Disclaimer: Concept is Saban's and Matt Connorson basically is his (After all he did appear in the early first season episode Homesick). The rest are mine. As you know last fanfic was another Christmas fanfic and Introduced a new character to my fanfics Fran's cousin Amelia Cummings.

Dawn of A New Year
by Robert Gutheim

December 26th 2069 0925

"What time do you think your friend will arrive?" Amelia asked.

"I don't know. She said 9:30," Fran said.

At that moment a Sky Blue car pulled into the parking lot.

"Man this thing has better handling then my zord," the Driver said as she stopped alongside Fran and Amelia.

"I would hope it would since it doesn't need to be used for battle," Fran said. "What's our first stop?"

"Youth Center," Fran said.

"I managed to convince my mom to give me keys for our house along with the address so I could check it out and see if I can figure out where the Junior High School is," Amelia said.

"Too bad you won't be attending school with us we might have been able to work it so you could attend the one in Settlement 14," Fran said.

"How many of the rangers live at the Bunker?" Amelia asked.

"Most of them do. I live at home with my mom, Andrew and Janet live in Settlement 13, Tyra has an apartment in Old Colony. Sean attends Renier University which is in Settlement 3 plus he is actually a retired Ranger. Used to be that all the rangers lived with their families but then a villain named Haradomous escaped from prison and came after the rangers and before he arrived the Rangers transferred operations to the Bunker including living. At some point I will probably move into the Bunker but I haven't yet," Teri said.

Half an hour later they pulled into the Youth Center. Matt Connorson the owner was alone inside. So they could chat they grabbed stools at the bar.

"Morning ladies. How did everything go at the Bunker yesterday?" Matt asked.

"It went well. Everyone had a good time," Fran said.

"Teri, when do you have Reserve Duty next?" Matt asked.

"This weekend. Commander Cummings won't even know when I show up since he will probably be looking for my mom's car and I won't be driving it," Teri said.

"You going to Teleport or something?" Matt asked.

"I wish I teleported in one time and Commander Cummings went ballistic on me," Teri said. "I'll be driving my car."
"When did you get a car?" Matt asked.

"My mom gave me one for Christmas. It fits me in every way from the color to the license plate," Teri said.

"Why what color is it?" Matt asked.

"Sky Blue and the plate # is Blue1," Teri said.

Matt then took the time to notice Amelia sitting there.

"Looks like a new face for your group," Matt said.

"Matt, this is my cousin Amelia Cummings. She just moved to Capsilon IX this month," Fran said.

"Which side of your family is she on?" Matt asked.

"My dad's side. The reason her last name is Cummings is her dad is Commander Cummings's Brother. Her mom is my Aunt Bethany," Fran said.

"Where is your house?" Matt asked.

"We haven't moved in to it yet," Amelia said. "You know where 466 Fuller St. is in Old Colony?"

"I hope so I live at 468 Fuller St. in Old Colony. Amelia, this makes me double glad to meet you. Where did you get the jacket?"

"The Battalion gave it to her. AS you can see the tab over the patch on hers says Junior Ranger," Fran said.

"She probably doesn't have her account yet does she?" Matt asked.

"I don't think so. I didn't even know we were moving here until yesterday. I thought we were simply visiting Fran with a day set aside to visit my Uncle Frank," Amelia said.

"What would you ladies like for Brunch or did you have breakfast already?" Matt asked.

"I had a big breakfast like I generally do since I never know when I might have to beat Goldar to a pulp," Teri said. "Did I tell you about him showing up in my bathroom just as I was stepping out of the shower?"

"I think Kim told me that tail either her or Jim," Matt said. "Let me know before you leave and I will draw you a map to the house."

"The best I was able to muster up this morning was a piece of toast," Amelia said.

"I'll whip you up something special," Matt said. "In the meantime let me get you a soda."

"Matt has his own recipe that we even stock at the bunker," Fran said as Matt set a soda in front of each guest.

Soon after that Matt set a plate of Chicken strips and fries in front of Amelia.

"Your food today is on the house," Matt said.

