Disclaimer: Characters are mine but the concept is Haim Sabanís. This one is another Christmas Fanfic but it wonít involve time travel like my previous one A Power Rangers Christmas Special did where a few scenes too place on Capsilon IX but the action took place aboard Terra Venture on itís journey from Earth to eventually Mirinoi.

A Capsilon Christmas
by Robert Gutheim

Earth December 2069 Place Chicago Illinois.

"Mom, if we are only going to Capsilon IX for Christmas with Uncle David and Aunt Colleen why are we packing so much stuff?" A Blond hair twelve year old girl asked.

"We will be gone a long time Amelia. McCannís are going to store our stuff while we are gone," her mother said.

"Yeah but itís not like Fran knows we are coming," Amelia said.

"Actually Colleen sent word ahead that we would be accompanying them. I think it was nice that They invited us to join them plus your uncle Frank is also there as you know heading up the soldiers," she said.

"Mom, if they have Fran and her friends why do they need Soldiers?" Amelia asked.

"I donít think they had counted on having the rangers so they needed to be ready," she said.

Later that night Ameliaís mom Dr. Bethany Cummings was laying in bed when her husband joined her.

"Kevin, I didnít have the heart to tell Amelia that we are moving to Capsilon IX instead of simply visiting Fran. You know I wonder if Brianca will be there for Christmas," Bethany said.

"I spoke with Robin and she didnít say anything about Bri coming home for Christmas," Kevin said.


Meanwhile on Capsilon IX the residents of the Command Bunker were decorating the Bunker for Christmas.

"This will be a huge celebration," Kim said. "Not like the year we all ended up fighting sting wingers."

"Hey you all did good. My dad and I needed all the help we could get," Stephanie one of the mentors said.

"The nice thing is Sean isnít trying to badly sing Jingle Bells this time," Andrew said while using a Jet Pack to hang decorations from the Ceiling of the Gymnasium for the Holidays.

"Have you ever heard a good rendition of Jingle Bells?" Teri asked after running in at high speed.

"Whoa you look tired Teri," Kenya Lewis an African girl said.

"Sorry I had to relay on my spirit animal getting here. My mom needed her car," Teri said.

"For the Record My Grandmother Hammond introduced Christmas Carols to KO-35. The Kerovian Choir does a real good rendition every year," Andrew said. "In fact when I was a kid I actually sang alongside them."

At that moment Andrewís wife Janet walked in and looked up at the Ceiling since she had been decorating the Snack Bar with a couple of the Younger Rangers.

"Andrew, I donít think thatís quite what Robert had in mind when he gave you control of the Armatron," She said as she noticed where Andrew was working away.

"Hey come on Janet it saves having to use a ladder," Andrew said as he went horizontal and went to the next spot.

"I bet it is a blessing having a cheetah for a spirit animal," Kenya who had a rhinoceros as a spirit animal said.

"Yeah it is especially when my spine is able to handle the pressure that is put on it when I have to run fast," Teri said. "Jim, your mom coming?"

"Which one?" Jim Blackwell the Gray Ranger asked as he spread cotton batting over a section of floor to simulate snow.

"Your birth mom," Teri said.

"I donít know I havenít invited her yet," Jim said. "Teri, if Santa could bring you anything you wanted what would you wish for?"

"Besides a better weapon when morphed. Canít think of anything," Teri said. "Whose idea was it to invite the parents of the Earth born Rangers to Capsilon IX for Christmas?"

"IT was sort of a group decision since we donít get a chance to see them unless we are on R&R and not everyone goes at any one time," Janet said.

"Iím sure we will survive," Kim said. "Anyone seen Fran?"

"She is helping Matt Decorate the Youth Center A bunch of us when we get done here will be heading over there to help out," Barakus said.

"If anything Fran needs family right now. The closest thing she had to family besides us is Briancaís mom and Iím not sure how close they are," Stephanie said.

"I remember back when her parents visited for the wedding. At first they thought maybe Fran was living with Brianca. Well in a way she was just not how her parents thought she was. They informed them though," Janet said. "Man I was worried what my parents would think just about me undergoing the training. Also one day shortly after Fran arrived Robin came to us at the Youth Center and said how Fran could have stayed with her before she knew Fran was a Ranger."

