Powerful Ranger in Existence. I doubt she will be able to rescue you Any Time soon," Dark Lord said.

"Donít bet on it you mean man," the girl said.

"I find your remarks oh so flattering," Dark Lord said. "Be glad Iím willing to spare your life but then I have plans for you."
"The Cops will send your goose packing," the girl said.

"Yeah if they could get to me but my base is 4 auís from the actual planet," Dark Lord said.

Oops might be too far for the Flitter.

At that moment a Ship docked with Dark Lords vessel. A Villain with six Arms that looks something like Dr. Octopus from Marvel Comics fame walks in.

"Octon, I have a special mission for you. Itís a long mission. Your job is to take this human child and train her as a Warrior," Dark Lord said. "When she has grown both in age and as a warrior which means it will be a number of years you will bring her back."

"I hear you my lord," Octon said as He took careful hold of the child with his arms and carried her to his ship before leaving.

*** *** ***

"Sue, A Ship is leaving Dark Lordís Base," Ultimatron said as Kelly was preparing to leave and return to Capsilon IX.

"What do Sensors show?" Sue asked.

"Two life signs are aboard. One is Octon a member of Octopal Race. The other life sign appeared to be human," Ultimatron said.

"I hope it wasnít the girl Lizardia captured," Sue said as she headed back toward the Armory. "Well Next Battle it will be nice to see if the repair works."

"What do you think you will utilize for Weapons?" Mike asked.

"I still havenít decided," Sue said.

"Iíd definitely keep on hand at least one bladed weapon and at least a hand blaster of some type," Robert said.

"Itís such a hard choice to make if you ask me," Sue said. "I admit I miss My Sword but Fencing isnít my usual style."

"What about this Sue," Leo said holding up a small metal cylinder that resembled a lightsaber.

"That is a Laser Sword Capable of Cutting through Solid rock," Ultimatron said.

"Leo, hand the sword over," Sue said. "How did you sneak in anyway?"

"I convinced your computer that she could trust me," Leo said as he handed Sue the cylinder and Sue placed it in a compartment on her uniform. Sue then picked up a small Three foot long Double edged sword that was similar to the Original Red Rangerís Power Sword.

"What will you do for a blaster?" Mike asked.

"TO start out with on that end I will grab these," She said grabbing two small gauntlets one of which was notched in such a way as to fit around her morpher. TO finish off her blaster arsenal she grabbed a small hand pistol like blaster which had two small circular batteries in it with black ends where you could grab ahold of them.

"Those batteries look like the ones Black and Decker developed for their Versa-Pack line of tools," Robert joked. Sue simply glared at her grandfather. She finished her arsenal account withdrawal with a small pouch of Ninja Throwing Stars.

"This last addition is for use with the 2nd Morph," Sue said since she still had her ninja powers even with the tinkering that was done to remove the last remaining traces of her Red Ranger Powers.

"Just in Time to because Lizardia is attacking Capital City," Ultimatron said.

"In that case Mike letís get her," Sue said.

"Magna Power," Mike said morphing once again into the Magna Defender. Leoís mouth dropped big time when Mike Morphed.

"Ultima Ranger Power," Sue said.

*** *** ***

"SO I see the Ranger Weakling brought a Friend," Lizardia said.

"Lizardia, you better tell your boss to release that little girl or else I will personally rip every piece of his ship to bits until I find her," Sue said.

"Go ahead and try the little twerp is no longer aboard," Lizardia said.

"You lie," Sue said.

"Sue, maybe not sensors did show a human life sign reading on the ship that left Dark Lordís ship," Mike said.

"That isnít proof though," Sue said as she prepped her gauntlets for battle firing two high powered blasts at Lizardia.

"Is that the Best you can do?" Lizardia asked shortly before she Fell down and exploded.

*** *** ***

A Short time later back in the Ultima Rangerís secret Base.

"I canít believe I allowed Dark Lord to get away with Kidnapping. Mechinack has taken me prisoner twice or rather he will take me prisoner twice Thirty some years from now. No one should have to be subjected to it. How will we break the news to her father?" Sue asked as she took a seat in the Room she had dubbed the War Room.

"I will find a way. Dark Lord will really be after you since you had destroyed his goon," Mike said. "Hey you did good out there Sue. You were able to battle Lizardia without your powers getting to you."

"Oh man before we fixed them It almost felt like an allergic reaction to the powers. Thankfully Kelly took the info with her on how to remove all traces of the power if any other retired rangers end up needing to take on a new power," Sue said. "Ultimatron, Teleport us out. For people who are already cleared enable direct teleporting into the Base."

"Yes Sue," Ultimatron said. "When should I schedule a full tour of the base?"

"Another time maybe. If Octon should show his tentacles in this area again let Mike and I know so we can nail him," Sue said.

"I will inform you immediately," Ultimatron said.

Closing Notes: Oh man this one is certainly a real cliffhanger. The Japanese childís story does it seem familiar at all. What do you think is behind the other doors of Sueís base. Also why do you think the Ultimatron doesnít have a Med Chamber. Well next fanfic we will learn what Karone did after Journeyís End and maybe even learn what are behind the other doors. At some point we will learn if Sueís powers include a zord at all. Heck if The Magna Defender Powers are back does that Mean Torozord is back as well or will Mike have a new zord.