DISCLAIMER: Saban owns the concept but I own the Characters. IGPF is owned by Ellen Brand and is used with Permission. This Fanfic is filenamed Demona34 on my end. The Series Finale will be the fortieth Fanfic. Tentative Title for the Series Finale is Fall of Mechinack. Fran's cousin Amelia does play a role in this one and also a couple characters who will have a major Role in Zordonian Rangers will appear in this fanfic.

by Robert Gutheim

One day early in 2070 Amelia Cummings walked into Colonial Heights Jr. High School. Her first stop that day was the main office.

"Hello, may I help you?" a receptionist asked.

"Yes I'm starting here today," Amelia said.

"I assume you have a Colony ID," the receptionist said.

"Yes, it's right here," Amelia said as she handed the card over along with her class schedule.

"OK welcome to Colonial Heights Jr. High Amelia. You probably won't be in first period on time as there are a few things you will have to fill out. I will try to get a better copy of your schedule for you because we desperately need to upgrade the system. It will print the schedules but it leaves off the names of the teachers. Plus I like to give the student's first period teacher a Heads up," The receptionist said.

"Mrs. Connorson, this Mrs. Grambley in the main office. I have new student that is doing some paperwork right now and afterwards she will be heading down to your room," the secretary said.

Amelia didn't have too much trouble filling out the form for her school ID or the Emergency # card since she simply put down to refer all medical needs to the Director of Pediatrics at the Terra Venture Medical Center attention Dr. Bethany Cummings.

"OK Amelia, everything looks to be all set. WE just need to take a picture of you. IF you will step over here," Mrs. Grambley said.

Soon as the picture was all set Mrs. Grambley walked Amelia down to class. When Amelia walked in the teacher looked over.

"Amelia, I didn't expect it would be you," Mrs. Connorson said.

"Likewise," Amelia said. "Man am I looking forward to slipping into the pool tonight."

"I assume you got everything all set with Mrs. Grambley," Mrs. Connorson said.''

"I think so," Amelia said.

A couple classes later Amelia had gym class which she didn't have proper shorts for so she had packed a bathing suit.

"Where did the scars on your stomach come from?" a Black girl asked in the locker room.

"My birth father tried to kill me shortly before I turned six. I was lucky and a neighbor heard the commotion and called 911. I even have a scar on my neck right here," Amelia said lifting her chin slightly.

"Man he must have really had it in for you," she said.

When they walked into the gym Amelia noticed how it was set up for Gymnastics.

"I would almost think you were a gymnast the way you almost look appropriately dressed," the gym teacher said.

"I didn't have gym type shorts at home so I packed a bathing suit," Amelia said.

"I have a spare pair of shorts in my locker I can loan you," the black girl said.

"You can give them to me after class," Amelia said.

"They're in my hall locker so I'll look for you at lunch," she said.

"I have Planetary Geology right before that so look for me outside the science wing," Amelia said.

Amelia during class had some trouble with the techniques and made note to have someone help her with it. When she got to her Science class she saw the black girl at a table in the back and walked over.

"Is this seat taken?"

"We sit alphabetically," she said.

Amelia then walked to the front and sat on a side lab counter. Fairly soon the rest of the class was seated.

"OK class I'm about to take attendance," the teacher said. "First off I see we have a new face."

"I'm Amelia Cummings. My Uncle heads up the GSA Military personnel. I recently moved here from Earth and this is my first day here."

"Well Welcome to Planetary Geology," the teacher said. "This Friday we will be going on a fieldtrip to the Mountain dome up here to do some geological studying. Professor Damon and Dr. Collington, from Rangertech will be joining us."

Amelia thankfully kept a clipboard in her bag so she had no problem taking notes from her seat.

"Amelia, if you are comfortable where you sat today I can find a chair for you," the teacher said after class.

"I used my clipboard so it wasn't a problem," Amelia said.

"Face it Amelia, you are something else," the black girl said as they walked out into the hall. "How did Mrs. Connorson know you if you just started today?"

"She lives next door to me," Amelia said. "The day we moved in she stopped by only my cousin, a friend of hers, and I were the only ones around since my parents were visiting my uncle."

"Where do you generally go swimming?" she asked.

"Back home I swam in Lake Michigan but our house has a pool," Amelia said.

"I was born here on Capsilon IX so I know nothing about Earth," She said. "In case you didn't catch it I'm Marsha."