"Think how the parents of people who werenít trained like Teri or I handled the news," Candi said. "My dad knew I planned on becoming a ranger but my intent was to attend an academy first then of course things went downhill due to Christineís pregnancy and in the end I didnít get a chance to apply because I ended becoming a ranger without training. The best Christine was able to do was working with the powers even though she didnít receive any."

"How hard was your first battle?" Teri asked.

"Iím sure you saw the hole I left in the wall at school. I wasnít prepared for recoil and ended up getting thrown backwards," Candi said.

"Who were you firing at?" Teri asked.

"Your sparring partner Goldar," Candi said. "How will you handle Colony Immigration with all our guests?"

"Similar to the way I arrived they will be on a diplomatic transport. We better make sure we have enough people to greet them since we are talking about a big party," Kenya said.

"Probably Twenty-one people on the Diplomatic shuttle," Kim said. "I arranged with Commander Cummings to borrow a few cars from GSA along with two trucks. They will arrive at the Diplomatic Corps Space Port in Settlement 9 on the 20th. Teri, if you can see if you can borrow your momís car as well."

"I can already guess that it wonít happen," Teri said. "She has a ton of stuff she needs her car for between now and Christmas. Right now Iím putting my entire GSA pay towards buying my own car."

"Hope you left enough in reserve to buy your mom a present," Stephanie said.

"Stephanie, if I never have her car how could I really get out to buy her a present?" Teri asked. "One request I have for everyone since this weekend Iím borrowing a truck from GSA is your favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe so I can make a ton of cookies for all the people we are having for the Holidays. Iím going to use the truck to go into the Commissary and pick up from our supply budget the stuff to make the cookies. Also I did speak with Robin Chang and she is going to make a huge batch of noodles that should be enough for all our guests and Brianca was contacted about Christmas but wonít be able to get away but she is planning a nice Christmas Celebration for the cadets from Earth who are stuck on Eltare for the holidays."

"How come Briancaís mom is making the noodles?" Alpha asked as he walked in with a message for Sylvia Hooper to call Principal Kaplan.

"Easy Iím having an impossible time figuring out Briancaís recipe so it was simpler to have Robin Chang do them," Teri said.

"Teri, Briancaís mom luckily knows how much my husband likes them so a Huge batch is just that a Huge batch. Brianca would sometimes make a batch and they would maybe last a couple days unless Andrew was out of town," Janet joked only to feel a warm blast and looked up to find her husband working right over head. She then stepped out of the way.

"Who is in charge of doing the Tree?" Kelly asked.

"We figured on doing the Tree once everyone was here," Andrew said just as a coughing sound was heard from his jet pack. And he started to plummet.

"Ranger Power Eclipsed," Andrew said. "Black Ranger Power."

Just as he finished morphing he crashed onto the floor.

"Andrew you all right?" Stephanie asked.

"Yeah, my suit dampened the fall," Andrew said. "Armor down."

"I think the ceiling is good enough for now," Kim said. "I have to get to work as it is."

*** *** ***

Fran meanwhile was working from a ladder Putting Tinsel over the main entrance of the Youth Center while the owner Matt Connorson looked on.

"Looks good Fran. Any of your family coming for Christmas?"

"Last I knew the representatives form my family were Briancaís mom, My parents, My Aunt Bethany and Uncle Kevin and my twelve year old cousin Amelia. Of them Briancaís mom lives here on Capsilon and the rest are coming from Earth as part of the crew. I was surprised that Bethany and Kevin figured on coming. Bethany is the youngest of the family. There are a good ten eleven years between my Aunt Monique and Aunt Bethany with my dad and my Uncle Adam in between. Bethany was maybe nine or ten when my Grandma and Grandpa Fitzgerald died," Fran said.

"How old was Your aunt when she had Amelia?" Matt asked.

"Amelia was born when Bethany was nineteen only they didnít meet until Amelia was almost six. ITís kind of a long story but in a nutshell Amelia is adopted," Fran said.

At that moment Kim walked in.

"Whoa, starting to look good," Kim said.

"How is the Gymnasium coming?" Fran asked.