"Great," Amelia said.

An hour later they followed Matt's map to the House just as a van was backing up.

"Excuse me but does one of you have keys for the house so we can drop off these boxes?" One of the delivery men asked.

"I do," Amelia said. Amelia took a look at one box and saw it was marked Cummings Family 466 Fuller St. Old Colony Capsilon IX. The Return address was Cynthia McCann RN C/O Cook County Children's Hospital Chicago IL Earth.

"Whoa our things have arrived," Amelia said before unlocking the Front door. The movers then started to put the boxes into the house distributing them where ever they could find a place. The large pieces of Furniture they put in the proper rooms.

"Teri, how do you get phone #'s around here. I want to call my uncle so I can let my parents know the stuff is here?" Amelia asked.

"I have his phone number," Teri said. Teri then dialed a number and handed the phone to Amelia.

"Commander Cummings," a Male voice said.

"Hi Uncle Frank it's Amelia."

"Amelia, you calling from the Bunker?" Com. Cummings asked.

"No the house. Fran, Teri, and I stopped by so I could see where it is and a couple guys were just delivering our stuff," Amelia said.

"Amelia, if you can put one of the movers on," Commander Cummings said.

"Just a minute Uncle Frank," Amelia said.

A couple seconds later Amelia handed the phone to the driver.

"This is Steve," the mover said.

"This is Commander Frank Cummings. The family whose stuff you are delivering is my brother's family. Under signature note Delivery Authorized by Commander Frank Cummings GSA since I doubt Amelia or one of her friends can legally sign for it."

"No problem Commander Cummings," Steve said.

The driver then handed the phone back to Amelia by this time Amelia's mother was on the phone.

"Amelia, since you are there why don't you start getting your room setup," Bethany said.

"I think I will mom," Amelia said. "Mom, you want to hear something real neat?"

"What?" Bethany asked.

"The owner of the Youth Center lives right next door to us," Amelia said.

"HE should be able to help you find your way around then," Bethany said.

"He gave us a map on how to find the house," Amelia said. "You want me to sleep here tonight with a couple rangers so the house won't be unprotected."

"Hold on a second while I talk to your dad and Frank," Bethany said.

A couple minutes later Commander Cummings came on the line.

"Amelia, is Teri still there?" he asked.

"Hold on a second Uncle Frank," Amelia said.

"Commander, It's Teri Reynolds."

"Cadet, I'm placing you on duty as of right now. Don't worry about driving out to the encampment because your duty station this weekend is my brother's house. Your job is to guard it," Commander Cummings said.

"Yes Sir," Teri said.

They hung up right then.

"I don't know about you two but your uncle put me in charge of guarding the house," Teri said. "I'm going to let my mom know of the change in plans."

While Teri called her mom Fran helped Amelia sort out the boxes of Amelia's stuff and they started to unpack it. About two o'clock a visitor stopped by.

"Hello, I'm Mrs. Connorson are your parents around?" the visitor asked Amelia who had answered the door.

"They are visiting my Uncle Frank today. I informed them our things were here from Earth already," Amelia said. "A couple friends of mine are helping me unpack my things."

"My Husband Matt runs the youth Center in case you are interested in checking it out," Mrs. Connorson said.

"Actually your husband and I met already. That was the first place my cousin and one of her friends took me today. I'm not sure when they will be back. Someone from GSA will be guarding the place this weekend," Amelia said.

"If you get hungry later let me know," Mrs. Connorson said.

"I will Mrs. Connorson," Amelia said.

"Who stopped by?" Fran asked.

"Matt's wife," Amelia said. "She seems nice."

"She is. I met her while I was helping Matt decorate the Youth Center. I'm not sure what she does during the day though," Fran said.

Come evening Teri drove to a take-out place and got some food. They ate in the Kitchen using bits of wood on top of boxes for a table. After that Amelia walked down to the Corner where the mailboxes were and checked it. A couple Envelopes were addressed to her. One from the local school district and one from the Colony Bureau of Residents.

"What is in here?" Teri asked referring to the one from the Bureau of Residents.