"I kind of caught it last period," Amelia said.

"How many friends do you have so far?" Marsha asked as they headed for their lockers.

"I have no idea where my locker is," Amelia said. "I have a few sort of friends but they are mainly my cousin Fran's friends."

"What did you do with your jacket this morning?" Marsha asked.

"I left it in the guest quarters over at Rangertech," Amelia said. "I slept there last night."

"Whoa, you are one of them," Marsha said.

"Not really. I'm sort of a Jr. member of the team. I'm not actually involved in the combat end of things," Amelia said.

Marsha grabbed her spare shorts from her locker and they headed for Lunch. After school Marsha helped Amelia get her locker located and then they headed for Amelia's. When they arrived they found the pool already occupied by Kelly and a brunette girl a little younger then the red ranger.

"Kelly, Michelle, how is everything?" Amelia asked.

"Good, we managed to get done early so we came here," Michelle said.

"Marsha, this is my cousin Fran's friend Kelly Brennan and my neighbor Michelle Connorson Our English teacher's daughter," Amelia said. "This is Marsha White my one friend at the Jr. High."

"Slow day huh," Michelle said. "Amelia, my dad is having a special get together Friday if you are interested at the Youth Center. I'm not sure if Kim is involved at all."

"I'll think about it," Amelia said.

The four girls were swimming away when Kelly heard a faint beep while swimming near the bottom.

"Kelly, your watch is beeping," Patricia who was sitting off to one side said.

"Groan," Kelly said which came out somewhat garbled since she was still under water. She came up quickly though and grabbed her communicator.

"Kelly here."

"Kelly, we have trouble. Report to the Bunker."

"I'm swimming with Amelia right now should I have her come in as well?" Kelly asked.

"Not necessary."

"I'm on my way," Kelly said. "Duty calls."

Kelly then teleported directly to the War Room.

"We must have caught you under water," Stephanie said.

"You did actually," Kelly said.

"You better hope the heat in your zord works because soon as you morph you will be boarding it," Powermatic said. "A company of Gearheads has been spotted along the northern Polar Ice Cap."

"What would Mechinack want way up there?" Kim asked.

"I have no idea," Powermatic said. "All I know is that they are up there along with Fridgecon a Monster similar to the Yeti on Earth."

"Kim, you and the others go on ahead and hope Fridgecon doesn't grow before I can catch up. I'm going to dry off and change into some better clothes," Kelly said.

"I was just going to recommend that," Kim said.

The Rangers then headed for Their Zords. AS they brought them online they headed for action. Jim did the best he could bringing the Air Force into Fighter Range of the Ice Cap solo."

"Jim, you doing OK on your own?" Barakus asked.

"Could be better Barakus I'm not exactly used to controlling Airtron on my own," Jim said.

"You want me put my zord on remote and join you on the bridge of your zord?" Barakus asked.

"I'll get back to you. It might be easier to have FREDA handle some of the Control," Jim said. "Thankfully I'm org charted as Technical Staff so I should be able to figure out how to transfer limited CAC to FREDA."

"Especially when we get to the point of going into battle," Barakus said.

"How long do you think it will take Kelly to catch up?" Jim asked.

"Hopefully not too long. We'll need everyone we can get," Barakus said. "Too bad Sue's cousin isn't here she could have had Kelly dried off in time to join us on the Original Deployment.

Meanwhile Fridgecon was looking over the area where he was hiding.

"This should prove Easy since according to Mechinack the Rangers aren't even around," Fridgecon said.

"I wouldn't be so sure Frosty," Jake said as he pulled the Tankzord into position on the frozen Tundra with the Postzord and Full Duozord flanking him. Not too far away was the Emplacer Zord.

"Well Well you Rangers are really good at Decoys," Fridgecon said.

"Wish we had some Air Support or something," Sam said.

"I'm not about to make myself a solo target. I'm not going Airborne until the others Arrive," Sylvia said. "Besides I'm in the auxiliary control room in the lower portion."

A few blasts were seen as Kelly came rumbling in All Morphed and with a parka on over her uniform. The Rotor and Chop Zords were flying overhead providing some cover.

"Yeehah The Cavalry has Arrived," Janet said. "The other Planes should catch up eventually Jim is having trouble working solo."

"Hopefully we will manage," Sylvia said. "FREDA, you got your Ears on?"

"Yes Tan Ranger," FREDA said. "My Ears are always on."