"Right before I left to come to work the fuel supply in Andrews Flightpack Mode Battle Armor ran out and he ended up falling to the ground. Andrew was using his armor to do all the work along the ceiling so we wouldnít have to get Ladders and Scaffolding sections and those fancy lifts with the Lattice like hydraulic systems. We were as close as we could get before the Delegation arrived anyway," Kim said.

"I hope he is all right," Fran said and Matt agreed.

"He morphed in time," Kim said. "Fran, Iíve assigned you to the Welcoming Committee. The Committee consists of the two of us, Kelly, Teri, Jim, and Andrew. Teri borrowed a couple GSA non coms to do the Truck driving but I wanted enough representatives to drive the cars. The representatives from the Rangers are to be in Dress Uniforms."

"At least my being on the welcoming committee will make it easy for Us to stand out my parents have seen me in my Dress Uniform," Fran said.

"Good point. You and Kelly are the Only people whose family are on the shuttle," Kim said.

The Rangers worked hard and thankfully only had one battle during that time. Finally the day arrived that the Delegation was arriving. Kim and the Others were standing by at the Diplomatic Corps Space Port when a shuttle arrived.

"Ten Hut," Kim said bringing the crew to Attention as the First of the passengers disembarked. Before they knew it the Entire Delegation all twenty-one people were standing in Front of the Uniformed Rangers.

"Greetings Iím Kim Coltran Director of Strategic Operations for the 96th Company 56th Ranger Battalion. Welcome to Capsilon IX. With me are my Executive Officer Kelly Brennan, and four of our finest troops, Fran Fitzgerald, Teri Reynolds, Jim Blackwell, and Andrew Hammond who will handle processing before we go to the Hotel in Settlement 14. Our Base the Command Bunker is outside of Settlement 14 about 2 miles. The main party on Christmas Day will be in the gymnasium there. During the trip you will be given unlimited access to the Facilities at the Bunker which include a snack Bar, the gymnasium which is already decorated, and a pool. We ask that you refrain from really spending time in the War Room especially during alerts since we never know when Mechinack will attack."

Kevin and Bethany Cummings ended up in Kimís car during the trek to Settlement 14.

"Miss Coltran, my brother is with the GSA any chance I could get a transport out to his base at some point?" Kevin asked.

"Iíll see what I can arrange Mr. ," Kim said.

"Cummings, my brother is Commander Frank Cummings. We are with your tour group though. Fran is Bethanyís niece," Kevin said.

"Oh yes Fran mentioned how you three were accompanying her parents," Kim said. "Where about on Earth are your from?"

"Our home on Earth was in Chicago where I worked for a Big Department Store and Bethany was a doctor at Cook County Childrenís Hospital but after Christmas we will be settling in Old Colony. You know where that is?" Kevin asked.

"Yes thatís the orbital Station," Kim said. "Does Fran know you are moving to Capsilon?"

"No she doesnít. We figured on telling her on Christmas," Bethany said.

Upon arriving at the Hotel Fran met up with her family since not even her parents had been assigned to her car.

"You enjoying it here?" Bethany asked.

"You bet. I admit when I left for the academy this isnít where I figured I would be stationed after graduation but Hey Itís not bad. If I had known just who Brianca was instead of simply being a friend maybe I would have considered coming here anyway. Sylvia Hooper when she learned that a Delegation from here was going to be at the Academy she hoped she would be able to find a way to get here. I think she was surprised when Brianca actually recruited her," Fran said.

"How did you and Sylvia meet?" Amelia asked.

"She was my roommate at the Academy. Her twin brother was also there and was recruited only he didnít last long on the team before he was kicked off for Unrangerlike Conduct," Fran said.

"What did he do?" David asked.

"He raped a girl," Fran said.

"Not good," Colleen said. "I hope the girl took the time to report it to the police."

"She had gone to a medical center for treatment and from what we could determine a nurse called an IGPF investigator at his home and he handled informing Powermatic and also the actual arrest," Fran said. "Powermatic took the time to do everything he could to help the girl afterwards since the actual incident happened right here in the Bunker. The arrangements included letting her live here in the Bunker. She is now the apprentice to one of the people who developed our powers and her sister is one of us."

"Sounds like an interesting way of solving the problem," David said.

"Where did you live upon arriving here with Changs?" Kevin asked.