"I don't know I opened this one first," Amelia said referring to the one from the school. "According to this I will be attending Colonial Heights Jr. High as a seventh grader. They even included my class schedule. Wonder if I can drop Physical Education and substitute in working out at the Bunker," Amelia said.

"I doubt that. Even though we are rangers we still take Physical Education," Fran said.

"I'm going to crash, You two can sleep where ever you want tonight," Amelia said as she headed upstairs to her room.

"Before you leave I want to see what is in this other envelope you received," Teri said.

"OK I'll open it then," Amelia said. Inside was a letter and a couple cards one of which had Amelia's name and picture on it. The other one simply had her name and a series of digits on it

Dear New Resident

Welcome to Capsilon IX. Enclosed with this letter should be your Colony ID card. It is vital that you keep your card on you at all times. All residents receive an electronic transaction account. Your account # is enclosed. This will allow you to pay for purchases anywhere on the planet. Some employers have a separate card that you also are supposed to carry after it is issued but the employer will let you know what is required and will handle issuing the card.

If you are a student under separate cover from the school district will be the name of the school you are assigned to and a class schedule. Your first day of school you will be given a student ID card which like your colony ID is to be with you at all times.

IF you have any questions you can contact the nearest office of the Colonial Bureau of Residents.

"This looks like your Electronic Transaction account here," Teri said handing the card with the series of digits on it to Amelia.

"I probably should get a wallet at some point," Amelia said. "After all I have my colony id, my payment card, and my school id to worry about. Also if I end up getting assigned a Battalion ID card."

"I have an extra wallet at home you can have. Fran, if I was to call my mom and have her get them out could you teleport down to my house and get my Fatigues. I'd almost prefer to wear those for the work we are doing then my Battalion Utilities," Teri said.

"Not a problem. I'll see if I can grab that wallet as well," Fran said.

About ten o'clock the next morning Kevin and Bethany pulled up to the house. Matt happened to walk over.

"Morning, I'm Matt Connorson, you must be Amelia's parents."

"Yes we are Mr. Connorson. Where did you meet her?" Bethany asked.

"The Youth Center when I was working yesterday. I think Fran and Teri are with her," Matt said.

"That's Teri's car in our driveway. She is in charge of guarding the house this weekend," Bethany said.

"I figured that was hers. You don't see too many Sky Blue cars around here with vanity plates," Matt said.

"Is there any significance to the blue theme on her car?" Kevin asked.

"Besides my being the Blue Ranger not really," Teri said as she stepped outside. "We just about have Amelia's room set up. Teri and I are willing to help you get the rest of the house organized."

"Man, when you called my brother's house yesterday we thought there was a real problem. Thankfully you were here when the stuff arrived," Kevin said.

"I think it was pure luck Mr. Cummings," Teri said.

They worked hard the whole weekend getting the Cummings's house set up.

"It really looks nice now if you ask me," Bethany said.

"I agree mom," Amelia said.

Monday morning Kelly and her family stopped by. Because the Old Colony was very carefully controlled as far as weather went the temperature was about eighty degrees the pool was opened up and in pristine shape. Patricia went inside and changed into her swim suit and decided to try it out.

"Face it Amelia your pool is nothing like the one at the Bunker," Kelly said.

"I agree. The one advantage is I can go swimming whenever I want without having to go into the bunker," Amelia said.

"Kelly, want to join me in the pool?" Patricia asked.

"Just for kicks sure," Kelly said. "Let me go inside and change."

"OK," Patricia said.

Amelia joined the Red Ranger in the house as she searched for her swimming suit and put it on. When Kelly walked out she had a two piece suit on where as Amelia was wearing a one piece full chest suit. Kelly proved she was the female swimming champ amongst the rangers as she glided through the water without causing the barest of ripples. Patricia though left huge wakes when she went through.

"Patricia is certainly a beautiful child," Bethany said from a chaise style deck chair on the patio alongside the pool

"I agree. My husband and I were surprised that her parents had chosen us as the legal guardians for Patricia and Rebecca. We haven't decided when yet but we will probably formally adopt them. We took their baby sister in but we are not technically Cynthia's chosen guardians since their will was too old for her to have been included. For that reason we probably won't adopt Cynthia," Mrs. Brennan said from a chaise next to her.