"I'm transferring CAC for the NBC over to you and going Airborne," Sylvia said.

"Acknowledged," FREDA said. "Good Luck."

"Let's face it FREDA this one is in the bag," Sylvia said as her chair moved to a central spot and elevated up before two flaps closed underneath and secured. Sylvia then hit a small button marked initiate zord separation. Two small Hydraulic arms then raised the Upper Component to a proper Angle and she took off. By this time the Jetzord and Airzord were zooming in.

"Glad to have some company up here," Sylvia said. "Candi, Fran, what do you call a company of Gearheads five thousand feet below you?"

"I don't know what do you call a company of Gearheads five thousand feet below you?" Candi asked.

"Target Practice," Sylvia said.

"Amen to that Sister," Candi said. By this time Candi was taking out some Jet fighters while Fran and Sylvia were taking out the Gearheads below. Soon after that Kim came barreling in at mach seven.

"Whoa, this is something else," Kim said. "You all staying warm ok?"

"I am I grabbed a parka from my quarters before I left," Kelly said.

"Cheater," Teri said. "Remind me to have I/Oca work on the steering for this thing so that the handling would be more like my car."

"So why worry about steering just shoot the stupid thing," Kelly said.

"I suppose I could but my main target is Frosty over there and he is out of range from my current location," Teri said.

"Hey at least you have tracks," Kelly said. "I have to rely on wheels and it's not going well."

"You Rangers are no fun," Fridgecon said. "I think you Rangers need to cool off."

Fridgecon then sent a burst of cold at the ground units and they were soon buried.
"This is not good," Candi figured. "Kim, think we should try to dig our teammates out?"

"Definitely. Air Attack Zords Go Mega," Kim said.

Within Seconds the Air Attack Zords were in MegaBattleZord mode. Fran then called upon the Megastaff and started knocking away the cold and ice from around at least the other half of the Duozord so Sylvia could link-up and then go to Robo Mode. Soon as Sylvia was able to link back up she transferred back to the Auxiliary control area. Candi then used the Energy from TurboBlast to Melt a large amount of the snow and ice from the rest of the zords.

"Thanks for the Assistance," Kelly said.
"You looked like you needed it," Candi said.

At that moment the Iceman decided to grow.

"Ground Assault Go Mega," Kelly said.

Meanwhile Aboard Airtron the subzord was linked up and Barakus was monitoring the Battle.

"It's beginning to look bad for our side. Even the Megamace isn't doing any good. It simply slid off him into the snow," Barakus said.

"Janet, any new surprises we can make use of?" Jim asked.

"Tell Barakus to get his metal behind over here and I think I know of a plan that will work. I checked and Ultra won't defrost this puppy so We will have to go above Ultra," Janet said.

"IS there such a possibility?" Jim asked.

"Yes there is and I modified it since we last used it to take advantage of a few new innovations," Janet said.

"You heard her get your Metal Behind Up there," Jim said.

"Janet, I'm on my way," Barakus said. "I'll try to approach from below and scare the pants off this guy."

Ten minutes later Barakus found through the icecap just what he needed.

"Going Up," Barakus said.

Barakus's break through of the Ice Cap sent Fridgecon falling on his icy you know what.

"Janet, it's your call," Kim said.

"Initiate SuperZord Sequence," Janet said.

The Air Attack Megazord then Converted over into a Giant Plane with Quad Rotor Design and about seven engines after you figured in the Plane portion of the Duozord The Main Body of the Large Scale was the Subzord. The Ground Assault Megazord having split into it's component zords then maneuvered them around and attached them to hardpoints on the wings and underside of the body.

Let's take to the Air," Kim said from the Huge Bridge.

With a lot of effort the Zord took off and sent a Huge blast of heat at the Frozen Monster sending it dripping away.

"Given time the Icecap should be able to recover," Barakus said.

"I agree," Kim said.

The Rangers then teleported off and over to the War Room.

"AM I glad to be out of that mess," Kelly said.

"Hopefully we won't have too many battles in conditions like that," Teri said.

"I agree. When you have trouble maneuvering that's when you have trouble," Powermatic said.

"Any word from Andrew at all?" Janet asked.

"He is about two days out from Earth," Alpha said.

Closing Notes. Well Next fanfic you will learn how Andrew fairs on Earth and also how Kelly's boyfriend survived his mentors wrath for going off on a vacation. T-6 Fanfics and counting until the Series Finale.