"Actually we moved right into the Bunker which I will show all of you later. As Kim mentioned certain rooms will be off limits but they are mainly on the ground floor ," Fran said.

In the Brennan Suite Kelly was chatting with her family as well.

"IT seems strange having the family together for Christmas," Kelly said. "You probably had to work quick to make the shuttle here."

"IT did require a little work Bradís Parents were willing to watch Cynthia which I think helped," Mr. Brennan said.

"How far will you be taking things as far as the Collins kids go?" Kelly asked.

"We plan on going all the way with Patricia and Rebecca. We arenít sure about Cynthia," Mrs. Brennan said.

"Mom, are you glad my friends and I were able to find them after Hankoid kidnapped them?" Kelly asked.

"Of course we are I found it interesting that they were brought here to Capsilon but at least you were able to rescue them. Where did you find them?"

"Tyra Johnson who is an Intern, and Kenya Lewis a ranger heard Rebecca calling for help and they stormed the building where they had apparently been stashed. Soon as they knew what was up Andrew Hammond and I were called in. When I had to cut the initial call on this problem short itís because I had to prepare to raid Mechinackís lair in order to rescue Patricia. Man Teri was steamed that I raided it without her. She really has it in for Goldar who I might add when I found Patricia he was torturing her," Kelly said.

"AS it is Collinses wanted us to take Patricia and Rebecca only their will was old enough that it didnít figure in Cynthia," Mr. Brennan said.

The next day Tyra was in doing a Tour of the Bunker.

"WE will be entering the Bunker from the Upper Floor. Which has a lot of the real Company areas. Right here is the main stairwell to the lower level but there is another stairwell at the end. That big Door on the end leads to the War Room which is Restricted. In here is the lab where I actually work. For me being the Chief Lab Intern for the Rangers is how I pay my bills. When Iím at work Iím usually on this floor. Across the Hall here is the Med Chamber where a ranger who is injured might report following a Battle. More serious injuries we do send the ranger to a normal hospital. Probably the best example is Our Blue Ranger she during a battle went to do a signature kick and banged her head on the ceiling after misjudging the height. We felt sorry for her but it was a rookie error. Right here is the real cream of the Floor. The Snack Bar where we eat about 75% of our meals. We try to eat High Carb meals because we never know when the alarm might go off. Menuís can be a problem because of the different dietary habits whether they are because of religion or personal desire. For instance one of the Rangers is a vegetarian while another practices Islam. Thankfully one thing we always have on hand is noodles made from soy. In fact the Rangerís ship was outfitted with a Kitchen so during long deployments they could make noodles if needed. OF course the Ranger who used to make the Noodles was transferred to another planet so we have to preorder the noodles from her mom. At this point we are going to go downstairs and tour that Floor. This Floor is a fairly easy Floor to walk through For one thing there isnít a single restricted area on the floor. After all this floor is where the Rangers live when they are off duty. Starting out is the lounge and it has a Synthetron in case a ranger doesnít feel like going to the Youth Center where another 20% of our meals are eaten the other 5% is generally at the High School although the Rangers tend to teleport to the Youth Center most of the time. Off this way is the Corridor for the living quarters which is our next stop. Of the thirteen active duty Rangers ten live here at the Bunker two others have their own Apartment off site and the last one decided to live at home. There are more rooms then Rangers but thatís good because Dr. Collington also maintains residence down here as does Powermatic who is the other mentor and also I/Oca who maintains most of the computers and so forth. I have an apartment of my own as well which I initially got after I adopted my oldest daughter T.J. even if in reality at first I lived here but now a days since Iím no longer an active ranger I live in my official apartment. This room here is unoccupied and will give you a good idea of what a typical room looks like For the Tour I had Andrew Hammond the Black Ranger who handles security as well as distribution of uniforms both Everyday Uniforms and Dress Uniforms place a few in the Closet so you could envision just what a ranger might wear. One of the rooms here was reoutfitted as a mosque for the use of the Ranger who practices Islam. The Other Corridor off the Lounge Leads to the Garage and Hangar Decks which are off limits and rarely visited. At the end of this corridor are the Gymnasium which is locked right now so the Decorations wonít get ruined and the pool. Probably my favorite memory in that room was one day T.J. was being obstinate and ran into the pool room just as Andrew and his then Fiancée Janet Cranston were climbing from the pool after they teleported over the pool and ended up in the pool. Janet thankfully caught T.J. even if Janet was soaked from her unplanned swim."