"Have any arrangements been made for Cynthia to be adopted by anyone?" Kevin asked as he sat down in an Adirondack Chair next to Bethany.

"Not yet. We didn't want to move too quickly. Cynthia is staying with a neighbor right now," Mrs. Brennan said.

"If I was to find a way to return to Earth for a little bit think maybe Bethany and I could have Cynthia?" Kevin asked.

"I could look into it. You interested in adopting her?" Mrs. Brennan asked.

"I would like to have more children. It's for that reason we requested a four bedroom house so we would have room for additional kids," Bethany said.

At that moment a flash of light brought a Fish shaped Monster out of the water.

"Demona Ranger Power," Kelly said.

Kelly was morphed a couple seconds later. "Command Bunker this is Kelly, Monster spotted at 466 Fuller Street in Old Colony."

"Info received Kelly, Back-up is on it's way," Stephanie responded.

Within minutes Teri, Kenya, Candi, and Sam arrived via a multicolored teleport.

"Too bad Goldar isn't here," Teri said as she hacked away at the monster with her Quasar Saber. In fact most of the Rangers were using their sabers except for Kelly who was using her Sword of Power.

"Is that the Entire team?" Amelia asked.

"No that is not even half the team," Mrs. Brennan said.

"OK Gang, let's light up the sky," Kelly said.

"You mean," Teri said.

"You bet," Kelly said. "Lights of Orion Activate."

The lights enhanced their armor a little bit but not to the extent of a full eclipsed morph.

"Candi, I have an idea. Let's heat up this guppy," Teri said.

"How?" Candi asked.

"Use our weapons to pump him full of energy," Teri said.

"Sounds like a plan," Candi said. "Turbo Blast."

"Ball Blaster," Teri said using her own pure energy weapon.

Kelly used a blaster to assist while Kenya fired a few energy arrows from her crossbow. Sam used some water to assist the matter by throwing it with his trident. The combination of raw energy and the water caused the monster to short out and explode.

"Looks like the pool party is over," Amelia said.

"Does look that way," Kelly said after the rangers demorphed.

"I don't know my bathroom saw worse devastation and it was only me and Goldar," Teri said.

"I think Teri has a point. It isn't really as bad as it looks," Bethany said. "A couple limbs down and some debris from the monster. We can have it cleaned up in no time."

Half an hour later the pool was back in business. Matt even dropped by with a cylinder and a small hand pump.

"How is everything?" Matt asked.

"Mechinack sent a monster over here and we just finished cleaning up after it exploded. Man he is doing everything he can to annoy us," Kelly said.

"I brought over some soda if anyone is interested," Matt said.

All five Rangers along with Amelia and Patricia lined up.

"Mr. Connorson, where did you get the soda?" Bethany asked.

"It's my own recipe. I make it up for the Youth Center and also a couple cylinders at least are usually available at the Command Bunker for the rangers," Matt said.

"If you ask me it was nice of you to bring the refreshments," Kevin said.

"Not a problem," Matt said. "When I saw all the action I figured some soda would be helpful."

The next morning Amelia went over to the Bunker to hang out. She had teleported into the guest room she had occupied Christmas night and was headed upstairs when she saw I/Oca.

"Hi, I don't think we've met. I'm Amelia Cummings."

"I'm I/Oca. I handle a lot of the computer stuff around here. Your Fran's cousin aren't you?"

"Yes I am," Amelia said. "I figured since my room is all set up and there wasn't school today I would come here and hang out with the Rangers."

"I think most of them are with their families since the shuttle for Earth is leaving tomorrow. Tell you what you can assist me in the War Room," I/Oca said. "Stephanie Collington told me you have access to the War Room since you are a Junior Ranger."

I/Oca then lead the way to the War Room. When they walked in Powermatic was working at his console.

"Nice quiet day isn't it Professor?" I/Oca asked.