"How often do the Rangers work out?" Patricia asked.

"Generally on a daily basic they will spar a little if their isnít a battle and most of them take the time to swim. Kelly Brennan is probably one of the Better swimmers along with Jim Blackwell," Tyra said.

"You mentioned when we were upstairs how a ranger was hospitalized with a head injury. What precautions are taken so that Rangers donít get seriously injured?" Mr. McCann asked.

"If you are morphed you generally donít get injured. When the ranger who had hit her head was injured she wasnít morphed and should have been," Tyra said.

"Wasnít a ranger killed a few months ago?" Mrs. Hooper asked.

"Yes she was. In that case she had hair down to her ankles and During unmorphed fights She would tend to trip a lot. In fact she should have morphed for that battle but circumstances prevented her from being able to. Since her death two things happened. One the rangers are more free to morph when others are around. Also we regulate how long hair can be. For Men it canít be longer then Shoulder length and for women elbow length," Tyra said.

At that moment one of the guests had stopped at one of the doors and signaled the occupant.

"Brad, what brings you here?" Kelly asked.

"I wanted to spend Christmas with you and you were going to be here," Brad said.

"Hope Earth doesnít get attacked too many times. God Brad with you here it leaves your team short handed. I could slip off to Earth and not affect things too much since the team is so big," Kelly said. "After all I assume Zolkar didnít authorize your little vacation."

"So what Zolkar is not my father. I donít have to take his garbage," Brad said.

"Actually you do since he is your mentor. WE almost always listen to Powermatic and Stephanie. Brad, we lost a possibly good ranger for doing something far worse then desertion but still we managed to get by. Take into consideration what the Ranger Team over in Mariner Bay had to deal with. They didnít know each other prior to being lumped together as a team and had to learn Teamwork. It wouldnít surprise me if Zolkar has you turn in your morpher after this stunt," Kelly said. "I admit unlike you Iím not the leader of my team but if Kim asked me to take control on a battle with a small team I have a feeling I would be a great leader. Even at that Iím not sure I want the job full time when Kim retires."

"Man after the tongue lashing you just gave me I donít think I can even imagine what Zolkar will do to me," Brad said.

"Well youíll have a couple weeks to figure out how you will get around the desertion charge. I admit I donít know how Strict Zolkar is having only worked with him during that one trip but here the Team is a Class 2 activity of the GSA that can cause some difficulties getting things we need but we manage."

"I took the liberty of bringing my trunks if you want to go swimming," Brad said.

"I would but I have a little bit of shopping to do before Wednesday. Something tells you I should keep you within eyesight," Kelly said grabbing her Winter Jacket which was Forest Green with Red pockets. On the right sleeve was a GSA Emblem and on the Right breast was a patch marked 56th Battalion with a small piece overhead that said Ranger.

"You guys take uniforms seriously donít you?" Brad asked.

"Well we donít advertise our identities but at the same time we feel that Wearing Uniforms helps us maintain cover as a GSA Unit," Kelly said.

They then went into Settlement 14 to a mall. Their first stop was the store where a few months before a ranger lost her life.

"We were right here when it happened," Kelly said.

"When what happened?" Brad asked.

"When the attack took place that resulted in my teammate Sasha dying. I wouldnít say Sasha and I were friends since she was 19 when she died. Sasha and I were the only rangers here. We were still somewhat under orders not to reveal identity but when her hair got caught I needed my sword to try to free her so I was forced to morph. It was after that incident that we were given more freedom in revealing our identities. Man it certainly makes it easier when we get an attack during school," Kelly said.

At one point They noticed Hankoid and a few Gearheads looking around. Brad goofed and knocked over a trash receptacle.

"Gearheads, get them," Hankoid said.

"This is not good," Kelly said. "Demona Ranger Power."

"Geo 5 Power Up," Brad called out. "Red Geo Power."

The two Red Rangers then went into action. Brad sent Hankoid on a Free Trip to the moon while Kelly hacked away at the Gearheads. Thankfully they didnít need Back-up. Once Hankoid was out of the way Brad helped Kelly dispatch the Gearheads. They then demorphed.