"That it is I/Oca," Powermatic said. "I just hope Mechinack doesn't try to further annoy the Rangers. It worry's me when he pulls stunts like that."

"I invited Amelia since she was here to help me out with a few things. Think of it as part of her training," I/Oca said.

"Sounds like a good idea. Amelia, have you been through processing at all for residents?" Powermatic asked.

"I don't think I have to go through processing since my ID card and so forth were waiting for me when my family moved into our house," Amelia said.

"That will simplify matters greatly," Powermatic said. "Stephanie is talking to your uncle about whether to assign Junior Rangers 56th Battalion ID's."

"Knowing my uncle it could go either way," Amelia said.

After a few hours Janet walked in.

"Sure is quiet here," Janet said.

"WE are hoping it will stay that way," I/Oca said. "Things go well with your family?"

"Yes my parents and Andrew are swimming right now. Amelia, you want to take a break and join us?" Janet asked.

"I left my swim suit at home," Amelia said. "Besides our house has a pool. We had a small pool party yesterday and Mechinack decided to crash it."

"Ouch," Janet said. "I'm sure we can scare up something."

"Tell you what I'll swing home and get mine," Amelia said.

"You might want to keep one in your quarters here for emergencies," Janet said.

Amelia put her Jacket on and teleported out. Soon as she got home she grabbed her spare swimsuit.

"Amelia, what brings you home?" Bethany asked.

"I came to get a swim suit," Amelia said. "

"Your father and I are going to a New Years Eve Party with Kelly's parents. Patricia was going to stay here tonight and I'm hoping you'll be able to baby-sit. Rebecca is staying at the hotel with Brad. Her mom convinced Kelly to let him out of purgatory," Bethany said.

"Mom, maybe it would be easier if I took Patricia with me to the Bunker then she can sleep on the couch in my quarters there," Amelia said.

"According to David the shuttle leaves early tomorrow for Earth and Brennan's were going to pick her up at like 5am so they could catch the shuttle," Bethany said.

"Mom, when dad goes to Earth to pick up Cynthia if Patricia missed the shuttle she could ride back with dad," Amelia said.

"Your father is having an impossible time finding reservations to Earth. WE might not be taking Cynthia in if he can't find passage to Earth," Bethany said.

Amelia promised to be home by dinner so she could baby-sit that night.

"Everything all set?" Janet asked.

"Yeah I have to be home by dinner so I can watch Patricia Collins tonight. Apparently the Shuttle to Earth is leaving real early and Brennan's are picking her up at 5am," Amelia said. "I was thinking of sleeping here tonight until I got stuck at home. To really make it difficult Dad wants to make a swing by Earth to pick something up but he can't get reservations."

By this time they were in the pool room and Andrew had picked up the conversation.

"Amelia, tell you what. I have a ship and would be glad to take your dad back to Earth. In fact I can take Kelly's parents and the Collins kids back as well on Thursday. My ship is faster then a diplomatic shuttle as it is. A Dip Shuttle takes two weeks to get to Earth as there are often several stops since Dip Shuttles take Diplomatic teams to various planets. My ship can make it in a week non stop," Andrew said. "Kelly is having me go there anyway so that Brad can be taken under guard back to Zolkar."

"Let me just go upstairs and call my mom," Amelia said.

Amelia then went into the War Room.

"Professor, mind if I borrow the phone for a minute?" Amelia asked.

"GO right ahead. What number are you calling?" Powermatic asked.

"My house," Amelia said.

A short time later Bethany picked up.

"Cummings Residence," Bethany said.

"Mom, When I got back down here Andrew was saying how he will take dad and Brennan's to Earth Thursday. It's a quicker flight then a Diplomatic Shuttle," Amelia said.

"Would that include Patricia and Rebecca?" Bethany asked.

"Yes it would," Amelia said.

"I'll discuss the situation with Kelly's parents at the party and let you know at home," Bethany said.

Amelia then returned to the pool and jumped off the High Dive into the water. Her moves weren't as graceful as Kelly's but certainly better then Patricia's. At one point she saw what looked like a giant wake and looked up to see Patricia flattening out from a cannonball. Kelly was prepping for a nice slow entry which was part of her style.

"Amelia for the record I was on the swim team back in Angel Grove before I received the call of the Ranger," Kelly said.

"How often do you think we'll use the pool at my house?" Amelia asked.

"We'll probably use it tonight," Kelly said. "I figured on sleeping over at your house so I can help you out tonight. About nine o'clock Matt promised to bring some ice cream over and we'll make sundaes Much as I'd prefer to ring in the New Year we'll probably crash after the sundaes."

"Sounds good. Man I almost wish everyone wasn't leaving tomorrow," Amelia said.

"I agree. I'll miss Patricia. But her home is on Earth and we live here," Kelly said.

About five o'clock Amelia went to her quarters and Showered before She teleported home. Kelly followed with Patricia a short time later.

"I see you girls are on schedule," Bethany said. "We are hoping you three will behave tonight."

"Mom, your concern should be on if Mechinack Behaves," Amelia said.

"Thankfully Professor Damon has the entire team on alert tonight. During the pool party yesterday Only a few were on alert," Kelly said.

At six o'clock the girls sat down to Burgers that Kevin cooked on the Grill.

"What do you kids have on your plans tonight?" Kevin asked.

"We will probably swim," Kelly said. "Then at nine before we go to bed we will be making sundaes with Matt from next door."

"Why am I not surprised. When do you all plan on going to bed?" Kevin asked.

"Probably by nine thirty ten o'clock," Kelly said. "Assuming I don't get called away. If I do get called away we'll probably transfer command to the Command Bunker."

"Hopefully Mechinack won't try anything," Kevin said.

About nine thirty just as the girls were going to bed Kelly's mom called to inform Kelly that they were staying on an extra day and as such Patricia and Rebecca were staying as well the extra day.

The next morning after the requisite post breakfast resting time Kelly and Amelia hit the pool. Patricia was a little sad.

"Patricia, something wrong?" Bethany asked.

"I don't want to return to Earth. I like it here on Terra Venture," Patricia said.

"Patricia, My husband and I were talking with Brennans last night at the party after it was decided that you all would be staying the extra day. What we were discussing concerned you and I want to discuss it with you," Bethany said.

"What about?" Patricia asked.

"The possibility of you staying on here," Bethany said. "Patricia, if you really do want to stay you can because my husband and I are seriously considering adopting you."

"Really," Patricia said.

"If you want us to then definitely. My husband is going to Earth Tomorrow to make a couple arrangements so a decision will have to be made soon," Bethany said.

"All I want is a home where I am comfortable. Somehow I think that home is here," Patricia said.

"Then it looks like everything is settled," Bethany said. "You might want to consider joining Kelly and Amelia in the pool." This last part was punctuated from outside by Fran teleporting in on the ladder end of the Diving board and then walking over and diving into the water.

"Fran, nice of you to join us," Amelia said.

"I figured the action was here," Fran said as Patricia walked out her bathing suit all set and in place.

"I thought everyone left on the shuttle," Fran said.

"My parents are leaving on the Galactic Explorer tomorrow with Andrew and Mr. Cummings who is going to Earth to make arrangements for Cynthia Collins to be returned to Capsilon IX. Last night Patricia decided she wants to stay so I don't know what will happen about that," Kelly said. "Who knows she might be allowed to stay."

The girls had fun throughout the day various rangers along with Matt's kids stopped by and swam for a bit.

"Kevin, something tells me the girls will have no problems making friends," Bethany said.

"Amelia in part because of Fran made a real good start. Patricia will have to work at it to find friends her own age. Even the Connorson kids are older then Patricia. Heck Michelle Connorson is what 14," Kevin said. "And she is the youngest of the Connorson kids."

"Bethany, I doubt Matt would let Michelle do anything to hurt Amelia. From what little I've seen of him he seems to enjoy kids. Also I asked Andrew Hammond about him and the only blotch he could find on Matt's record was an incident when he was a kid and stowed away on the Original Colony.