"Man that was close," Brad said.

"We managed though. Thankfully it was an easy battle," Kelly said. They then took the purchases to the car that Brad has rented and headed back to the Bunker. The first thing Kelly did was arrange for guest facilities in the Bunker for Brad. That night she had I/Oca stand guard outside Bradís room. Daily right up until Christmas Eve Mechinack would try to annoy whatever Rangers were outside the Bunker even going so far as to send Goldar to pester Teri while she was taking a shower.

"Oh man talk about the ultimate in annoying, Here I am just Fresh from the Shower when Goldar Teleports in, Since my morpher was in my bedroom I couldnít use it very well. Instead of grabbing a towel and drying off I end up having to morph as best I can and fight a battle, breaking the Shower Door in the process. My mom will be pissed when she gets home and sees the condition of the Bathroom. After I sent that stupid gorilla packing I grabbed a towel and returned to my bedroom where I demorphed and dried off before getting dressed. After that I teleported here," Teri said.

"Brad, you promise to stay here if I go help Teri clean up?" I/Oca asked.

"Scouts Honor," Brad said.

"Why from you does that not sound reassuring?" I/Oca asked as he grabbed a few things and handed a couple of them to Jim who had also volunteered to assist with the Clean-up.

"Jim, you and Teri go on ahead Iíll see if I can find an open Home Improvement Center so I can get a new Shower Door. Since I lived with Teri and her mother for a week I know how Teriís bathroom is set-up," I/Oca said as he borrowed Stephanieís car. Jim got into Kimís car which Kim trusted him with. Jim and Teri then drove into her house.

"Man, you and Goldar really did do a number on this place," Jim said when he saw the shattered shower door and the cabinet doors hanging just barely by one hinge. "We have our work cut out for us. Tell you what Teri, after we clean up the debris Iíll go into the school and see if I can utilize the tools in the Shop classroom to repair the doors. By the time I get back we should be ready to rehang them."

"Iíll get started here hopefully I/Oca will be here soon," Teri said. "Maybe you should get started now then you can be back that much sooner."

"I think I better assist you with this besides if Goldar comes back you will have back-up at least," Jim said as he started to remove the first set of damaged doors. "I think a little more work will be needed before we can rehang the doors. Iíll have to make a new Face Frame for the Cabinets," Jim said as I/Oca walked in with a box that apparently contained the new door.

"How bad is everything?" I/Oca asked.

"It will take time I/Oca," Teri said. "According to Jim the Entire Front of the Cabinet will have to replaced."

"I never did like the cabinet doors in here personally," I/Oca said.

"Hello," A female voice called out. Teri immediately swore as she recognized the voice. I/Oca meanwhile removed the rest of the old door while Jim swept up the pieces of glass from the floor.

"Teri, you home. Who is here with you?" Mrs. Reynolds asked shortly before walking into Teriís bedroom.

"Oh Hi Sue Lee," I/Oca said. "There was a minor explosion in Teriís bathroom and Jim Blackwell and I are working on getting things patched up."

"I/Oca, that sounds ridiculous. How could an explosion happen in a bathroom?" Mrs. Reynolds asked.

"Well my sparring partner Goldar was involved," Teri said.

"Now it makes sense," Mrs. Reynolds said. "How do you plan on fixing the cabinet since I see you are removing the face frame."

"Well my plan was to repair the doors and rehang them after I make a new face frame of course," Jim said.

"You know Iíve meant for years to redo those cabinets but Iím just not the Do-it-yourself type. Think you could come up with something better?" Mrs. Reynolds asked while I/Oca was putting the track up for the new door.

"I couldnít find the same style but I got what I could find that was the right size," I/Oca said.

"It will do I/Oca, That is another thing I meant to have done," Mrs. Reynolds said.

"If I do new doors I could make some up that donít require a face frame if you want. It will be dependant on if I can get into the shop classroom at the High school," Jim said.

"My late husband had a full cabinet shop set up in the basement and after he died I left it there. We might have what you need down there even wood," Mrs. Reynolds said.

"Let me take a look," Jim said.

Teriís mom showed Jim to the cabinet shop in the basement and he went right to work. A few hours later he walked up with two solidly built doors with fancy hinges on them and a drill with an old fashioned forstner bit in it. Within a few minutes the new doors were hanging.

"At some point you will probably want to place a coat of paint on these but I did put some waterproofer on them," Jim said.

"Iíll take care of that after Christmas. One thing I am capable of doing is putting a paint loaded brush to a wall," Mrs. Reynolds said.

"Sue Lee if you want I will help you out with it," I/Oca said.

"Not necessary I/Oca. The entire bathroom needs painting as it is," Mrs. Reynolds said.

Christmas day cars were pulling in left and right taking up every space in the overly spacious Command Bunker parking lot. A couple guys even parked a Sky Blue car with a Capsilon IX plate marked BLUE1. One person was at the wheel of the car while his friend drove a separate car in which to retrieve him in. Meanwhile everyone was gathered around the Massive Christmas Tree in the Gymnasium.

"Janet, doesnít this bring back memories?" Fran asked.

"Of Christmas at Vanderwood Manor you bet it does," Janet said. "The Tree was pretty big generally."

"Yeah you generally had to Walk upstairs and lean over the Atrium Railing on the 2nd floor to put the Star on," Bethany said.

"How big was Vanderwood Manor?" Mrs. Reynolds asked as she walked over to Teri with a small wrapped package in her hand.

"It was big let me just leave it at that," Bethany said. Teri meanwhile was unwrapping the package her mom had handed her. Inside she found something very interesting.

"What did it contain Teri?" Amelia asked.

"A set of keys. The tag with the keys says Blue1 on it," Teri said.

"Almost looks like car keys," Kenya said since she was sitting by Teri even though her family didnít actually celebrate Christmas her family was there so they could simply visit.

"You have a point Kenya," Teri said. "This is one gift I didnít expect to get."

"I figured it would help if you had your own car. After all you have to be able to get here, GSA, and possibly other places. At least this way you wonít have to use your zord or a GSA truck," Mrs. Reynolds said.

Amelia meanwhile was opening a package herself.

"Whoa, this looks good. What exactly is it for?" she asked.

"Itís for the Door of your room," Kevin said.

"Yeah but I doubt the landlord will like us hanging something like this on the door of my room back on Earth," Amelia said.

"Amelia, it is for the door of our house not our old apartment," Kevin said.

"Where will the house be located in relation to school?" Amelia asked.

"I really canít say since I havenít looked into it. According to Kim Coltran the house is in the Orbiting Station," Kevin said.

"Meaning what dad?" Amelia said.

"We wonít be going back to Earth. We came out here to live. Iíll be heading up the Pediatric Department at the Terra Venture Medical Center. The stuff we packed up and didnít bring should be arriving Friday from Earth," Bethany said.

"Aunt Bethany, when will you actually be moving into your house?" Fran asked.

"We will probably start moving in Friday after we are sure our stuff will be here," Bethany said.

"Here cous I figured you deserved this," Fran said handing Amelia a large rectangular box. "Itís sort of from all of us," Fran added indicating the other Rangers.

Amelia opened the box to find a Lt. Green Jacket with all the usual markings of a Ranger Utility Jacket except the piece over the 56th Battalion Patch said Jr. Ranger.

"What made you all decide to do this?" Amelia asked as she tried the jacket on.

"We figured it would be a nice gesture. When you go to get your Colony ID card Iíll see if I can convince Commander Cummings into letting you have a Battalion ID card with appropriate notations on it," Teri said.

"Frank Cummings is my brother so he might go along with it," Kevin said.

"Just so you know Amelia AS a Jr. Ranger you do receive full Access to the Command Bunker including the War Room," Stephanie added.

"How long until I can become a Ranger for real not just a Jr. Ranger?" Amelia asked.

"Not until you are Fifteen," Kim said.

"So Three years probably," Amelia said.

"Amelia, by the time you are fifteen you will be more then ready to become a Full Ranger," Stephanie said. "Mrs. Cummings, if you donít have a problem with it I think it would be helpful to your daughter if she spent the night here tonight so she can really get to know the other rangers."

"I donít see a problem with it," Bethany said. "What about you Kevin?"

"It shouldnít be a problem. Amelia, weíll meet up Friday at the house," Kevin said. "Your mother and I will be visiting Frank tomorrow at his base. Iíll let him know of your status as a Jr. Member of the Battalion."

"Thanks dad," Amelia said.

"Kim, is the Youth Center open at all?" Kenya asked.

"Not today it isnít. I think Matt is running it tomorrow and I have the duty Friday and Saturday," Kim said. "After the first of the year I will be part owner of the Terra Venture Youth Center which like the Cummingsís new house is in Old Colony."

"Will that cause any problems with your duties here?" Mr. Brennan asked.

"It shouldnít. Matt and I carefully planned out how we would split everything so it wouldnít interfere with Rangering.

Right after a big noontime catered meal The Building started to empty out. When Mrs. Reynolds and Franís Family went to leave with the exception of Amelia who was spending the night Teri took a look around the parking lot.

"Teri, this car right here has a plate that matches what is on your keys," Candi Matthewson called out.

"Which one Candi?" Teri asked as she headed toward her teammate.

"This Blue one right here," Candi said.

"Looks like a good car. Amelia, Fran, tomorrow when we go to the Youth Center Iím driving," Teri said. "Iíll pick you two up at 930," Teri said as she unlocked the car and took a look around inside. She noticed a radio in it. "Testing Testing Testing."

"Test is loud and clear," Alpha responded. "Teri, something wrong with your viscom Iím not getting an image on my screen."

"I was checking the radio in my car to see what frequency it was on. Apparently it has our frequency on it," Teri said.

"What car?" Alpha asked since he was on duty in the War Room.

"The car my mom gave me for Christmas," Teri said.

"I bet you are excited," Alpha said.

"Now I have to figure out what to do with my car fund," Teri said.

"Maybe use your car fund to pay for the gas and maintenance," Fran commented.

"Probably a good move. See you two tomorrow," Teri said as she decided to head on home so she could test drive her car.

"Be Careful Teri," Fran said.

Later that Afternoon Amelia was familiarizing herself with the Bunker when she saw Jim sitting in the snack bar with a glum look on his face.

"Something wrong?" Amelia asked him.

"Oh hi Amelia. I was hoping someone would be here today that didnít show," Jim said.

"Who?" Amelia asked.

"Zendar the Head of the Council. I had sent her a small note to see if maybe she could be here today but she didnít come," Jim said.

"So every Christmas up until I was six I would wish that somehow my mom could be there. Then my dad tried to kill me shortly before my sixth birthday and I ended up just leaving the hospital on my sixth birthday going into a home the hospital case worker had arranged for. In the end my foster mom received permanent custody of me. By that time by birth father was in jail. I never knew my birth mother," Amelia said. "The Cummingsís are my adopted parents. Dr. Cummings ended up the one that took me in and when her ex-boyfriend was going to be in Chicago, where I lived up until now, for two straight months she offered to let him stay with us since HE spent at least half of each month in Chicago as it is. Well his beliefs were such that he felt two people of opposite sex should at least be engaged before they live together ended up asking her to marry him. She accepted the proposal without much hesitation."

"I take it your adopted father was at one time an ex-boyfriend of your adopted mothers," Jim said.

"Yes thatís the situation," Amelia said.

"I was adopted myself but as a baby. I have no idea what my birth name is. My adopted parents named me Jim after I was brought here from Eltare where I was born. Brianca is there now as an instructor at the Ranger Academy. It took a little luck but I was able to determine that Zendar is my birth mother which is why I wanted her here," Jim said.

"She might now have been able to get away. After all this isnít the only team of rangers is it?" Amelia asked.

"No it isnít. I have no idea how many there are. I doubt Zendar even knows since some teams arenít under council control," Jim said. "That goofball Brad is part of a team on Earth. HE kind of went AWOL according to Kelly who is the 2nd in command."

"Jim, Iím sure your birth mother wishes she could be here. Who knows she might come for your birthday," Amelia said.

"That isnít until Zordonic on her planet which is July or August here," Jim said. "You know for a twelve year old you certainly know how to cheer a person up."

Closing notes. Light on Action but has some good character development in my opinion. Expect to learn more in my next fanfic which will be a sort of sequel to this one.